20 comments on “Missing David’s Live Concerts

  1. Hi Trace,

    So fun seeing those pictures you’ve posted. I am quite certain David will be back to perform in SEA soon.

    This is another good recap of the KL show 🙂

  2. Here’s a short video of David’s banter which was recorded by my daughter 😀

    We’ve heard this little speech many times before he sings this song but the mere mention of
    Malaysia caused such loud cheers haha

  3. Hi Shirley!!

    That little speech David gave brings back good memories indeed. Love it! Please thank your daughter for us. 🙂 I remember your daughters at the concert and they are a delightful lot! 🙂
    I want to see them at a David concert again! I had so much fun with you guys!

    I also love the vid of Heaven you posted. I’ve never seen that vid before. Thanks so much for bringing it here. David’s voice is at the forefront and the sound is very clear. Shame it was cut off midway.

  4. This short vid is probably the saddest part of the concert, where we can see David leaving the stage.

  5. I remember this moment well when he was singing Falling Stars. Uncle John was standing next to me and he was singing along with David. 😉 Serious. 🙂 (I hope this comment brings him out of lurkdom! 😀 )

  6. Hey Trace,

    We sure had a great time before, during and after the KL concert. Akang used to call my girls and nieces the ‘girls band’ remember? She must have a reason for giving them that name haha

    Its a given that the saddest part is when the concert ends. Anyway since you’re in a melancholy mood, here’s a nice video for you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Shirley

    I remember when I wrote a recap for the Stadium Negara Show, I had this to say about your daughters (and Jennie’s too):

    “Shirley’s and Jennie’s 6 daughters formed The Cool AAM Bandana Gang which quickly turned into The Crazy All-Or-Nothing Screaming Gang when David appeared.” something like that. 😀

  8. Haha Thank you for the nice vid of Olly, Shirley! 🙂
    My eyeballs went on a bumpy journey though. 😀

  9. “Put your hand on my heart …. yeah-yeah… put your hand on my heart” … Shirley, that is a nice Olly’s song for Trace for taking charge of AAM during this drought period.

    I wonder where are all the original AAM Moderators now but it nice to know whether they are still David’s crazy fans or they are no longer interested?? Hmmm….

  10. Trace – thanks for those David’s heyday videos and pictures. It sure reminds me of my ODD back then but now I’m cured! LOL… no longer ODD but Olly-fied, Jason-fied and korean-fied. It’s sure not a bad place to be right now! 😉

    Video taken by Sheeba when we went to the concert together. Enjoy:-

  11. Hi Trace,

    Now that you’ve mentioned about your KL recap, I do remember what you wrote about the Bandana gang haha. Wasn’t those TOSOD bandanas sewn by you?

    Sorry about your bumpy eyeballs after watching Olly’s video 😀 😀 This one might be a better fit for you. It’s a song that Ed Sheeran wrote and recorded for the end credits of the new Hobbit movie. He produced and played almost all the instruments on it. Great talent!

  12. Hi Akang!

    Nice to see you again! Thanks for the nice Jason vid. 🙂

    It’s mystifying whether the original AAM mods are still ODD fans. I can’t really explain to you but you have raised an interesting question. I know a couple of them are still lurking but I guess the ways of men (and women haha) work in different ways. Maybe their absence owes to David’s absence.

    I am sorry to hear that you have been cured of your ODD ailment. Lol! 🙂
    Hopefully when David is back, you will come back to our cosy fold. 🙂

    We do have many archies still coming in, both Malaysian and international ones.

    David should be coming back in a few months’ time and hopefully he will create a buzz again for you guys. Needless to say, Madam here is still trying to keep the home fires burning. 🙂

    In the meantime, I’m happy for you that you are keeping yourself occupied with Jason, Olly, Korean dramas etc. 🙂

  13. Exactly Amy, I posted that Olly’s video specially for Trace but I didn’t know it’ll caused bumps to her eyeballs haha

    Are you sure it was Jason Mraz’s The Remedy that cured your ODD and not your Korean leng chai???? I really enjoyed Sheba’s recording. I must make it a point to join you for the next JM’s show in KL 😀

    Anyway just for fun, here’s a short video which I happened to stumble upon. Such a lovable bunch, no wonder they are the biggest boy band in the world right now 🙂

  14. Good morning Shirley!

    Now Ed Sheeran is another artiste worth listening to and he is indeed extremely talented. Thanks for the vid, lovely song. 🙂 Having a song used in a major film like Hobbit is indeed really good publicity for an artiste.
    David needs a management to promote him with things like that.

    I saw Ed as a co-coach for Christina Aguilera in The Voice and I found him very likeable.

    In many ways, I found him with similar traits as David. Soft spoken, nice and likeable face, unassuming. Why has David missed that sort of publicity and opportunities? It boggles the mind.

  15. Shirley

    One Direction s still around and going strong? I thought I read somewhere that they have lost it or something. Excuse my ignorance Lol! 😀

  16. Shirley, forgot to reply your question – yes, those TOSOD bandanas were “manufactured” by Shu and me – and Sheba got the printers to put in the words. Those were exciting days! 🙂

  17. Trace,

    We do have the same opinions about some of the similarities of Ed Sheeran and David. They are close in age too. He has recorded a worldwide sales of 15 million! Quiet a feat for someone who only has one studio album out.

    David on the other hand hmmmm…well, he has to come back and figure it out himself what he wants haha. Oh yes those TOSOD bandanas were lovingly done by you three committed ladies 😀 😀

    LOL, Trace, 1D is certainly going very strong. I am amazed at how the music video premiered on 3/11 for their latest single has generated 21mil views todate! I guess it’s better than PSY getting crazy amount of views for some weird song on YouTube hahaha

  18. Shirley

    Haha yes definitely! PSY getting that sort of crazy number of views is beyond my understanding. Well, I guess one man’s poison is another man’s meat. But it still makes me sigh with dismay though. 😀

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