15 comments on “No Matter How Far

  1. Aw, I was hoping that we could get it in Malaysia but oh well. There’s always getting it online if it isn’t going to be released here (does anyone have news of this?)

    Also, is anyone still in contact with Sheba? I’d like to thank her very much for a favour she did me and Han Yang – unfortunately the text I sent to her bounced back so I couldn’t get the message across. :<


  2. Zach

    It’s a shame we can’t get the album in Malaysia except online. I ordered mine from Amazon and they are very reliable.

    I have conveyed your message to Sheba. She is not in Malaysia at the moment but I’m sure she will get in touch with us soon. 🙂

  3. Izzati

    From the last thread – you asked us if if someone could help you get the album.

    Can you send an email to AAM with your full name and address, also your telephone number, and we will see what we can do. 🙂

  4. Tracy

    I do like your review of the album very much. 🙂 Yes, it’s time to dissect David’s music yet again as we always do haha!

    No doubt it’s a shame that the album consists of only 2 new songs, don’t you think it’s better to be surviving half-filled than to die of starvation? 😀 😀

    Like you, DRA does remind me of Crush which I’ve always loved. After so many weeks of being in the Top 30 in FlyFM, DRA has gone back to No. 2!!
    Well done Archies!! 🙂

    Heart Falls Out – Quote: “Mine fell out and I’m still searching for it” hahahaha…
    I think you have spoken for all of us. What a wonderful way of describing the whole scenario for that really nice song.
    Everyone must get their fingers ready to vote for it when it charts on Fly or wherever. 🙂

    I tend to agree with you that both HFO and Elevator conjure up certain similar mental graphics.
    Thanks for the vids!

    ‘DON’T MAKE A SOUND, I’LL BE YOUR VOICE’ – David has spoken.
    Let’s not grouch about having only 2 new songs. 🙂
    On the contrary, let’s be grateful, considering the situation that he is away. And let’s give him all the support we can with this album 🙂

  5. Tracy

    Lol! David and Goliath! 😀 That pic and caption of David and that giant is very cute. Who is that guy? Does anyone know?

    “What have you been eating”?? Long beans, David, long beans. 😀 😀

  6. liying

    Thanks for posting that vid in the last thread about learning to play DRA on the guitar.
    I of course could not make head or tail of it 😀 but it’s always so gratifying to see a male archie fan promoting David. 🙂

  7. Shirley

    I won’t be receiving my physical copy till April 17. I will certainly give you a full detailed description when I get it haha… but you know what they say about the cat who is very curious… hehehe… 😀

  8. Hey Tracy

    You certainly did a good dissection of the two new songs.

    Like you I also kinda think HFO should have been the better single but what do we know since we’re not his management 🙂 Well at least we have two new songs to enjoy and of cos NEBTD too.

    LOL at the last pic. If I am not mistaken that tall guy is some sports person. He sure would come in handy if you wanna reach for something at the top most shelves 😀 😀

  9. Howdy y’all 😀

    Surprisingly I don’t feel too bummed that there are only 2 new songs on the album or that it’s not being released in Malaysia. After all we aren’t the target audience but rather those ignoramuses ( or ignorami lol) that have forgotten D existed for the past couple years. I think Kari is doing a better job with NMHF than Begin (she better…) for example by getting Kylie’s vid onto Vevo which sort of helps getting the news out. But I’m kinda questioning team archie’s sensibility in including the opm songs. They aren’t D’s.

    Ok so… I haven’t been listening to the album much. In fact, I just listened to Ed Sheeran for 3 hours straight. Not being a traitor or anything but the guy is really good. Would you believe he’s even younger than D and he’s got over a hundred (at least) original songs written?

    Anyways, I prefer DRA to HFO. DRA sounds like a more emo version of Crush I suppose. I like emo stuff. Hehehe. And it sounds very radio friendly. The other day a friend who usually can’t stand D, told me she liked his new song after hearing it on the radio. lol. But do you guys notice that flyfm only plays it once a day on the fly30? I’ve never heard it play at any other time whereas other songs get tonnes of airplay.

    When I heard the title Heart Falls Out, I thought it might be one of those emotional songs in which D could employ his very effective archu-cry. The lyrics were sorta emo but it sounds like a really happy song. Gives me that Bob Marley vibe haha. But it should do well on the radio too. 🙂

    I MISS DAVID!! That jerk. 😦

  10. Hiya liying!

    As usual, I enjoy reading your comments.
    You’ve taken the very words from my mouth re those “archies” who have moved away. Temporarily, I should hope! But even then…!! Hhmmph!

    I believe the OPM songs are targeted to the US fans. I love Tell Me so am not complaining.
    I prefer DRA too to HFO. I thought it was because I am an older fan..aah thanks for being there lol! 😀

    Yezz.. emo songs from David anytime! I want him to cry and cry until my tears.. my ears.. my mouth..my everything falls out!

  11. Shirley

    A tall guy is handy for reaching up to your stuff on the top shelves? What do you have on your top shelves? 😀 more D-cd’s? 😀 spares? Lol!

  12. Hi Trace,

    What?? You will only get your cd by mid April? Oh well, patience is a virtue and I know you have plenty of it 🙂

    LOL, come to think of it I should check my top shelves cos indeed I do have lots of D’s stuff stashed away 😀

    Oh yes, here’s hoping your everything wont fall out come April 17 haha…so serious meh? I want you in one piece ok? 😀

  13. Shirley

    Yes I am both ‘patient’ and ‘virtuous’ haha! Joke!

    I have lots of D-stuff stashed away too in hibernation until….

    Lol! Everything Falls Out! – my contribution to liying for her next writing session for David! 😀

  14. Shirley,

    What is going to happen on April 17? Whose “everything” will fall out – Trace’s?? LOL… “everything” …LOL..that would be interesting!! (wink-wink)

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