29 comments on “Missing David Series 1 (Going A Little Cuckoo)

  1. For the 8th picture, it looks like the missionaries are staring at the door knob more than the actual door. Perhaps they’re thinking: “Oh my, Elder Archuleta must’ve touched this very door knob…”. 😛 Hahaha.

    David’s facial expression in the 9th picture is rather comical though. That must be his usual expression everytime he knows he’s gonna get in trouble with his mom. 😀

  2. Tracy

    You’re right Lol!

    “Oh my, Elder Archuleta must’ve touched this very door knob…let’s touch his touch!” 😀

    Yeah, in the pic with his Mum, he looks like a guilty little poodle trying to appease his mum. 😀

  3. Yo Trace!! Your mind is so transparent!! The first thing was D’s butt… and then after feeling guilty, the last picture was to make him into a gorilla!! LOL…

    Hahaha… I love your thoughts on this “If you don’t come back in 2014, we will skin you alive. Your loving Archangels” … hmmm….Gorilla is quite tough to skin-leh! 😉

  4. I would very much like to throttle D for leaving me and horridly playing with my emotions since announcing his mission. Punching him in the face might do, but a lot less playfully than in the picture. 🙂 I shall join the army of loving archangels wanting to skin him if he doesn’t come back. Of course that is if he doesn’t paralyse us with his archugaze first.

  5. Akang

    Lol! Yes you said it – my mind for David is pretty transparent – you know all of it already.
    Trust you to read it well again!

    I’m not feeling too guilty though – don’t many of us look him up and down when he is performing Live? I know a cougar spazzer who does that. 😀
    It’s his own fault anyway, wearing those tight pants and swaggering from left to right and left and on and on………..hehehe!

    It’s quite ironic that the LOVING Archangels would want to skin him alive though! All part of the joke……. 😀

  6. liying

    We shall appoint you the leader of the Live-Skinning Team, with the rest of us cheering you on. 🙂

    But the trouble is, the moment he says: Aww..you don’t really want to skin me, do you? in that
    horridly loving tone, you will stop short in your tracks and maybe pengsan as well, let alone allow time for him to sapu you with his archugaze. I don’t know why we bother with that man!!

  7. Trace, ya! how could I forget of you staring at D up and down when he performed at Stadium Negara last year since you were at the FIRST ROW. LOL…Oops! Shirley and her girl band, too, FIRST ROW!

    I second your appointment of liying, the Live-Skinning leader for Msia! LOL… cute spazzing, liying!

  8. Lol It’d be an honour to lead the live-skinning team, but that will also mean I’ll be the first to pengsan. Close proximity to D might also make me pengsan even before he has a chance to use his archugaze. 🙂

    This is from the last thread when I asked what you thought of my blog post, I’m not an expert about what goes on in the music industry but I think being so religious is only partly the reason why D isn’t as successful a recording artist as we want him to be. He doesn’t have a clear sense of what sort of musician he wants to be. He’s not quite pop, by today’s definition at least, and he dabbles in various other genres when he should be certain what sort of music should define him. I suppose that’s why it’s so difficult to market him.Probably why TOSOD didn’t sell so well. And because he’s so religious he’d be portrayed more as a gospel singer which wouldn’t really be a good thing.

  9. OI! You guys! What’s this talk about live-skinning, punching the daylights out of him, pengsan from archugaze and etc? Ok I’ve decided that I shall be the bystander who will record the first person to pengsan from all these commotions 🙂

    LOL why is that butt pic so blurry? 😀 😀 The missionaries group pic at No 4 – must the guy even pose like that on the floor? Haha, he must be the ‘naughty’ one.

    Thanks Trace for this fun post!

  10. Yes Akang, Trace was right at the centre of the front row during the KL show. Impossible to believe that she didn’t stare at him up and down. I was right off to the side so the only chance that I can do that is when he came over to our side but to tell you honestly I cant remember what I saw because it went by so quickly 🙂

  11. Hi Liying,

    I have to agree with you regarding your comments about David and the music industry. Maybe David has to find his niche in the music industry when he comes back but who is to tell what he’ll do by then.

    Recently I came across a video by Jason Castro who has gone from pop to gospel. We all know its a tough business and not everyone gets to be a mega superstar. Lets hope David will fare better in 2014. Ok so here’s Jason’s video. He still possesses that shy smile and has nice eyes too 😀 I love to see his wedding band on his finger 🙂

  12. Akang

    I may have been in the 1st row at the KL concert, but you made your way from the 4th, or was it 6th? to join us spazzing and looking at him at closer range! 😀 I remember you yelling into my ear. Caught you there! 😀

  13. liying

    Don’t worry. we’ll ALL pengsan en bloc together with you 😀
    The other alternative is to hunt him down, hang him by the collar from a tree, and get all the archies to surround him and chant, and make him promise to come back for another 30 years…or forever.

    As for what you brought up in the last thread, I think you have something solid there.
    The problem (if one can call it a “problem”) is David has fans of ages which are far apart – the majority being young ones like you, and much older ones like…I won’t say who 😀
    And he probably finds difficulty in pleasing everyone – and you know how he wants to please everyone.
    Thus his scatterbrain and the scatterbrain music.

    What I would like to say to him is: Do your own thing. Do what you are good at. (Oh, but then, he is good in singing everything, dang!)
    I think, once he finds his niche, the music people will know how to market him.

  14. Shirley

    Lol! You can be the bystander if you want but there is no need to record the names of those who pengsan – because, knowing you, you would have pengsan-ed long before you bring out your recorder. 😀
    A little suggestion – you can give him dirty looks first – then go pengsan. 😀

    That butt pic is too blurry for you? Now let me see if I can find a more defined pic of it….how many butt pics do you want?! 😀

    That Elder lying on the floor must have been wanting to take the attention away from David. Poor guy! 😀

  15. Shirley

    Thank you for the Jason Castro vid. Not bad.
    Is that gospel music?

    I’m not a great fan of his but I do like his hair!
    Hm…I wonder if it will suit David?

    Why are you fascinated by wedding rings? I wonder how the young archies would feel when they see David wearing one. Liying would probably throttle him harder! (unless he is wearing hers of course hehe…)

  16. I am surprise the gospel song that Jason Castro presented above was so upbeat pop. Nice. It’s because David usually presented a very much more solemn kind of gospel songs in his albums. When did Jason Castro got married? LOL…No, I don’t like his hair but I prefer Bob Marley’s. LOL…

  17. David wearing my wedding ring? What a nice thought 🙂 I remember the time I thought his LDS ring was an engagement ring lol Fortunately an observant Archie pointed out that he was wearing it on his right hand. 🙂

    Jason Castro’s kind of gospel music sounds kinda like D’s usual pop music.But anyways he shouldn’t go into gospel, many of us can’t connect to that sort of music.

    And I don’t think having fans of different age groups is the real problem per se, but D’s scatterbrain music sure is. Having such diverse set of fans ought to give him more credibility rather than hamper his musical growth. I think with D you have to let him know what we really think otherwise he’ll keep going out of his way trying to please us when he should just concentrate on making music which everyone would love. And he should have a distinct idea about what he should sound like. So if you all feel like writing a long letter to our dear Elder, do give him a little nag.

  18. Akang

    Jason Castro is now the father of a baby girl already, if I’m not mistaken. You’re 1 year behind time 😀

  19. liying

    I remember you are in the habit of writing to David to scold him. Perhaps you should write another one. 😀

    Yeah, David should, first and foremost, know who he is, and what sort of music he wants to do.
    And find out what kind of songs that will appeal to most people. He has often mentioned that he is still to discover his niche in music. I hope his tenure in Chile is not just about converting people, he needs to pray for himself as well to find out his future path.

    Really, liying, you should write that letter.

    And Shirley too – since she writes to him now and again. Forget the niceties (he has enough of that 🙂 ) – tell him we want him to begin to think of his music as a business as well – and not just to muck about with it!! 😀

  20. Akang

    I think it’s because David was trained to sing in the classical way, that’s why his religious songs are more solemn, which is the way religious songs were done in the classics. He needs to break out a little more since he wants to be a pop artist.

    Personally, I like him the way he is. I have a silly (can’t think of a better word) notion of just heart-connecting with his voice and not bothering too much about the kind of music. But for the sake of business and for a more universal appeal, he really should make some adjustments.

  21. Auntie Trace
    I have written to D about what I think about his music but I think it’s good for him to know that there are more fans who feel the same way. Anyways I think he might have gotten annoyed with me and stopped reading my letters. hehe

  22. liying

    Good for you! 🙂
    I will follow up by writing him one later today, that’s for sure.

    I’m sure he knows that we have his interest at heart, so I don’t think he would be annoyed after reading your letter. 🙂 Hope you didn’t go overboard though. 😦

    While waiting for his reply (he WILL reply, won’t he??!! 😀 ), we can listen to this – we mentioned his unreleased tracks in the last thread. It is one of my favourites.

  23. I don’t think missionaries have time to go through all their fanmail let alone reply to them. But I figured since he’s not going anywhere until 2014 he can take his time reading them. What I have to say to him is usually about his music so it’s not applicable till he gets back anyways.

    hehe he might be a little annoyed with me because I did suggest that he take off his shirt once in a while. I’m not sure that was altogether an appropriate suggestion especially for a missionary 🙂 But hey, shirtless Elder Archuleta would make a very effective missionary 😉

    The Day After Tomorrow was in the deluxe TOSOD so it was released wasn’t it? nice song 🙂

  24. liying

    You asked him to take off his shirt?! Holy cow! He’ll now think you are one of the loony fans. You’ve lost all hope of being Mrs. Archuleta, I’m afraid. 😀 I personally would go for anything he does but you know him, such a prude. In any case, I doubt we’ll ever see him in that scenario hehe..so go on hoping.

    I wrote him and told him I want him to be heard by more people when he comes back, that he needs to write music that more people want to listen to, without having to lose his integrity and that his sky-rocketing popularity is something all the archies are craving. That’s the gist.

    Oops..I was gifted a TOSOD delux version when I was in Manila, but that darn disc did not work, so I never knew that song was a track in it. So blur…thanks for the clarification. 🙂

  25. Hey Trace,

    Give him the dirty looks? Errr, I think I might be able manage that 😀 LOL Yes, will pengsan with the rest of you before I can record anything. Guess I’d better abort that plan 🙂

    Not a big fan of Jason Castro though I bought his 1st cd when it was released two years after AI Season 7. I thought he projects genuine warmth plus I kinda like his cool laid back attitude 😀

    When Jason got married in 2010, there was a pic of him, his bride and David. Three of them looked so good together 🙂 Good to know that Jason can still have a musical career while balancing a personal life. If and when David gets hitched down the road I’ll be perfectly fine with that. Its his life to live after all. Cant wait to see how his wedding band looks like 😀

  26. So who cant wait for the Rainbow MV? Kari tweeted the sneak peek. He looks so good! Glad that I’ve preorderd my FEE 🙂

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