49 comments on “Are We Ready To BEGIN?

  1. Chong Wei could have won a Gold for Malaysia. He missed it by 2 points. He looked so upset, my heart went out to him. But you have given us a Silver, Chong Wei. Keep Up with the good work! We all love you! 🙂

  2. Trace, you have raised good points in this article and a strong reminder to many others not to download David’s songs illegally. I do hope fans and casual listeners should show good respect to David by getting his songs legally.

    For fans who are sitting on the fence whether to get David’s BEGIN. album or not, here is David’s original full song called Broken. You may purchase this beautiful song at links shown on the video. Enjoy and tell us what you think:-

    John, Sheba & Shirley, LOL….Trace and I have been listening to this wonderful song for days!! Gotcha! 🙂

  3. Hi Trace,

    Couldnt be prouder of Chong Wei! That was a very intense and close match. Our first medal at
    London 2010! His sad face, tears and later his apologising tweet made me wanna give him a hug 😦
    Instantly I thought of this last verse from Broken….Broke but not Broken 🙂

    Thanks for this post and raising the awareness of iilegal music downloading. I too share the same concerns and hope everyone understands the consequences of illegal downloading especially to the artistes.

  4. Aha! Akang – you are a mean teaser! You could have least spazz with me and Sheba over Broken but I am glad you took a listen to it 🙂 What’s your opinion?

    WOW! Just two more days till BEGIN. Cant wait cant wait!!! Fanscene posted David’s liner notes – this young man is love 😀

  5. Akang

    Broken is truly a song that captures the essence of the quality of David’s voice. I am enthralled by it.
    Thanks to your find, I have also been listening to it multi-number of times. So, while Shirley was “gloating” away, we two have been immersed in listening to it.
    Haha Shirley, we were teasing you all that time! 😀

    Thanks for posting that wonderful song – it’s truly beautiful – and David wrote the music himself!

  6. Shirley

    That is a wonderful thought for Chong Wei – “Broke but not Broken”. You should tweet that to him.
    And introduce him to Begin and Broken and David Archuleta 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up re the liner notes.

    “While I can’t always say what I want to say using words, I hope that these songs will help you know”
    David – ever modest, ever genuine.

    Yes, illegal downloading seems to have become a norm and it’s no exaggeration to say that these downloaders feel no guilt.
    Besides being grossly unfair to the artists, it is ILLEGAL.
    It is STEALING.

  7. Trace
    Broken-hearted is how I feel right now 😦 . Not for myself but for a brave man fighting desperately for a much coveted Olympic gold medal but alas one that ultimately proved too far beyond his reach. By itself the medal isn’t even worth that much but the symbolism behind the colour is so powerful and what it says about the person who owns it far outweighs any intrinsic value that it may carry.

    It’s so unlucky for him to be playing in the same era as Lin Dan – the ultimate master (much as I loathe to admit it!). Otherwise Chong Wei’s career would be complete with Olympic gold, Asian and World Championship medals. Sigh…

    Gosh it’s such a blue Monday 😦

  8. AS for the issue of illegal downloads, in my opinion iTunes must bear a big part of the blame. Because of iTunes an album can now be dissected into its individual songs and fans can pick and choose which particular track they fancy, download and copy them ad infinitum to all and sundry – for just US$0.99 per pop. You don’t need to buy a whole album anymore. For example, for all his popularity the foetus only managed to sell 3 million plus of his debut album which is really a far cry from yesteryears when it would have sold anywhere from 8-10 million units.

    And how much of that US$0.99 goes to the artist? Peanuts! A track must sell in the tens of millions for an artist to earn any meaningful amount of royalties. That’s why the big money nowadays is no longer through record sales but live shows and endorsements.

    As for David, the last time I did a cursory check on one of the online music portals I counted at least a couple of million illegal downloads of his songs. Where did some of those digital copies originate from? iTunes of course!

    The only entity that’s really laughing all the way to the bank through music sales is the ex-Mr.Jobs and his company Apple. This is because iTunes has resulted in millions of iPods and iPhones being sold around the world.

  9. John

    Sigh…yes, it is truly a blue blue Monday for me too, made even bluer by reading your comments.

    After Lin Dan’s last stroke to triumph, Chong Wei slumped onto his knees to the floor, head lowered, probably trying to control his tears, my heart broke just like yours. The pain of losing is aggravated by the fact that he was so close to winning.
    For him, a humble and very hard-working sportsman, I think much of the pain stems from not being able to bring home that Gold, probably the only chance for us to boast of having attained such world success, and our expectations of him had been a rather heavy burden on him.

    Yes Lin Dan, his nemesis, has for so long, cast his shadow over Chong Wei’s struggles. But one must admit that he is probably the best badminton player the world has produced.
    Have you guys noticed what a “rock-star” he is ? – how he works the crowd? 😀

    As we are on the subject of the Olympics, I have a niggly suspicion about the result of the Fed/ Murray Finals match, which I’m not sure if I should talk about.

  10. John

    …continuation of “how your comments have made my Monday bluer than blue…

    I’m sure all of us are in agreement with you that iTunes have adversely affected the income of the artistes. It makes me fume.

    It also angers me that the artistes have to resort to doing tiring tours and putting their names to products for endorsement when they probably do not believe in those products – just to make a living.
    Respect for artistry and the dignity of the artistes have gone down the drain.
    Linking this thought to David makes me fume even more.

    What a blasted blue Monday. 😦

  11. I think the internet and digital age, for all it’s addictive qualities, has proven to be a very challenging medium for the music industry. Now music fans can get any amount of music absolutely free of charge and the artist gets screwed. The very nature of the internet – it being open and easily accessible to 90% of humanity – engenders an attitude of entitlement. We expect any and all data from the net to be freely available at the click of a mouse and we have no qualms about not paying for it. Thus the creator of such works be they song writers, authors or artists do not get paid their dues.

    I think the stakeholders must come to an amicable arrangement where consumers must be made to pay a reasonable amount for the products that they get from the net especially music otherwise people like David will suffer financially.

  12. Gutted about Chong Wei. But like the ESPN commentator said “skill (and luck) wins medals but attitude wins hearts.” Well he played with a lot of heart out there and displayed an amazing spirit and determination to win not just for him but for the nation and for me that’s what the Olympics is all about. Its not always about the gold medals. Proud of him nevertheless.

    On the plus side, BEGIN. will be released today! Yay!! For those buying off itunes just a couple more hours to go woohoo! For those ordering physical copies I hope that you will get yours soon as well. And total word to what Trace said. No illegal downloading please!

  13. Hey everyone! 🙂 Since you all are waiting for Begin to arrive, how ’bout some Crush. Rock version!! 😉 Someone posted on the vid on tumblr. Pretty cool.

    I watched the Chong Wei and Federer match one after the other. Dang! I might be jinxed.

  14. John

    I’m all for “entitlement” when one is entitled – transparency of information – that sort of thing. But screwing some poor guys’ rightful income as if one has a right to it, is worse than daylight robbery.
    Yes I agree with what you said in your 2nd paragraph.

  15. Yes Sheba, Chong Wei has endeared himself to lots of people with his attitude and determination. Many of my overseas friends wanted him to win so much.

    I agree with you that effort and participation should be the spirit of the age-old Olympics. But how many people can claim that “it does not matter whether you win or lose”. At the end of the day, a Gold is still a symbol of ultimate achievement and success. And it is something every sportsman will aim for. It is what drives them to improve themselves. 🙂

  16. Liying

    Ouch, what have they done to Crush? 😀
    But it was a great idea to have posted it since it put a smirky smile on my face. 🙂

    You think you jinxed both matches because both Chong Wei and Federer lost? haha!
    Nadal should have been there. He would have slaughtered both of them! 😀 😀

  17. liying

    I prefer this one – David and us singing in KL – remember?
    I need to listen to something a little crazy to exorcise my negative spirits.

  18. Hey has anyone bought the whole album??? Today being D-Day! (ie David Day lol!)

    I do know of at least one impatient, crazy someone!!
    Come on, confession time! Own up! Or are you quite, quite DAID lol! 😀

  19. Ok ok Trace, so you got me…I bought the entire BEGIN cd at Itunes. Was trying to help trend on twitter David Archuleta Begin CD Is Here yesterday when I received a message from Sheba to tell me she has downloaded the cd at Itunes and so with shaky fingers I clicked on Itunes and then I was floored about half an hour later 😀

    Such a beautiful cd and you sure can feel David’s heart from all those songs and of course Broken is outstanding. So now my ears are happy and my heart’s full of admiration and respect for David who has worked so hard to leave us with new music.

    Btw, I’ve received notification that the cds from Amazon has been charged to my account so I guess that means BEGIN is on the way to me! 😀

  20. Begin has begun! 😀 😀

    I didnt care for that rock version of Crush, sorry. The rythmic elements of the song didnt gel with the rock beats. It was just a bunch of guitars with the song being sung over it. I’m sure it could have been better arranged. Anyway thanks for bringing it to our attention liying :-).

  21. Shirley and John and Sheba and everybody!!

    With a-BE-GIIN here and a-BE-GIIN there..
    Everywhere a-BEGIIN….
    (Try putting some musical notes in it like Old McDonald and his Farm to make some sense Lol! 😀 )

    Can’t wait for my copies of BEGIN!!

    Liying, have you purchased yours? 🙂

  22. Yup! 🙂 Ordered from OneDavid. Delivery should be either this week or next because of the expedited shipping. 😀 teehee! btw Federer is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Fed fangirl here!

    Glad the un-David Crush cheered y’all up. 🙂 lol Thought it was kinda ironic how un-David the vid was. (Goth stuff) There was another one I found which sounded a bit like a BLG song. That was worse. lol

  23. Hi GOAT-fan! Lol!
    I guess Federer is kinda great! 😀
    I think John is a GOAT-fan too heehee…

    Thank goodness you did not post the Crush vid “that was worse”. 😀

    This is the best of all! :p 🙂 <:-P

  24. What do you mean ‘kinda great?”.
    Yes I am a GOAT devotee :-D. Wasn’t a fan in the beginning because he beat my fav at the time – Sampras – at Wimbledon but you can’t deny genius and artistry when there’s so much evidence of it :-). We have ample experience of that don’t we? 😀

    BTW does anybody have problems with d-loading Begin from iTunes? A few of the tracks didn’t download properly for me thus they were cut short and I ended up listening to emptiness.

  25. John

    Oh Okaaayy! So Fed is “sorta kinda great”. 😀

    iTunes must be playing hard-to-get with you John, for having been so hard on David for awhile. Tee-hee! 😀
    Just teasing.
    Perhaps Shirley the David-expert can come to the rescue. She managed to download everything.

  26. Hey you GOAT fans! I’m a GOAT fan too – but of a different kind.
    Sheba! Where are you!? I need support! 🙂

    Ok let’s have a laughing session with these 2 GOAT’s! 😀

  27. Woohoo!!! Pandelela Rinong our 10m platform diver scored the 2nd medal for Malaysia!!! So happy and proud as she’s from Sarawak 😀

    Hey Trace, I love that Crush from David’s AOL session! Infact I love all his performances there as the camera has him front and center in those videos 🙂

    Good to hear that you’ve order Begin from OneDavid, Liying.  Hopefully we will all be able to get our physical copies at the same time and be able to spazz about it here.

    Hi John, no problem for me re downloading from Itunes.  I was quite paranoid about downloading to my phone but thankfully it worked out fine for me. What about writing to Itunes Support to check?

  28. Shirley thanks for the tip. I bought another copy of Begin from iTunes and still had the same problems with one of the track – Don’t Give Up – which went silent towards the last bits of the song :-(.

    And yes congrats to Pandelela Rinong for her bronze medal. But she was soo close to a silver wasn’t she?

  29. Shirley

    Pandelela Rinong is really good and I’m so happy that she got a medal! I did not watch it Live but am waiting to watch the recording. You must be specially happy too Shirley, as she is from your part of Malaysia. 🙂
    Congratulations Pandelela!! 🙂
    You did us proud! 🙂

    Me too Shirley, I love every song sung during the AOL Session.

  30. John

    I did tell you, didn’t I, that iTunes is playing hard-to-get with you heehee!
    But they obviously gave you a broad hint – Don’t Give Up – keep on trying! 😀

  31. Oh no John! Sorry that Itunes has not been cooperating with you. I would be so bummed if that
    happens to me. Try downloading the single Dont Give Up and see if you get the same problem that is if you want to prove Trace wrong 🙂

    Hi Trace, I didnt get up to watch Pandelela’s proud achievement too but I checked on her result the moment I woke up.  She’s indeed an inspiration to the generations to come. First female Malaysian athlete to win an Olympic medal in any sports other than badminton and she originates from Sarawak! Yay! Sarawak Boleh! 😀

  32. Yes Shirley! Sarawak Boleh!! 😀

    And Shirley Boleh too and John Tak Boleh!! Lol 😀 😀 I’m killing myself laughing at John’s expense! 😀

    I read that Begin is doing really well on iTunes – No.7!!! Woohoo!!
    Do you guys think it has to do with John’s continuous buying spree?? Heehee…
    Keep on buying John – keep the iTunes figures up!! 😀 😀

  33. Hey Trace,

    Yes, its great to see  BEGIN. doing well at Itunes. I just checked and its at No 11 on overall Top Album chart – quite impressive, right? Lots of multiple purchases I suppose like what John did 🙂

    I just came away from watching the men’s final diving. So excited to see that US won Gold via David Boudia. He also has cute dimples but our David is definitely way cuter! The other cutie pie is Tom Daley from Great Britain who landed the bronze medal behind China. Ok I’d better get some rest now so I wont doze off while watching the closing ceremony much later 😀 😀

  34. Hi Shirley

    I wonder if John managed to successfully download the whole album. We really need him to write us a review. Hmm..perhaps I’m asking for trouble….lol!! 😀

    Hey Shirley, you seem to be more interested in the cute looks of the atheletes than the atheletics!! hehe..

    I wasn’t interested in the Closing Ceremony – so didn’t watch it. How was it?

  35. Hey Guys! Been enjoying BEGIN. and also got the hard copy CD from Wow HD so can blast it in the car. Yay! So glad I got it before raya so at least got something to jam to during the raya um jam. hee.

    Trace I watched the Closing Ceremony. Not as good as the opening IMO but a good reminder how many great artists the UK has come up with. No wonder David was such a fan of British music.

    Amy here is a vid of the Ed Sheeran guy I was talking about. Love him. If he were to come to Malaysia I would definitely want to watch him perform live.

    Actually all his Live Room performances are pretty cool.

    I also think its the kinda music David would be a fan off somehow. Pretty organic and raw.

  36. Sheba,

    Thanks for the video. Wow.. Ed Sheeran is indeed a talented young Brit lad. I like his other song too, Lego House. His music style is quite similar to Jason Mraz. 😉 It would be nice if David could work with him in future – same age group and make new music. LOL… I love to attend Ed Sheeran’s concert. Count me in!

    Have a safe journey back to your hometown! “Selamat Hari Raya!” 🙂

  37. Hey Sheba!

    Now I am green with envy that you’ve received your physical cds 🙂 It must have felt so good to be able to hold that cd in your hands finally, right?  Cant wait to get mine.

    Yes I agreed with you about with your comment regarding the Olympics closing ceremony but nevertheless it was a trip down memory lane with British music ranging from Madness to Take That.  

    Thanks for that Ed Sheeran’s video.  His song The A Team is a big hit.  My sister, nieces and my daughter just recently attended Ed’s concert last week.  They were raving about what a great live performer Ed was – nothing fancy, just him and his guitar. Hes all about the music and it would certainly be great if David will come back with a definite sound in 2014.  With his eclectic music taste, I am quite sure he will like Ed’s music too.

    Have a safe road trip back to your kampung.  Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.

  38. Hi Trace,

    One can also download BEGIN. from Deseret Book and its slightly cheaper too compared to Itunes. For those who are interested, here’s the link.

    For you and me, lets just sit tight while we wait for our cd from Amazon. Shouldn’t  be long now.

    Woohoo, isnt it great that BEGIN. landed at no 28 on Billboard 200 with 11k for first week’s sales? Quite an impressive showing. So happy for David 🙂

    LOL, maybe thats the reason you watch tennis too…more interested in the player than the game 😀 😀

  39. hey Shirley,

    LOL…you are still on top of news while on vacation! I, too, is waiting for my copy from Amazon. Glad that we could contribute some numbers to Billboard 200 for David.

    Enjoy the video. Take That for Shirley and One Direction for Genie. 🙂

  40. hey Trace,

    The Olympics closing ceremony was very “english” with lots of pop music. Enjoy this video: 🙂

  41. Yes Shirley, it’s great news that Begin is at No.28 on Billboard 200! I’m really happy for him..and of course for us too! 🙂

    Haha Shirley, I’m equally interested in tennis as in.. ahem ..Nadal.
    No I lied. 😀

    Thanks for the link to buy Begin.
    It shouldn’t be long now when that Green Gem (I believe that’s what everyone calls it!) will arrive in Malaysia from Amazon. I hear that those in Singapore who ordered from them have already received theirs. Is Singapore nearer to the US than Malaysia? (haha that’s Akang’s joke)

  42. Sheba

    Selamat Hari Raya!

    Thanks for the vid of Ed Sheeran.
    I’m not sure, guys. I wiill need some time to get used to him . Will need to get over David first – and that will probably take forever. 😀

  43. Akang

    Thanks for the Imagine vid.
    It brings back memories of affection..no, not of John, but of David.
    But thank God for John writing that song…and mostly thank God for David singing it. 🙂

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