2 comments on “David The Growl -llila!

  1. Haha Trace, from the the topic of dressing David to him in a gorilla suit – how fitting is that?

    I can’t quite remember why he had that Gorilla mask on, was it for Halloween?

  2. Lol Shirley!

    It didn’t occur to me that the 2 blogs somehow inter-relate. Very observant of you! 🙂
    From bunny suit to gorilla mask hehehe… that dude is cheeky alright. You can see his cheeky smile in the photo. 🙂

    Yes the photo with just the mask was released last Halloween. It took him another Halloween this year to reveal that it is really him! 😀
    Well I suppose it is Kari’s way of keeping us wondering.

    I did wonder many times whether it was really him behind that mask last year. Rather stupid of me because I think he was wearing the same outfit as the photos of him holding the umbrella.

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