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  1. “Artistes With Art” – that is indeed an apt article to be posted in a David Archuleta site – a man we follow with almost-consistent fervour even while he is away – because we know! We know that he is really a true artiste.

    Those pics you posted say alot about your own creativity too, John. Not exactly on the same level as the Master, Van Gogh himself, haha, but you have earned my admiration too. 🙂

    Van Gogh’s early works had been of somber colours. It was after he moved to the south of France where there was bright sunshine, that he began using bright vibrant colours with which we now associate his work. Which induces me to reflect that some great men take longer than others to reach their peak.

    I can’t help associating this thinking with our David. My innermost opinion, much as I admire his great talent and have been equally gobsmacked like you at times, is that, even though David is not exactly a Van Gogh in music, his peak is still to be reached and his Self, realised.
    We discovered David early and there is still a need of time for him to self-discover and work round obstacles and grow. I’m sure his Mount Olympus is in sight some time in the future.

    Re the “tragic circumstances” which seem to equate with geniuses, there are many of such artistes:

    Mozart – one of the greatest musicians of all time and a child prodigy – had a hard life as musicians at that time were very poorly paid and he died penniless at the age of 35, and had a pauper’s burial in an unmarked common grave.

    Franz Schubert’s life was even harder and he did not live long enough to fully develop his abilities in music as he died of syphyllis at the age of 31. He left some of his wonderful work uncompleted, but many thought those works were too good to be abandoned and finished them for him.

    Tchaikovsky suffered many personal crisises and depression because of his same-sex orientation. When he died of cholera, it has often been speculated whether it was by accident or self-inflicted.

    It makes me think that perhaps genius emerges from sufferings and a hard life. That the outpour of emotions, be they tragic or joyful, can only be manifested by a deep-rooted pain or a profound way of living life.

    Does David need to go through some tough times in his life before he can emerge as victorious in fully capturing his definitely God-given talent? Is the Mission helping him to achieve that?

    I don’t know. Perhaps. Time will tell.

  2. At the first read, I was thinking of how much Trace has progressed from posting blogs to marrying those great artworks with David’s image. Then I realised this is John’s blog! Hey John, thanks for a great post as usual. Nice to ‘see’ you again 😀

    Trace, I’ve seen some of your fine paintings and they are quite amazing too. Like I’ve asked you many time, why dont you try painting a David’s portrait?

    Many years back I went to a spiritual seminar based on Rembrant’s monumental painting of The Prodigal Son. That was certainly an eye-opener for me (since I have no interest in art) to see how an artist can convey so many messages in their work. Another piece of great work that I am in awe of would be The Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michaelangelo. Maybe one day I will have the chance to admire that in person.

    Meanwhile for David, Its the wait and see mantra that I am adopting for now 🙂

  3. Haha Shirley, no, I have not progressed yet to doing what John did. Yet! The time will come when I will beat him in his game haha! 😀 Positive thinking.

    I have not painted for some time. That jerk has not inspired me to paint him the past year. He’d better sing some great songs when he comes back to warrant my painting him! 😀

    Rembrandt enjoyed success in his work even during his lifetime despite having had his share of financial hardships. Perhaps he just enjoyed life as a genius painter haha 🙂

    I saw Michelangelo’s ceiling many years ago – it was truly amazing to say the least. Hope you get to go see it too.

  4. Talking about Michelangelo, I’ve read his biography and he seemed to be of great intensity of character. Which makes me think, perhaps that quality is also necessary for artistes to produce genius work?

    David looks angelic..his behaviour is also angelic…but I believe we also see, or at lease, detect, a quality of intensity within him. My “evil” self thinks – all he needs now is to be devillish in bringing out that genius! 😀

  5. David is young, and his endeavours in music are being judged as well as influenced by his fans (whether unwittingly or not), family, music critics, and ultimately his record label. His hand is still being held – metaphorically speaking – and all he can do is to follow where-ever his um, “leader” wants him to go. He has not yet established his voice in the industry, has not quite stamped his mark and he’s gone out of the scene just as things were picking up for him.

    Having said all that, it is obvious that David has a long way to go before he becomes the Van Gogh of his field. Still, with the right frame of mind and perseverance, David can no doubt achieve it. And we as his fans can quite possibly catalyse his efforts quite a bit – perhaps by placing David posters all around our neighbourhood and blasting David music in our homes and cars and phones? x)

  6. Starry starry night, painted Davids blue and grey…. lalala 🙂

    I’m not sure if D can become a Van Gogh of his time. I mean he can sing very well but he’s not very good at making music. I wish he’d just go out there and make some bad ass music. I am being a demanding fan aren’t I? haha

    Blasting D’s music may cause the opposite of the desired effect, Zach. It’s not like we haven’t tried. D’s music seems to lose it’s credibility when it comes from me, generally known to be a crazed archie, rather than an unbiased lover of music. :-/

    The article reminds me of this song. One of my current faves. I love Ed’s lyrics 🙂

    I hope one day D can “write his own tune and write his own verse, and he won’t need another word-smith to make his tune sell, call himself a singer-writer he won’t be bluffin’, name’s on the credits and he would’ve written somethin’.”

  7. Right now, David’s career is a straight line across his own white canvass.

    John, thanks for the article.

  8. Hi Trace,

    I always thought Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling lying on his back but when I googled it said he painted it in a standing position. That must have been extremely tough on him. As the saying goes, no pain no gain.

    For David we are quite sure music is foremost in his mind but how he will fare in his musical path in 2014 and beyond will be left to be seen. I hope to be pleasantly surprised!

  9. Hello Liying

    I am with you. Bad ass music from David…YES!!!! 🙂 🙂 #DA2014 sigh, one more year or so to wait.

    Love Ed Sheeran! If only David could write such lyrics but then again they have such different life experiences eventhough they are close in age. Granted they are both humble and extremely down to earth. My sister saw Ed twice in concert and she has no qualms in saying that she’ll go to any Ed’s show the next time he’s in town!

  10. Oh my Akang, now that you’ve put in that way…man! David needs to come back and hit the ground running right off the bat.

    On the other hand its his life to live, we are just here for the music otherwise he can go back to painting a straight line 😀 😀 😀

  11. Hey all 🙂
    Long time no ‘see’.
    I agree with Li Ying – edgy music and strong lyrics. I certainly hope David is capable of both. I feel what he needs is a patron or Svengali of sorts who can take David under his wings and champion his cause. David is now neither a rebel nor does he have a cause. He is certainly not BAD ASSed enough!
    People like the Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and yes even children like One Direction all have that one person managing, molding, nurturing and setting directions – musically and professionally, something that David sorely needs now.

    Van Gogh didn’t have that patron in his life ( although you could argue that his younger brother Theo performed that role to a certain extent) but his talent and creativity couldn’t be denied and in the tortured existence that he lived resulted in some of the most exalted works of art we have today. He is arguably the most well known painter in the world today and his works sells in the millions of dollars.

    Is David of the same category talent wise? At one time I strongly believed so especially when I first heard him sing “Heaven” during American Idol. I still believe that he has it in him to go far in the musical world BUT…..

    Anyway I would like to post a song Don Maclean performed in tribute to Vincent Van Gogh:

  12. Starry starry night….hmm.. one of my all-time favourite songs.

    I have long wondered why Van Gogh severed his ear, purportedly famously reported done out of a sheer need to self-harm. I have now read that the ear was actually accidentally cut off during a fight he had with French artist, Paul Gauguin, with whom he had a relationship. Artistes do have interesting tragic lives.

    Talking about a Svengali of sorts for David, Tchaikovsky, during a very turbulent time in his life, met a widow, the wife of a rich baron, and who was very sensitive to Tchaikovsky’s music and who forced him to evaluate himself. They shared a constant stream of letters through the years and she became his financial backer. They never met though and their relationship became a platonic one and Tchaikovsky stepped up his emotional level and musical composition as a result of this financial and emotional supportiveness.

    Is there anyone of you here rich and sensitive enough to give David that kind of backing???? 😀

  13. Bad ass music from David?! I think you guys can wait a million years!! 😀
    I would be happy to just see his music and lyrics go more edgy.

    Enough of “inspirational” music and lyrics, David!! We archies are sufficiently inspired by you! We are GOOD people here!! 😛 😀 😀 😀

  14. I think Akang has lost her way with David’s music. And if David does not step it up when he comes back, I think we’ll have to turn to K-pop with Akang leading the way! 😀 😀

  15. Shirley

    Michelangelo stood on a specially-built scaffolding, with head lifted backwards, to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. That was his home for 4 years, I believe. I don’t know how he survived. I think true genius artistes have a very high threshhold for pain and suffering….and pain and suffering court them.

    I wonder if dear David is going through any form of suffering at the moment?

  16. David has hardly suffered for his career. His music and fans sort of came ready-made. It would be nice for someone accomplished to become his Svengali but I don’t think anyone would want to at the moment. That is until he shows some form of creative genius. 🙂 What I meant by bad ass music is not that it’s laden with expletives or anything but that it’s so incomparably awesome that it’s bad ass. If you get my meaning haha.

    I have a good mind to wring David’s neck if he doesn’t do something about his career. Unless it’s going to inconvenience me. haha I hope he gets attacked by some Chilean auntie wielding a titanium handbag for all the grief he’s caused us. 😛

  17. Hi auntie Shirley 🙂
    Yup I’ve watched the lego Lego House mv lol. Ed tweeted the link last Friday. haha. So cool. When I first watched the original one I was wondering what Ron Weasley was doing singing Ed’s song. Took the whole vid for me to realise it was about him fanboying over Ed.

    Hard to believe D is a couple months older than Ed. I agree his songs don’t seem as mature. Like when D was singing on AI, Ed was writing A Team which is about a girl addicted to cocaine. Wow.. Maybe D ought to have been British. 😀

    I want to see Ed in concert! Alternatively I could wear my hoodie, go to London and trawl the pubs. Eventually I might bump into him.

  18. liying

    So THAT’S what you meant by bad ass music haha! Ok I getcha! 😀 In that case, I agree that he’d better come out with bad, bad ass music! 😀

    I normally don’t condone physical violence, but in this case about David, I will gladly join you in wringing his neck!!!

  19. David is living in La La land to put it crudely. It’s true he hasn’t suffered for his music but does he have to? I mean does he have to physically and personally? To be in the moment I think all you have to do is to be observant – of life and situations around you. Open your eyes to all the complexities and imperfections out there and accept that life isn’t all the time a bed of roses and be prepared to immerse yourself in that. Instead of choosing to prance through life as if it was a field of sunflowers. Dwelling only on the positives is the usual mantra that all the feel-good gurus tell you but we all know that life really isn’t like that. They say that bravery isn’t the absence of fear but overcoming your fear, same way that being alive isn’t all about rainbows but accepting the fact that you gotta put up with the rain sometimes. I have a favourite saying: “In the absence of all that is, all that is…is not”

    Chew on that why don’t cha David James Archuleta 🙂

  20. Chewing…….. 🙂

    I don’t agree that David is exactly “prancing through life as if it was a field of sunflowers”. He knows that life is not a bed of roses and has its ups and downs. I even believe that he takes his “success” with a pinch of salt, so to speak, prepared to walk away from his fandom should that time come when he no longer commands attention. I think his singing “inspirational” songs is more driven by his faith.

    “Positive thinking” is good, I think, but it is the “dwelling” on it that can be rather unrealistic and ultimately, annoying. “Suffering”, if we read the Buddhist texts, is really about life on this earth, Even Christianity has some teachings pertaining to suffering and the poor although I am not able to quote anything at this point.

    Having said all that, I agree that many young people nowadays seem to be “prancing happily through life” as if that’s the way to go, thus the “prancing music” (can’t think of a better way to describe such music). Living life, to me, is more about having values, principles, good standards – all of which encumber a certain amount of “suffering”.
    In that context, David’s inflexibility is also a sort of suffering.

    I can’t help thinking that this “prancing through life” culture is a modern American thing which has spread through the world. Eastern philosophy has always through the centuries, embraced “suffering” as part of life and probably, life itself.

  21. Hi Liying

    Yes it was funny to see Ron’s face all over that Lego House video. He was a good choice to
    play the crazy fan and he looks quite like Ed, red hair and all.

    2013 is Ed’s year with a Grammy nomination under his belt and presently being the opening act for
    Taylor Swift’s Red Tour across North America. Guess you would have to wear your hoodie and
    go to US if you hope to meet Ed. 😀

  22. LOL Trace, double bad ass music? Wonder if David is game enough for that 😀

    Sometimes one doesn’t need ‘bad ass’ music to have a hit but with massive promotion
    and having a first-rate management makes all the difference. I thought PSY will be gone
    after that gangnam song but lo and behold he’s back! Aduhai!!!!

  23. Shirley

    It just shows, doesn’t it? that quality music doesn’t always work commercially – with Psy getting 10 million viewers in just 24 hours. I too thought that sort of “gimmick” wouldn’t have lasted for more than 1 hit, although I must admit I added to that number by logging in there out of curiosity. 😦
    But I’m sure Psy will not have a long-term career if he continues to jump around like a crazed-up horse-rider. Even if he does, does it mean he is a successful artiste?

    David wants a long-term career. He does not want gimmicks. Yes, he must must realise that he needs to get a first-rate management! Surely he knows that! How many times do we have to tell him!

  24. Coming out of lurkdom to say this is a very thought provoking post as are the comments. Great job!

  25. Also coming out of lurkdom. Interesting and informative article.

    I don’t think we can say whether David has suffered or not IMO. We don’t know his life. That intensity we detect comes from somewhere, something. David at 14 wrote a song about suicide, Falling before Ed wrote about cocaine. I think it maybe it didn’t get the attention it deserved because everybody was focusing on angelic David.

  26. Welcome Desertrat and Djafan! Great to see the both of you here.

    Agreed with Djafan, we have no idea about David’s personal life. I must admit I am not too crazy about Falling though.

  27. I don’t think D is indifferent to the suffering that goes on around him. Nor is he exempt from it in his personal life. What I think he lacks is the creativity to express it musically. I think he should have a greater appreciation for words and study some musical styles a little more in-depth. As a listener, my fav part of a song is the lyrics, I like hearing the different poetic devices used by the writer.

    I don’t really like Falling. Reason being is that it sounds like overkill. He took the subject too literally. But it was a good effort for 14 year old D. But I don’t think he’s improved much in his writing since then.

    I hope I’m not going to sound like a traitor now. Eeep. At 14 Ed recorded his self-titled EP. I’m not sure if it was the first lol. It contained beautiful tracks like the Quiet Ballad of Ed (one of my favs by him :P) and In Memory.

    Hi Desertrat and Djafan!! 😀 Nice to see more Archies on the site. Sorry about spazzing over Ed lol.

  28. djafan! Thanks for delurking! 🙂 So lovely to see you!

    Also Shirley and liying: Whether David has suffered or not…whether you like Falling or not…all I know is, at the moment, it is US the fans who are suffering lots!

    Ed may be good…so are some other singers out there…but it is David who still tugs at my heart…and I am bleedin’ suffering in his absence… 😦 😦

  29. ‘Falling’ is a dark and depressing song. I’m not even sure if David wrote those lyrics himself. Based on what we know today of his character and values it’s surprising that he would even approach the subject. The question in my mind is: Was he that different at 14 compared to now? The change in temperament is like day and night. The David of today would not even sing the word ‘suicide’ in a song let alone devote a whole a song on it. It looks like something fundamental happened between the age of 14 and now to change his personality into someone that is diametrically opposite to the young man of 14 that tackled a song such as ‘Falling’ and it’s a puzzle.

    Is there something left of that person in the David that we know now?

  30. I’ve always maintained that, despite David’s apparent happy smiles and good ole “sunshine-ness”, there is something else – something dark and deep and also sad – which he keeps inside him. I see that within his eyes …. 🙂 (and also in my ever-present crystal ball… but it’s a little cranky sometimes… 😀 )

    I too have wondered why his lyrics nowadays have taken a dramatic turn from Falling. If something did happen between the age of 14 and now, perhaps we’ll never know.
    As djafan said, we don’t know his life. But that intensity did come from somewhere. And I believe it is still within him – only that it is now kept within him.
    But WHY, David! I personally want his deep intensity back!

  31. trace and shirley, thanks for the “welcome” to come here. re. “Falling”, the song is a bit too heavy for me. i like what he did with “Broken”; it has serious lyrics and a soothing melody. the last time i listened to “Falling” it left me depressed.

  32. I am barging in! First time commenting here and I pretty much don’t do it anywhere anymore except yap on Twitter! Anything about art as in painting and such perks my ears and how extra special when it is in connection to our beloved David :).

    I’ll just randomly ramble. This made me think of a few artists I love who died poor and/or forgotten, not unlike Mozart. Rembrandt was in demand at one point of his career but by the time he died, he was not sought after anymore and he is buried somewhere on the grounds of this church in Amsterdam (unmarked grave so nobody knows where exactly). It totally breaks my heart that a person with talent of the genius level can be forgotten and discarded in their own lifetime, and only after they are dead, people recognize how amazing they truly were. I’m thinking of yet another one, a 18th c. French artist, Fragonard, exceptionally talented and yet became “out of fashion” later in his career and died pretty much completely forgotten.

    In regards to artistry and suffering, I also love some artists who never lived tortured lives, so while I know there are many more talented artists who experienced great pain and suffering, I am not convinced that suffering is necessarily a prerequisite to creating great art.

    As far as David goes, he is like anybody else, he’s had his share of difficult things happen in his life up to now though nothing tragic, and he is a sensitive soul who can empathize with others’ suffering. I’ve always felt that the impact that a suicide of a distant relative (?) had on him still continues to have an effect. He felt compelled to write Falling or at least it’s the first song he finished, we all know how he has difficulty finishing a song! To me, many of the songs that he’s co-written since seem to have been inspired by the same event. There seems to be a running theme about letting a person who’s suffering know that there is help and hope. I just wonder every time I hear a new one, Don’t Run Away included, if he is not still thinking of that girl who took her life and all the others who are in a dark place. It makes me think of painters who continue to paint a certain theme for awhile until they move on to another one. Like Picasso’s “blue period” sort of thing.

    David is a true artist, one who knows that artistry is so much more than just singing on pitch. Artistry is about that something intangible that transfers from the artist to the listener (or viewer in the case of visual art). It’s magic, it can make you weep or make hair stand on your arm. Some artists bloom early (maybe Ed? I don’t know his music, maybe I should pay attention lol), and some bloom later. But so far I myself am loving David’s creations even if his full potential may not be realized just yet regarding songwriting.

    The nine “homage” pieces are awesome :).

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