21 comments on “David Has Hidden Meanings?

  1. Hi Trace! I’ve never commented here before but after reading this article I felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I, too, feel that David says alot with seemingly simple lyrics but I’ve never been able to express it as well as you did here. Bravo. Agree with every bit of it. Thanks so much for posting this!

  2. whoa there purdner! That decapitated Jerry is too disturbing for words…and you associated it with the song Beautiful? Wow…now who is the one with ‘hidden meanings?’

    As for the lyrics I sincerely hope they were written by David himself (I have my doubts) cos they point to a depth of character that people don’t give him enough credit for. But I think his political correctness is a big drag on any attempt by David to bare his soul – sincerely and honestly. He cares too much about what people think of him and so appears to be a shallow mannequin devoid of any real opinions – something that Simon Cowell alluded to during David’s run on American Idol. At first I wasn’t too happy about Simon’s negative portrayal of David but now I think there is more than a kernel of truth to Simon’s assessment of David. In his titanic attempts not to appear to be rude and abrasive he is too measured in his responses and seems fake.

    I remember an interview he did during his Idol days where he became so animated and spontaneous in his answers that it was truly refreshing and it brought a smile to my face just watching him interact with the interviewer. The topic on that occasion was music which is the only subject – it seems – that he is footloose and fancy free and lets it all hang out. But on any other subject and he visibly tightens up so much that it’s painful to watch and I just want to grab him by the shoulders and shake the real opinion out of him!

    The boy is too much of a goody-two-shoes or at least that’s the image he puts out there. Too much of “Oh My Gosh!” just becomes annoying very quickly and doesn’t really say anything of substance about the person. What does he stand for? What does he think/feel about racism, gay rights, republicans/democrats, global warming, violence towards women etc. Granted these subjects may be too heavy for any 21/22 year old to think about but….what does he think about?

    Based on his music so far I don’t have a clue and I bet a lot of his American Idol fans don’t either and that’s probably why they have all disappeared. People can’t get a handle on this person called David James Archuleta except that he is sugar and spice and everything nice. He is the boy you would want to introduce to your mom and pop but do you want to listen to his music?

    The jury is out on that question except for his die-hard fans.

  3. Hi Ali! 🙂

    Thank you for everything you’ve said!

    You really must come in here more often, especially now that you’ve expressed what you’ve read into what may be David’s inner/hidden feelings. It’s such a relief for me and definitely gratifying to know that I’m not alone with my own analysis of him.

  4. John

    If you were Tom, wouldn’t you think of that decapitation as Beautiful? 😀
    But you are not Tom, you are grumpy Uncle John! Lol! 😀
    Anyway, as I said, that was just a lark about the hidden meanings within Tom and Jerry’s relationship.

    The examples you brought up about David’s “tightness” happened when he was only 17 years old, straight out from a small provincial town where his exposure till then was with his school, his schoolmates, his church, his family and such like. Have you watched the more recent interviews long before he left on his mission? He was calm, chatty in a mature way, charming…. Even Simon would be happily impressed with him now.

    What I don’t understand about what you want from David is this:
    Why oh why does he have to be cleverly conversant in subjects like republican/democrats etc? Perhaps he just doesn’t have any interest in politics, and the competition of men for power.

    Yes he was very animated right at the beginning of AI – those Shop Around days – at that time, my surmise is he was still naive to the “dirty” world of the music industry. After a stint there, he became aware of it and I feel he withdrew somewhat into his shell, just to not create problems for his dad and for himself. Remember the stage-dad rumours?

    And after he began to make his albums, he witnessed more of the politics and intrigues within the industry. He knew his words and actions, which are just spontaneous and unintentioned to be such and such, can be misinterpreted or manipulated to mean other things by the media to create sensation to sell. Can you blame one such as he, to want to internalise his thoughts and opinions?

    Remember the gay club incident? All he said was: He didn’t realise it was a gay club. A spontaneous and simple reply. And some quarters jumped at him and said: what’s wrong with a gay club?! Can you blame him for being measured?

    Thanks for the discussion John, so far. Going to bed. Will continue tomorrow. 🙂

  5. Ah…the infamous gay club incident! Our friend dug a mighty deep hole for himself by implying that he would not be caught dead in such a place under normal circumstances which is probably true but the way he said it made the LGBT community pissed off. He should have just simply said that he was there to support Charise and that it didn’t matter what sort of club it was and the issue would have been laid to rest then and there.

    Granted that the media is a landmine that takes a far more savvy person than David to negotiate but the point is that he ‘internalizes his thoughts and opinions’ to the point that he seems to have none! He doesn’t say much about anything of substance does he?. Is he that shallow? Your example of that question about the foetus is a classic case of him wanting to be the nice guy. If I was him I would have just said that we’re very different musicians and that a collaboration probably wouldn’t work and let people interpret that answer however they want instead of hesitantly saying that the foetus would…ah…be busy?

    He’s 21/22 years old for heavens sake. A man by most reckoning and he has traveled the world, experienced countless things surely he has an opinion about the world at large? If he has it hasn’t shown up in his music (so far) – that’s my beef with him. What is he interested in other than his family, church, music, pad thai, parachutes and airplanes?

    TS sings about bad boys ad nausea, while David sings about elevators. Get the similarities?

    You say that he has hidden passions and I agree with that but I want to see him lay his heart on his sleeve. Show us what really drives him, motivates him, what pisses him off, what inspires him, how he feels about the world around him, does it make him sad, angry, happy? These are the things that make an artist interesting and arresting and makes for really good music. So I want him to let it all hang out so to speak and let it fly. Is that too much to ask?

  6. John

    What a grouchy, unreasonable person I’ve had to face 1st thing this morning. Lol! 😀

    I think we both agree that he did not have the savvy to deal with the cunnings of the media, but it does not mean he does not have thoughts and opinions. More like he did not want to have unnecessary conflicts with the people who are out to “get” him, namely the media and the haters.

    Re the interview about the Foetus issue, I think it was such a good answer without having to delve into the subject and give an opportunity to the interviewer to talk about JB’s music in comparison with his own. I also saw a great deal of discomfort in him when he gave that response. By saying that the Foetus is “busy”, he is also giving JB a compliment in that JB is very popular with the masses and has no time to duet with him. At this juncture, I’m also thinking the world needs more people like David who do their own thing and not “opening a door” for an opportunity to have their words twisted and manipulated.

    It is for the very reason David has “travelled the world” and “experienced countless things” that makes him want to clamp up and not opine openly. But we can’t jump to the conclusion that “he has no thoughts and opinions”. I think a person needs much more strength to control himself and not say anything that may be misinterpreted (since he does have many haters who simply cannot understand all that “goodness” he displays) than to blurt out whatever that’s on his mind. He is a cautious young man, but, as you agreed, he does have passion withheld, and you can’t have passion and not have thoughts and opinions. Hey, have you heard about the “strong and silent type”? 😀

    It is David the artiste, and NOT his own character and personality ( he can be whatever he wants to be as a person), that I’m more anxious about. He needs to infuse the passion he has inside him into his music. I agree totally and like your past paragraph. I’m afraid the rest is just …erm …gunk. 😀

  7. Hi I came back!

    I’m a bit too intimidated by the conversation to jump straight in but just wanted to say that I enjoy the passion with which you are both arguing your points!

    I do feel like David’s youth (and, to a degree, his upbringing) play a part in him not being comfortable baring his soul openly in his songs. He has said many times that he struggles finding the words to express himself when speaking but is able to through music. For so many years, that has meant other people’s music. Man, can he ever slay a good cover with some killer emotion and soul. And what about those quotes he’s so fond of sharing? I think he’s young and finding wisdom in the words of those who came before him. What a novel concept! lol. I think and I hope that this is just a precursor to finding the best way to fully express himself. The depth, the caring is there.

    David may not talk much about politics or hot button issues but he has shown himself to be deeply concerned with his fellow human beings. In a world of lots of talk and little action, his actions reveal what kind of person he really is. His focus is on helping those in need and spreading the word about how others can help. I remember a specific show I attended — David had to fly in that day, had radio interviews, a promo appearance and a soundcheck all before the show that night. When it came time for the soundcheck, David sent the band to do it and took himself over to the nearby children’s hospital to visit with them because he had to fly out early the next morning and wouldn’t have a chance then. Maybe I’m being too simplistic about it but to me that’s just one example of his depth of character. And…you know, I find it refreshing to see someone who focuses more on what is really really important (loving and caring for one another) than the latest never ending debate. I do hope that David is able to feel free to express more of himself openly in his music but I hope he never feels pressured to talk about things that other people deem to be more “real” than what he feels is real. If that even makes sense.

    Thanks for the welcome, Trace 🙂 🙂

  8. Ali! Welcome back! 🙂

    Please don’t be intimidated by John’s and my debate. I guess we were just being PASSIONATE about our personal beliefs, and when it comes to David, we both do want to get our points through. 😀 In truth, we are great friends haha!

    Ali, well said. I like your take. His childhood, especially when it was very much influenced by the beliefs and doctrines of his church, has definitely contributed to his being what he is today in many ways. But we love him for what he is – caring deeply for people’s needs, acting in a polite and diplomatic way, thinking “good” things of others rather than “bad” etc… it’s so rare to see people like that nowadays and he is a breath of fresh air, to say the least. This may sound a little preachy and “church-y” but do we need some really diplomatic people nowadays! – think of all those politicians out there, wanting to “grab” and empower themselves.

    My Mum used to tell me when I was growing up that “if you have nothing useful or good to say, keep your mouth shut because no one will say you are mute.” She was quoting a well-known asian saying.

    David certainly has great depth of character which is one of the main reasons many like us find him appealing. Thank you for sharing your concert experience with us. But what I have been thinking is, if he finds problems in speaking verbally his thoughts, perhaps he should let those thoughts and the passion for them, all hang out in his songs. No one in their right minds can criticise his style of singing obviously, but to be able to open his soul with actual words, even to turn a few heads and smash them with them, is something I am looking forward to. Too much humility and “inspirational” words can get a little tiresome after awhile.

    Me too, I hope David never has to talk about things he doesn’t want to talk about. I want him to be himself. My only wish is that he is able to express his truth in his artistry of composing songs.

  9. Anyeong Trace,

    Love all the pictures especially the picture of Nothing Else Better to do!! 🙂 Thanks for the thought-provoking article. I did not know his songs have hidden meanings as I was just enjoying his beautiful voice.

    In my opinion, David was a teenager where his father allows him to be. He said that TOSOD would be his last teenage album unlike Bieber who is forced to grow up under the management of Usher and his manager to earn real dollars. If Bieber is allowed to be his age, I’m sure he will sing Elevator, too. David has used a different singing style in his BEGIN album and he might go into ballad genre after his mission to lure back his AI fans.

  10. Hello John,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you are his Manager, what kind of songs would you advise him to sing? Give us some examples.

    Since David cannot sing country as his vocal is too heavy for it, how about folk pop song like this:-


  11. I so agree with your last statement Ali, Can anyone tell me who or what is Foetus?

  12. Akang

    Thanks for the vid. 🙂

    Pop folk sounds good for David. I do love his falsettos as in Broken. His emotions are extremely stirring in them.

    David may, or may not, have hidden meanings in his songs. We don’t know. It was just my own speculation that he has, and I wanted to know if anyone else shares that opinion. 🙂
    At the end of the day, I think it is his Voice which enraptures us. 🙂

  13. Akang

    You mentioned once that you would rather David not go down the ballads route, but remain a pop singer. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether there is a song genre called Pop Ballad? Much as I like some of his pop songs, I also crave for his ballads. Because that’s when his voice really shines.

    Would this be called a pop ballad? I know it is one of John’s favourites of David’s covers.

  14. Kudos Trace for another interesting post. Nice T&J pics too. 🙂

    A long while back while I was chatting online with a good pal who is also an Archie she mentioned how clever this line is from the lyrics of Zero Gravity “and up’s the only way that I know how to fall”. As evidenced by his TOSOD album he has the ability to write great lyrics. It’ll be interesting to see what will unfold when he gets back. Whatever it may be, hidden meanings or not, I am sure lots of songwriters do the same so its not something far from the norm if David does that.

    I think one example of pop ballad is Adele’s Someone Like You. David could be experimenting that with his My Kind Of Perfect. 😀

  15. Thanks Shirley. 🙂

    Yes, those ZG lyrics are good. If I’m not mistaken, ZG was written by both David and Mike.

    Someone Like You talks about love that hurts. David may, I think, refrain from writing lyrics like that until he has experienced lost love since he writes from his heart. But a song of that genre with that melody and sound, would be a great choice for his voice imo. 🙂

  16. Hey guys, just that you know, DRA is still shooting up and down in the FlyFM Top 30 chart.
    At No. 2 again! 🙂 Archies are still working it!

  17. Hi Trace,

    Amazing how DRA manages to hang on the Flyfm chart for that long. Do you know how long it has been there?

    I read recently that fans did a WWTT in 20 minutes on twitter for David. Wow! Its really impressive to see that David still has such supportive fans.

  18. Hey Shirley!

    You are right. It’s quite incredible how DRA has stayed on the FlyFM Chart for so long. There are times when it went down to No.13 or No.14, and I thought it would sooner or later disappear. But then it suddenly shot up the ladder to No 2 and even No.1. That trend has happened numerous times. I think it all goes to show that David still has alot of Archies who are missing him and wanting to keep his name out there. It really is gratifying to know.

    I’m sorry I don’t remember how long DRA has been hanging on the FlyFM charts. Just very long lor! 😀

    Yes twitter is now very popular in getting out instant news. I’m not on it though. Are you? .. Yes of course you are – you’re so quick with reporting news to me! Lol!!!
    I can imagine, once he is back, the twitter world will explode! 😀 Looking forward to it!

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