2 comments on “My Name Is Pad Thai

  1. Yo Trace,

    LOL… your rap lyrics is beyond Xxx… A nice try! 😉 I could already hear David rapping this rap lyrics (giggling in-between of course & blushing at the same time) and ends with “My Pad Thai.. My Pad Thai!” 🙂

  2. Thanks Akang!
    I had to stop myself from being OTT explicit. Or else some rather “strict” archies might come after me with a cane! 😉

    While we are on the topic of Pad Thai, I went for a cocktail a few days ago and was served, besides other things, small helpings of pad thai in little cute cups with a pair of chopsticks stuck into it. It was nothing like our fire-flambed char kueh tiow 😀
    Someone MUST introduce our Malaysian version to David some day! 🙂

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