29 comments on “Musical Messages For David

  1. Hey Trace,

    No Bach or Puccini? Haha just kidding 😀

    Those songs you’ve posted are timeless. Ronan Keating’s When You Say Nothing At All is my all time favourite. I used to think he’ such a good looking man 🙂

    Maybe you would want to play this song all over again. Another good looking man even at this age. A great blend of a young group with a not so young performer singing another timeless hit. Hopefully David will come back to a long and fruitful music career and that we will get to witness it.

  2. Hey Trace,

    I’m actually GLAD that Mr Archuleta is taking a break so that I’m enjoying other artists during this period. After hearing some awesome artists, in my opinion, David has a long way to go in terms of singing, song writing and performing on stage.

    Thanks for those lovely songs you posted above. I’m with Shirley that Ronan Keating is a good looking lad at that time.

    Let see whether this song could lift up your spirit:-

  3. Shirley,

    Such a crystal clear video! Wonderful and Gary Barlow’s vocal is so smooth. Thanks.

    After a year off from his vocal surgery, I’m glad his voice is back in good form. He is truly a good guitarist. Enjoy:-

  4. Haha Akang, Trace might as well groove to this too

    Trace, hope all that fun shaking your booty exercise will make you smile 🙂
    This is something David will approve 😀

  5. Akang,

    Thanks for John Mayer’s video. Yes he is a great guitarist. Glad he is able to come back to music after his vocal surgery.

    Agreed with your comment on the part about enjoying music by other artistes. Don’t see any harm in doing that cos after all Mr Archuleta himself is a big fan of other musicians as well. He will have a lot to catch up on when he’s back, I mean musically as two years away means that he has missed a lot.

  6. LOL.. Shirley, you funny woman! I bet Trace would be giggling and happily bopping on her chair by now.

    This is something David needs to learn: 🙂

    The end of the video reminded me of the first 5 rows in Stadium Negara 2 years ago! LOL…

  7. Haha Akang, you’re a hoot, posting that Olly’s medley video! What a fun performance. We will never see David shake his behind like that…too sexy for him lo 😀

    Do you mean we all pangsan like that? The last I recalled some were left drooling especially the front row right underneath David’s keyboard haha

  8. Trace, please continue to boogie and chair bopping to this song. I hope by now your mood would be good and happy and not SOB and SAD:-

    1:17 reminds me of the first row at Stadium Negara 2 years ago!! LOL… what a night it was!

  9. Trace – here is one more slower upbeat song for you to enjoy after Robbie’s intense one.

    Happy? 🙂

  10. Akang, haha bounce and jump like a kangaroo! I remember that part. Don’t tell me you were not jumping at the 5th row? I’ve gotta clarify this with Steph and Mallorie hahaha

    Must be equally fun to be able to rock out with Robbie Williams at his show. This is a fun song too and he still has it despite coming close to 40.

  11. Oh Akang, yes love that Bruno Mars song from his first album. His new single is Gorilla, can’t say much about the lyrics though.

    Another nice and simple song from Mcfly. Can’t believe David toured with them at one time. They should have collaborated on at least one song. Oh well….

  12. Shirley,

    I did not realise McFly members are so young looking. It is indeed a FUN song and a nice video!

    My last Fun song by a New Zealand folk music band for our afternoon tea party:- 🙂

  13. Hi Akang,

    Never heard of Avalanche City but I’ve enjoyed that video.

    Re Jason Mraz’s All Night Long, that song never gets old and he’s so relaxed and comfortable on stage. Thanks posting that video. I am now listening to his a Beautiful Mess Life On Earth cd..it’s so good 🙂

  14. OI!!!! Akang and Shirley!!!
    You’re supposed to sob with me. Instead you guys are party-ing! Looks like I need to bring out my whip again! 😀 😀

    Sorry I couldn’t join your party last night – I was attending A Hari Raya Haji dinner while you guys were boogie-ing.

  15. Wow! So many vids! You guys have got my head into a muddle 1st thing in the morning. I am not sure I can boogie at 7 am! 😀
    Thank you for posting them all the same. 🙂

    Earth Wind and Fire used to be one of my favourite groups.
    The only song so far which made any sense to me at the moment is Blake’s Home. *sniff* 😦
    I’ve never heard him sing. Not bad. From watching The Voice, he has a great sense of humour too.

    As for the others, I will have to wake up properly first and come back later to watch them.
    (sigh …. you incorrigible youngsters can only think of parties and boogie-ing! 😦 😀 )

  16. Have you guys heard about the 7.2 earthquake in the Philippines?
    My daughter went to Cebu for a company conference 2 days ago, and that was when the earthquake struck. She is traumatised and so am I.

    The airport at Cebu is frantic with people trying to get out.
    Thank goodness she is on her way back.

  17. Akang

    In my very humble opinion ( not so humble sometimes 😀 ), David is a very different artiste, and we can’t really compare him with some others. Having said that, I too think he can make many improvements when he is performing and writing, though the voice and heart connection can remain intact and strong . Hopefully, when the Mission thing gets out of the way when he returns, he will focus on that. 🙂

    Even though I miss him being around and feel sad sometimes, I too am glad that I have had the time to learn to breathe again!

  18. Hey Ma’am, yes you Trace 🙂

    Stop sobbing, put away your rotan, let your hair down and have fun 😀 😀

    Haha Akang and I posted so many videos to cheer you up but I must agree Blake’s video is quite nice too. So I thought I would share that with you as I remembered you did say you like Blake on The Voice. Yes yes i know you like David more haha

    Hope you like the rest of the videos too.

  19. Hey Trace,

    You guessed right, I’d rather watch Vanessa Mae’s video haha. Wonderful violinist.

    I didn’t know about the Philippines earthquake before this. Saw the news this morning and there’s
    complete chaos and destructions in those affected areas. Glad to hear your daughter is on
    the way home.

  20. Hi Shirley

    The earthquake at Cebu took away more than 100 lives. The chandelier at the hotel where my daughter was staying, crashed down to the floor besides other damages and she had to sleep in the ballroom. I’m just so relieved that she came back in 1 piece. Needless to say, her conference was cancelled. Everyone was just rushing to leave.

    My negative energy during the past few days was also caused by the loss of so many lives other than my blog. Thanks for your concern. 🙂

  21. Yes I do like Blake’s quick humour but I prefer Adam’s cool looks hahaha… (I wonder what David would look like if he has a 5’o clock shave? 😉 Does he even shave? 😀 )
    Their bantering is the main reason why I watch The Voice. I like laughter more than anything else. 😀

    Thanks to Akang and you for trying to cheer me up. But the next time you wanna do that, try it with good classical music. 😛 There are alot of bad classicals as well.
    If you don’t know any, you can do some research. 😀 😀

    Jazzed-up classicals are easier to listen for many people, but personally I prefer the originals.
    I’ve watched the vids you guys posted. Thank you! 🙂

  22. Gosh Trace, so glad that your daughter is ok. No wonder you said she was traumatized, who wouldn’t be.

    Btw, this would please you. My daughter called me on the way to school this morning to ask me to tune into Traxx fm. I excitedly did so to hear David singing Don’t Run Away 😀 😀

    I’ve just watched the best of the auditions of The Voice last night. Lots of good singers and yes the judges’ bantering are fun to watch. Ceelo now has a tattooed head? I like Adam too but with less facial hair haha

    LOL remember to ask David if he does shave at your next M&G 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Shirley

    Traxx FM? What frequency would that be?

    I didn’t watch The Voice last night as I went to a friend’s art collection exhibition. Met a long lost old friend there and I was mighty pleased to have bumped into him. 🙂
    Will catch up with the repeats.
    Yeah I did tell you that they have many good singers this year. And the banterings have become even more enjoyable too.

    Lol! “David, do you shave?” – haha .. no, I doubt I’ll want to embarrass him with a question like that hahaha…
    I think David looks better clean-cut and not go in for a bearded or bristled look. 😀
    But if he does, and changes his looks altogether, I’m sure I’ll love him just as much. 🙂 Ya diehard …..blind love … 😀

  24. DRA was at No.1 at Fly FM for about 4 consecutive days last week!
    It is now fluctuating between 1 and 3.

    Happyyyyness …..!! 😀

  25. Saw this posted at Soul David. Can’t resist bringing it over here.
    WHAT THE …….!!
    What a difference between David’s amazing version and this …

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