46 comments on “Valentine’s Day?

  1. From the last thread:

    (my fellow-pack-of-old-bones haha!)

    I do agree with you – the last few days of CNY activities have left me quite lethargic and over-sated! We need to go back to our “normal” (more like “nutty”) life and talk about our Valentine haha! 🙂

    I agree with liying that David does have rather small eyes – not small like chinky eyes (like ours haha) – but within those smallish optic pools, are captivating sparkles no one can compare! 🙂

    No Shirley, my drawing skills are nothing close to those of those Masters, but thanks for your compliment. 🙂

    Ya, has anyone downloaded DRA from Itunes yet? You’re an impatient one, Shirley! I just want to order from Amazon a little later. Meanwhile, I’ll stare at that pic above Lol.

  2. I guess Valentines is fun because of the novelty if not anything. haha. But I agree you don’t really need a specific day to celebrate your love for someone.

    I don’t have any reason to mark the occasion unless my friends want to go out for lunch to toast our being single lol. 🙂

    Oh why did you have to post pics of David hugging other girls?! It’s so stressful to look at.

  3. Lol liying!!

    That’s not my favourite pic either! It took me a long time wondering if I should post it, but there are some NA fans out there. (I know of a couple of them just within hearing distance! 😀 ) I’m also not a fan of that girl being hugged. 😦 Promise I won’t do it again, forgive me. 😀

    When you meet David some time in the future, make sure you give him a tight 2-armed hug. Send it here and we’ll use it for the banner! 😀

    I am celebrating Valentine eating left-over food from CNY! 😀

  4. LOL Trace, how appropriate that you should put that caption underneath David’s pic. Indeed he’s our everyday Valentine 🙂 Where the heck did you find that pic of the two David’s kissing each other? Maybe you’ve learned to photoshop now…way to go, Trace 😀 😀

    Hey, what’s wrong with David hugging Jasmine? They were just acting after all though I am sure David must have felt a little sumthin’ sumthin’ after that 🙂 🙂 Jasmine is a beautiful girl after all. I am pretty sure Jasmine must have relived that hug over and over again haha.

    I too agree with you, Trace about the hype re Valentine’s Day. Its way too commercialized these days 😦

  5. Hi Liying,

    If ever you were planning to steal a hug from David, make sure you first wash your hair with extra nice smelling shampoo. He tends to sniff the hair while hugging I think 🙂 🙂

    Anyway, I would like to dedicate this video to you for Valentine’s Day. Make sure you read the lyrics too. Would David be able to write such love songs along when he’s back? 😀

  6. Shirley

    LOL!!! How did you know David sniff the hair while hugging someone?! That remark is sending me Lolling all over! Hahahaha…….

    I knew you would come jumping in to defend Jasmine! 😀 Woke you up, didn’t I? from all that CNY lethargy! 😀

    I think you were enjoying that Jasmine-hug vicariously! 😀 😀 😀 Way to go Shirl! 😀

  7. Shirley

    That song you posted is pretty sweet. BUT. The lyrics are something else. I really doubt David would ever write (or even sing) lyrics like that. With all due respect to Ed Sheeran, and to you, I think they are a little eeeekie. 😦 😀

    Good for Valentine’s Day I guess. 😀 😀

    Photoshop?…. Whatzzzat….?! Hahaha…. 😀

    “David must have felt a little sumthin’ sumthin’ after that hug” ….. what’s that “little sumthin’ sumthin’ ” you’re talking about? I’m a little “blur blur” this mornin’. Please clarify…. 😀

  8. Shirley

    An after-thought –
    This is my belief: When the masses succumb to hyped-up commercialism, commercialism will continue to succumb us. If we do not give in to it, it will go away eventually.

    Since you agree with me about Valentine’s Day being hyped-up, I would really like to hear your take on this. 🙂

  9. Lol auntie Shirley 🙂 I’m assuming that you’ve hugged D before and he sniffed your hair? Not to worry I’ll take your advice.

    I don’t suppose you have the same problem as me with David hugging you-know-who. Grrrr… There is everything wrong with it!!! She’s got her arms around MY man!!!

    Hmm.. David writing a song like Kiss Me.. I think he could. He had to say some pretty lovey dovey lines in NA. Haha. But I wonder if we’d be able to take him seriously lol. I agree with auntie Trace about the lyrics a bit. I think Ed Sheeran’s a bit more versatile than David though.

    This is a cover of Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love by Kurt Schneider and Max Schneider 🙂 If I were David’s songwriter I think I’d use the same sort of idea for him. The idea of this broken-hearted self-destructive David appeals to me. It might make his love songs sound weightier? I’m tryng it out now hehe. Would you like to read it when I’m done? (if I get it done)

    Check out Kurt’s piano playing. It could make anyone want to pick up a pen and write a tear-jerker.

  10. See la, Trace you didnt watch closely when Josh Bradley was hugging Anya in Nandito Ako
    I think he kinda sniff her hair in that scene 🙂 🙂

    Aiyoh! need to clarify some more re my sumthin’ sumthin’ remark. I think David’s heart must have skipped a beat then. After all this is a tight two arm hug haha.

    What? That Ed Sheeran’s song has eeeky lyrics? I think there are more songs out there that have eeekier lyrics 😀 😀 You’ll never know what David will write or sing when he comes back, he might just surprise you.

  11. Hey Liying,

    No I’ve never hugged David before. I reckon he reserves the hair sniffing thing only on pretty young girls haha

    You are right, Ed Sheeran does seem more versatile in his song writing compared to David. He wrote all his songs in that album when he was 17 – 19 years old. Hes 22 now.

    That’s a nice cover by Kurt and Max Schnieder. I love Kurt’s piano playing too. Talented guys but they only do covers?

  12. liying

    I agree that u-no-hoo shouldn’t put her arms around D in SUCH a HUGE hug – I mean, just look at the expression on her face! She is like saying: “Hah! I got him and liying can’t get him!” What a snoot! 😦 😀

    The “broken-hearted and self-destructive” voice of David appeals very much to me too – he could do a very good job at it. But I just feel that the “self-destructiveness” can be better expressed in a weightier way with better inward-looking lyrics. 🙂 I sure can’t wait to read the lyrics you have written – or will be writing! 🙂

  13. Shirley

    Don’t deny it – you HAVE hugged David before! Remember that delightful dream you had, which you spazzed about the mornin’ after? 😀 😀

  14. liying

    Give Me Love is very good – I enjoyed it. The best part for me is the piano-playing. I’ve always wanted D to do a song like that. And I’m sure he could do even better with that voice.

  15. Auntie Shirley, Kurt’s a music producer and he has produced a number of original songs before. In fact, he and Sam Tsui are coming up with an album of original songs soon. 🙂 I don’t know if Max has done originals though.

    This is one of my favourite Kurt originals. He wrote it with The Royal Sons. 😀

  16. Auntie Trace, glad you liked the cover. I prefer it to the original because of Kurt’s piano playing. Kurt can play practically almost any instrument but I think he’s best at the piano. I like him because he doesn’t stick to conventional means of music production. 🙂 And also because he’s a dork like David. haha…except with a math degree from Yale. urggh.. smarty pants.

    You might like this cover 🙂

    Grrrr… let’s not talk about you-know-who hugging D any more. Blood pressure mounting. lol

  17. liying

    That piano cover of I Dreamed A Dream is not bad. Thanks! 🙂
    This is one of the reasons why I like coming here – you guys introduce to this out-dated woman here a fair amount of new artistes and songs. 🙂
    Or else I would be stuck in the David-cocoon! (not a terrible thing on the whole since it is an ODD ailment which is unshakeable – but listening to what other artistes do is an eye-opening thing – yeah I need to be more versatile .. like David haha!

    Ok no more talk about that hug that was imposed upon D. My own blood pressure is not far behind yours 🙂 Let’s calm down by listening to some calm music written by Saint Saens – a beautiful classical piece with the cello, my favourite musical instrument.

  18. Auntie Trace, I remember Carnival of the Animals. 🙂 My dad bought the Cd when we were in England. haha

    Haha it’s fun to help you learn about new artistes and songs. You can’t just listen to David all day…well maybe you can lol. But I remedy my ODD by being a fan of other people as well like Kurt Schneider. He’s my favourite music producer. I don’t spazz about him as much as I do D though.

    Since you love cellos and I’m in a Schneider spazzy mood. Check out the beat-boxing cellist. Told you Kurt wasn’t a conventional producer. haha

    I’ve finished writing those lyrics. Not sure if I’m happy with them. Would you like me to email them so you all can give some constructive criticism?

  19. liying

    That cellist rather tickled me. 🙂 I’m more used to the cello being played as in D’s BSMS. You see la, other than classical music, I’m really quite limited – I keep on referring back to dear ole David! 😀

    Hm..I can see that Kurt is quite cute. No wonder…. 😀

    What d’ya mean by I can’t listen to D all day? That’s what I’ve been doing! 😀 Well, I listen to the classics too, including operas at night. 🙂

  20. liying

    Btw have you watched My Week With Marilyn? They previewed it on tv last night. Eddy Redwayne cum “Marius” (one of your many heartthrobs) is in the leading role. 🙂

    If your lyrics are not quite “finished” and you want everyone to offer some constructive criticism, it might be better to post it in Comments here – so everyone can give some input. When they are completely to your satisfaction, then you can email over and make a nice proper article of it. Howzaat? 🙂

    One of your articles sent earlier should be out at the end of the week – you might want to post your lyrics in Comments in that thread – then we can have a great big Liying-fest! 😀

  21. Off-topic


    Did you catch Nadal Live in the BrasilOpen at 4 ‘o clock this morning? Since our tv didn’t show Chile, this 2nd come-back tournament was a blessing. Finals tomorow!! Wake up early! 😀

  22. Auntie Trace, good idea. Maybe I should post my lyrics then.

    I’m off to uni tomorrow btw. But since we have 2 weeks of freshers then I suppose I won’t be studying just yet. haha…I’ve been on break since June last year, *gasp* I wonder about the state of my brain.

    Oooh Eddie!! Does he sing in the show?!! asdfghhjkjl (oops sorry David hehe)

  23. liying

    I was just going to ask you when you’re actually going to start uni. I’m sure your brain is still intact after all the reading you’ve been catching up. Besides, talking about D is inspirational 🙂
    Enjoy your 1st day tomorrow! Come back to spazz about the nice guys you meet! 😀

    No Eddie does not sing in that film. I think I prefer him in Les Mis.

  24. Hi Liying,

    Thanks for that little infor on Kurt. He’s quite an amazing piano player and I can understand why you like him too 🙂

    Do enjoy your first day at Uni tomorrow. Dont forget to drop by here once in a while. Take care.

  25. LOL Trace, that certainly was calming music by Saint Saens!

    I should have watch My Week with Marilyn cos I saw the movie with Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston before that. Was it a good one?

    Best of luck to your Nadal in the finals tomorrow 😀

  26. Shirley

    Yes, I think The Swan is one of the most beautiful cello pieces ever written. You didn’t fall asleep I hope. 😀 Listening to music like that makes one feel life is beautiful and really worth living. 🙂

    That film was quite good – you should watch it. Michele Williams played her part really well as Marilyn Monroe.


    Gasp! ….I calculated the World Clock wrong!! The Finals is at midnight tonight!!

  27. Hi Trace,

    No, I was wide awake while listening to The Swan. Felt like I was a graceful ballerina 😀 😀

    Just had to laugh at your Nadal excitement! Stay at home today and put in enough shut eyes
    for tonight ok?

    Meanwhile, remember Phillip Phillips, last year’s AI winner? He has a new video out and I’ve never heard this song before apart from his immensely successful coronation song Home. This one is not bad and he’s looking very good in the video 🙂

  28. Good mornin’ Shirley-Ballerina! 😀

    Just woke up after that late tennis match last night. He won!! – though I must admit he was not in top form last night after not having played competitively for 7 months. I texted Sheba as well (as if she wouldn’t know – since she is such a Nadal fan too! haha) and she was just as excited. 🙂

    Yes I remember Philip Philips and I liked the song you posted. He is very likeable. He has one of those faces which you can’t help liking. 🙂

    I wonder how that liying-girl is doing this morning at college. I seem to worry about all these “kids” who “go away” for awhile, and are going through some sort of transition. Just like how I worry about our young man. 😦

  29. Hi Trace,

    Congrats to Nadal. I am sure that was a deserving win too. Happy for you and Sheba 🙂

    LOL you’re such a worrywart! Haiya, that young man is doing ok la and I bet Liying is having
    a great time in Uni too. Maybe the lack of sleep is messing with your head 😀 😀 😀

    Yes I have to agree with you about Phillip Phillips’ likeability factor. He has a very down to earth personality as well much like David too 🙂

  30. I’m going to kill WordPress! Why does it keep on swallowing my comments 3 times in a row??!! Except that Oi!!! 😦

  31. There is something wrong with WordPress tonight. It has eaten up my comment at least 5 times. Night! See you guys tomorrow. 😦

  32. Trace, haha…You will start having “Panda” eyes since your Nadal is back in business. Good that Nadal has a good start.

    Shirley, Eh?! You are listening to the classic musical called The Swan? You must be under Trace’s influence since she loves classical music. 🙂

    Let see whether wordpress will eat up my nonsense comment?!!

  33. Akang!

    Nice to see you! 🙂

    Is it really working? I need my Nadal-fix! Haha! And David-fix! 😀
    I’m quite paranoid now that my comment will disappear.

    Keeping my fingers and toes crossed when I push the Comment key.

  34. Hey Akang,

    LOL, I only hear that particular classical song that Trace posted. Bet you didnt click on that video cos you’re a rock and roll kinda gal, right? 😀

    Thanks for letting us know about WordPress. It seems to be able to post short comments but the longer ones just disappeared 😦

  35. Trace,

    I’ve tried to post longer comments here and it disappeared again. Very strange. Looks like WordPress doesnt like long winded comments in one post 🙂

    Hope you will have better luck today than I did.

  36. Shirley

    There’s always a way around things. Split your comment into several postings for the time being. We are trying to notify WordPress re this problem. They could be revamping their programme and kacau’ed us! 😦

  37. Yay! It works 😀

    I remembered how I was scrambling to get into the live stream of that Bench show in between the office, driving and picking my daughter from school! Really crazy times 🙂 🙂

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