26 comments on “Mission Update!

  1. Tracy

    Lol! I love this piece of news! Thanks for posting it! 🙂
    But which song la!!!

    “Very friendly and funny”? ….. “I could not be more embarrassed”? ….it all sounds like David had been flirting with some pretty Chilean girls! 😀

    I know for sure both Tracy and liying would have loved being there flirting with him! 😀

    So happy that David had been nominated for those 2 categories!!
    What about Hottest Male Missionary of the Year? 😀

  2. Hi Tracy 🙂 I love that pic of David at the top of the post. He looks so squishable with his hair and his suit heehee. But I still miss his fluffy hair.
    Nina and her friends are such lucky girls. 🙂 I think she handled the archu-encounter pretty calmly.

    I’m sure you’d have loved flirting with him too auntie Trace haha. 🙂 After all, you archu-mamas think he’s rather sexy. lol Such cougars.

  3. Wow, new post and new banner too!

    Thanks Tracy for this great post. So happy to see goofy David again with the lovely Chilean girls 🙂
    Love their expressions especially the girl in blue!

    LOL at the 2 awards with the word Hottest in there and I hope he’ll win both too!

  4. Hey Trace, I do agree with you about the hottest missionary award haha.

    Well, Liying my dear, we’re archu-mamas but we gotta call it as it is…just simply stating the obvious facts 😀 😀 😀

    So when’s the ‘hottest award’ going to be announced? Hope Tracy will keep us posted too!

  5. liying

    Squish…squish…squish…there’ll be nothing left after you’ve finished with him!! 😀
    How’s that he can look soo good in anything he wears and any hairstyle he sports?! I even liked his helmet hair at AI9, or was it AI10?……memory fading…David better hurry back! – cougars are becoming VERY OLD cougars! 😦 😀

    Flirt with him? Hmm..yeah, when my daughters are not looking! 😀
    I know Shirley-mama would blush to a bright scarlet and I would just stare him to oblivion. 😀

  6. Shirley

    Both you and I are archu-mamas and cougars rolled into one. 😀
    Hm…isn’t it a rather HOT day today?! 😀 😀

    Hey, that girl in blue would be YOU, except that you’ll be having that expression while looking at David’s face! 😀

  7. Trace

    Haha, I don’t know which song! Nina never said. 😛

    I’m afraid the date has not been announced yet. It’s a rather small awards competition created by the Pinoys. But I’ll keep an eye out for the date. 😉 David is up against some young and upcoming artistes though, like Austin Mahone. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed!

    But, on a side note, I found some David mentions in missionary blogs. They’re brief but who cares? 😀


  8. Aunties Shirley and Trace, I’m glad you cougar archu-mamas do state things as they are. 😀 haha our boy is indeed a fine speciment.

    I watched that clear vid of The Prayer. I was just thinking, how is it humanly possible to sing properly when the Archuleta is singing like THAT just across the stage and glancing at you intermittently… between singing totally melt-your-innards notes. Bravo Rebeca. I would have just plopped off the stage.

    Hey you all, are we still writing a song for D? I have no idea how to record it though.

  9. liying

    I was thinking of the same thing, how he can give us those looks, and even grin a sexy grin while focusing on his vocals. Darn cheeky of him! 😀

    You notice that Rebecca doesn’t look in his direction in case she “plopped off the stage”. 😀
    David, in contrast, keeps a watchful eye on his fellow-duet’er so that they are in perfect sync – a true professional. But I do wish he had done a solo of this song.

    Me too, liying, I have no idea how our brainstorming to write a song for him can be done. I can ask around but it will need some time. Alternatively, we can meet up with Aunty Shirley when she is in KL, and whoever who is interested, to thrash it out with several heads working together.
    Or you can sing it into my phone? Hehehe…

  10. Auntie Trace
    Sure sure. 🙂 I’d love to meet you all. I don’t think brainstorming for a song would be much problem. We can do it here. I’ve never recorded anything so I don’t know how to do that.

    In other news, I’ll be watching the Hobbit today. Will probably be Hobbit spazzing for some time yet. 😀

  11. liying

    So happy that you are watching Hobbit at last. 🙂
    You can spazz about it all you want here. We need some Hobbit enlightenment. 🙂

  12. LOL Trace, you like that helmet hair? You sure?? Well not me. Also dont like that ‘Ah Pek’ hairstyle as per Akang in Nandito Ako. Anyway, its about the voice not the hairstyle 🙂 🙂

    David singing The Prayer is just heavenly. Rebecca is a wise lady to not cast any glances at the Elder while dueting with him on stage. I think she has gotten the memo before that 😀

  13. Liying and Trace, Brainstorming on song writing? Recording a song for David? Seriously???
    You lovely ladies really have nothing else better to do?

  14. Shirley!

    How is the weather Down Under? 🙂

    Well I won’t really say I LIKE the helmet hair as such, but I guess I look beyond his hairstyle. His voice and face have already bowled me over and the hairstyle becomes irrelevant. 😀
    I wonder if you guys would like him still if he ever shaves his head bald? 😀 😀
    Ok ok don’t throw your computer at me for such a horrendous suggestion – just a thought – since we have nothing else better to do, as you say. 😀

  15. Shirley

    Thanks for the vid. I have a tee with those words – Nothing Else Better To Do – and needless to say, it’s my favourite tee! (Other than the one with his face on it of cos!) 😀

    Re writing a song for David, I think liying and I are taking up on his advice: If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It. And both liying and I are sort of dreamers, I think.
    By the way, don’t be too shocked, you have been roped in as well at some point!!! 😀 😀

  16. Hey auntie Shirley! Nothing Else Better To Do is the song David’s supposed to sing to me on our first date and possibly every other subsequent date 😀 heehee lol I’m a bit cuckoo.
    Don’t you think writing a song for D would be fun? Tracy’s in on it too btw 🙂

    I’m gonna watch The Hobbit again this weekend. It was that awesome. 🙂 I love how they use some lines directly from the book like the songs in Bilbo’s house, or the little bit about Bullroarer Took beheading an Orc and in the process inventing golf. Oh and the game of riddles between Gollum and Bilbo. At the beginning of the show when they start to play the Shire theme (same one from LOTR) it’s so nostalgic. I was around 8 or 9 when lotr came out. ahhh childhood. I wouldn’t say it was as epic as lotr. In comparison to the lotr movies which obviously compressed the story from the book, this one obviously dragged it out. I think the part with Galadriel and Saruman was a bit unecessary as well as the distinction between goblins and orcs. Radagast was supposed to be in LOTR not the hobbit but he’s alright in the movie. And of course not to forget Bilbo Baggins, the most hobbitest hobbit I ever did see. Martin’s performance was superb. From head movements to hand gestures he IS Bilbo! I’m so proud 🙂 Y’know the characters he plays, Bilbo/John are good-natured, understated but in the end turn out to be the most noble, brave and loyal sort.
    lol I’m spazzing about the hobbit on an Archuleta fansite. btw my mom seems to like Thorin, you archu-mamas might want to check him out.

  17. liying

    Huh? Bullriarer Took inventing golf while beheading an Orc?… Galadriel and Saruman?…you speakin’ dwarvish?! 😀

    Martin Freeman, both by his acting and makeup in Hobbit, is almost unrecognisable from his role as Dr Watson. I haven’t seen the film of course, but saw a little of the trailers. But I’ll watch it if the opportunity arises.

    Hey liying, I can understand why your mum likes Thorin. I was quite mesmerised myself by his powerful and steely eyes! 😀

    I believe both Tolkein’s LOTR and Hobbit are about courage and the moral code. Good inspirational adventure stories for young people. 🙂

    As for me, I’m looking forward to watching Les Mis. I have seen it onstage in London at least 3 times, and, like David, I can’t get enough of it, and I have cried right through each time. The music and songs are irresistable! 🙂
    I can understand why you are watching Hobbit again – as we have established in an earlier thread, good things are worth repeating, right? 😀

    Spazz all you want haha! David would be proud of your enthusiasm! So are we! 😀
    Perhaps the 3rd time watching, you can do it on your 1st date with David! Then you guys wouldn’t have “nothing else better to do”! 😀 😀

  18. Hello!

    Wow…David has certainly put on weight with that AhPek hairstyle on The Prayer’s video. He certainly doesn’t look like a professional singer and a 22 year old adult but a teenager. LOL… Well, glad that his voice still sound beautiful. Time flies as the last I saw David’s live performance was a little over a year ago at Santa Rosa, California.

    I spent 10 days on a retreat in India without internet, sms, tv and newspapers. A very peaceful time for me. As soon as I’m back to the real world in New Delhi, I turned on the tv and immediately felt so sad upon hearing the shocking news of 20 young children being killed in the school shooting in the USA. What has happened to this world? Is it work or study stress that has turned these individuals to having mental illness or it is a taboo for family members turning a blind eye for seeking professional medical help for these mental sick individuals? May these little angles rest in peace and their families are able to move forward peacefully.

    The first song that came to my mind was this. Namaste!!

  19. My sister who accompanied me to Santa Rosa, California last year loves this song. It is also one of my favourites. 🙂

  20. Hi auntie Akang! 🙂 Great to hear you had a nice time in India. Meditating? Did you go on pilgrimage?

    I was sorry to hear about what happened in Newtown too. But I don’t think we should wholly blame mental illness for what happened. It will only increase the stigma towards people with mental illness. If America really wanted to protect it’s children, I think it should have done away with the 6th ammendment (or was it the 2nd) the one regarding firearms ownership, a long time ago. Anyhow, the world has never been a peaceful place. This case has been getting a lot of media coverage I suppose because it happened in the States but these atrocities occur everyday. For example, just yesterday 10 young Afghan girls were blown up by a landmine. And also what about the hundreds if not thousands of children being slaughtered daily more brutally in places like Gaza, Damascus or DR Congo. Do most people even know there’s a war going on in the Congo right now? Kids getting tortured or having their limbs dismembered even. I wonder if any eulogies were made for them. And I’ve read discussions on things like the war in Congo and the US-Isreali pact to prevent Palestine from joining the UN, and from some of the comments you can tell that some people are superbly ignorant about these things. (and yet wonderfully outspoken) I don’t get the feeling the world’s leaders are genuinely interested in disarmament and peace.

  21. Hey Trace,

    Weather is beautiful down here. I had expected a scorching hot summer but it is so pleasant. That is a big plus besides spending this holiday catching up with the family.

    Aha, see I knew it that you are not too crazy over that helmet hair 🙂 Bald head? You REALLY have nothing else better to do. Suggestions: Watch MoTab DVD, listen to CFTH, watch MKOC tour videos, listen to BEGIN, paint David’s portrait, bake Christmas cookies and write a Christmas and Birthday card for David. That should keep you pretty occupied for a long while 😀 😀

  22. Liying Liying!

    So I did choose the right song to post here haha.

    I have no idea how fun its going to be writing a song for David but I sure can imagine how fun it will be if we all have a chance to gather together. I think if we do meet, we are going to spazz, laugh and then spazz some more and in the end the song writing mission will be out of the door 😀

  23. Sorry if I sounded really worked up just now. Thanks for the vids auntie Akang 🙂

    Auntie Trace, I didn’t realise you haven’t read Tolkien lol. I need to release my fangirling tensions on something since D’s not around. I’m still going to watch Les Mis. It’s one of those great musicals, furthermore it’s probably the reason why we’ve all become Archies since it inspired D to start singing. I haven’t watched the stage musical myself even though I was in England for 10 months back when I was 7. My parents didn’t want to take me to see a show called The Miserable.

    Btw.. people, go see The Hobbit.

  24. You’re probably right about the songwriting auntie Shirley! 🙂 If D doesn’t sing that song on our first date then any sexy Spanish song might do 😀 haha

  25. Hello Akang

    Welcome home! Ahhh yes I recalled how exciting I was for you about the Santa Rosa show last Dec…how time flies. Do you remember how excited we were on the day of your concert? I was truly living vicariously through you. So glad that you and you sister managed to attend the show and get to meet David after that.

    It was indeed beyond sad to hear of the Newtown shooting. Such a senseless loss of precious lives. Cant help but shed tears watching the news coverage these past few days 😦

    Hope you are resting well after your eventful trip to India.

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