26 comments on “David’s Choices of Songs/Artistes Series 2

  1. No. I don’t think D should go acoustic or play at smaller venues. When he performs he feeds off the energy of the crowd, he needs bigger audiences. Having said that I hope he will move away from pop and go into more soulful music and be more creative and involved in the entire music-making process.

    I suggest he get a totally ripped bod, take off his shirt, get a tattoo and sing r&b… something like Robin Thicke (who as a matter of fact does take his shirt off quite a bit… but not to worry, I only have eyes for D 😉 ) write a grammy-winning album and perform at sellout venues like Bonnaroo or Woodstock. *fantasising*

  2. liying

    I tend to agree with you that David feeds off the energy of his audience. The more reactive the crowd is, the more confident he gets. and the more emotions exude from his senses and voice.

    I too want him to move away from pop and do more soulful music that will make me want to tear my heart and hair out.

    That part about wanting him to rip his shirt off and have a tatoo – I think you have over-fantasized and need to re-calculate. 😀
    I would absolutely LOVE to see your fantasy come true though.
    Perhaps he should just do that sort of thing just once – for the hell of it! No, maybe once a year, on his birthday – just to satisfy our occasional need for a bad David! 😀

  3. Hey Trace,

    Thanks for Matt Duke’s Rabbit. It has a nice melody to it. I have never heard of him before and thanks to David for his eclectic range of artists. I have checked out some of Matt’s songs over at youtube and most of his songs were pretty slow as Rabbit and it’s sure not my kind of music. LOL… At least David’s BEGIN album cover songs has faster tempo than Matt’s. 🙂

  4. I would like David to sing at smaller venue and able to tour around cities in the States when he is back from Mission. This would give him time to write his own songs, perfect his vocal and perfect his performances. This is because he needs to start from scratch again when he is back as public might have forgotten who David is except for his loyal fans.

    I would like David to continue singing pop music because it is still one of the most popular music played over at radio stations in the world. Why? This is because I read an article and it says that a ringtone can tell what kind of music they prefer. Thereafter, I observe and have taken note of my colleagues’ ringtone and most of them have pop music! LOL… here is the list:-

    Their ringtone are: I’m Yours – Jason Mraz; Just the way you are – Bruno Mars; What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction; When You Believe (chorus part) – Whitney Houston and Marey Carey; Rolling in the Deep – Adele; Somebody that I used to know – Goyte.

    Our dear Shirley’s ringtone that makes me giggles is:- 🙂

    And Trace’s ringtone is this. I always say to myself “please pick up the phone”…LOL…. 😉

  5. liying – “I suggest he get a totally ripped bod, take off his shirt, get a tattoo and sing r&b” — LOL… yeah! wow! “that David” will appear in your dreams only! LOL… Not a million dollar would David do such thing! 🙂

  6. Hi Trace,

    Thanks again for yet another look into an artiste that David has mentioned before. That Rabbit song is not bad. I’ve also checked out a few of Matt’s songs over at Itunes and they are quite nice but rather melancholic. Akang will consider them lullabies haha.

    I saw Matt’s twitter status stating this – ‘I am a rambling man’ sounds very familiar, right?
    If I’m not mistaken he’s at the moment touring with Tony Lucca. Tony is the 2nd runner up on the
    2nd season of The Voice. This gives me hope that David can come back and tour successfully in
    2014 🙂

  7. Akang

    No, Matt Duke is not for you. He is too sedate. If you ever attend one of his concerts, your snoring would be louder than his singing! Lol! 😀

    I do know about your preference for pop – and the faster the better for boogey-ing and grooving all night! 😀
    But I personally feel that his voice is wasted on just pop. His voice was made for beautiful, soaring music that carries one up to the clouds, no?

    I had never heard of Matt Duke either until David mentioned him. That’s why he is here haha!

  8. Akang

    You rascal! My ringtone is meant to put you and Shirley into a calm mode so that you guys won’t have to spazz so much and give me a headache…hehehehe…!

  9. I have the same opinions as Akang. David might come back not needing to start from total scratch
    as he still has a portion of his loyal fans waiting for him but he needs to perform wherever he can
    and smaller venues are not to be disregarded. Needless to say, as ODD fans we want to see David
    come back and hit the ground running. Lets hope his team has everything in place by then that he
    can seemlessly get back to his musical career in 2014.

    Would also love to hear David record some acoustic songs too. It doesnt have to be a whole cd of
    acoustics but he can include a few songs in the album. Lots of artistes do that. Jason Mraz’s
    latest cd has 5 acoustic songs. David Cook also included an acoustic EP (5 songs) in his sophomore album.

    LOL Akang about the ringtones. You’ve gotta teach Trace to get a better sounding ringtones 😀

    Liying’s fantasy tickled me pink! Perhaps David might get invited to SNL to do a skit where he
    gets to sing R&B while ripping off his shirt to show us his six pack abs LOL

  10. Shirley

    Rabbit does have an easy melody to it. I have not checked out his other songs.

    Perhaps David mentioned him because he was thinking of himself becoming an acoustic artiste at that time?

    Even though I would like David to do soulful songs, I wouldn’t want him to sing in small venues. I want to see huge cheering crowds embracing him.
    Anyway, small venues will not be able to fit all of us Archies in, right? 😀

    Thanks for the information about Tony Lucca. I think The Voice is more entertaining than AI.
    AI lost all its lustre after Season 7.
    Season 7 was the peak – after that, it just went all the way downhill imho.

    I’m not sure what it is, but I’m confident David will tour with great success after his return. And he will make music greater than what he has done before.
    For me, Broken is a sample of the good music he will produce. I just have such confidence in our Man! 🙂
    I’m not worried about that aspect. Just worried he might be over-tired, under-nourished, lonely…that sort of thing…. 😦

  11. Actually, I don’t care whether David goes acoustic or not acoustic, or soul or not soul, or rip off his shirt or not rip off his shirt (preferably if he does rip it off!), or sing in small venues or big venues……….

  12. Trace,

    hahaha… your ringtone did not only calm us but can hypnotize us to sleep, so dangerous!! 🙂

    One of my colleagues’ ringtone reminded me of your desperate phrase “I JUST WANT HIM BACK NOW!!”. Her phone has been ringing every 2 hours as I guess she is in the “courtship month”. LOL…. She hums this tune every where she goes until it gives me headache. 🙂

  13. Akang

    Lol! “Courtship month”!

    Then perhaps I should change my ringtone to this song:

    Except : “…you’re desperate for somebody, just anybody…”,
    I’ll need to change it to :
    “you’re desperate for David, just David… 😀

  14. Going back to Matt Duke (since he is our guest this week), this is his cover for Don’t Give Up which, as you guys know, David also covered in BEGIN.
    How do you think he compares with David’s version?

  15. Trace,

    Matt’s singing DGU is not bad but give me David’s version anytime 😀

    LOL so that sedate ringtone is meant to lull me away from spazzing? Not going to happen, just so you know. Lets just continue to spazz together 😀

    You just echoed all the wishes of the Archies that we want him back asap…more like RIGHT NOW!!! Listening to BEGIN. now makes me miss him more 😦

  16. Akang,

    That description Trace gave about you snoring louder than Matt’s singing if you were to attend his show makes me smile each time I picture you in that state. She does know you so well 🙂

    I just came across the video of Obama on Jay Leno show where he was asked what is his phone ringtone. Such a funny question to ask a President but too bad he doesnt have a phone cos if he does maybe you can analyze his ringtone haha

    Somehow this song has been stucked in my head for a long while. I am sure it wont make you fall asleep. Enjoy this very cinematic music video.

    Interesting that Wiki termed this song a ballad which draws from the genre of pop, house and urban-dance. Can we see David doing something like this?

  17. Shirley

    I enjoyed that David Guetta video thanks!
    I don’t find anything ballad-y about that song too haha!
    I think anything is possible with David when he comes back – but he needs to come back first! 😦

    Me too, give me David’s version of DGU anytime. Sorry Matt! 🙂

    I still listen to BEGIN. everyday. It does the opposite for me, Shirley. It makes me miss David less – he kinda helps me through missing him. 🙂

    Since we’re talking about BEGIN., I’ve been to Speedy to check out on the album a couple of times the last 2 weeks. It went from 4 cds to 8 cds then there is nothing left now. So it has been selling and still selling. 🙂

  18. LOL Trace, is President Obama rapping in that video? Such a cute one, thanks!

    Glad BEGIN. helps you to get pass missing David. In my case, the missing part was magnified when I caught a video of David Cook performing in Singapore recently. Dont you just wish it was our David? Dang! Still cant get over the cancellation of last Nov show in Singapore 😦

    As if that was not enough, since that Titanium song is stucked in my head I’ve decided to check if The Piano Guys could have covered it. Voila! They did! Here’s the video and Utah is so lovely…sigh missing David again!

    Then at the end of the video, the guys said they had another version where a singer called Tyler Ward is singing the song. Another sigh, wish it could have been David! Oh well…life goes on.

    Yippee, so happy to hear that BEGIN. is selling well at Speedy. Thanks for the update.

  19. Shirley

    You know well that I’ve always liked The Piano Guys. I remember we discussed them many threads ago.
    Instead of making me feel better, listening and watching that vid has made me miss David – did you have to post something that has the Cello in it?! – knowing very well that it would remind me of David!!! 😦

    Cook doesn’t do anything for me. He reminds me of that tragic incident in 2008. 😦

    The Expanded (still scratching my head haha) Edition should be released soon. I saw the songlist over at FOD and there doesn’t seem to be anything different from the original version of Forevermore. Am I blind or am I blind?

  20. Shirley

    Don’t even remind me of that no-show happening in Singapore – I’m still mending the wounds! 😦
    I will go listen to Angel for comfort. 😦
    Not a good David-day for me today. 😦

  21. liying

    That’s a really interesting question – one that all the concerned archies have been wondering – why so many songs of David were not released or put on iTunes.

    I was just on the verge of writing an article to bring up that question – why some of those songs were not released, and whether we have forgotten those songs – Senseless, Day After Tomorrow – Nothing Else Better To Do etc – songs which leaked during that time.

    Frankly, I know little about the music and entertainment industry. But I’m sure there are things happening without the knowledge of the public.
    But one thing I do know – there is a dire need for David to have at least a Manager who can deal with his business side, especially when David is not the type to self-promote.

  22. liying

    If there is a “conspiracy” at all, I believe it has something to do with his embracing his faith so thoroughly. Music promoters and the lot of them probably shy away from him, thinking they are taking a risk supporting a musician who is so immersed in the religious sense. What they want are singers who are “weird”, “half-naked” and “who can create an impact of a more so-called contemporary nature”. They probably do not know how to handle promoting a singer who is so totally “good”.

    And those songs we mentioned are more middle-of-the-road type of pop which they probably feel are not as popular as the ones most of the listening public wants nowadays.
    Which brings me back to my belief that there is a need for David to have a Manager who will channel his music to the right promoters etc.

    With David’s own “tidak apa” attitude with regard to “promotion”, I’m afraid he might have to resort to performing in smaller venues and appealing to a smaller group of people.
    Unless he comes up with a huge hit like Crush which will make the music industry perk up again.

    It has all to do with promotion. Without it, even the people who like him but do not come to fansites or go into the internet, will not know about the music he comes out with.

  23. To me, those un-released songs were “not good nor great” enough for the album. Well, let’s hope in future, David would be able to improve or improvise those songs if he wants to use it again which I doubt.

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