37 comments on “Childhood Memories

  1. I recently came across your blog and just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying reading your posts. Awesome!

  2. Thanks so much Tofan! 🙂 And welcome!
    It’s good to know you’ve enjoyed our posts. I enjoy reading your snowangelz too! 🙂

  3. What a coincidence, Trace – I just visited my cousin last night as she was back for a short holiday. We had a great time going through old photos and found several of us taken in school. Had a good laugh reminiscing about the good old days some 30 plus years ago haha. I took a few of those pictures and shared it with a close friend (also a classmate) who lives in KL and had another good chat about those carefree days.

    What an interesting childhood memories you had. Never enjoy those chinese opera with the scary costumes and makeups too. I had a pretty bad scare as well during some chinese processions on the street from this character with a mask sporting a perpetual smile, remember that one? Really creepy and I think he was fanning himself with a bamboo fan 😀

  4. Hello Tofan! Very nice to see you here. Like Trace I always had a good time reading your posts at Snowangelz. Great job 🙂

  5. Little Mdm Apple – thanks for sharing your childhood memories with us!!

    I grew up in the city hence no chinese operas, no chickens to chase around, no fruits orchards to visit but spent most of my time hanging out in shopping malls, cinemas, school fields, tuition centres, house parties and grandma’s house with my siblings, cousins and classmates.

    My house was always filled with Chinese songs and in my grandma’s was English songs. I remembered my uncle held and guided my hand to put the stylus on the rotating black vinyl record on the turntable (so nerve-wrecking!) and this was the song:- 🙂

  6. Hi Shirley

    Yes I did have an interesting and eventful childhood. 🙂

    Going through old photos is always a thing to be relished. I bet part of the hilarity you had with your classmates was the way you looked compared to the way you look like now. 😀 Did you have a “page boy” haircut – as it was called then? 😀 I had my hair in plaits! 😀

    As for Chinese operas, I don’t like the Cantonese type because their music does not appeal to me. But I have an affinity with Beijing opera as it has a uniqueness all its own. I can post a couple here if you like. Horrors, bet it’s a no-no for most of you! 😀

    Well then, let’s have some of the music I listened to as a child, which is hopefully slightly more acceptable for your palette. I believe this guy started this whole business of Moving while singing. 🙂

  7. Hey Akang

    I’m no longer an Apple! Hello! 😀

    So you’re a city slicker Lol!
    I love that song Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree! It has a nice lively beat. Thanks! No wonder you still like songs that are more upbeat haha! You see? – childhood experiences do influence the rest of our lives. 🙂

    Yes, I was really “chicken” too with putting on a record with that needle sticking out of the stylus. I was even afraid to speak into the phone the 1st time when one of my cousins called me. I needed some persuading before I did. Perhaps that’s why I took so long to learn the computer! 😀 “High-tech” still intimidates me.

    Here’s a Chinese song for you to remind you of your good old days! 🙂
    You cannot not know this one – every self-respecting modern Chinese person has heard it – especially at weddings 🙂

  8. Akang

    This song I’m posting is pretty ancient – short of posting an opera haha! But I love it! Have you heard it? Sometimes it is sung in Hokkien. This one is a more modern version in Mandarin.

  9. Akang

    Oops…I didn’t realise the vid was made up of 3 songs. All of the same genre though. And the originals were from the same period.
    Are they the sort of songs that your mum listened to when you were growing up? 🙂

  10. Trace,

    Thanks for Teresa’s videos. Haha… I’m influenced by my mom who always prefer male singers. This is one of her favourite songs by her favourite singer till today. Now you know the types of music I grew up with. 🙂

  11. Hey Trace and Akang,

    LOL I definitely remember that ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ song by Teresa Teng. We should go to the karaoke one day and attempt to sing all these oldies. I think we will have a blast haha

    This was a popular song when I was a kid 🙂

  12. Akang

    Now I can see how your mum’s taste in music has influenced you.
    That song you posted is definitely up your alley. 🙂

    I’m not familiar with modern chinese music. I was trying to find something to post for your mum, but I had no idea where to start. 😀

    I have something in common with your mum too – I prefer male singers. When I started listening to western opera at a young age, I much preferred male voices. Don’t worry, I won’t post any opera music now. The last time I did, Shirley went ballistic! 😀 😀

    But I must post this because you might have heard it in films, etc. I went to our Malaysian Philharmonic last weekend for this concert. Had a most amazing time! This too is the kind of music I grew up with and still loving it. 🙂

    Carmina Burana was written by the Middle Ages clergy based on poems and theology. I stayed a few days in an old monastery turned into a hotel when I was in Peru and had an experience of a lifetime because they were playing Gregorian chants 24 hours. 🙂 Perhaps that’s why I like David’s MOTAB so much.

  13. Shirley

    Thanks for Everything Is Beautiful – I remember it well. It’s uplifting and inspirational – something D would approve Lol!

    Karaoke? Sounds good but I doubt I can sing even to save my life. 😀
    Maybe then I should go and plant a tree! 😀

  14. oops..something is wrong with Youtube. That wasn’t the vid I wanted to post.
    Let me try again.

  15. Trace,

    Yes, I have heard that kind of “intense” music over films that you posted above. Thanks. The first song will normally come on where villains are about to attack the earth or super-hero is about to save his girlfriend!! 🙂

    My aunt had a huge crush on this guy and had a poster beside her bed. She would tell me how good he was from the gossip magazines (I couldn’t fully read English then) and why he suddenly dropped out from the music scene. She was heart-broken but she had moved on to many other music artists. I was so awed by his good looks that I’ll never forget him. 🙂

  16. Akang

    Haha I do remember David Cassidy. He was a big teenage idol during his time. What exactly happened to him when he “suddenly dropped out from the music scene”?

    Talking about remembering past pop idols, do you recall David appearing in People’s Magazine with a “passe” pop idol Rick Springfield? Perhaps you may be awed by his rather good looks too. 🙂

  17. By the way, Akang, since you’re very much into K-pop, I read yesterday that Rain had just come back from his military stint. I’ve never heard him sing, so let’s have a vid.

  18. Elvis went on military service too in Germany in the late 50’s and came back to make Wooden Heart which became an instant hit in the early 60’s. It gives me some sort of comfort that David could return and have one too. 🙂

  19. Haha Trace, you can’t sing…I can’t too and I betcha Akang couldn’t as well. So you shouldn’t feel shy, after all its not like we’re going to sing with David in the room. Talking about that, do you remember how we sang Zero Gravity to David at Sunway, Akang? Quite funny, right? We were so brave then 😀

    Talking above being brave, here’s a nice song by Sara Bareilles. Pretty sure David will like it too 🙂

  20. Shirley haha! You can’t sing and you guys sang ZG to David at sunway? Mighty brave indeed! 😀
    Yes I did hear about that ZH session at Sunway. I was quite envious not being part of it.
    But he is such a kind person he probably relished the nice thought behind the “bad” singing rather than the “bad” singing itself! 😀 😀

    You and Akang and I may not be able to sing, but we make it up by talking, ya? 😀 😀

    Being a fan of Sarah Bareilles, he would most probably like that happy song you posted. 🙂

  21. Sorry Shirley, it should have been ZG instead of ZH Lol! What was I thinking?
    Perhaps I’m overcome by relief that our Haze has gone. You know – Zero Haze! Lol! 😀

  22. Hahaha… Shirley! Trace is right. We talk and not sing nor dance. 🙂

    I did not sing ZG at Sunway but team AAM did. I just stared at David because I couldn’t believe that he was right before my eyes.

    Thanks for Sarah Bareilles video. If I chance upon public dancing, I will just walk away and mind my own business. Hehehe..

  23. Trace,

    Thanks for Rain’s news. I hope his career would be greater than Psy. 🙂

    I’m not familiar with Rick Springfield at all – not my aunt’s favourite. After David Cassidy, she moved on to this dude:-

  24. Akang

    Lol! Speak for yourself. I may not be able to sing but hello! I do dance! I danced so hard at one time that I sprained my ankle!! and almost fractured my hip!! 😀 😀
    Looks like it’s a permanent rest now from dancing.
    You’re right then, to say I don’t dance LOLL! 😀

    Actually, I’m not familiar with Rick Springfield either until he appeared with David in the photo session of People’s Magazine. But I have heard of his name.
    I have also heard of Donny Osmond – through reports we get about David.
    Hmph..sounds like my knowledge of these singers ALL come from David!! 😀

  25. Akang

    I don’t think Psy will last very long. His 2nd attempt – Gentleman – , according to what I read, has already slumped. Psy is a gimmick, and that’s how gimmicks work. Rain is more solid and substantial and deserves to be greater than him imo.

    That’s why I hold true the opinion that David will last and will have a long career. 🙂

  26. Aiya Trace, whats a little typo between friends haha Zero Haze indeed! Must be nice to be able to see the blue skies again 🙂

    Yes, the three of us sure can yak away but it’ll be fun to sing together too. Imagine the hilarity and excitement when we try to sing songs like Nandito Ako for example 😀 😀

  27. Hey Akang,

    You didnt sing ZG with us? I just hantam only cos that time the song was new to us as well.

    LOL you were not the only one in awe that David was right there in the flesh before us 😀 😀
    We even took a pic of his head from behind cos we were sitting at the row right behind when we had the group photo taken. Later we went to the shop to have those photos developed, the guy thought that particular pic was wrongly taken and perhaps we had wanted to delete it. My sis and I shouted Nooooo at the top of our voices that we scare the heck out of him 😀 😀

  28. Agree with Trace re PSY vs Rain. If I am into Korean music I will definitely listen to Rain. I cant even watch that Gentleman video 🙂

    Hopefully when David comes back he’ll have the chance to work with artistes like Sara Bareilles who continues to write good songs be it ballads or upbeat ones. Brave is such a great song and I cant help but push the repeat button on the MV 😀 Maybe I’ll pick up some dance moves along the way too haha

  29. Trace,

    LOLL.. you funny woman! What kind of dance that could possibly caused a sprained ankle, break-dance-ke??

    Psy’s latest song – Gentleman is a flop?!! Not surprised as the song has the same beat and the video has the same suggestive dance moves as Gangnam style. Hmm…I did not finish watching the video as it was poorly directed.

    On my way home this afternoon, I haven’t heard of this song for a long time. It was so refreshing and brought back memories of my youth years 🙂

  30. Shirley,

    You are another funny woman! You had David’s back of the head photo developed?? Aiyoh… if I’m the man, I think you and your sister are crazy! Well, that’s how crazy the AAM Archie were back then!! Now it’s all so quiet but let’s see what happens next year. 🙂

    Maybe, when David returns, he could start by doing product endorsements. Write a song for the product just like this Japanese-American girl who is currently huge in Japan. She is the girl who collaborated with Judith Hill, contestant of The Voice, on a song which I had posted the video not long ago.

  31. Shirley

    Ok you’re on!! Karaoke it is! 😀 I just hope we won’t giggle more than we “sing”! 😀

    At Sunway, I didn’t know you guys then, and never even heard of AAM (Automobile Association Malaysia?? 😀 ) I was sitting at eye–level with David, a little above you lot all dressed in your black tees – at a level with David’s feet! Lol! 😀

    That man from the photoshop, poor guy. had no sense of artistry? 😀 Yes, you guys must have shaken him quite a bit with your big NOOO….that’s David Archuleta’s head!!!! 😀 😀
    I must admit David’s head has a beauty all its own! 🙂 🙂

  32. Akang

    Lol! It’s not the dance itself – more like the crazy way I dance, as if there’s no tomorrow! 😀

    I am not certain whether Gentleman is an actual “flop”. I think when it was first released, there were alot people clamouring for it since he was so successful in the previous one. Then it gradually began to slump (I think people saw nothing new and the excitement by then had waned) Anyway, as far as I am concerned, that man won’t last because he was just lucky that he came up with a gimmick that struck gold.

    Thanks for the Rain vid. I have never heard him before. He does sound rather good and the song is nice! 🙂

  33. Akang

    Back. I totally will go along with you – that David could do some products endorsements to start off Part 2 of his career and earn some money while working on his new music. And probably write/sing something for the product. What a wonderful idea! 🙂

    David is very photogenic and looks beautiful from every angle. He will do every ad more than justice. 🙂 Remember Bench and Fix? 🙂

    Yes I remember the vid you posted before on Ai. Thanks for this one. 🙂

    Yes it is rather quiet at the moment but it is to be expected. We will continue to talk and make some noise while he is away. When he comes back, we will shut our mouths and stop talking and just listen to him sing! 😀

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