52 comments on “Bellisimo Davide!

  1. Wow! Trace, Italy is oh so gooorgeous!! 🙂
    Florence or rather Firenze is my ultimate destination on this good Earth. That’s where the renaissance began when arts, science and spiritual renewal flourished and took Europe out of the dark ages they were mired in after the fall of the Roman empire.

    Ok didn’t mean to dish out a history lesson lol!

    Hmm….that statue of David is rather…er….revealing lol. Knowing our David he’d probably use a fig leaf somewhere hehe!

  2. Hello Trace!!!!

    So nice to ‘see’ you again. WOW! You’re a good photographer..those are very lovely
    pictures 🙂

    LOL at your adventure in Florence! Did you take each picture of the 4 Davids?
    You must show me when we next meet. Never mind about that masterpiece of David by
    Michelangelo but I think Nigella Lawson looked much slimmer these days 😀 😀

    Thanks for sharing your exciting trip with us. Have a safe trip back.

  3. Auntie Trace, you never seem to fail at surprising us with everything you come across 🙂
    Love the post! Thank you so much for taking us in on your trip 😀
    I WANNA GO TO ITALY TOO!! Someday… 🙂

  4. John

    Everyone, especially if one is interested in the arts, must make a point of going to Firenze. I am sure you will have the opportunity to making it there one day. 🙂
    There are countless treasures to be discovered in the rest of Italy too – don’t forget the old villages and towns.

    Lol I don’t think David would be caught dead with just a fig leaf for coverage. 😀

  5. Hi Shirley!

    Nice to see you too after so long. 🙂

    You no like Michelangelo’s David? Too ‘exposed’ for you? Lol!
    There are so many naked sculpted bodies in Firenze and the rest of Italy that, if you were there, you would be constantly blushing! Lol! 😀

    Yes Nigella has lost alot of weight.

  6. Thank you Irda!
    Yes you must go to Italy one day. I believe you are interested in the arts because I remember your writing some lyrics for David once. You would love it there. 🙂

    This great culture of the renaissance originated in Florence and spread throughout not only Tuscany and Italy, but the whole world. Florence also exudes an atmosphere of romance – not just there but the rest of Italy too.
    I could have gone on and on in my account but had to stop myself. 🙂

  7. hello Trace!

    What an adventure! What brand is your GPS that leads you to Tuscany instead of Chile?? I must get your “magic” GPS that leads to so many beautiful places including that amazing Firenze – many naked sculpted bodies to look at. 🙂 Haha… David would put on clothes instead of fig leaf!!

    Have a safe journey back to Msia.

  8. Britain is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubliee this year. I stumble upon this video where Gary Barlow went to Commonwealth countries to find “new sound” for the song written by he and Andrew Lloyd Webber specially for Queen. Interesting. 🙂

  9. Hey Akang,

    What a wonderful find that video was! Very interesting indeed & thanks for sharing it. I was wondering why Gary Barlow was given this honourable task to compose the official song for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Of cos I had to google and found out that wiki has very interesting information about him.

    Did you know that Gary was amongst the array of stars that sang the song Everybody Hurts to raise fund for charities supporting the relief efforts of the 2010 Haiti earthquake? Well, I didn’t know about that and to think this is one of the songs on David’s BEGIN cd 🙂

    Wiki also mentioned that in 2009 Gary named the song Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush as the song that had most inspired him. Yet another song that David has chosen for his new cd, how appropriate!

    So, its now about a week to go before BEGIN drops. Maybe Gary Barlow will get to hear David’s cd one of these days since it has his most inspiring song there 😀 😀

  10. Akang and Shirley and Irda and John


    Yes I’m back in KL at last and suffering from the worst jet-lag. Looks like I won’t be able to sleep all night tonight so here I am.

    Sorry I haven’t been able to say very much from London (I’m not called “chatterbox” for nothing haha!) , using my brother’s 100-year old computer that’s been abandoned in his attic, since everyone in his household has moved on to laptops and Ipads. So there I was sitting amongst all the dusty boxes and junk, trying to type as much as I could. And being called “tracetracewillow” by that ancient computer was rather off-putting too! Let’s hope I’m now reverted back to my old name in my own computer haha!

    Where’s everybody besides you guys? Gone to the Olympics? 😀
    Talking about the Olympics, I remember David once said he would love to sing in it one day.
    Hopefully, by the next Olympics, he will make an appearance.

    Thanks for the vids Amy and Shirley! I have not watched them yet because it’s 4 am and I don’t want to wake up everybody in the house. Will do so tomorrow, I mean, later today.

    It’s great to be back and to be going through David’s news again – or rather, going through what all the fans and supporters have been doing for David, in his absence, and all waiting anxiously for Begin to begin! Has anyone pre-ordered?

    Glad you guys like the Tuscany pics. I’m surprised none of you has made a studied comparison between Michelangelo’s David to our David. Both beautiful creations no? – one by Michelangelo and the other by God Himself.

    Akang Lol! My GPS is a very special one that has a mind of its own. 😀

    After not having looked at David’s pics for a month, he looks specially handsome and cute…no sleep at all I bet tonight… 🙂

  11. Welcome back, Trace!!! So glad to hear you’ve landed safely in KL despite the jet lag.
    Listen to David singing and watch a few videos and you’ll be fine in no time 🙂

    Hmmm, a studied comparison between a cold stone sculpture of a fine man and
    a real live gorgeous hunk of a man? No brainer here but I would rather
    look at one shorter man who has a voice of an angel and who will always be fully
    clothed each time, no need to stick a fig leaf or a bunch of grapes in his middle 😀 😀

    Woohoo!!! Cant wait for the BEGIN special offer on the Itunes preorder – wonder what that will be?

  12. Hello Trace,

    LOL… Looks like your “mind of its own” GPS has brought you safely back to Msia. Welcome back! I’m no expert in ART and that naked man in the pic above looks exactly like a naked man in my biology book. He sure looks like a Roman citizen! 🙂

  13. Hey Shirley,

    Wow! You impressed me with your research. I did not know Gary Barlow is such a talented British songwriter and a music producer. I was actually intrigued with the modern recording technology that Mr Barlow uses when he was recording parts and pieces of the song in the Commonwealth cities. Haha… Prince Harry is a gem for being so sporting. Let hope David could work with Mr Barlow in future!

    I was also amused by the hard-core fan of the Queen i.e. towards the end of the video. Wah! She must have spent a fortune on those collections of the Queen and lucky that she has a supportive husband. Your house is also filled with David’s stuff, no? 😉

    Ironically, I heard this song over the radio by Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams today. Both of them wrote this pleasant song together. Enjoy:-

  14. Shirley and Akang

    When I hear beautifully pure music, I feel a lump in my throat, and that’s what you 2 have done to me. I’m very much touched by the Diamond Jubilee song and Everybody Hurts which you guys put up.

    I felt the same way too with David’s Everybody Hurts as heard in the Snippets. I just know I will love the album.

    Shirley, I get you. How can a stone-cold statue compare with a real life flesh and blood hunk eh? Lol!

  15. Just before I left London, I watched the Opening Ceremony Live of the Olympics.
    Here are 2 sequences during the show you guys may enjoy – have a laugh –

  16. Trace,

    Wait till you hear Broken…its AMAZING!!! David’s voice is so powerful and yet tender. Broken is now available over at US Itunes, so is the cd preorder!!! I am listening to Broken on repeat even as I’m typing this comment. So thankful that I could download the song to my iphone even while I’m at work 🙂

  17. Akang,

    Yes we can only dream that David will get to work with Brits like Gary Barlow one day. Prince Harry is a charming young man. I like the tamborine idea that Gary had eventhough its just one bang by Harry. I think I might just go and purchase Sing over at Itunes – its a lovely song and I really enjoyed listening to it.

    I might have a bit of David’s stuff but definitely cant beat that die hard fan of the Queen – oh my gosh that part about the Royal Flush! 😀

    LOL Trace, I love those two videos! I’ve only managed to catch the last part of the London’s olympic opening ceremony last Sat morning…thanks for the laugh.

  18. Trace,

    LOL.. I had a good laugh especially Mr Rowan Atkinson’s part of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. He hasn’t lost his touch! I read that the Brits’ Olympics organisers are unlikely to outspend on their opening ceremony but one commodity that will be deployed lavishly would be their “humour”. haha..indeed! Even the Queen was sporting enough to act along with Mr James Bond.

    Yo Shirley!

    Trace and I know you are gloating over “Broken” and for your information, we are not tempted to download it as we are made of steel like Uncle John. We shall wait for the physical CD and listen all the songs at one go! 🙂 Thanks for letting us know how beautiful David’s voice is. I know the lyrics are not written by David but how is the melody – good, mediocre or so-so??

  19. Shirley

    You have purchased Broken from US Itunes? Already? Wow! You’re a fast worker!
    I’ve heard only the Snippet of course like most normal humans! 😀

    Right from the start after AI, I thought David should have gone into that genre of songs but he was of the opinion that he should make music that’s more pertinent to his age.
    It’s definitely a new BEGINning for him.

  20. Akang

    Ya I know! That Shirley person is a real gloater. I too want to listen to the whole cd at one go and make an “outing” of it – locked in my room in total privacy, black-out curtains drawn and taboo entry to everyone in the house haha!

    Fancy she telling us that David’s voice is “powerful and tender” – as if we didn’t know! Tut tut!! 😀

    After the 2008 spectacular Olympics Opening in Beijing, it is difficult to produce anything that can measure up to it unless there is massive funds to support it. So I think London had to use other means to make it work for them.

  21. Hmm, I don’t think David would even allow himself to be half naked in public. Hahahaha. On a side note, the gelato looks delish!! 😀

  22. Hi Tracy!

    Haha you are right. David would never allow himself to be half naked in public – seen or not seen!
    Do you guys think it’s a Mormon thing or a David thing?

    So you are into gelatos! It WAS delish!
    There were some “unusual” dishes in Tuscany – like pasta in wild boar sauce. Wild boars are quite rampant in the mountainous area where I was.
    But the Carbonara sauce had been disappointing – it was like pasta with scrambled eggs – perhaps that’s the way they cook it in Tuscany.

    I heard you did very well in your exams Tracy! Congratulations! How about giving us some details? 🙂

  23. LOL Akang and Trace, me gloating??? Naah….am just enjoying myself immensely with Broken!
    Its such a beautiful song…simply gorgeous with beautiful message and breathtaking music.  You guys know I have been waiting for forever for it to be available at Itunes.  The minute I know its there I have no choice but to download it 😀

    Akang, the melody is wonderful and I think I heard cello in the background.  Maybe Trace can verify that when she gets the physical cd in Sept…teehee

    Meanwhile, here’s a video to celebrate Crush 4th Anniversary….indeed this crush ain’t going away ay ay ay 😀

  24. Shirley, LOL…I believe you this time that Broken is a beautiful heartfelt song after seeing the lyrics displayed at some fan sites. Ahem…BEGIN. is worth the wait for Sept. 🙂 Thanks for reminding us that today is Crush’s 4th anniversary. I remembered I was so excited hearing the ayy..ayy.. song!

    Since you mentioned about “Dont Give Up”; I goggled Peter Gabriel and was surprised that he is from Great Britain, too. 🙂 I listened to some of Peter Gabriel’s other songs and his music style has a monotonous tone…hehe.. not my type.

    Trace, Oh no! I don’t want David to go ballad at his age. He can do it at a much later age. I want him to do something like Jason Mraz’s kind of music – Indie pop. Talking about the snippets, with the string of strong ballads at the front, True Colours came in with a different style which was so refreshing and interesting. 🙂

    Tracy – Congratulations for doing well in your exam. Keep it up!

  25. Shirley

    There you go again…gloating away. 😀 Yes yes, I do understand your need to over-spazz and spill your emotions lol! Spazz away! But I can’t say I’m not envious of your owning Broken already. 😦

    Since I believe you are the David-expert that you are, can you enlighten me as to whether Don’t Give Up has a girl’s voice in it? I thought David actually made his voice sound like a girl’s in certain parts, and I was wondering how he did it. 😀

  26. Shirley

    Yay! Happy Birthday to Crush! 🙂 My eternal favourite!

    Yes I will look out for the cello in Broken when I get the CD. Actually there’s been the use of a cello in the background in some of his songs already. Can’t remember which. What I asked of David was to be accompanied SOLELY by a cello – he still has not fulfilled my wish! 😦
    But I am a very patient fan – I will wait. Forever 🙂

  27. Akang

    That Shirley person is still gloating – shall we go download Broken too so she will stop?! 😀

    I beg to differ my dear Akang. What has AGE got to do with good music?

    Good music is good music, whether a young man sings it or an old man sings it.
    David has a maturity of voice and demeanour (except when he is occasionally goofy haha! but he seems to be growing out of it) ) and his voice is well suited for songs that have more meaning, and which showcases the quality of his voice.
    He may be good in singing up-tempo fast-beat songs too but they hide the beauty of his voice.

    To carry further the argument, just for argument’s sake, what is the meaning of “ballad” in your interpretation?
    When a song is slow – and when it does not have a fast beat – it is termed as a “ballad”? I would really like to hear your opinion on this.

  28. Hi Akang – I hope our cd order from Amazon will arrive somewhere in August. September would be way too long! Thank goodness for Itunes otherwise I think I would go bonkers LOL

    Yes Peter Gabriel is a Brit. He and Phil Collins were in the group called Genesis. I know more Phil Collin’s songs but none of Peter Gabriel until David’s selection of Don’t Give Up 🙂

    Well Trace, I wish you have Broken right now so that we can spazz together. Guarantee you will love it HAHA See, we both love Crush till today and that is a song with a total feel compare to Broken 🙂 Oh Trace, you think David can make himself sound like a girl haha – his duet partner in Don’t Give Up is Libby Linton from Utah. Re cello – if its in Broken you could say he has at least fulfilled part of your wish 😀 Your patience is admirable and David needs his fans to be around…#DA2014 and beyond 😀

  29. Trace,

    I agree with you good music is good music. It also depends on the genre of music that one likes. I love the unique sound of Bee Gees and their pop/disco music but not my colleagues who find it pretty strange. 🙂 I’m no music expert but in my opinion, a “ballad” is slow, filled with full orchestra and most times the singer sings too much (oversings). Yes, ballad songs can showcase one’s vocal but 10 angelic slow songs on one album could put you in a dull mood for days! LOL…

    However, I love pop ballads and my interpretation is like this:- 🙂

  30. I have also pre-ordered ‘Begin’ from iTunes and have d-loaded ‘Broken’ onto my phone. So there! 😀

  31. Yes Shirley, you are right – going bonkers here already ! 😀
    I am surer than sure that I will like Broken.
    End of August/Sept seems so far away..sigh!

  32. Thanks Akang for the vid and for your interpretation of “ballad”.
    As a side-track – I’m not a fan of Robbie Williams – I think he is over-rated – I don’t understand the reason for his popularity. I know you are a great fan of his – perhaps you can tell me why. 🙂

  33. John

    Tee-heee!! Defences finally down eh? So happy that you saw the light! 😀
    May you have many enjoyable hours with David! 😀

  34. Trace

    Well the barriers weren’t that high in the first place. More like a latched gate so it didn’t take a lot to break through 🙂

    As for Robbie Williams I kinda agree with you on his being over rated. I’ve always thought that Gary Barlow was the more talented. Interestingly enough this debate also took place within Take That and music watchers. And when Robbie Williams left the group their unspoken rivalry exploded into the open and there was much acrimony between the two. Of course they’ve decided to bury the hatches and work together again in Take That albeit temporarily.

  35. Haha….I know you are not a fan of Robbie Williams, Trace. Besides Feel and Angels, Robbie has couple of major hit songs. He just have the flamboyant cheeky style that makes him interesting. 🙂 What do you mean that he is being over-rated? He is not talented but still popular?

  36. Akang

    Yes my dear, you said it, Robbie is not talented but still popular – as you said, he has a flamboyant cheeky style (which incidentally, I find annoying) and he has had the luck of being given some potentially good, easily-likeable songs to sing.
    (I am out to annoy you lol!)
    Stick to David – he deserves the popularity more Lol! 😀

  37. John

    I’m glad that the gate has been unlatched. 🙂
    I didn’t know there had been acrimony between the two. I too thought Gary Barlow was the more talented of the two.

    I think Akang is fuming at her computer. 😀
    It’s ok Akang, you can’t be right all the time hehe…!

  38. Wow. Those pictures are beautiful!!! How are you guys doing??? Finally completed something that’s been on my back for awhile so am here now 🙂 I see I’ve missed a lot! Am enjoying the Olympics and am soo looking forward to getting my hands on BEGIN. I listened to BEGIN. on my headphones and goodness his voice is GORGEOUS.

    Anyways, Trace count me as another person who thinks Gary Barlow >>>> Robbie Williams. Sorry Robbie/Akang :p

  39. hey Trace,

    That is not a nice thing to say about Mr. Robbie Williams. I know you are out to annoy me but it’s not nice to mock my sense of intelligent of my liking Mr Williams’ artistry. Every individual has its own preference of liking one artist be he/she is musical talented or not or have good voice or lousy voice. Each artist has its “x-factor” that one likes that others may not see or admire.

    You are wrong that I can’t be right all the time. Let put it very clear. There is no right or wrong when comes to music. The most important thing is how the singer or even musical instruments bring out the song that makes one feel good, happy, sad or dull. Anyway, it is norm human factor that we tend to compare who is better than the other but its also up to individual’s choice.

    With due respect, I admire all performing artists including David for working very hard in putting out their best performances to entertain us and songwriters, musicians, music producers for creating new music and sound everyday. I thank them for making me feel good & happy every day!

  40. Hey Akang,

    I like a few of Robbie Williams’ songs and Feel is on of them. That video of Feel that you posted is fun to watch esp his crazy dance 😀 The other songs of Robbie I could think of that I particularly enjoyed are She’s The One, Better Man, Millennium, Eternity and of cos Angels 🙂 I am not a fan of Robbie and have never followed him, Take That or even Gary Barlow but I can roughly guess that he has talents in his singing (not too bad a voice) and songwriting as well.

    It was stated in Wiki that Robbie has sold more albums in the UK than any other British solo artist in history and has won more BRIT Awards than any other artist to date. His album sales stands at over 57 million worldwide. He was entered in The Guinness Book of World Records when, after he announced his World Tour for 2006, 1.6 million tickets were sold in one single day. Quite a feat for someone whether over rated or not.

    I digress here a bit, many years ago I went to a Charity event and Phua Chu Kang was the guest performer, he sang a few songs, one of them was a Better Man and I was pleasantly surprised – PCK is quite a good singer LOL

  41. SHEBA!!!! Nice to finally see you here. You have BEGIN already? What??? Or do you mean Broken? haha

    Yes that song is simply gorgeous with headphone. When I downloaded Broken to my phone I put on my headphones (at the office) and one of my colleagues was trying to get my attention standing next to me for 3 secs till I finally feel someone calling me. Later he jokingly said he wants to own that headphone of mine but little did he know I was too engrossed in my listening of a beautiful song 😀

  42. Hey Trace,

    Dont worry about Amy, she’s not going to jump ship anytime soon. I heard she has ordered about 10 BEGIN cds from Amazon….Amazing, right? 😀 😀

    Woohoo, about 4 days to go before BEGIN…from Itunes that is heehee

  43. Akang

    Yes dear.
    You are right in many aspects of your “argument”.

    But we are here not just to praise all the artists for their hard work which I totally, without doubt, admire.
    The listening public must also voice their honest opinions, which is what I was trying to do.
    Mr Williams has many singing abilities, I am sure, but I just don’t think his popularity and rate of success EQUATE the extent of his talent.
    I did not say he is completely not talented. What I’m saying is his talent is overrated, which is a completely different thing, and that’s truly my honest heartfelt opinion.

    Rate of success and popularity do not just stem from talent. Off the cuff, I can think of a certain
    young “foetus-like” singer? Haha!
    You, or anyone else, may think of the world of RW. It is a prerogative you, or anyone else, are free to have, and I am happy for you that you “feel good and happy everyday”.

    For example, David is more talented than many successful artists, but he has not enjoyed the success which I feel he deserves.

    So that’s what I meant by “overrated”. 🙂

  44. Sheba!

    So nice to see you after so long! Yes, you have missed alot! Haha!

    Me too – been following some of the sporting events of the Olympics!
    We are in the Badminton Finals!
    Praying for at least 1 Gold! 😀

  45. Shirley

    Don’t worry, Akang and I are great friends! 😀
    We just enjoy having a bit of a banter now and again to get the age-old circulation going a bit Lol! I I know she will never “jump ship” because she is just as enamoured of David as we are. 🙂

  46. Interesting debate on popularity versus talent.
    I think anyone can be popular if they put in the necessary ‘ingredients’. A classic case – or two – would be the foetus and Lady Gaga. Do they truly deserve their celebrity? Can they be considered as real musicians? Maybe in the case of Lady Gaga one can say that she has the talent but in the current atmosphere of pop culture personality and presentation counts for far more than real substance.
    Dress a little weird, behave flamboyantly or be the object of lust for adolescent girls and voila you have a star.

    In the case of Robbie versus Gary, the former definitely has the edgier persona while the latter was termed ‘the least fanciable’ when they started Take That. Gary was anointed the lead singer/songwriter in the group presumably because their management recognized his talents. I think this didnt sit well with Robbie and definitely contributed to their rivalry.

    Anyway my point is popularity does not equal talent and it’s sad to see that true talent will be hardly noticed in the face of a flamboyant, flashy character who appears to be larger than life while the quieter more introverted but talented person will be lost in the blinding spotlight cast.

  47. Every artist has a shelf life but not this legend. At the age of 72, Sir Tom Jones still have the powerful voice as ever and still very passionate about his music.

    My interpretation: The male version of Adele:-

  48. Haha Akang! Thanks for the vid of Tom Jones. I still remember women throwing their underwear at him during his concertsat his peak..in the 60’s or 70’s? 🙂

  49. Shirley,

    Oh yes! Better Man by Robbie Williams. I remembered attending my young colleague’s wedding and she dedicated this song to her husband. When they played this song, amazing that all her young friends (20-something) were singing along happily. Thereafter, she told me that song was their favourite during their college years but they are not Mr Williams’ fan. LOL…that funny “best in JB and Batam” Phua Chu Kang can actually sing is something new to me!


    Listening public don’t give a damn which singers are talented but go for popularity of songs. They are guided and driven by the music industry which songs to listen to over the radio stations or tv stations. Don’t you realised that all the music played over the radio has similar auto-tune sound and most of the singers have similar vocal tone? Example: Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger was played at most of the radio stations over and over again at different time intervals until I begin to enjoy the song. The smart music labels are using psychology to get people to enjoy music of certain artists.

  50. Akang

    It is indeed true what you said about the singers you mentioned, that they are popular, for whatever reasons.

    I was merely stating my own opinion, which some of us have supported, that some popular singers are overrated.
    I am therefore, basically concerned that the music industry is at a low ebb and that the masses are sucked into images artificially created by labels and such, and that the world now has lost its appreciation of quality.

    For me, that is a sad case of the world going backwards and not looking forward progressively towards improvement of quality. That people at large want only “rah rah rah” sort of entertainment”.

    I am not pointing this debate at you personally, dear Akang, or even at Robbie Williams completely.
    I am glad for you that you find enjoyment in most of the present music. I am merely sad that the masses don’t see quality as the way it should be seen, but going for things that are mediocre.

    Peace. 🙂
    New thread coming up soon 🙂

  51. Lol! Shirley. I do mean Broken. Not BEGIN. But eek. 2 more days!!!!!
    Also re the debate about popularity and talent, I have to say that I’ve been guilty of liking songs and artists even if they are not necessarily brimming with talent. Sometimes their songs are just fun and listening to them makes me happy. It’s not always about talent all the time. Everyone will have different taste. Tis okay I think. It’ll be pretty boring if everyone liked the same things..

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