11 comments on “That Dang David Whatchamacallit!

  1. bankergin 1

    Delighted to see you here again! 🙂

    I’m glad we share the same feelings of frustration yet still waiting. Well, maybe “glad” is not quite an apt word – we definitely prefer to be having new songs and celebrating. 🙂

  2. potluck8google

    Thanks! 🙂

    Archies will never be alone I guess. I’m sure the time will come when we will rejoice in unison! 🙂
    I just hope we will all be a little more patient. Just another 8 1/2 months left. I am sure the worst is over. 🙂

  3. LOL… Trace! Your longing for David is turning you into a slouch apple!!! No good, no good!

    Welllll, I’m on the hand is very grateful to Mr David Archuleta for going away thus giving me space to move on to listen to songs sung by brilliant music artists which includes A.I. (Japanese); Rumble Fish (Korean); Ed Sheeran (British); Andreya Triana (British), Jason Mraz, etc.

    Off to my tv korean series routine. 🙂

  4. LOL Trace, all this waiting for the Archuleta is quite annoying but I can see that your sense of humour is still pretty much intact 😀 😀

    Did he say that his middle name is James? More like Troublemaker, dont you think? HAHA

  5. Akang

    Slouch Apple? Lol! Whatzzat? 😀
    If I’m that, then David is a Rotten Apple! 😀

    Wow! You do have a huge repertoire of songs to listen to! I am back with Bach I guess, and his colleagues. 😀

    Any “relationship” needs some form of space; I’m glad David gave you some and went on his mission Lol! In a way, I’m also grateful for some space from him, but 2 years…!! 😦
    I must consult my stars to see how long I’ll live. 😀

    A.I. does sound good! Thanks for the vid! 🙂

  6. Shirley

    Lol! We must keep our sense of humour at most times, musn’t we? Constant serious grouching before March 2014 arrives, will change our ODD to ODP – Oppressive David Paralysis! 😀

    That Whatchamacallit is definitely a Troublemaker. What to do la! He has Nothing Else Better To Do except to create trouble – another Hidden Meaning hahaha.. 😀

    I’ve always thought that my threshhold of patience is rather high… but he is definitely another story.

    Thanks for the vid! Never heard of Olly Murs – you know me, I only know David Archuleta – so limited 😀

  7. bankergin1

    After Shirley’s vid and we all agree that his Middle name is Troublemaker, we must take a good look at the lyrics. 🙂

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