One comment on “Still Looking Fab!!

  1. I am reading deep into this lovely picture and examining every detail I can find. 🙂

    1. I see a confidence in his eyes.
    2. He definitely looks more mature.
    3. From the body language of the 3 Elders, I can see an aura of “leadership” in David. 🙂
    4. He seems happy and content with “something” ….
    5. He has a great sense of colour combinations – dark grey coat with the nice turquoise tie.
    6. Loving the black waistcoat too!
    7. His white shirt looks smarter than the other 2 white shirts. 😛
    8. He has very white teeth – whiter than the other 2. 😛
    9. I don’t mind the short haircut at all – his gloriously glowy face becomes the main focus. 🙂
    10. Love the clean, no makeup look.

    Loving the whole thing! 🙂

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