36 comments on “A Film Role For David?

  1. I think David is too ‘restricted’ to be much of an actor. For example there are so many things he won’t sing about let alone express it in writing or acting. He comes across as this Pollyanna, sweet and cutesy pie boy who dwells only on rainbows, parachutes and airplanes.

    Not much of an emotional well to draw upon for a credible acting career.

  2. You may be right John. But only to a certain degree, I think. At the beginning, as you said, he tended to dwell on sunshine and “everything nice”. But as the vid above showed, he had begun to move on to sing about human sufferings, pain and the like. Perhaps he would dig deeper into human emotions from the time he comes back, especially after his stint in Chile where he probably witnessed some aspects of real life for 2 whole years.

    For the past few years, he saw himself as a youngster – so he projected himself as such, therefore the parachutes etc.
    But now, I think he sees himself as an adult, so I’m sure there’ll be a change.

    Haha I think David has more profound feelings and thoughts than you imagined.
    You’re still seeing him as a child. 😀
    What he really needs is to open up and loosen up. And when he does, what I’ll say to you is “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!” 😀

    A role in a musical like Sound of Music or Mary Poppins may be suitable as a start since there will be less characterisation for an inexperienced actor to muster.
    However, I personally would prefer David to focus on his writing and singing. But a good musical would also put a smile on my face. 🙂

  3. Hey Trace,

    Wow, got such rumours ah? Well, I guess anything is possible as long as David wants to do it. At this point, I have no expectation from him in that department except to actively revive his musical career when he comes back.

    I certainly did gasp (your guess whether it was joy or horror haha) re Nandito Ako but I had fond memories of catching that soap opera with Akang and Sheba 🙂

    John has a valid point. Hopefully David will get past his ‘restrictions’ whether its in his future song writings or acting appearances.

    Thanks for posting that recent video over here. Didnt know Jon Hunt is that young too.

  4. Shirley

    I have no such expectations either haha! If he makes good his music, I’d be quite satisfied. 🙂
    But, from experience, past rumours about him have mostly come true in the end, so I wouldn’t think acting is an impossibility. 🙂

    I remember you and Sheba, and especially you and Akang having a great time spazzing about NA and Josh and the high drama, but probably in a more tickled way whilst I hung my head and wondered what was happening to our beloved musician! 😀

    Anything is possible with David since he had given us so many surprises in the past. I just want him to hang loose!

    Yes, I was surprised too that Jon Hunt is so young. I’m happy David is working with people close to his age, and who are musically-motivated.

  5. If Nick Jones can do this in a musical and play a role, it is my opinion that, if David were to take on a part like this, he will have an edge over NJ. 🙂

  6. Maybe we should par-taay Akang! Where is Shirley and the rest?

    (This is posted just for fun – no religious implications intended. 🙂 )

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Amy!
    Many happy returns of the day.

    Perhaps you can also shake your booty to this song 🙂

  8. LOL Trace, maybe you can groove to this song 🙂 I should think Akang (aka Amy) with her nimble feet should have no problem dancing like JT 😀

  9. LOL… Trace and Shirley – thanks for your well-wishes!

    Trace – thanks for your videos! Agreed with Jason Mraz that my Life is Wonderful so far.

    Shirley – thanks for the catchy numbers by Bruno and Justin. I couldn’t get my nimble feet to move like these 2 singers but I could only bop my head to the songs.

  10. This song is specially dedicated to Trace and Shirley. Thanks for being my dearest friend!!

    Friends walk this life together
    Those days will not return
    One word, One life
    A lifetime friendship……

    * not too sure of the translation but I think it’s almost accurate * 🙂

  11. Back to the topic – A Film Role for David…

    I will pretend that David is a very good actor then I would want to see him in “Body of Lies” , Leonardo DiCaprio’s role as the CIA Spy set in the Middle East.

    Another film would be “The King’s Speech” and I applaud Colin Firth for his brilliant acting as the “stammer” King George VI.

    Romantic Comedy Film – Haha.. Four weddings and a Funeral – Huge Grant’s role.

  12. Awww Amy, love that Peng You song by Emil Chau. Looking back its wonderful to be reminded that because of David we have become lifelong friends 😀

    LOL yes let’s pretend David is a great actor. Those two great films would have received many more accolades than they already did if David is the main character haha. Another romantic film I can think of would be My Best Friend’s Wedding.

  13. Lol! Akang and Shirley! Party time! No one brought some birthday cake?! 😯
    For some reason I feel like dancing tonight! 😀

    I think JT’s dancing is manufactured. I would rather see David’s feet “flow” to the music! 😀

    Only your head is dancing, and not your feet? 😀
    Like this one?

  14. Shirley and Akang

    You guys are just randomly naming some films without considering the suitability of the roles for him! :X
    CIA spy?! 4 Weddings and a Funeral?! Hmph! You guys are better in your dancing than doing Casting!! 😦 😀

    But as the stammering King George is not bad Lol! 😀

  15. Akang

    I love that Peng Yu song. The beginning sounds like the kind of Buddhist music I use for my yoga. 😀
    I was just beginning to translate those lyrics for you when I realised they are already on the screen. 😀

    Sweet friends you two make.

    Got tears, got wrongs…
    Got wounds, got pain…

  16. There was some talk some time ago that Paul Anka wanted David to play him if a biographical film is made of him. Have you guys even heard of Paul Anka? He was big during his time.

    I used to think this song sounds so sexy. 😀
    If David intends to act in a film, he’d better be brave enough to sing lyrics like these.

  17. Haha Trace! Don’t ya just love those translations? Some how we do understand the gist of the message, right? 🙂

    Those movies roles are not suitable for David meh? Oh we’ll, maybe he should try doing voice over for some animated movies. I might go and catch The Great Gatsby tomorrow to see if you we’re right cos you did say he would be a lousy Gatsby 😀 😀

  18. Yes I did say David would make a lousy Gatsby haha!
    That character needs an actor who is “cooler” and more “sophisticated”. 🙂
    Have a great time watching the film tomorrow. 🙂

  19. Trace,

    I thought JT has great dance moves all the time but then again I am sure you’d much prefer to see David doing his bachata dance 😀 😀

    Have you watch JT in this science fiction action film? If David is being cast in such films he would have to take off his shirt haha.! I am laughing now at our suggestions for songs and films for him. Yes, I do remember Paul Anka 🙂

  20. LOL… ya, Trace – our suggested films are not good for our dear David, meh? Those were serious role which is much more easier than comedy role. In comedy, you need to have “funny face and bones to be a convincing character. Sorry dear, no idea who Paul Anka is? The singer sounds sexy or the lyrics?

    Animated movies – hehehe…I think I would love David to be the voice over of the four-legged animal:-

  21. Woohoo! Leonardo DiCaprio as the Great Gatsby! I’m sure he will carry the role perfectly well.

    Hahaha… Shirley, David will probably put on a skin-coloured shirt!! 🙂

  22. Shirley

    Sorry, what I meant about the dancing is, I don’t think David is very good in following “fixed” steps, so I believe he would prefer a more free-flowing style of dancing. 🙂 Just my conjecture haha!

    If David can’t even take off his shirt for a part, I think he’d better just stick to singing lol! 😀 (Even then, madcaps like liying had been waiting frantically for him to rip off his shirt onstage 😀 )
    Don’t understand why he builds up his nice chest and abs if he is not going to show them off! 😀

    That brings us back to John’s opinion that David has too many “restrictions”. Who would want to cast him in this time and age when nudity and love scenes are so rampant in films? 🙂

    That’s why I think he should be cast in roles as in Mary Poppins, Sound Of Music and the like. Jmo. 🙂

  23. Akang

    Lol! Love that Bollywood vid! So funny! Dancing in Bollywood films have always amused me. Those dance moves are not easy to imitate.

    David in the voice-over for that donkey role? Lol! I think it was Eddie Murphy who did that voice-over.

    You misunderstood me, dear Akang. I think David would be very good in handling a serious role. Something that is inward-looking. That’s why I suggested a role likened to the one in Rebel Without A Cause. I agree that comedy roles are so much more difficult. It’s not easy to make people laugh. It takes a great skill.

    “David would probably wear a skin-coloured shirt” Lol! You and Shirley surely think of everything to conform to the Mormon requirements! 😀

    I meant the lyrics of that Paul Anka song are sexy.
    “My mouth on yours and yours on mine” 😯 (“Mouth” … not “Lips” wor! 😯 )
    Not too suggestive meh for David? 😯

  24. WOW! Looks like we have a little party here last night 🙂 Oh my goodness, Akang and Trace you ladies are such jokers!

    HAHA Akang, yes David will have to put on a skin-coloured shirt and probably have a body double in some ‘risky’ scenes! Trace, that sleeping alone song by Paul Anka, no way is he going to sing it…yup it will be rated “too suggestive” in David’s book 😀 😀

    Again, John is right, David has too many restrictions. If hes going to stick to singing, hopefully we will hear great music such as this one.

  25. Hey Akang,

    Amitabh Bachchan is such a great actor. Did you ladies know he has a role in The Great Gatsby?
    Wow, I love his dancing too. Cool that a 70 year old man can dance like that.

    Haha Trace, bring on the musical remakes with David Archuleta in the starring roles. Maybe he can take on the role Peter Pan since he’s forever looking so youthful 🙂

    I still believe that David can find success in music if only he has the right management, great songs and perhaps awesome collaboration like this

  26. Shirley

    I have never heard of Emili Sande. Thanks for the introduction and the vids. 🙂

    I’m not sure about the first song Heaven. It’s suitable for David meh?
    But Beneath Your Beautiful sounds good for him. Who is the guy collaborating with Emile?

    I think we have talked until my mouths are dry about the necessity of David getting good management. Why couldn’t David himself see it?! It’s such a waste of talent that not enough is done to push his great potential. Perhaps he already knew then he was going on the mission.

    But I’m thinking Positive here. He WILL find success – some people take a little longer than others.

  27. Shirley

    Yessssss…!! Peter Pan would absolutely suit him! 😀

    David may be a pop star, but he has characteristics belonging to the older school. His voice was trained in the classical style – his Adonis good looks belong to the ancient Greeks – his values are conservative and good old-fashioned – he therefore must have a role in the remakes of past great musicals. How’s that for analysis? Lol! 😀

    Love Peter Pan for him!

  28. Hi Trace,

    Just thought if David is going to write songs in the future they could have an upbeat tempo like Emeli Sande’s Heaven..just a random thought only 🙂 In Beneath Your Beautiful, Emeli collaborated with another English songwriter called Labrinth who is on Simon Cowell’s label.

    You are right about David being a lousy Gatsby haha. I have watched the show and thought David would not even come anywhere near a role like Gatsby about an eccentric millionare with a shady past and his obsessive love of someone’s wife 🙂 🙂

    Anyway, Emeli covered Beyonce’s Crazy In Love as one of the soundtracks for the movie. Not much of a jazz fan but this is quite cool 😀

  29. Shirley

    Lol! That’s why when you mentioned the role of the Gatsby for David, I thought you had gone a little cuckoo! 😀 😀

    Thanks for the Gatsby vid. I can almost see everyone doing the Charleston. 🙂
    I’m not a jazz fan either and never will be. I don’t understand it haha!

    You seem to be rather into Emeli. It’s good that you are finding relief with other singers during these times of David-drought. 🙂 But I’m afraid I’m still trying to endure this David-thirst and my relief is listening to his old albums. 🙂

    Another relief is watching the tennis tournaments especially the matches with Nadal in them. 🙂

    Have a music beak and watch this. (Very short one) 🙂

  30. We have another birthday greeting in this thread! Nadal had his 27th birthday yesterday! 🙂
    After defeating Nishikori in last night’s match, a huge what seems to be a 3-4-tierred birthday cake was wheeled into Court Central at Roland Garros Paris, and the spectators of 15,000 people sang Joyeux Anniversaire to him.

    I look forward to an audience of that capacity serenading to David one day. 🙂

  31. LOL Trace, I was just messing with your head there about David and the Gatsby role 🙂

    Awww so sweet of them to celebrate Nadal’s birthday with that multi-tierred cake. He has that shy smile too, very adorable. Bet you were singing Happy Birthday and clapping your hands while watching that video 😀

    No harm in us focussing our attention elsewhere in this David’s drought. Glad you have Nadal to keep you busy and David’s cds to listen to. I am enjoying myself listening to Emeli. She’s just a ‘normal’ artiste and has a great voice – just like David 🙂 🙂

  32. Shirley

    Consider my head messed up. Lol! 😀

    Off -court, Nadal is very sweet and gentle. But, on -court, he is a real killer. Just like our David on and off-stage. 🙂

    You said Emeli is a “normal” artiste. What do you mean by that? 🙂

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