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  1. Off topic

    David’s Group Birthday Card had more than 1000 signatures and greetings! Woohoo! The Archies are still working it! 🙂
    And David is supposed to have received it on Oct 6.
    Perhaps he will send us another pic of him holding the card like he did last year? – this time with longer hair getting prepared to live his rock star life again? 😀

    Another great piece of news is DRA at FlyFM has clumbed back to No.3 !!

  2. Surely you dont want mois to expound a thesis on how edgy I want him to be? 😉
    Can you and your readers take the snark? And the ‘edginess’ of my opinion? 🙂

  3. Uncle John!! How lovely to see you!! 🙂 (despite your snark! 😉 )

    Haha we know how “edgy” your opinion can be but we may be able to “tolerate” or even swallow it with great reluctance.

    We welcome and look forward to your thesis albeit with a certain amount of apprehensiveness.
    I did ask to be educated on this aspect haha.
    And I’m sure some readers of this blog may enjoy reading it too. 😉 🙂

  4. Hey Trace,

    Enjoyed reading your thought provoking article! David with edge, David with no edge – only David would know what he wants 🙂 🙂 On the other hand, no harm in making obsevations and wondering about the directions that David might go once hes back.

    He did say he cant wait to bring back the man he’ll be after his mission. Maybe he is working on that ‘edge’ now 😀 😀

  5. Thank you Shirley. 🙂

    Judging from the “latest” and last original song he gave us – Broken – I’m quite certain he is moving towards the “edge” we need from him. “Clean edge”? – you may call it? 🙂 If there’s such a thing. 😀

    You may be right – that he has been thinking of the subject of more “edginess” in his future music.

    But the funny thought that occurred to me is this:
    We all fell in love with him at AI when he did NOT sing edgy songs. So why all this fuss now that he should sing edgy songs? – not that I don’t welcome it.
    Perhaps Uncle John can help us with that. 🙂

  6. During AI he did sing songs like “Shop Around”, “Crazy”, “Heaven”, “Imagine”, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – an impressive repertoire of songs. Except for a few standouts his later original works mostly fell short of such quality. He doesn’t display much musical growth as he seem to prefer safe, uncontroversial songs.

    I would like to hear him sing songs like this 😉

    But I think that would be a step too far for Mr David Archuleta. He places a lot of limitations on himself subject matter wise and that’s a pity.

  7. I forgot to add that during AI he was all of 16 going on 30 as far as his musical pedigree goes but that has not been evident after he finished with AI. He seemed to have retreated into a shell.

    So I’m not holding my breathe for this ‘new’ man you guys are anticipating upon his return from Chile. Religious sojourns usually tempers whatever ‘fire’ there is in a person. They become even more circumspect and insular. David doesn’t seem to have the temerity to take the bull by the horns – at least it seems that way since his AI days.

    I remember the AI finale when he sang “Don’t the let the sun go down on me”. The growl in his voice and the emotional charge he gave the song was wonderful.

    Where happened to that David?

  8. John

    I could not get into that vid this morning. Will check it out later and come back to you. Strange – it has never happened before.

    I think everything David did for some time has to do with his faith including not singing “controversial” songs. I wouldn’t say he had “retreated into a shell” but he used the beliefs of his religion as a guide in what he wanted to give the world.

    His sojourn in the mission may or may not diminish that “fire” you mentioned. It will depend on how he has developed; how his mind has developed. And also what decisions he makes regarding his music career.

    I believe that the David whom you loved at AI, is still very much there. After having fulfilled his life-long desire to serve his church the mormon way, he might very well come back with renewed vigour and “fire”.

    Talk again later when my Youtube is accessible. 🙂

  9. John

    I managed to view your vid at last.

    HUUH?? You serious?? 😯

    Surely every artiste should have a certain measure of identity, doing something which comes out from his heart. Or else he would just turn out to be a copy of another.
    That song might very well give him an edgier image but I don’t think that genre of song, and even the vid, will bring David back to his lovable AI days, nor will it make him grow in the direction that is akin to his talent. It doesn’t show off his voice nor his ability to sing. jmho
    (You did put a *wink* icon before the vid, so I hope you were just joking!? More snark? 😀 )

  10. John

    When you said that he had not displayed much musical growth after the AI days, I believe that statement to be rather exaggerated. Although I myself didn’t like many of the leaked songs, I think he has done well in others.

    Do other artistes come out with a full album of “good” songs? Surely some are better than others.

    I am going to post several vids for you to remind you of some good ones, in my opinion. They are also co-written by him. (I checked! 😀 )

  11. Of course this one you and I and everybody loves. I wish David would show his edge by doing more songs like this.

  12. Trace
    I did say in my earlier post on this thread that he did have a few standouts post AI, some of which you posted the youtubes but generally speaking most of the rest of his work is very average. The thing is there was no follow through from these few gems. He didn’t build on it. Its very much a case of a few hits and lots of misses. I blame this on his production and management team or lack of whatever the case may be. He hasn’t been given the right kind of support and advise. I don’t think that David on his own knows exactly what he wants to do or how to get the kind of quality that is expected of him. This is where the right kind of management comes in.But does he know how to employ the right management team or is he content to stick with the same team? Is he bold enough to change?

    That studio recording vid that you posted is indeed impressive singing on his part but unfortunately the quality didn’t come thru in the final recording. That particular record wasn’t very good – in my opinion.

    As for that song by Robin Thicke 🙂 Yes it was snark on my part. Of course David would never sing such lyrics even if his life depended on it. But then again he did sing “Falling” at the tender age of 14. And what about this song?:

    The lyrics implores the young man to not settle for just any girl as pretty girls come a dime a dozen. So better “Shop Around” before you say yes. Sow a few wild oats and experiment as there is no hurry. Very mature subject matter for David in light of what we know of his character and principles. But on this song there was such a confident swagger as he sang of pretty women with a youthful yet sultry delivery. All three judges loved his performance and they were right. I would like to see more of that confidence and boldness in his music but he has become somewhat introspective.

    I hope he rediscovers some if not all of the mojo that he had during AI and even in his younger days when he competed in singing contests. The David that I see and hear now is very much a watered down version of the David that was on display then. And now coupled with his missionary work in Chile I don’t hold out much hope that the old daring David will reappear.

  13. John

    Yes I too love Shop Around. He looked almost like a different person – full of spunk, and the joy just exuded from his eyes in youthful sparkles. And he was so relaxed and happy. Those were the days! But gradually, he began to see the ugliness of the commercial world, and his sparks slowly diminished even during the AI later parts. He started to look a little fearful of the judges’ remarks and the media’s nasty comments about him and his dad.

    It goes to show that David was a young man still naive and vulnerable and could not, at that age, take the hardness of the industry – given his sweet nature. But Crush put him back to a pedestal and we saw another flush of joy in him. Unfortunately, his huge fandom then did not last long because his “rebellious” inner self did not want to adhere to more popular tastes, nor did he want to succumb to the demands of his recording company. There was no proper guidance and support of the kind of work he wanted to do. You gotta admire him for not wanting to be just another “teen idol” (and you know who I’m talking about!)

    He tried to have a vision of his own with TOSOD which didn’t work very well.
    I believe that was the time when he started to lose his focus and confidence and began to toy with the idea of living his other passion- his faith.
    Then there were leaks of many songs he recorded which I think should not have been leaked at all – whether they were leaked deliberately or not, is anyone’s guess. Then foreign producers beckoned. I know and you know your take on that so we won’t need to discuss it.

    So altogether, he has received quite a few knocks during the past few years and I’m sure he will be wiser when he returns. I’m also confident that he has learnt that there is a great difference between “commerrcial music” and “a fondness to sing”. He has the talent and he CAN deliver the goods. As I said in one of the earlier blogs, I believe in him. With the Mission thing out of the way, he will again live in his passion in music. I have confidence that’s what he will do. If not, why would he still feed the fandom with occasional music? He might as well have chosen to disappear quietly without a fuss.

    I agree that he needs to kick his own butt and firmly get hold of a great management who knows how to guide him musically and even to give him a new image altogether. Much as I love him, I am frustrated that he seemed to have been “mucking around” musically for some time. And it doesn’t give his career any boost or progress in a serious way.

    But unlike you, I still believe he will re-appear as the artiste we have so loved.

    As for that vid you posted with all the semi-nude girls, I’m relieved that it IS a snark! 😀
    At the beginning I thought you had gone off your rocker in your old age!! 😀

  14. John

    I hope you are still there.

    This vid for you is just another reminder of David’s still being there – post AI and pre any ideas of the mission. Another “standout” of course. But it cannot be dismissed that he has not “lost” it. 🙂

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