23 comments on “David Made Me Do It!

  1. You are hilarious auntie Trace. 🙂 LOL. From completely computer illiterate to professional David blogger. haha

    I might have to think about what D inspired me to do for a bit. Nothing as tangible as using the computer or wearing skinny jeans. 🙂

  2. Oh man! Trace, I feel like you were describing me! That’s exactly how I was during my pre-internet days, so spot on that its quite uncanny 🙂 I have no idea what Youtube can do to feed one’s ODD before that. Like you after AI7 was done I felt so lost and went on to follow the 2008 US Election instead!

    By some miraculous twist of fate, I happened to read The Star one day (which is not my normal practice) I came across a mention of David and his debut CD. In it was a mention of AAM and that’s when I started to try the internet and after that I thanked the good Lord everyday for this discovery. Since it was year end at the time and both my girls have left for their vacation to my sister’s, I am left to my own free will. The internet became my constant companion (my poor hub!). Eventually he found out why I am so obsessed with Youtube LOL!

    “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It” – well I have no inkling 4 years ago that I’ll be here most days commenting about David and making great friendships along the way with like minded Archies 🙂 Thanks to you Trace, you know what you did 😀 Isnt it nice that we surprise ourselves everyday with the things we could do?

    LOL now that you’ve mentioned skinny jeans, why do I immediately go to that section when I am shopping for jeans, even if its just to visualise myself in a pair 😀 😀 😀

  3. liying


    Search deep into your mind…you’ll find many in your sub-conscious without realising it. 🙂

    If you find that article hilarious, perhaps you would like to read an old article titled “Fanaticism vs Weaning” posted at AAM on Sept 14 2011. That is pretty hilarious too. 🙂
    I believe you had not joined us then.

  4. Hi Liying,

    This is in response to your last post on Those Talented Archies thread. That tumblr link you’ve posted is also one of my fav picture of David. I’ll leave the tummy rubbing to you haha. I think Bench is using that pic for their Christmas promo.

    I agree that archu-howl video can be a bit too overwhelming 😀

    Sorry, guys if I digress from the topic which should be about David’s inspiration not his sexiness 😀 😀

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

  5. Shirley

    You learned to use the Internet all on your own? Good for you! 🙂
    That didn’t sound like me – I was a diehard mule! Lol!

    I know how obsessed you are with YouTube and how save you are with all this computer stuff. David really opened a new world for us, didn’t he? or else, you would be stuck with watching tv with Desperate Housewives or somethin’ (Joke! haha). You should occasionally have a happy sing-a-long with your hub in the evenings with Ytube playing in the background hehehe…you know how David emphasizes on family activities. 😀

    Only window shopping for skinny jeans? Tut tut…I’ve been wearing them ever since I saw David wearing them haha! But of course I don’t have his ..em..thighs. Lol!
    The next time we meet, you must wear a pair of those! 😀

  6. Shirley

    Re the last thread – which pic do you mean? The last pic? Or the one with him in the swimming trunks ? hee heh heh…

    Oh give me all the archu-howls in the world and I’ll swallow in every bit and every roar! 😀

    Oh Shirley, you can talk about his sexiness or inspiration any time…any thread…we love everything-David here! 😀

    Good Sunday to you guys too! 🙂

  7. Oops sorry…Shirley and liying, I’m still not quite awake this Sunday morning. Shirley was referring to the link liying posted in the last thread.
    Ok I know which one you guys mean.

    Rub his tummy? Yeah I would with the greatest pleasure. Let me go take a quickie course in thai massage first! 😀 The type of massage that is anti-pengsan, liying, haha!

  8. Wowie liying! MOTAB being sold in Rock Corner?
    Send an email to me tracewillow@gmail.com re your address and I’ll bring it over to you – yeah I’ll gift you a copy. Is it the cd or dvd being sold?

    The chocs will have to wait. 😀

  9. Tracy

    When shall we get together – the lot of us – to tearfully write David his next smash hit? 😀
    Shirley will provide the stationery and liying will bring the tissues and I will provide the tears. 😀 😀

  10. Hi auntie Trace 🙂 That’s very nice of you offering to gift me a MOTAB CD. Thank you! But it’s alright you don’t have to. Last Tuesday I saw one in Rock Corner in 1U for RM49.90. I thought I’d think about it first. (wasn’t being very smart lah) Then on Thursday I saw it at the Curve for RM71.90. No way I’m paying that much! I’m just wondering about the price difference. But if I can’t find it again I’ll let you know 🙂 and I’d pay you back. I’d feel kinda bad asking you to gift me stuff. haha. Rock Corner is selling the cd not dvd. You’ll have to rummage through the Christmas Cds to find one though.

    The chocs are to prevent tears while songwriting about D lol.

    Aunties Shirley and Trace, I wonder what your hubbys think of David 😀 Especially with all that expert archu-stalking you do. haha

  11. Li Ying

    My offer to you was my suggestion, not yours, so don’t feel bad haha! I have gifted many to others before so don’t worry about the cost. You’re a non-working student so it’s understandable that you need to compare prices. But hurry up with your emailing. We don’t want them to sell out!!!

    Re stalking David, my partner has learnt to shut up Lol! He is an egghead beyond redemption. 😀
    If you remember, Shirley mentioned in some previous thread that her hub let Crush play on in the car until it finished, before switching off the engine. I love that story. I will leave it to Shirley to re-enhance that story if she wants, or perhaps tell us more stories. Eh, Shirley? 🙂

  12. I’ve thought about it and I suppose if it weren’t for David I wouldn’t have started listening to music. I don’t remember actually having any taste in music before D came along. He sorta inspired me to actively search for new stuff to listen to and gain new appreciation for the old stuff. And because the music you listen to does change the way you see things, I do think a lot differently than 5 years ago. Like Descartes said “I think, therefore I am”. I do feel that I have a different personality than before. And in turn, becoming more interested in music has I guess made me more adventurous, I have more things to talk about, I’m a little more opinionated and generally a lot less boring than I used to be. So I have David to thank for all that. 🙂
    I have done a lot because of D but I think it all stems from this. Lol I’m making that chance hearing of Crush sound so epiphanical. haha

    I write songs in my spare time, though I’ve never completed or recorded anything. (I don’t like the sound of my voice plus I have no recording tools lol) We can use the next post to brainstorm some ideas. 😀 I think I’m somewhat familiar with the process.

    In the last thread, on the subject of D’s tummy 🙂 It’s so flat… I always get this urge to rub it. 😛 Don’t think that’ll be appreciated though.

    Btw D’s gonna be singing today. There was a Chilean archie on tumblr spazzing about how she’s going to meet him later today.

    Auntie Trace, I’m not actually a non-working student. I’m not studying anything at the moment and I’m doing odd jobs at my mum’s office while waiting for uni. 🙂 Thanks again for your offer.

  13. Here’s a vid from today’s Christmas concert in Chile. The one I mentioned just now

    SPANISH!! *squeal*

    I miss David *sob*

  14. Thank you so much liying, for bringing over those vids! 🙂
    This must be the best Christmas present!

    David looks so smart and handsome! I’m not sure if I’m over the moon, half delirious seeing him after all this while, or wanting to sob again missing him…..will do both I guess.

    I notice in those 3 songs that he is not hitting the high notes as he did before. Is it because he just wants to sound reverent and not work the songs to draw attention to himself. Our dear ole David as his usual humble self. 🙂

    Here’s another one. The girl sounds pretty good too.

  15. liying

    I can see that David has inspired you quite alot. Feeling good about oneself is one of the best things that can happen in our lives. Almost everything we do or are, stems from what we feel about ourselves.
    Having opinions is a good thing as it also stems from how we feel about things and it instills more confidence in us. You are an interesting person, liying, and not boring at all. 🙂 I can tell by reading your comments. I’m glad you grew out of your shell. I’m sure Mama Shirley and all the others here agree with me. David was like you before, wasn’t he? Now he is capable of commanding attention from so many.

    Hey you like writing songs too? That’s certainly inspirational for some of us, I’m sure. I’m not very musical even though I used to play the piano. I can join in to write lyrics during our future musical brainstorming, if that’s at all helpful haha. When do you go to uni? Perhaps some time in January/Feb, you can write something about music composing and we can all chime in! 🙂

    No worries about the cd. If you need help, all you need to do is to drop me a line, or wail aloud here, and I’ll give you a hand. 🙂

  16. Oh my freakin’ heck!! David sang The Prayer??! In Italian??!!! Oh gosh I love his lower register… muy macho *pengsan*
    But it’s always so stressfull when he sings with other girls. Hmmmpph.

    Btw before when I said “I think, therefore I am”, I just realised I may have used in the wrong context. Descartes wanted to determine the truth of his existence so “I am” refers to existence rather than who a person is. He started off by doubting the existence of everything and in doubting decided he must be thinking. And he concluded that thoughts had to have someone to think them so therefore he “was”. Unless of course you believe that thoughts don’t need thinkers then you’d have to come up with another way to solve the problem. Lol I sound like such a dork. haha 🙂

    Auntie Trace you don’t need to be very musical to write songs. David himself can’t read music. Even the Beatles couldn’t and yet they are … The Beatles. Personally I’m trying to unlearn a bit of my classical composition, it gets frustrating. Writing lyrics is already songwriting. 🙂 I’m still a newbie at it though. I’m going to uni in Feb so we could start brainstorming before then. Writing with other people is more fun than by yourself. Anyways I pulled out an old song idea and started rewriting it for David after Tracy posted the one by the Vietnamese Archies in the last thread. But I’m sorta stuck at places with that one. 🙂

  17. TQ Liying for posting those videos here. Its such a treat to be able to hear David sings again. Oh man, that glorious voice and my only complaint is why cant the video just stays on his face all the time LOL

    Trace, read over at The Voice of Glady’s recap that he kept on shushing the audience when they clapped after he had sang. Did I read that correctly or is it my cough medication thats messing with my brain? 🙂

    Feeling a bit under the weather since last weekend so I’m going to hit the sack now. Nite Ladies

  18. Yes, my freakin’ dorky liying… he sang The Prayer..and your correction of Descartes’s philosophy is also correct. 🙂 Just don’t doubt the existence of us being here spazzing about David. 😀

    Oh dear I did not realise you’ll be leaving for uni so soon. Better quick start brainstorming now.
    So how about letting us know some lyrics? 🙂
    But what about the melody itself? How do we do it here? Lol!

  19. Shirley

    So sorry to hear that you’re under the weather. I’m glad you took your meds and went to bed early. Hope you’ll feel better soon. And twang work tomorrow. Just drink some nice hot chicken soup and watch the Christmas Devotional vids!! 🙂

    I didn’t read Glady’s recap until after you mentioned it. This is her 3rd visit to Chile isn’t it? How did she manage it? Frankly I’m jealous! Happy for her but sad and jealous for me!! 😦
    Dang I need another Asian Tour!!!!! 😦

    Haha David is so cute, shushing the audience.

  20. Eek guys!!! I miss you soo much!! AND I LOVE THIS POST!!! It had me ROTFL!! Thanks you trace for sharing. FYI, because of David I have Myspace, Twitter, Youtube and actually started posting on websites!! If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably have none of those things. Seriously.

    Shirls! Hope you’re feeling better 😦

  21. Eeek Sheba!! Pleeaase come back more often. Your presence had been sorely missed!! 🙂

    Happy that you like this post. All done for David haha!
    He has definitely given us a whole new life of enjoyment and entertainment, not to mention love…and more love! 🙂

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