35 comments on “David the Durian Man

  1. From the end of the last thread:


    I feel the same too about Falling. It is extremely depressing. Not just the melody and the lyrics, but also the way David sang it.

    I love Broken and listen to it a few times a week. It’s my favourite song in Begin. The falsettos are so touching and beautiful to listen to.
    I really hope David will continue writing songs like this.

    Btw have you eaten our stinko durians? As they say, you either love it or you hate it! 😀

  2. hello trace. i’ve never eaten a durian before and i’m not sure that i want to try it, lol. i live in the united states. several years ago, a host on a cable station called the “travel channel” traveled along the Malaysia-Thailand border; he did a segment on durians. the host is a hefty guy who eats everything. however, when he tried the durian, he just couldn’t swallow it. re. david, it’s so cool to know that the durian man had heard of him and compared him to sinatra.

    (from the previous thread, penciltopaper, i thought of you as i looked at the Vermeer painting. you make lots of good points.)

    below is the youtube clip from the travel channel; the part about the durian begins at 3:05.

  3. LOL Durians and David. What a combination! One is prickly on the outside but ooh so scrumptious on the inside. And the other is sweet both inside and out…too sweet I might add…may get diabetes lol….no la just kidding 🙂

    I guess any man with a teenage daughter is more likely than not to have come across David Archuleta sometime in his life.

  4. desertrat

    I have not seen that particular vid before even though we do have that programme on one of our tv channels. Thanks for posting it. 🙂
    I burst out laughing when I saw Andrew Zimmern throw up! 😀
    Hey, even that little Malaysian boy couldn’t stand the smell haha!

    I believe the fish maw is deep fried before it gets that texture and is then braised with a variey of sauces…to get rid of the smell of fish stomach?! David doesn’t like fish soup so I doubt he will even try eating the stomach of a fish! 😀

    Yeah we do have alot of “exotic” food in Malaysia, but we have taken that for granted.
    I personally can’t stand belachan (sun-dried tiny shrimps), cincalok (a kind of fermented shrimps, I believe).

    You can opt out the durian and try eating Mangosteen. My sis-in-law, who is English, adores it….but then, she eats ANYTHING! 😀

  5. John

    Prickly durians and prickly David! 😀
    Some similarities between them; you either love it/him or you hate it/him 😀 😀

    I have been permanently “pricked” by David – inside and out!! 😀

  6. Hey Trace,

    Have you tried the durian cake from Secret Recipe? I am not a big fan of durian but thought that cake is really yummy.

    I caught a video of David Cook when he was in Singapore last year where he was asked to try a durian pancake. Though he was sporting enough to take a bite but had to immediately spit it out onto his tissue.

    On the other hand, I’ve often wonder why David has not been subjected to similar kind of challenge when he was in SEA. Maybe he will hold his nose like this lady while reluctantly taking a bite 🙂

  7. Hi Desertrat,

    I did manage to catch that Andrew Zimmern’s episode on TV. Was a bit surprised that he couldnt take the durian as he takes the most bizarre food but I suppose its the strong smell that gets to him. The other TV host, Anthony Bourdain loves durian though.

    I have a few family members who will never go near any durians let alone eat them. Its quite funny to see them scurrying away if we were to bring those fruits back 😀

  8. Hi Shirley

    Haha poor Cook! But he was polite enough to turn away before he puked. That vid was fun. Thanks 🙂

    I think most people would not play on David the same kind of tricks/jokes they play on other people such as Cook. Perhaps they see our David as too “precious” and lovable. 🙂

    They would give him birthday candles that don’t extinguish (remember that vid?)….feed him with an ostensibly spicy dish which was not spiced up at all (remember that one too?)…
    But they wouldn’t want to feed him something that might make him puke. 😀

    Despite my liking for durians, I am not fond of durians being used as an ingredient for cakes, ice-creams and such. I don’t even like it if someone else had handled it or if it’s been kept in a fridge.
    This dog is not as fussy as I am. 🙂

  9. Off topic

    While I was going through Youtube looking for something or other, I came across this vid. Since I like animals, I thought this vid was fun – beats listening to most of the AI contestants at the beginning of the show. 😀

  10. Hi Trace,

    LOL yes I remembered the trick birthday candles and the Lemak Chilli Padi dish from Singapore.
    Guess you’re right, they just dont have the heart to make him throw out his food 🙂 🙂 But I still think
    David should have at least try our durians * evil grin *

    Awww, thats a cute video of the baby and the dog. That reminds me of my sister’s dog Max who would ‘sing’ along with us whenever we sing Happy Birthday in the house. It can be quite hilarious and he wont shuts up till we stop. He must think we are awful singers haha

  11. Hi Desertrat! The Girl with the Pearl Earring painting by Vermeer is in SF right now. Was great to see it again! I agree that Falling is depressing. Seems like he was really trying to get inside the head of the girl who felt total despair :(.
    On a different note, Durian really is an acquired taste, isn’t it?! I lived in SEA and never tried it.

  12. John

    Yes I remember Mishka so well. Some threads ago, we had such a hilarious time putting human words into her mouth! 😀 Maybe we should teach her (sorry, is “Mishka” a male or female name?)
    to say “I love durians”! 😀 And our Tourism Board can employ her for our “Visit Malaysia” promotions! 🙂
    David can come along too if he likes (tongue in cheek) 😀 😀

  13. Shirley

    Your sister had a singing dog? I had one too named Brown (no brainer – he had brown hair – we’re so creative! Lol!), and he would go into “musical” ? howls and wails every time I played the piano. That doesn’t say very much about my piano-playing eh?! 😀
    Guess he had had enough of the piano music and too much of the durian I fed him – cos he disappeared one day! 😦

    Talking about howls, I remember this one. Just being cheeky… 😛

  14. Hi penciltopaper! 🙂

    That Vermeer painting is a real masterpiece – the face..the eyes..the pearl – so are the others which John used to marry with David’s pictures. I saw a film some time ago which related the story of how that pic got painted. You guys who live in the States or Europe are very lucky to be able to see Live beautiful masterpieces. We guys have to make a looong trip to do that.

    Durian is probably an aquired taste for people who live in the West. The taste and flavour just hit the tongue and taste buds in a totally unexpected way the first time! 😀

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  16. Hey Trace,

    Thanks for the hilarious article! LOL… “Him: xxxx…. Uhhh..Archu what ah…!? (scratching his head with his durian fingers)”. Yup, David’s surname is definitely a mouthful, hence, my family and I refer him as “the small boy”.

    We also give short form name to some artists because my family and I are a lazy lot:-

    Bruno Marz – the shorty; Jason Mraz – the Jesus guy; Brad Pitt – the Button man; Phil Colin – the Paradise guy; The Beatles – the yelllow submarine; Bee Gees – the trio; Robert Downey Jr – the iron man; and Justin Bieber – that “der” boy! 🙂

  17. Hi there Rudolph! 🙂
    Thanks for all the compliments!

    Yes we intend to be here until David stops singing – even then…you never know. 😉 Cheers to that too!
    And would be happy to see you here anytime. 🙂

  18. Hey Akang!

    Haha I took some time to get used to his name too during the AI days. Now that we know him, his name flows smoothly through my ears like music! 😀

    Lol to your nicknames for those artistes! Ingenius! Now let us think of a nickname for you…. 😛

  19. Hey just wanna let you guys know that David’s DRA has been clinging onto the Top 30’s Chart at FlyFM for a loong time between No. 3 and 4 and 5 after having been No.1 and 2 for sometime, while the other songs have come and gone. Woohoo!

    I’m so happy to see that the Archies are still working it! 🙂

  20. Hello Trace!

    That Vermeer painting is indeed a masterpiece. It’s really not very big either. It traveled as far as Japan I believe but maybe that was it?

    Some day I shall give Durian a try. My SE Asian friends all like it!

    Again, I really enjoyed the pictures John created marrying David’s images. All great combinations! 🙂

  21. LOL, I’ve actually been checking the web to see if you can purchase durian in the U.S. I’m curious about it now.

    I love the howling video clips incl. the one with David. 🙂

  22. desertrat

    I saw on Soul David (I’m a regular lurker haha) this morning that you watch Iron Chef. It is my favourite Food channel too. I wonder if they’ll ever ever use durian as the main ingredient some day. 🙂

    It’s fun to know you have been checking the web about durians. 😀
    We are very serious about our durians… we have durian parties…durian charity parties…
    AAM had her own durian charity party too a couple of years ago – with David’s music playing!!! 🙂
    But I can’t find the vid. 😦
    Anyway, you might like to watch this:

  23. Nice to see more lurkers here. Hello to Penciltopaper and Rudolph 🙂

    Trace, its been a long while since I watch that howling David video. Maybe he will howl like that too after getting a taste of our durian 😀 😀

    Wow! Great news about DRA still at Top 10 of the Flyfm chart! Way to go Archies 🙂

  24. Hi Akang,

    What a coincidence! My mum used to refer to David as ‘say kia’ (small kid in Hokkien). A friend’s mum who is an avid AI fan called him David Archurella, guess that flows much easier than Archuleta haha

    So did you give short names to your Korean singers and film stars? Bet you have to call them Leng Chai/Leng Lui No 1, 2,3 and so on 😀

  25. Hey Desertrat

    So any luck with durian purchase in US? Looking forward to your reaction once you’ve tasted it 🙂
    Good, bad or totally disgusting, we would like to know haha

    Trace, thanks for the Jom Durian video. What a great idea – Durian and charity! I remembered AAM’s durian charity event too. Maybe they only have pics instead of video.

  26. Shirley

    David Archurella….Lol!! 😀 😀 My mum used to call him David Archula! Poor David! 😀
    I’m not sure which one is worse – maybe Rickey! 😀

    Did you guys know that there is a mountain in the Mexico-US border called Archuleta Messa, where it is rumoured to have an underground top secret military base and also alien activity.
    It was featured in the History Channel on one of their UFO episodes. I love my UFO films… 🙂

  27. Me too Shirley…I would love to see the reaction of our US friends like desertrat and penciltopaper after their first taste of durians. Maybe they will howl like David too hehehe… 😀

  28. Trace, i’m a huge fan of Iron Chef. During the holidays when my family gets together, that’s the one tv show we can all agree upon to watch. Regarding durian fruit, I’ve read that it can be found in Asian markets. There’s one not too far from where I live so I’ll see if they have them. The closest I’ve come to eating a food with a strong smell is chitterlings (ie, pig intestines). They’re ok once you get past the smell.

    Re. David, my mom still refers to him as “that little boy” or “little archie”. She never could remember “Archuleta”. 🙂

  29. desertrat

    The Chinese have their own way of cooking chiitterlings as well – in a soup with loads of black peppercorns to help rid the smell. It’s quite yummy but it’s more of a home-made dish, not usually found in restaurants.

    A friend from China once told me that in China, parts of the animal like ears and feet and innards cost much much more in the market compared to the meat itself because the meat is considered “boring”! 🙂
    Whereas it’s just the opposite in Malaysia, and I guess that holds true too in the States and most parts of the world.

    It is also believed that every part of the animal must be eaten since we have already killed it.
    Do you realise that a predatory animal always goes for the innards first before they eat the flesh?

  30. Hey guys, it’s so amazingly exciting to see “David Archuleta Returns” trending parties all over the world!! Archies everywhere still got it!! Woohoo!!! 😀
    These are the times when I wish I have Twitter. Ah well….

    You guys GO….!!! 🙂 Trending parties every month till he returns!!! 😀

  31. Hello to you too Shirley!
    And my bad, Trace, I failed to say I enjoyed the Durian man story! BTW, I’ve had mangosteen (much more palatable haha!), thought I saw it mentioned here somewhere lol. Oh another thing, I was surprised to see my name the 2nd time commenting, because it included “vermeer”. I didn’t even see it when I was posting. How did that even happen? Used to go by that name (not at all because I think I am Vermeer; that would be BLASPHEMY! it was chosen in haste in my early days of being a David fan). This must be the most I’ve commented anywhere in a long time. Thankful for all the folks keeping the fire burning in David’s absence.

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