7 comments on “An Invitation to David’s Devotional

  1. There is no end to the list of songs I would like David to sing at our .. ahem …David-Fan Devotional. I have another one.

    Do you guys remember David was at first thinking of singing this song at AI, then later reverted to Crazy? I absolutely adore his Crazy, but I’m also not giving up until he sings his original choice of this song.

  2. Hey I’m off to my beloved Tuscany tomorrow for a couple of weeks. Yippee, for the 4th time! Can’t have enough of that place! 🙂
    I’ll be on the road most of the time but will try hard to come in to chat if I can. 🙂

    I want to go to the birthplace of Puccini, Lucca, this time.

    There will be another post on Malaysia Day on Sept 16, a week after which I’ll be back.

    Hope you guys enjoy posting videos of your list of songs. Remember, no Zero Gravity Lol!
    But there again, if David can make it work in his beautiful suit, why not! On second thoughts, I’ll leave it to your discretion and … fantasy! Let him thud and tumble into our laps! 😀

  3. Hey Trace,

    Have a wonderful holiday!! Please Behave when you see almost-look-alike David(s) in Italy. 🙂

    This song is for you:-

  4. Hey Trace,

    Lucca is beautiful. No wonder you’re going back there for the 4th time!

    Ahhh, you do think of everything before you leave. Dont worry la, just go have a wonderful
    trip. Thanks for all that you’ve done and will do here 😀

  5. LOL Akang! I cant help but laugh at your comment re ah pek hairstyle. You still dont like that on David? HAHA

    Anyway, love your Anna Kendrick’s video!

    Right now I cant imagine what songs David will sing at the Devotional except spiritual songs 😀
    Sorry Trace, I am being lazy here 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Love this beautiful live performance of Emeli Sande. She sang this song at the closing ceremony of the London’s Olympic. Maybe in the future we will see David sings one of his original songs in such a powerful way (minus his ah pek hairstyle) 😀 😀

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