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  1. Trace,

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful videos. Loss for words indeed. Love the quote at the end of the 1st video ‘ Life isn’t complete without a friend to share’.

    Those animals are do endearing. Have you watch the film called Hachiko? I cried buckets from that one 😦

  2. Shirley

    Haha I see that you liked the animals vid.
    If I may do a little analysis of you, Shirley. you are a “Love and Frienship” kind of person. 🙂

    I like that aspect too but I’m more into Appreciation of Beauty, Freedom and Peace.

    Won’t the world be a better place if people look more into all those aspects? 🙂

  3. Yes Shirley, I’ve seen Hachiko many times bringing out buckets of tears from me too.

    I do recommend this film to anyone who has not seen it, especially the animal lovers. He waited at his master’s grave for 9 years for him to return, until he himself died – at his master’s grave. A very moving film. Thanks, Shirley, for bringing up the subject.

    Hachiko, I believe, is a Japanese breed and is known for its faithfulness to its owner, “ko” in Japanese meaning Prince/Duke.

  4. Hi Trace,

    The world would certainly be in a better place if we are to focus more on those aspects that you’ve mentioned. Your analysis could be spot on about ‘Love and Friendship’ kind of person that I am but then again so are you, no?

    Yes, Hachiko is a very moving film. So is Marley and Me – did you watch that? I read the book first but I couldnt make it to the end of the movie 😦 I was lucky it was on TV otherwise I might have to get out of the cinema before the show ends 🙂

  5. BTW, Trace – looks like you’ll be crying happy tears for Nadal if he wins the 2013 U S Open, right? I am sure you’re keeping your fingers and toes crossed for him 😀 😀

  6. Yes Shirley, I am definitely a Love and Friendship person too. 🙂
    I think, so are many people.

    But often, I would like to look at the larger picture of the world – like Freedom and Peace.
    When it comes to differences in religion, culture, beliefs etc, I wish there is more tolerance and acceptance of those differences and the individual’s rights to their own beliefs.
    Wars and open conflicts create too much sadness and misery.

  7. Shirley

    I saw bits and pieces of Marley and me on TV too.
    When I was a kid, I saw a Walt Disney film called Old Yeller (a dog called by that name) which sent me howling with tears. 😀

    Another film I saw a long time ago which sent me crying about Love and Friendship is called Beaches, starring Bette Midler, about 2 very good friends. You should watch it if given the opportunity. I promise you that you will enjoy it. And you will definitely cry in buckets too! 😀

  8. Haha Shirley, I’ve never shed happy tears for Nadal when he wins. Too busy jumping with joy! 😀

    Ooh yes! If he wins the US Open, I would be over the moon! I’ll let you know if I do do some happy crying when that happens! 😀
    He has been on fire this year (except Wimbledon). Yeah, keeping everything crossed for his win in Cincinnati and the US Open! 🙂

    Since you have been listening to Olly Murs, which is your latest favourite? Are there any songs about Winning?? 😀

  9. hey Trace and Shirley, 🙂

    Are those real “dogs” that you mentioned in movies, Hachiko and Marley and Me and not any other animals substitutes?? 😉 Hahahaha….. those China Chinese are real hilarious lots!

  10. Goodness Akang, I suppose that can only happen in China. Hope those people get their money back for being cheated 🙂

    Quite sure those were real dogs in the movies. Take a look 😀

  11. Trace,

    Couldnt agree with you more. The world is in a sad state 😦 We just need to do part no matter how insignificant it can be to make it a better place.

    While on the topic of winning, I thought this was an inspirational speech that Ashton Kutcher gave at the recent Teen Choice Award. He started by acknowledging the fans.

  12. Trace,

    Cant quite remember the Walt Disney film Old Yeller but I certainly know the other dog called
    Lassie haha.

    I’ve not watched Beaches beofre but I love the theme song Wind Beneath My Wings that Better Midler sang. It was such a big hit back in the 90s.

    LOL Trace, no shedding of happy tears for Nadal? You sure?? I am sure you will be jumping for joy if he wins 😀 OK, I’ll join you in keeping everything crossed for Nadal but I am sure you’ll be the first to tell me of any good news 🙂 Go Nadal!!!

  13. Ok last one, Trace – love all of Olly’s songs heehee. Dont think he has a winning song per se. Like Ashton who mentioned that he wont be around without the fans, Olly wrote this song as a tribute to his fans. He refers to them as ‘Murs Army’.

    Pretty cool song, dont you think?

  14. Breaking News to Shirley 😀

    Nadal won his 9th title this year at Cincinnati last night!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀
    Jumping over the sun, moon and stars, Shirley! 😀

  15. Akang

    Haha thank you for the vid information.
    The Chinese in China do have different notions about dogs and animals though the modern Chinese have now adopted western tastes and ways about keeping animals as pets.
    You know the breed called Shih Tzu which originated from China? Shih Tzu actually means “Lion”. 😀

  16. Shirley

    Lassie Come Home! Yes, I remember Lassie. 😀

    Army Of Two – loved that! I do like songs with a strong definite beat. Thanks!
    No wonder you and Akang like him so much. All the songs you have posted and sent to me are just delightful! Eat your heart out, David Archuleta! Ho ho ho!!

    Ashton Kutcher – yes, good inspirational speech especially for the young people! I read about it but did not watch until you posted it here. Thanks again! On a side note, I wonder how Demi Moore is after their divorce. Anything worth talking about? 🙂

    Marley And Me – haha that boisterous Lab! I own a Lab too and he is pretty much like that if you don’t discipline him. 😀 Thank you again! 🙂

  17. For you Shirley. Just so that you can read all the words of the lyrics. Very moving … Friendship and Love at its best.

  18. WOOHOO! Congrats to Nadal. Hope you didnt go overboard with all the jumping for joy,
    Trace 😀 😀

    Thanks for Wind Beneath My Wings lyrics video. Such a beautiful song. Another song we could consider singing at the karaoke 🙂

    While we’re still on the topic of Friendship and Love, here’s the video for you to enjoy 😀

  19. Shirley

    Yes I did enjoy that vid, especially the animals parts. Thanks!
    When animals can love like that, why can’t humans love each other a little more instead of so much hatred I see all over the world, eh?

    Just look at this!

  20. Haha Shirley, I didn’t cry after the Nadal win. I was actually slapping and punching the armchair and yelling YEZZZZ!! 😀

    Karaoke with Wind Beneath My Wings? Hmm..I might just consider that. 🙂
    And we can hold hands and sway to those moving lyrics and beautiful melody. 😀

  21. Trace,

    Wow… Nadal is deabak (great)! It is his confidence and consistent gamesmanship in all his games that earned him those titles.

    Haha… no need to slap or punch armchair or yell, just sing these songs-lah before and after each game: 🙂

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