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  1. There you are Liying. How are you doing? Ahhh, Prince David and I do love Disney movies 🙂
    Wow, Nick Pitera is a great vocalist. Thanks for that video.

    I am not sure which Disney character is the closest to David but I really like Captain Shang in Mulan. Not because he walks around shirtless in that video haha. I used to enjoy Mulan with my daughters when then were young. Its safe to say that Mulan is our favourite Disney movie. Do you know that Donny Osmand sang I’ll Make A Man Out Of You?

    While on the topic of Mulan, I also remembered how my daughter will quipped this phrase ‘she didnt bring honour to her family’ when she played Mulan’s games on the pc. She’ll say that when Mulan didnt score points in the game, cant remember what the game was about though 😀 😀

  2. Hi auntie Shirley! I’m still surviving at the moment. The stress is setting in haha 😀

    Donny Osmond sang Captain Shang? lol I didn’t know that. Another mormon guy haha. My dad said my mom used to have a crush on Donny Osmond, hmmm…. this thing for mormon boys must run in the family 🙂

    I love Mulan. 😀 And all my Disney movies. My friends and I still watch them now and then. Feels kinda different watching them now as to compared to when I was a little girl. You notice stuff that didn’t know was there before. Like Mulan ogling Shang’s bare-chestedness hehehe. I love Honor To Us All too!!

    Also, I’ve realised that I seem to like the weightier Disney songs nowadays. Current fave:

    How was that from a children’s movie!??

    Is your daughter about my age? I used to play those sort of Disney games too. I remember Mulan came out when I was about 4 haha. Good times 😀

  3. liying

    So nice to see you back! 🙂 We sorta missed your bubbly self, didn’t we, Aunty Shirley?

    David certainly does remind us of a Prince Charming in Walt Disney films.
    Look at the last picture – that guy with the double-sleeves – he looks like he is saying: Oh I wish I could be like him! 🙂 It’s so easy to be scruffy and unkempt, but D is naturally gentle-looking and so clean!! 😀

    To many young female fans of D, I’m sure they fantasize about David the Prince Charming, taking them on a ride like this: 🙂

  4. That song by Esmeralda sounds quite contemporary, compared to this one which was the very first Walt Disney full length cartoon. Prince Charming, or rather, Prince David, is not in it but the lyrics are meant for liying. 🙂

  5. Haha liying, I remember you posting Nick Pitera before. When I saw him trying to emote during Crush, and because we are so used to hearing David sing it, I had a few giggles. 😀

    To me, no one has been able to cover Crush as well as David has sung it. Whereas David himself has covered other singers’ songs and sung it better. What do you guys think?

    I think NP is also a natural comedian besides being a pretty good singer.

  6. Hi auntie Trace
    I suppose you think David is most like Prince Charming in Snow White. 😀 haha Thanks for the vid.

    What I meant about Esmeralda’s song was even though Hunchback was a children’s movie it addressed such weighty issues. I think it’s more of an adult show. lol. Remember Judge Frollo singing Hellfire? If you’re a kid you wouldn’t get it.

    I agree. Nick should stick to one man medleys. It’s kinda weird when he tries to sing in the same voice all the way through. I don’t think he means to be funny lol. At least he thinks David is awesome.

    Btw since we’re talking about youtube musicians

    Kurt’s playing a HARP!

  7. Bruno Mars’ ” When I was your Man is” is a real GREAT song! 🙂

    I enjoyed this performance especially Bruno’s “Locked Out of Heaven” with Sting. Amazed that Sting can blend his vocal in the reggae genre. Nice!

  8. Hello Ladies!!!

    Yes, Liying my daughters are around your age. Come to think of it the last we saw an animated movie together was Lorax 🙂 Glad to hear you’re doing good at Uni. Aunty Trace is right, we do miss you over here 😀

    LOL Akang, wow Flynn Rider from Rapunzel huh…I cant quite remember him but hes charming enough so that should be good 🙂 I like Bruno’s performance with Sting at Grammy 2013 too. Great mash up of their song and Sting still has a great voice.

    Quite a bit of talk of how some fans wish David could sign up with Justin Timberlake’s label when hes back since Kari is working closely with JT right now. I saw JT’s back to back performances on Jimmy Fallon over the weekend and I am glad I caught that show 😀 😀 😀

    This is peformance from his recent appearance at SNL

  9. liying

    No I don’t think Nick Pitera is trying to be funny. His style just amuses me. 😀

    I love Judge Frollo’s Hellfire. I love the drama. A little too macabre for gentle souls I should think.

  10. Akang

    I didn’t know Rapunzel’s Prince Charming is called Flynn Rider. 😀

    How about this Prince Charming? 😀

  11. Aunty Shirley 😀

    Yes I too read about some diehard fans wishing for David to join JT’s label. D must learn to dance though. Perhaps this would be a good vid for him to start off with? 😀

  12. After Graduation from the above, he can reach master-class level with watching this vid? 😀

  13. Auntie Akang, maybe David should be more like Flynn Ryder and have that bad boy thing going on. haha 🙂

    Kari doesn’t give me the impression that she’s working with JT, more like she’s just going for his shows. But I think lah, if D were under JT’s label he might look after him a bit more than Jive. But D should never ever dance like in those vids. He’s more of the saucy salsa type. hehehe

    But if D doesn’t dance at all (Dang!) I guess it’d be fine. I think D is like an American version of Ed Sheeran… except that Ed can write..and play the guitar… lol

  14. Shirley, wow.. thanks for JT’s video. I didn’t know he is such a smooth dancer!!

    Liying, haha.. ya, I hope D could be like the mischevious Flynn after his mission! Can??

    Trace, D has actually showed a glimpse of his dancing and I could imagine his moves would somehow be like this korean actor below:- 🙂 🙂

  15. Six more days till we get to hear some new music from David 🙂

    Just came across this cool video. Can anyone of you imagine how exciting it will be if David did something similar? 😀

  16. Akang

    Haha David dance like that Korean actor? No..no..no! 😀 You’re joking, right?! 😀

    Yes we have seen David’s dance moves – was it during Jordin Sparks’ concert? His moves are very stylish! And also dancing with his mum? 🙂

  17. Shirley

    YES! 6 more days and we’ll be able to hear HFO in its entirety! 🙂

    Thanks for that cool vid. Do you not remember this when D surprised some of his diehard fans? 🙂

  18. liying

    Me too. It doesn’t bother me if David danced or not. I just crave for his voice! 🙂

    Saucy salsa eh? I can well see him doing this! 😉

  19. Meanwhile, liying, here is your Prince Charming (and the victims of Cougars – like Aunties Shirley and Akang lol!) dancing for you! 😀 😀

  20. Haha Akang, maybe David is practising some dance moves down in Chile. So just watch out :))

    Trace, I do remember that fan surprise video. I wont be able to forget that eventful day if I was the one being surprised by David. LOL, thanks for that ‘Pork-Chop’ link. Since I am going meatless today, I’m enjoying myself watching this video. Sorry video is not clear 🙂

  21. Thanks Liying! I like HFO. Maybe it could be the 2nd single out of the cd.
    Nice to see Billboard doing an article on NMHF 😀
    Wheeee, 3 more days to go 🙂 🙂

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