35 comments on “Teetering On The Edge

  1. That’s a great post, Tracy! 🙂
    Your opinions and feelings from a young fan’s perspective.

    Covers are always difficult to do especially songs that have been covered so many times by different artists. I myself have not heard some of the originals too. And having heard them in BEGIN. was like listening to them the first time.
    And, even the songs I’ve heard before, I hear David’s versions sung with different emotions and vibe.
    Altogether, I feel it was an admirable effort.
    By having listened to the album on many repeats, I have grown to like most of the songs very much.

    No album can give us a 100% satisfaction. In fact, most albums would only give 2-3 songs we like – most times we would just skip the rest. That had been my previous experiences with albums done by other singers.

    Thank you for the lovely pics. We really needed them! 🙂

    Elder Velasquez looks like a really nice, warm and friendly person. I can imagine him endearing himself to one such as David.

    I’ve never had any doubts David WILL come back to make more music for us.
    And I’m sure when he comes back, he will seriously mean Business!! 😀
    Broken has given me a good indication of that.

    That’s why we guys need to carry on coming here to keep the home-fires burning for him. 🙂
    To be continually supportive of him wherever he is.

  2. Hi Tracy,

    No judging here as some of the songs on BEGIN. are alien to me too 🙂  We all have our personal favourites so thats ok too.  That being said its interesting to read your take on the cd.  Thanks for doing this post.

    So David has a new mission partner? Well I didnt know that so thanks for bring that piece of news here for us.  Elder Velasquez seemed to be very impressed with David 😀  David must be the ideal partner.  Reading the Elder’s short little blog makes me feel really happy for David that he is living out his ultimate desire to go on a mission.  David is indeed a courageous young man with the purest of intentions to evangelze and to serve with humility to those that he will come in contact with in Chile.

    Thanks also for that reminder in David’s own words that he’ll come back to music after the mission.  Sometimes in the midst of this waiting, we tend to forget but those are certainly words of comfort 😀

  3. Hey Trace,

    You’re right about how a few songs will stand out in a cds.  Even as ODD fans, its fair to say its also the same case for David’s cds though I must say I dont think I’ve skipped any of his songs 😀

    Yes I echoed your sentiment about keeping the home fires burning whilst David is away. Time flies and before we know it, he’ll be back especially when we have each other for support. Yay…DA2014!!!

  4. Hi Shirley!

    I don’t actually skip songs with David’s albums either. It would be total disrespect for one we all love so much hehe…! I just don’t get into such a frenzy with certain songs 😀

    Even when I reach home in the car and David is still in the midst of a song, I would wait till he finishes before switching off the car engine. 😀

    Do you agree with Tracy that David is just “teetering on the edge” to just give us an indication of what may come later?
    My belief is, if the covers had been originals, he would have blown the roof off our heads. What say you?

    As I’ve had the advantage of not having heard some of the originals, I’m truly impressed with how those songs were sung by him.

  5. Wow! another young fan’s view of the album. Thanks, TracY! 🙂 I, too, have not heard most of the covers on the album and my favourite is still True Colours. Love how David fuses a little of other genres of music into this song and making it his own style.

    I never follow David’s missionary news and it’s great to hear that David is doing well. LOL…still prefer his Bench’s hairstyle!

  6. Shirley

    I’m posting this vid for all the spazzy archies like you. 🙂
    It’s really fun watching this young fan from Australia spazzing away repeatedly. 😀

  7. Akang

    Yes you have been spazzing away about True Colours since you first heard it.
    You need a vid of it badly! Let me help you! 😀

  8. And speaking of angels, I found this vid in which some of you might be interested. I’m not trying to promote anything – it’s just something into which we might want more insight. It is afterall part of David’s life. 🙂

  9. 🙂 thanks Trace! LOL… I didn’t realise David looks kind of goofy 4 years ago! LOL… what a memory!!

  10. High-five! TRACE, thanks for keeping this site alive, happy and busy!! 🙂

    David’s message to you:-

  11. LOL Trace about not switching off your car engine before David finishes a song! You’re not pulling my legs, right? I must admit I dont do that haha

    I really have no idea if David is trying to give us any indications at all with what his future music will be like post mission. There’s no doubt he’s capable of giving us quality music, so lets just wait and see.

    Thanks for that video dedication 🙂 Yes it was fun watching the young fan spazzing away. Hey, dont you know I like SOWK too? 😀 😀

  12. Akang! I think David tossed away all his Bench FIX hair styling stuff before he left. I wonder how often he has to cut his hair to maintain that look 😀

    True Colours sung by David is indeed lovely. Never quite like the original song but of course I
    love David’s cover.

    Also that’s a nice video that you’ve posted of David singing Lets Talk About Love – no matter how cheesy some may think that song is I still enjoy listening to it. Oh boy! his smile is just so captivating 🙂

  13. Since we’re sort of on the topic about LOVE and dedicating videos, lets watch this video which has 14 million views now! This is for all the Archies out there. Always thought that this could be another hit for David but alas its all water under the bridge now.

  14. Akang

    Thanks to you and the other guys too for coming in to keep this site alive, happy and busy! 🙂
    I wish all the lurkers (and I know there are many 😉 ) would come in and say Hello too. 🙂

    Haha I have not watched that Let’s Talk About Love vid for some time. Thanks!
    Since, as you say, that’s David’s message to me, what kind of love shall we talk about?
    Love for David or love amongst we Aam’ers? 😀 😀

    It’s good to be reminded of the old times by that song – cheesy or whatever. 😀

  15. Shirley

    David’s hair is so short now, I don’t think it needs any FIXing! 😀

    Yes I do know you like SOWK 😉 but then I also know you like ALL the 10 songs – I can’t possibly post all of them here in one go, right?
    Go and listen to your multiple copies of the album la! 😀

    SBL is such a great song even though David himself preferred (at that time) to sing other genres of songs. He must have changed his mind or I guess PRIDE wouldn’t have been on the album. What say you?

    I’m so happy that SBL video has reached 14 million viewers.
    The Crush vid has reached 35 million.

  16. Shirley

    It’s the truth. I NEVER switch off the car engine while David is still singing. I sit in the car until he finishes. 🙂

  17. LOL Trace, short hair needs some fixing too unless its crew cut but then again since David is on a mission I am sure he cant look stylish.

    No idea why David included Pride in the cd. Guess he must have really like the song and connect closely to the lyrics like how one person can make a difference with the power of love 🙂

    WOW, Crush MV viewing is at 35 mil? That so great. Love the song, love the music video but missing the person singing it 😦

  18. Akang

    David has grown so much since the last four years. When we look back at his early videos we will be able to tell the difference. Wonder how he’ll look like in 2014 🙂

    Oh yeah, forgotten to say I too think his Bench hairstyle is the best. When I first saw his Bench pic that they used for that humungous billboard I think I went WOW WOW WOW for the longest time 😀

  19. Hey Trace,

    Besides having the deepest respect for David, I guess you wont want to suffer what Jason Mraz termed as ‘song karma’. I was listening to his live cd and in between a song he mentioned about how rude it can be if you dont properly fade out a song while listening. He specifically mentioned about listening to music in the car and waiting for the song to be over before politely turning off the key! I thought that was just his joke but little did I know that was practised by you LOL

    BTW, that Angels video that you’ve posted, its so funny to see David appearing randomly in there 🙂

    Also re the song karma part, not joking here. If you should think so I think Akang will be ever ready to vouch for its authenticity 🙂

  20. Hey Shirley

    Haha I believe Jason Mraz is right. Turning off David’s song abruptly while he is still singing, to me, is tantamount to telling someone to “Shut Up!” while he or she is still in the process of telling us a heartfelt story. 🙂
    I have no doubt Akang would vouch for your JMraz story. 🙂

    Yes the sudden appearance of David in that Mormon video took me by pleasant surprise too. Perhaps that’s the reason I posted it? 😀
    It shows how much he is treasured by his countrymen.

    David has come a long way since Crush. If you compare what he looked like in the early days of Crush, and how he looks now and the way he emotes in the EH vid, there is a huge difference in maturity.

    When he comes back in 2014, I don’t think he will look that much different but definitely masking a calmer inner joy. That would, I believe, make him even more attractive. Can you handle it? 😀

    That Bench billboard pic has sent many fans aflutter! The Pinoys really know how to portray his looks-potential! 😀

  21. Hey guys! I was living in this rural area with a bunch of Aussies for the past ten days. No internet, fridge or tv. Gosh! It’s a wonder I survived. How can David possibly manage for two years?!! The dude is nuts!!

    Anyways, one of the girls I was staying with had heard of David. Actually she just liked Crush. Said it was a nice song. That David’s songs were really sweet. (Actually, she couldn’t remember his name. Just pointed to the song on my phone and said she used to love it) But she had since outgrown those kind of songs. They don’t really watch AI much in Australia so it was surprising to me that she would listen to David’s music. She didn’t know who David Cook was at any rate. hehe

    It saddens me to think people can outgrow David’s songs…. but it’s true he has to be more mature in his music-making. Which is why I love BEGIN. Angels especially hehehe. But I’d love to hear some R&B beats from him.

    And of course I tried to brainwash my house mates by cranking up the Archu songs on my phone. bwahaha

  22. Hey liying!

    We missed you! I thought you were busy with your exams. 😀
    Were you in the Bush?

    It looks like our David beat Cook in that Round! 😀

    Just my very thought for some time – that people can outgrow David. It makes me very sad.
    The sounds in BEGIN. are already an indication of his ever-maturing music-making.
    Angel is my favourite too…and also Broken.

  23. Welcome back Liying! LOL interesting getaway 😀 Good that you tried to get your
    Aussie friends to listen to David. Hopefully that will spark interests in some of them.

    Hmmm, let me try posting another video. Always love David singing this song. Crazy

  24. Shirley

    Ah that vid at last. Thanks!
    I’m happy to see our beloved siblings over the causeway relax since they have a reputation of being rather clinical. 🙂
    But I know the David fansite there has one of the warmest, craziest and most loyal fans. 🙂

    I share your love for WFY. It has always been one of my favourites. What a responsive audience!

  25. I wasn’t in Australia btw. What I meant was rural Malaysia.

    Anyways, I don’t have that many Archu-songs on my phone, surprisingly. Because I own 5 albums. Besides Crush, I just have Wait, Senseless, Contigo en la Distancia and Nothing else better to do. I find that some people seem to sorta like Crush, totally ignore Senseless, Contigo and NEBTD and somehow get totally annoyed when it gets to Wait. That was kind of the sense that I got. But these were the sort of people who listen to house music. A lot of people just don’t have our good taste in music. 🙂

    Gotta go catch up on my archuspazzing 😀 Thank you auntie Trace and Shirley. It’s good to be back. And I don’t study all the time. Makes me sound super kiasu

  26. liying

    Lol! What a smart ass I am – to have read too much into your comment and got misguided that you were in Australia. 😀

    I like this: “A lot people just don’t have our good taste in music.”
    I second that! 😀

  27. Lol Auntie Trace. We had to trek through the jungle and get attacked by leeches hehe

    If you don’t mind me saying, D looks terrible in some of his mission photos. Kinda pale and his eyes look a bit sunken. I saw some more on tumblr.

    Gonna ramble a bit. Was watching the voice audtitions this morning. Quite a number of talented 15 and 16 year olds. There was this 16 year old guy with a really mature voice. Even more mature than 16 year old D when he auditioned for AI. So I just wondered how D is going to be able to get back into music without losing out. For one, I don’t think slow ballads are very marketable these days. Since D has no grit in his voice how about something like this.

    My opinion lah.

  28. Liying, agreed with you of today’s faster pop music scene. We could hear the same tune everyday over our radio stations. I watched “The Voice” 2 weeks ago, Adam and Blake turned their chairs when a young man with pop-ish vocal just started to sing. It dawned on me that pop music is still saleable.

    Thanks for the video. LOL…I think David could try but his music styling tends to be slower, maybe bcoz he is not a flexible tongue twister, but who knows practice makes perfect. We have to wait till 2014 to see what he has in-store for us.

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