29 comments on “I Phoned David Last Night!

  1. Akang

    I’m glad you had a good laugh during your difficult time. 🙂

    Yeah a long-winded fan who wouldn’t let go hehehe…
    But tongue-tied in reality when I see him. 😀

  2. LOL Trace, dreaming again last night? Or you couldnt sleep so you came up with this post? Whatever it was, thanks for posting.

    Couldnt imagine what it will be like having a teleconversation with David 🙂
    Haha being tongue-tied is very likely.

  3. Hey Trace,

    Thanks also for posting that recent missionary pic. Nice tie indeed 🙂

    It will be a change to see David back in his normal clothes and sporting his rock star hair haha

  4. Lol Shirley!
    You are right! Couldn’t sleep so I day-dreamed (night-dreamed?) about phoning him. 😀 😀

    I know I would be totally tongue-tied if I had to speak to him. What does one say to David Archuleta?! 😯 One just oggles and perspires, right?! 😀

    But I DID speak to him twice. But I was also desperate to get away from his presence. It was too overwhelming for words! Literally! 😀

  5. Shirley

    Hahaha again! It’s always about his clothes and HAIR isn’t it, now that there is no new voice/songs to listen to. 😀

    But watch it, he may have become so used to his short hairdo, he might want to keep it that way! 😯
    What do you think if he starts growing his hair LONG … like shoulder-length!? You know – a new image! It’s a bit scary to even think about it. 😀

  6. Oh my gosh Trace, your 10 pointers on that missionary pic haha, amazing observations!

    Yup, know what you mean about desperately trying to run away from his presence. What an irony, right?

    Maybe its just as well that we admire him from a distance only haha

  7. Random here but WAOH!!! Ed Sheeran sold out his Madison Square Garden show on Nov 1 in just 3 minutes!!! and he added in another date due to the overwhelming response! This has got to be one of the most exciting shows that Ed will perform in US 🙂

    Anyway I stumbled upon this cool video of a Filipino dancer/choreographer dancing to one of Ed’s songs.

  8. Wow! That’s great news for Ed Sheeran and his fans. He is talented. 🙂
    I can now only make a wish that David’s first concerts on his return be sold out within 2 1/2 seconds! 😀

    That vid was, as you said, pretty cool. At first I thought it was Ed Sheeran who was doing the dancing and I thought to myself: How come he looks so Asian this time? Lol of course I didn’t have my specs on! 😀

  9. Yes yes Shirley, we can only admire and love David from a distance – no touchee touchee… heh heh! It’s always nicer to leave a little mystery between him and us! 🙂

    What he needs more is for us to keep on buying his music and attending his concerts.

    This is for you Shirley. And Akang too. 😛

  10. Eh Trace, why alang alang like that…2.5 mins for David to sell out his 1st return concert?
    Haha, make it 2 mins la!

    Always love that Bette Midler’s song. Thanks for the reminder!

    Here’s one for you. Bet this is how you feel right now 😀 😀 😀

  11. Haha Shirley, I remember that song. Almost forgotten that too. Thanks for posting it. 🙂
    I can see Robbie Williams playing a minor role in that vid. Who would have thought he was to become such a big star. 🙂

    This is how I feel too. At last I understand the lyrics! 😀

  12. Woohoo! DRA as jumped back to No.2 last night at Fly FM!
    Amazing Archies!! Keep it up! 🙂

  13. Top of the morning to you Trace! Wah, you’re up that early to check on the chart status of
    DRA? Amazing haha. Oh I meant to say the Archies are really amazing keeping David at
    the Fly FM chart! Way to go!!!

    Ahhh, that Contigo performance. All I remembered saying when I watched the live stream was
    just WOW 😀 😀

    Oh just in case David ‘drops’ by here to check on you Trace * wink wink * you might want to dedicate
    this song to him 🙂

  14. Haha Shirley

    I woke up at 4 am to watch Nadal play his first round at the US Open. 🙂
    After that, I checked on David and then YOU!! Lol!! 😀

    I could not open that vid. It says it’s blocked in this country. I will later check it out on Youtube then come back to you with my comments on the lyrics. Bet you are teasing me again! 😀

    I remember your wishing for David to do a Spanish album like Contigo. Is that wish ongoing?

  15. Have you guys seen this amazing vid? It’s so sad yet so inspirational. Watch this when you have time – it’s pretty long.

  16. Trace,

    Thanks so much for the video on Nick. What a coincidence – just a few weeks ago I was so amazed to see pictures of Nick and his lovely wife. They had a baby too.

    I think Nick was ever in town to give his talk. The next time he comes around I must make it a point to go see him and perhaps give him a hug 🙂 The part of the video where the kids were waiting in line and hugging him makes me teary eyed.

  17. Ok Trace, I trust that you will check out my Olly’s video. Sorry that you can’t see it here.

    Spanish cd, hmmm I’ve not been thinking of that for a while. Guess I was a wee bit distracted haha
    I am sure David will create some buzz by doing a Spanish cd and yes I am pretty sure I will listen to it too 🙂

  18. Yes Shirley, me too. Got teary when I saw people queueing to hug him. Such a brave man, Nicholas James Vujicic.
    It’s good to know he now has a baby and a family life, that he is not alone.
    If I saw him in person, I would probably burst into tears and I’m not sure he would like that.

    Seeing him without arms and legs and yet carrying on living as well as he can, does make us think how lucky we are, doesn’t it?

  19. Shirley

    I went into Youtube to watch your Olly Murs vid at last! 😀
    The lyrics are so cute. The song has a 60’s feel about it.

    I’m posting that same song (a different vid with lyrics) again here so that the others who could not open it like me, have a chance to look at the lyrics and listen to that song.
    Yes David, like Shirley said, “Everywhere we go, you know we’ll be thinking of you”! Smug or what Lol! 😀

  20. Trace,

    You must be very happy that Nadal had a great start at the US Open recently. Wow! He’s a force to be reckoned with…dont play play oh 😀 😀

    So are you sleeping in the day and awake at night to follow Nadal’s matches? Sorry I have no idea of his schedule so I am just guessing here.

  21. Re Nick – yes we are a lucky bunch compared to him but he is such an inspiration to all. So many things we can learn from him. What a great role model.

    He is God’s instrument of good in this world. We will never be able to understand God’s ways. Truly admire his wife too. Sad when you think of the sorry state that the world is in but people like Nick helps us to see things differently.

  22. Thanks for your effort to post Olly’s Thinking Of Me lyrics here 🙂

    The part of the lyrics that say ‘time that we had was like sand in our hand’ reminded me how time flies and David will be back very soon 😀 😀

  23. Shirley

    Re Nadal – I’m more worried than happy. Worried that he may not win …cheh cheh cheh!!! I must not say things like that ….go away, negative thoughts! be gone!

    Yeah sleeping odd hours every time Nadal plays a tournament. My family members are beginning to call me Nadal-Fiend, not fan. Huh! Wait till they find out I’m a David-Fiend too! 😀

  24. Shirley

    Such wise words about Nick. Thanks so much! 🙂

    Besides being a great inspirational model for courage and acceptance of his deformities, Nick has also stirred up my feelings about all the other injustices of the world – mainly man -created. Like refugees from wars … broken families for young children … abuse of women … cultural and religious conflicts … the list of injustices goes on and on.

    Feeling a little sad this morning … oops it’s midday already.
    Thanks for the chat Shirley! 🙂

  25. Shirley

    Oooooh yezzzzz!!! David will be back soon!! 😀 😀
    That reminder has perked me up!!
    This WAIT has been bad for sure … but not THAT bad eh? You have your Olly and I have my Bach!
    But if he extends his stay in Chile, I’ll just … KILL him!!

  26. LOL Trace, that’s right, don’t jinxed it for Nadal 😀 Enjoy your time following the
    tournament besides listening to Bach 🙂

    I must say I think you should brace yourself just in case David decides to extend his mission.
    After all one or two months will still be an extension so it’s good to manage your expectation.
    Don’t kill him la, just go there and wring his neck haha

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