2 comments on “David’s Message In NMHF

  1. Wheeee….very happy for you Trace that you’ve finally received your cds!

    Thanks so much for typing out the linear notes. Been wanting to read those notes but since I dont have the physical cd, its much appreciated. David is always grateful for EVERYTHING. 😀

    Hope nothings falls out after listening to NMHF, Trace 😀 😀 😀

  2. Haha Shirley

    I am very pleased after listening to my new cd. I’m sure some things did fall out but I’m not sure what. 😀 Perhaps my eardrums, or perhaps my gizzards! 😀 😀 (Do humans have gizzards?) I ate some chicken gizzards last night for dinner – just to replenish! 😀 😀
    Oh dear, sounds like I’ve totally lost it – talking nonsense. 😀
    Basically, I’m just happy!

    Yes, I typed out those linear notes for the benefit of those guys who have not obtained their albums yet.

    Talking about being grateful, I’m grateful for everything-David too.

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