34 comments on “‘Tis The Season To Celebrate!

  1. The picture with David on Santa’s lap is kinda creepy. 😛 It looks like Santa’s harassing him and he’s just lovin’ every second of it. Excuse me, my brain works in twisted ways sometimes. Hahaha. That chair is definitely too small for both of them.

  2. Akang, Shirley and liying

    It was so nice seeing you guys having such a lively discussion at the end of the last thread…Tolkein…nothing else better to do…songwriting brainstorming session for David…Indian meditation….cookies baking….painting David’s portrait…Aussie weather….gun violence in Sandy Hook…. while I was busy working on this post. 😀
    Sorry for the interruption. 🙂
    Let’s carry on here. 🙂

    Welcome home Amy!
    The recent violence against the elemantary school kids and teachers was an appalling tragedy. But as liying said, violence and ghastly acts of killing are committed everywhere throughout the world, everyday, every hour. But because this happened in the US, there is more media coverage, but of course that doesn’t make the Sandy Hook incident less tragic.

    I just read that in a recent CBS poll, only 57% of the people who took part, were in favour of tighter and tougher gun controls. The problem is gun culture had been ingrained in US history for so long. In a rather tearful speech, President Obama says something needs to be done but I think he will have a tough job trying to achieve something successful.

    With no disrespect to all those people out there who are mourning for their loved ones who have passed on, let us be thankful for what we have and savour and treasure every moment we can share with others in being happy and compassionate. 🙂

  3. Tracy! You are definitely nuts and twisted ! 😀 😀
    Akang did say that David has put on weight and of course, as we all know, Santa is sort of over-weight! 😀 They will need a new bigger chair next christmas. 😀

  4. LOL…Trace, your once again sense of humour!!

    Love “Let’s Party picture” and before you do so, this video fits perfectly on awareness of calories:- 😉

  5. Akang

    Haha no more sugar then! Not even for Christmas and New Year celebrations? What about all those delicious christmas puddings and desserts? 😀

    Then, after all the hearty celebrations, we can do this:

    Did this happen to you when you were in India?

  6. Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to everyone!! 🙂
    Poor David won’t be spending Christmas with his family. He’ll be home for Christmas if only in his dreams.

    Don’t they have a gym for missionaries to work out at? Didn’t David bring his running shoes along? Why is he getting chubby??!! Aiyo.. this boy

    But after all the Christmas goodies we’d better work out too. haha Shouldn’t say so much about D. lol

    Tracy! That was real twisted thinking. Tut tut 😛

  7. Trace and Liying

    Maybe I’m just jealous of Santa. 😛 And liying, has the mum genes gotten to you? 😀 Stop worrying, he’s probably just enjoying the food a little too much. Remember all those food-related tweets? Sigh… What I would give to have dinner with him. (Oops, did I just say that out loud?)

  8. liying

    David might have put on a little weight but he is still adorable, no? Now he looks like a huggable teddy bear! 😀 I think he is getting a fair amount of exercise doing all that cycling around.
    But probably not as much exercise as he used to get, running up and down the stage. 😀

    He is also probably having real and true peace of mind, not having to deal with the stresses of the difficulties of the music industry, how ever much he enjoyed singing to us.

    Frankly I’m putting on weight already, even before Christmas arrives. 😦
    I think we can go ahead and eat all those goodies and celebrate, just as long as we don’t become like this!! –

  9. Trace,

    That was a nice “dreamy” Christmas video for those 2 young ladies!! haha…those two can afford to dream on… 😉 but don’t forget to study!

    LOL… my yoga in India was nothing like what you posted above. It was more like this:-

    JUST KIDDING!! LOL… Happy Holidays!

  10. Trace, Tracy, Liying and Shirley,

    Happy Holidays and may we meet in year 2013 to fulfill the songwriting project for D when he comes back to the music industry! (right?) 😉

  11. Akang

    Your vid of drunk yoga is soo funny! I’m giggling so much I’m quite speechless hehehehe…. 😀
    Let me find my brain first before I respond to you properly. *gurgling in amusement….*

  12. Blessed Christmas to everyone! I am sure it’ll be a bitter sweet Christmas for David. Wow, cant believe a year has passed since David made that mission announcement in Utah. Till this day I am still wondering how he can went on to sing O Holy Night in perfection after that emotional announcement.

  13. Shirley

    Like many others, I watched the Announcement just once, and couldn’t bear to watch it again. I tumbled on it by accident once and had to quickly stop it… Sniff… so I agree with you – how David can find his voice to sing O Holy Night so beautifully after that.

    He is definitely a person of great strength and endurance.
    It’s one of the reasons I’ll wait for him and ever follow him. He has my admiration and love.

  14. Hey guys

    Just 1 more Christmas and we shall be on the verge of rolling out the red carpet for him!! 🙂 🙂

  15. Thanks for the video auntie Trace!! 🙂 I’m not that obsessive, but I’m not sure about Tracy. 😛 Don’t worry auntie Amy, I’ll study hard. I’ve got until Feb to dream about D though haha.

    Huggable teddy bear? Hmm…As a matter of fact, I call my pink teddy bear David Bear. It’s like how Winnie the Pooh’s real name is Edward Bear. 😀 David Bear lives under the name Archuleta, meaning that there’s an Archuleta poster over his bed and that he lives under it. Hahaha

    Tracy, Lol am I starting to sound like one of our resident archu-mamas? I guess there’s something about D that makes me always worry about him. But then again, sometimes I’ll be like “Dang you Archuleta!! I hope you get chased down by a pack of feral dogs”. For example, exactly a year ago when he announced his mission and caused a number of Archies to cry themselves to sleep that night. (I didn’t cry btw, was feeling too numb for that) Auntie Shirley just reminded us of the event and the subsequent wonderful performance of O’ Holy Night. Thanks auntie Shirley 🙂


    Merry Christmas to all of you! I’m not sure if all of you have tumblr, but if you don’t you can scroll down my tumblr to see all the Archu-stuff I’ve reblogged from other archies. I don’t make many posts myself. There’s some Sherlock and Hobbit mixed up in there too.

  16. Totally agree with you Trace – he is definitely a precious young man deserving of our love and admiration. That announcement video is certainly not one that I’ll watch all over again. That being said I am actually fine with it cos I know he has his reasons for making that decision.

    See Liying, not all archu-mamas are big worriers LOL. I didnt even shed a tear over that announcement video though I must admit I was pretty pissed at the time haha. I went to your tumblr link and it looks fun…lovely pics of the Elder 🙂

  17. Hi Mama Liying and David Bear! 😀
    That is a fun blog you put up!

    Just when I’m thinking of you as a opinionated old lady like us, you tell us about you having a pink teddy bear haha! I suppose David Bear sleeps together with you in your pink bed with the pink sheets and pink pillow under the Archuleta poster, with him in a pink shirt? 😀
    Hmm…I wonder if Tracy has the same…. 😀
    What are we going to do without you after Feb?! Going to really miss your wacky comments! 😦

    There is definitely something about David that makes all the archies worry about him, even though he is a person of strength and determination. It must be that horrid baby face of his that yells out for Help! 😀

  18. Shirley

    I know what an archu-mama you are even though you didn’t shed a tear on hearing the announcement. 🙂 Perhaps you are more of a an archu-spazzer. 😀

    I remember Uncle John and I discussed it at length after that. He was vehemently annoyed with that decision and I was totally despondent.

    Anyway, that was a whole Christmas ago and we need to move on. As I said, just 1 more Christmas…..

  19. Reading Liying’s blog…

    David said: I’ve come to realize that my kind of Christmas really isn’t about me…the real meaning of the season comes when we care for others…

    That should sum up David’s recent message to us – a Peaceful New Year.
    No more wars and violence.

  20. Something else I picked up from Liying’s blog that David said, which I have forgotten.

    “Once I went on a date when we had a picnic and traced outlines of each other in the sand.”
    See, it’s got the word ‘Trace’ in it! Haha! Of cos I’m too old to go on a date with him (I’ll be just nagging him the whole time haha) but I was thinking of Tracy!! Sorry Liying, your time with him is yet to come. 😀 😀 My crystal ball says …. some time in the distant future…..

  21. Trace

    Oh my gosh, that Peanuts video left me in stitches. At one point, I could actually imagine Liying and I staring at David across the piano. Boy, we would’ve made him so nervous with our watchful eyes! 😀 If anyone ever came into my room, they would never suspect I’m a David fan. Reason being everything related to David has been kept under lock and key in my ‘David drawer’. For some reason, I feel paranoid that someone might steal it. (Especially my mom.) 😛

  22. Lol! Tracy!

    Your comment left me in stitches too! 😀 All your David stuff kept under lock and key? Mine too! I’m paranoid too that someone will say “Gotcha!” 😀 (Especially my daughters!) 😛

    David is really a unique artiste. His fans don’t just span the world, they span the generations! 🙂

  23. Aunties Trace and Shirley, glad you liked my tumblr blog. I’ve got around 400 posts on it and I update it when I can, a large portion of those are David related. Will keep you all occupied for some time. My Christmas present for you 😀 and auntie Amy and Tracy of course.

    Tracy, you can stare at D from across the piano, I’ll just sidle up to him at the piano seat 🙂
    I don’t have a David drawer like yours even though I used to be a closet David fan. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a decent-sized David poster above my bed and a bear named David. My family doesn’t know his name’s David Bear though, they’d think I’m a nut.

    btw I may have a pink bear but I love all sorts of bright colours, not just pink. My curtains and pillows may be pink because I chose them when I was 11, still in the pink stage of life. My nails are currently painted bright yellow, I’ll have you know.

    My dad’s ok with David I think. Good clean-shaven mormon boy mah. My mom doesn’t like him one bit. So no danger my stuff’s gonna get stolen. My mom thinks he’s a dork, not macho at all. Wonder what she’ll think if I bring him home hmmm….

    I’m pretty sure your daughters know you’re an archu-cougar by now auntie Trace. lol Do you keep your crystal ball in your David drawer too? I think it’s getting a little fickle 🙂

    I’ll still come online while in uni. Once in a while at least. Anyways Tracy will be here to entertain you all if I can’t. Right?

  24. Liying and Tracy

    Yes, my crystal ball can be very fickle – it’s all this hype about yesterday being the end of the world, you know. She got quite flustered and confused. First she swears by the Mayan calendar, frantically telling me to go stock the larder with loads of canned food but today she has changed her tune. 😀

    I read that there are alot of preppers doing that in Malaysia – stocking up their larder. So far I see no signs of the end being imminent. That’s a relief. I would like to believe that “the end” is actually the “beginning” of something better for us from 2013 onwards.

    I also read that a certain professor opined that “the end” marks the arrival of an “alien” from another planet descending upon us to make some significant revelations. I have been following a programme called “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel – they believe that our connection with living beings from other planets during the ancient times, had been much closer than we think. Perhaps it’s time for another visit from them? 🙂
    What do you think?

    I personally would love to see that happen.

  25. Haha…now we have David peeking out at us amongst all those Christmas decorations in the banner. Did you guys notice it?
    Thank you John. 🙂

  26. This is so much David-fun I decided to post it here for Christmas.
    Archies are such fun people. 🙂

  27. Hey Bangsar Shopping Centre was playing David’s CFTH 2 days ago when I was there! Woohoo!!
    🙂 🙂

  28. Hello Ladies!

    LOL Trace, I had a good laugh at that video of David as a dancing elf! Right now I am taking a short break from chopping, cutting, washing and generally lending a helping hand in the kitchen.

    Yes, I noticed David peeking at us through the festive banner. Thats the first thing I saw 🙂

    Ok cant stay too long, gotta run now…back to more menial kitchen work 😀

  29. LOL….it would be great if only David could do the whole swagger moves like Elf David! Right now I am taking a short break from being a couch potato. OK… gotta to run, not to the kitchen but back to my K-tv drama series. 😉

  30. Liying

    “Tracy, you can stare at D from across the piano, I’ll just sidle up to him at the piano seat” Not if I get there first. Haha, just kidding. Smart move, Liying, smart move. 😉 Are you kidding me?! What a coincidence! My nails are painted yellow too! Well, not bright yellow like yours but more pastel. By the way, when are you heading for uni?

  31. Trace

    Fly.fm has been playing songs from David’s Christmas album a lot too. My friends keep texting me to inform when they’re on. 😛

  32. Another quick one – just finished baking some Christmas cupcakes. Not the chief baker but one of the decorating elves haha

    Glad to hear Flyfm has been playing CFTH cd. They are always so supportive of David. Trace must have bribed BSV to play David’s cd…just kidding 😀

    Ok gotta run out to mass now. My little niece will be an angel in the nativity story later. Cant wait to see the kids’ play.

    Hey Akang, enjoy your tv series 🙂

  33. Hey Guys, been away and just got back but am dropping by to wish everyone who celebrates a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Have a great one guys!!

    Trace, thanks for the post 🙂 Also, wasn’t it you that gave BSC the CFTH CD when it came out or am I mistaken?

    Akang! You’re hooked on a K-TV series?? Lol! Practically everyone I know is hooked on them. My sis, niece, etc. It’s all they ever talk about haha!

    p.s. eek Shirls, Christmas cupcakes sounds YUM!!

    Also, anyone have the link to Li Ying’s blog. Would love to check it out if Li Ying doesn’t mind 🙂 (even though I can never figure out tumblr. I just feel its badly in need of a vowel)

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