27 comments on “A Guitar’s Journey With David

  1. Dear guitar, I don’t think Daniel can strum you because you’re a left-handers’ guitar. But you can come live with me. 🙂 Just make sure you tell D to come pick you up at my place when he’s done in Chile. 😉

    In other news, I read that today was D’s devotional concert. And he said he’s not that thin anymore D: the horror. The loss of the glorious pectorals is indeed tragic. Not to mention his fluffy hair.

  2. Dear Miss liying

    Oh, no wonder I feel a great deal of discomfort when Daniel tries to strum me – everything is not right (pun intended 🙂 )
    I should have known David is special. I know that to be true of course but sometimes one tends to forget just like some of the archies who need reminding ever so often.

    I will gladly come to live with you, Miss liying, if you promise to feed me with David-kind of smiles constantly. One tends to get spoiled after having been with David.

    Gita the Guitar

  3. liying

    David would certainly look different when he first comes back.
    We will need to call Bench and Fix for rescue and give him a quick rock star fix!

  4. Hi Trace,

    Thanks again for another fun article!

    Maybe David will surprise us with actually playing the guitar after his mission though I still like seeing him at the piano. Of course I’ll have no problem with him strumming the guitar and accompanying himself on stage.

    This article reminded me of a video that I saw many years ago at a church youth event about this amazing guitarist. Here’s a short video about Tony Melendez…sorry that I digress a bit 😀

  5. Hey Guys!

    Just read this interesting tweet. Man! David is full of surprises even while he’s on a mission LOL

    Anyway the tweet said ‘he danced salsa and got on his knee and sang its a beautiful world and wore a white hat for one song and sang Eye Of The Tiger with boxing moves’ This is of course referring to that youth concert he just did in Chile. I hope there’s a video somewhere 😀 😀

  6. Shirley

    He sang Eye Of The Tiger with boxing moves?! What will he do next? Lol!
    Like this?

    I hope he is not enjoying himself sooo much that he forgets to come back! 😀

  7. Shirley

    That was a great vid of Tony Melendez thanks! Amazing guy!

    Apparently there are 3 main types of modern acoustic guitars – they have been used to make music for more than a thousand years – classical, steel-string and arch-top. Electric guitars were introduced in the 1930’s and it relies on an amplifier that electronically manipulate tone.

    Listen to the beautiful sounds of what a classical guitar can do.

  8. Wah! David’s dusty guitar has a mind of its own! LOL… thanks Trace, for your BIG imagination!

    Since we are on guitarists, this piece was skillfully played by a talented young teen of South Korean who is known for his acoustic finger-style skills. Enjoy!

  9. Shirley! Did I read your comment correctly?

    “David was dancing salsa and got on his knee and sang its a beautiful world and wore a white hat for one song and sang Eye Of The Tiger with boxing moves’ This is of course referring to that youth concert he just did in Chile.”

    Wow.. looks like Mormon religion is not that stuffy after all, if it true. I’m amazed that he is allowed to sing pop songs and do some dancing while all this time I thought they are only allowed to do spiritual hymns! Hmmm…

  10. Hi Trace,

    From all the accounts that I’ve read, David certainly did those Rocky Balboa’s moves! We know he’s good at jumping up and down. He just added in those punches and kicks LOL

    The detailed account from Gladys who went to the Chile concert was so fun to read over @ thevoicedavidarchuleta.com I am glad he’s having a great time down there. Woohoo, Gladys said this “HE IS NO LONGER LOOKING THIN HE LOOKS GOOD AND SOME HAS GROWN, BIGGER BODY – so there you go, Trace..he’s well taken care off 🙂

  11. Ooops, forgotten to thank Trace for that little lesson on the various types of guitars and Liying on that tumblr post of the concert. Also to John (hope I’m not thanking the wrong person) for that
    bright new banner!

    Gotta add this. Some said David could have sang this song called Heaven at the concert. I remember how much I used to really like it. Cant believe that my daughter also remembers the song. Last night I listened to it on repeats and it has such a cool funky feel to it plus lots of great guitar sounds.

    After that, my daughter asked to play some more old songs so I proceeded to play BEGIN.
    Haha…old songs wah 🙂 🙂

  12. LOL Akang, I didnt alter a word of that tweet! Yes, I know its surprising to read that David did all that. Now we have to practise our dancing moves and shake our booties for the next concert. I know you’re quite the party gal so you’ll have no problem there 😀 😀

  13. Greetings folks! Oh man! Why can’t there be video evidence of this salsa dancing white hat, boxing D and singing eye of the tiger no less???? I honestly can’t imagine it lol! And I thought the mission would mellow him a bit. I guess I was wrong hee. Hope he is having the time of his life 🙂

  14. liying

    Thank you so much for that link 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading it. I’m so happy that David is having fun even though it might have been
    for just a couple of hours.

    I had been so totally worried, imagining he is now scrawny and morose, not being able to express the sense of fun he has in him Lol!
    It’s a relief to know that he is fed well (in another thread) and singing happily too. 🙂

    Glad you like the banner. though we are working towards making a new, more permanent one. 🙂

  15. Akang

    As per liying’s link:
    “… for Eye Of The Tiger David did a few moves of boxing as a boxer, it was funny although he apologized later with everyone since there are certain rules for the missionaries”

    See? I told you many times David is a rebel at heart – and it’s slowly revealing itself. Now you know! 😀

    Even though there are many rules for the Missionaries, I think the Elders can’t help it – they want a piece of David the rockstar too! 😀

    That Korean guitar-player is good. Thanks for the vid! 🙂

  16. Shirley

    It was John who made that quick change of banner despite his overload of work.
    So THANK YOU John!! 🙂
    We shall have a more permanent one when we peeps put our heads together one day. 🙂

    Hey thanks for letting us know about Glady’s account at The Voice. Going there now.
    I’m so glad for her that she made it to Chile the 2nd time!

    Thanks for that vid!
    I like that guy’s hair – long and flowy. Hm…I wonder how David would look if he kept his hair that long. 😀

    David now has a BIGGER BODY?!
    Oh wow! I don’t know what to say. I’m falling into a faint……zzzzz

    Bigger Body and Much Longer Hair and playing the guitar???!!!
    Definitely in a permanent faint….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. SHEBA!!! Greetings back!! 🙂

    Me too – and I’m sure all of us – wish there is a vid of him doing all that!
    I think I will give up dinner tonight and stay hungry just to trade-in for that vid!!!!! 😀

    Hey see you again soon! 🙂

  18. That account by Gladys at The Voice is really worth reading. It made my day to hear from the horse’s mouth that David is still happy, still flirtatious to the audience and singing even better!

    This line nearly killed me –
    “He smiled and all the time said he was hot”

    “We were scolded because we clapped and screamed..”

    “When he finished, he threw the hat to the public. I have never seen him like this”

    Go to The Voice and read many more gems! 😀

  19. WOW! Another new banner. Love it, so simple and classy.

    LOL Trace, David never ceases to surprise us. Its funny how his ODD fans would keel over just by him uttering that he’s hot 😀 😀

    That recent ‘Look what is coming’ tweet from Kari has been creating lots of excitement amongst the fanbase. Wonder what’s in the Forevermore Expanded Edition. Something to look forward to 🙂

  20. John

    Woo Hoo!! Really nice banner! Thank you so much for taking the time off your busy schedule to do it. We love ya!! 🙂

  21. Shirley

    Lol! His ODD fans keeled over many many moons ago. This time it is re-keeling.
    He finally admits he is hot Lol! 😀 Somehow, I think we are quite, quite pathetic. 😀 😀

    Doesn’t the word “forevermore” indicate eternity? How does one expand eternity?
    Yeah, something to look forward to, but I’m still scratching my head. 😦
    The last time I scratched my head was when we were puzzled about the word BEGIN.
    Now it’s this. That hot guy definitely bewilders! 😀

  22. Hey Trace,

    I think David will be expanding his hotness with the Forevermore Expanded version haha

    Maybe we will get lots of dancing from the Rainbow music video and as the speculation goes perhaps some behind the scenes from the Bench photoshoots. We know he was looking his finest during the Bench assignments 😀 😀

    No need to scratch your head anymore, you might get a headache LOL just enjoy David and his voice 🙂

  23. Shirley

    David’s “Hotness Expanded”?! Wow I never thought of that. Good thinking.
    I need a “bad” and “hot” David at the moment! Lol!

    Oh yes the Rainbow vid! The Bench people gave us some really amazing pics of him.

    I do wish though that there were some Chilean ninjas who captured at least one pic of him dancing the salsa…looks like the US archies are better at ninja-ing! 😀

  24. Wooo… “Hotness Expanded!!” LOL.. the way the label put it sounds more like David has turned “chunky” LOL… BTW, I like the sepia coloured album cover than the werewolf’s album cover. 🙂

    John, thanks for the nice banner! A good job!

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