34 comments on “New Mission Pics!

  1. The bottom one is dated September 23 so it was taken almost 3 weeks ago. The top two were taken last weekend when the zone got together to watch the LDS general conference, according to the blog they were originally posted on. {cough it’s not creepy at all that i know that off the top of my head right cough}

    David really does look happy and glowing — so good to see him 🙂

  2. kdaws!

    Thank you!! 🙂
    Wow! YES it is rather creepy that you know all the details right off the top of you head!! 😀
    Creepy but so gratifying to know that we archies are still sooooo here!!

  3. Hey Trace,

    New pics, very nice 🙂 For a while there, I thought it was taken at David’s backyard in Utah!

    Wah so many videos posted at the end of the previous post. Those were nice songs written by David. Trust you to be able to dig them up and post them. Have not listen to Save The Day for such a long while so thanks for posting it.

    Love John’s snark on David singing Blurred Lines 😀 😀 I know it got you worried a bit haha

    Anyway, below video is one of the biggest hits of Robbie Williams from 1999. Maybe when David comes back he will have the confidence and the boldness to write and sings song with such truth and vulnerability. At that point of Robbie’s career he was battling depression, alcohol, drugs and have self esteem issues. Robbie has longevity in the music industry which I am hoping the same for David too. Perhaps when he sings something similar to this, then you can say he’s not mucking around haha

  4. Shirley,

    Woohoo!! Love the song by my favourite artist! The below song is also another biggest hits and the most sought-after song in the karaoke. Hahaha… you should hear how some guys tackles those high notes when they sing this song. 🙂

  5. Hey hey hey Akang!!! Lovely to see you here 🙂

    Woohoo Better Man one of my most favourite songs from Robbie. Now that is badass Robbie who sings just wearing a singlet haha.

    Many years ago Ive heard Pua Chu Kang sand this song live at one of the charity event in Kuching. Hes not too shabby of a singer and I was pleasantly surprised then 😀 Perhaps we can sing this song at our own karaoke session in the future 😀

    This one is for you. Robbie talks about having great management in the beginning of the video 🙂

  6. hey Shirley,

    What a coincidence. I just heard FEEL the other day over the radio. It was so awesome! Hahaha.. Robbie is indeed a badass!!

    Listen to the song’s lyrics carefully-lor! His dry sense of humour at the beginning of the video could really kills you. 🙂

  7. LOL Akang, that Jason Mraz’s song is certainly not to be sung in church or for the kids.
    Its a nice song though..heehee

    Talking about kids, have you seen this most recent performance from Robbie? It was from
    his last concert in Tallinn. Love this duet for obvious reason 😀

  8. Shirley,

    LOL… a wonderful video! 😉

    I know you are NOW the biggest fan of Olly Murs. I truly LOVE this song as his playful vocal makes it enjoyable – light and pop-ish!! A very talented man indeed.

  9. Well Akang, you must be the 2nd biggest Olly fan then haha. Trace is going to whip the two of us tomorrow 🙂

    Love watching this early performance of Olly’s after X Factor. It’s great to see all the judges standing up at the end of the song.

  10. Shirley,

    LOL… You think Trace would “rotan” us?!! Well, we better play-play before sunrise!

    Olly Murs is a good performer and he looks so comfortable on stage. How come I miss this video, hmm?? I can’t help laughing at his awkward dancing and he has a pair of short legs! LOL… 😉

    Olly’s version is much faster (Brit’s accent) 🙂 than Jason’s:

  11. Yes Akang I do think Trace sleeps with the rotan next to her hahaha. Looks like we have to stay up all night to party here 🙂

    His awkward dancing is known as Olly’s wiggle haha. Anyway, that was a nice cover of I’m Yours. Love his fun facial expressions too. Here’s another good cover.

  12. Shirley,

    A nice cover song by Olly and he is cute, looking at the song lyrics on his phone.

    BBC Radio do invites popular artists to perform live in their studio. This is a nice cover song and its kind of weird hearing a Brits raps with such heavy Brits accent. 🙂

  13. Akang,

    I always love watching performances from BBC Live Lounge where artistes cover songs by their peers. You are right, it’s quite funny to hear Brits rapping. Anyway, I am sure we will say the same of David if he tries to rap on a song too haha

    Here’s another cover from BBC Live Lounge by a band called Bastille singing Miley’s latest hit with last bit of mashup from her dad’s one and only big hit song 🙂

  14. Akang,

    Another video to share with you. Robbie Williams has just premiered this song with a lyric video which is off his new cd that will be released next month. He wrote this for his little daughter. It’s such a touching song especially for us who have daughters. I am sure he is a wonderful dad 🙂

    After listening to this song, we can call it a night haha. Sweet dreams and it was great partying with
    you here 😀 😀

  15. Hey Shirley,

    What?…. oh no! , please listen to this song first:- 😉

    Thanks for RW’s latest video. I’m sure too that he will be a wonderful father.

  16. Akang!!! Thanks for this song. How did I actually miss this song? Really??? I’ve never heard it before. This proves that you are the No 1 Olly fan then haha

    Woohoo one more Olly’s song to add to my playlist. Thanks buddy and good night 😀 😀

  17. Shirley and Akang!!

    My whip is ready to go!!

    Tut tut! While I was sleeping, you guys turned a David-site into a Robbie Williams and Olly site!?
    And right into the early hours of the morning too! 😀

    Well, as long as you guys had fun, which I can see you did, that’s all that matters really. And you have put a smile on David’s face by listening to other artistes. 🙂

    You guys have introduced me to so many artistes and it’s good that I come out from my D-shell now and again. 🙂 Btw I still prefer David. 😀

  18. Akang

    So happy to see you back!! 🙂

    I know what a great fan you are of RW all these years. Betterman is one of his better songs and I admit it is very good. To see his ability to draw such big crowds for his concerts – you must feel so gratified. 🙂

    Wow! to see both him and Olly together in one concert, the vid of which Shirley posted, must be euphoric for the both of you. 🙂

  19. Shirley

    Yes the sun is up and I am up – and looking at you kid! 😀

    Haha no way can David rap without everyone laughing in amusement – me included. 😀
    He is just not that kind of artiste. He attempted it once and failed miserably! 😀

    Hey I suddenly had a spark of inspiration! We need to write a rapping song! It’s just words, isn’t it? I can do that with your help. Pity Liying is not here to give us some guidance. I wonder how she is doing in her medical studies.

    Another fun party tonight? I may be able to join you after I speak to my daughter in London. 🙂

  20. Shirley,

    This will put a huge smile on your face! Looks like our “headmistress” is late to work this morning. Anyway, we normally sleep in on Sundays!

  21. Another thing I forgot to add is – both Olly and Robbie (and Jason Mraz too) are very relaxed performers. It is something David still needs to be. Rascal (remember him? so miss him!) once said that David is not a “natural” performer and I agree with him. Hopefully, now that he is more grown up and more exposed, he will relax a little more. Confidence is the issue.

    Btw whatever it is, I still prefer David. (repetition intended. 😀 )

  22. Ooops…. Goood Morning, Ms Trace!

    LOL… I thought you are either sharpening your “rotan” or having creepy dreams of David this morning!!

  23. Trace,

    Yes, you are right of David being an uptight person. Look at how relaxed and playful Olly is in the interview below (link sent by Ms Detective, Shirley) which we don’t see in David :-

  24. Top of the morning Ladies!

    What a great party we had last night, Akang. We were actually like Cinderella having to stop
    at 12 midnight because of the evil stepmother aka as Miss Headmistress in this case haha

    Hey Trace, you party pooper but a mighty lovable one I must add. Ok I am game for some fun later as long as you and Akang are available 🙂

  25. Akang,

    Yes Olly can beatbox quite well. That was a fun video and I am sure even Trace will smile watching it heehee.

    Thank for posting that short video of Olly as Gary Barlow’s guest judge. Haha that part about both of them as losers was quite funny.

  26. Haha Trace, we wont run away la. You think we could write a rap song for David? Some songs lyrics do seem quite simple, like this one but still I dont think I’m up to it. Will leave the song writing part to you and dear Liying 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So la da di da di, we like to party
    Dancing with Miley
    Doing whatever we want
    This is our house
    This is our rules
    And we can’t stop

    Here’a another cover of Miley’s song from Tyler Ward. I prefer this version so much more than the original 😀

  27. Shirley

    Hah! Those lyrics sound ridiculous. Bet we guys can do better than that. 😀
    Since liying is not around, and you guys are chicken, I will do it myself! 😯 one day. 😀

    Not a fan of Miley by any stretch of imagination. What’s wrong with her tongue nowadays?!

    The whipping session is over. 🙂
    I hope it didn’t hurt too much. 😀

  28. Tracewillowace, i like your new name 🙂

    Dont care about Miley and her tongue 😀 Yes those are ridiculous lyrics. Best of luck with songwriting…one day…heehee

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