8 comments on “101 Ways Of Dealing With Archu-Silence

  1. HAHAHA Trace, you have nothing else better to do is it? Just as well too otherwise it will be so uninteresting here 🙂 Big hugs to you for keeping this site up and running!

    Point 3 – make sure you don’t dress or undress in front of the cutout of David. He might just be looking at you 😀 😀

    Point 22 – talk to Adrain haha, still have a score to settle with him – why did he stop David from singing Someone Like You at the KL sound check? 😀 😀 😀

    Oh oh…Point 13 LOL here’s a video for ya…it will make you happy and maybe dance your blues away 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Shirley

    Nothing else better to do? There are sooo many things to do – all 31 of them!! 😀

    I wouldn’t make a cardboard image of David. I would rather the real thing! 😀

    Yeah, poor muddled and bungling Adrian needs to be whipped on that score!
    (Just joking Adrian! 😀 )

    Olly again!? Lol!! Carry on and be a traitor! You need to be whipped too! 😀 😀

  3. Shirley

    Yes Nadal regained his No.1 ranking after winning the semis’s at the China Open. 🙂

    Climbing from No. 5 because of his 7-month hiatus back to No.1 in just 8 months, is no mean feat. Very proud of him. Sheba is over the moon too! 😀
    He has been a source of comfort and joy to me during David’s absence.

    Now all David has to do is to attain a No.1 spot too on Billboard when he comes back to make my life perfect. 😀

    About whipping you, let’s see how you behave for the next 6 months Lol!! 😀 😀

  4. Trace, since you might still whip me I might as well post another video 😀 😀

    I think David could sing this part just as well too.
    “I’ve had bad habits but I dropped ’em. I’ve had opponents but I knocked them out.
    I climbed the highest mountains. I swum the coldest seas. There ain’t a thing I’ve faced that’s been too much for me”

    Anyway if you don’t like the video, just enjoy the kids. They are cute and I’m sure they remind you of
    your adorable Zw 😀 😀

  5. Shirley

    Haha those kids are very cute indeed. Even Olly reminds me of my cute Zw! 😀
    Thanks for the vid.
    David can sing those lyrics you quoted but I’m not sure about the music. I can’t imagine him singing songs like that. 😀

    You’re definitely well and properly Olli-fied! 😀 I won’t whip you for the time being. 6 months more. 😀

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