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  1. Taken as a whole the songs have a definite spiritual/religious tinge to them. I agree that they should leave some surprises uncovered until the actual release of the album in August. Although I am looking forward to listening to ‘Pride’ and ‘Beautiful’ I hope they don’t release anymore previews.

  2. Let the countdown BEGIN! Yes! I’ve just checked Amazon.com and the cd is now available for preorders! Love the 5 snippets so far and David sounds amazing on them.

  3. I agree that Kari & team shouldn’t have released 1/2 the album snippets so fast. It could be part of their word-of-mouth marketing strategy to cause some buzz among the music media. So far, I’m still liking True Colours whereas the last 2 strong slow ballad snippets are not my cup of tea!! Couldn’t they change up the music for the last 2 snippets?? 🙂

  4. @AKang, that could very well mean two things: either BEGIN. is full of those “strong slow ballads” or perhaps they had their reasons for choosing to release snippets of those two songs.

    And regarding the topic, if everyone is squeamish about listening too much of the album too quickly, then just resist the temptation of listening to the snippets! 🙂 Personally, I have not checked out any of them – I’d rather get my hands on the entire album and let that do the talking, haha.

  5. Well now, another two more snippets have just been previewed. Looks like we will hear all songs before this week is through.

    Hi Zach, I totally agree with you on those who wishes to be snippet free 🙂 Hats off to you for being able to stay away from them.

    Hey Akang, No way would David change up songs 4 and 5. He’ll sing them close to the original especially for Angel. Whereas for Be Still My Soul we know its a spiritual hymn and of cos he’ll sing it with heartfelt reverence just like what he did for Ave Marie. Maybe from repeated listening to the full songs you might like them more?

  6. hello Zach,

    Long time no see.! You could be right about the BEGIN album but we shall see! 🙂

    hi Shirley,

    Yeap, heard the 2 snippets – BOTW and Everybody Hurts just now. Wow… Kari is churning out snippets like spinning wool for us to get excited. LOL… After listening to BOTW, I kind of suspected how that song would sound like. I’m not familiar with Everybody Hurts, so I shall wait for the full song.

  7. LOL Akang, Yes Kari and David’s team are doing a great job with those snippets and creating lots of buzz too. I have not heard of Everybody Hurts before this as well but after listening to the original by REM, I really like the song. David’s version would definitely sound fresh to me. Heck! I wanna hear all the full songs now 😀

  8. Ok I’m going to take Zach’s advise and refrain from listening to the snippets :-). I’ll wait for the CD itself.

    BTW from where are you guys ordering the CD – Deseret or Amazon?

  9. Good morning, AAM 🙂

    I’ve preordered from Amazon.com. Shipping cost is a bit expensive though. Cost me about US$13 for 2 cds. Have never tried buying anything from Deseret before. Do they ship overseas too?

  10. Hmm.. I think people like my parents might enjoy BEGIN. Personally I hope D will make a more upbeat album when he gets back. I think he could be a great R&B singer. haha. 🙂

    I hope Kari gets the international release in order, I don’t own a credit card. Haven’t heard that REM song in some time. They used to play it a lot on the radio. My mom listens to a cover of it in Italian. haha

  11. hey liying,

    You are not liking BEGIN?!! Yes, I, too, hope David will make a more upbeat album in future. Let’s wait for his “Broken” which may represent your generation. 🙂


    HAHA! Defending David for snippet #4 and #5. I sound like Simon Cowell requesting David not to be boring. Anyway, I have a pretty idea how this album would be like but nevertheless, it would be way much better than those slow LOVE songs!! 😉

  12. Wow… JR of TDC did an awesome video putting snippets together.

    Attention: Zach & John, please mute the video but look at the pictures since both of you are going to wait for your CD. 🙂

  13. Hi Akang,

    Not defending David, just merely stating my personal opinions 😀 😀
    Thanks for posting that video by JR. She really did a nice job putting all the snippets together!

    So Pride has been previewed!!! YES! I love David rocking out on this song 🙂 Cant wait to hear
    the full version. LOL, I am beginning to sound like a broken record!

  14. The recording studio looks really basic. Could have been anybody’s basement 🙂

    I agree that BEGIN would appeal to David’s ‘older’ fans as many of today’s teens and young adult would probably not have heard of the songs on the album except maybe for U2 which seems to defy the ages and have fans from all age groups. And also Christina Aguilera.

  15. Woohoo.. Shirley! At last your Pride has surfaced. Judging from the 20 sec, David is learning how to rock the song and its not too bad. 2 more snippets to go!! Gah! I can’t wait.


    LOL. anybody’s basement – Ya, it looks kind of cosy and I guess most music producers want to make their artists feel at home while recording instead of just machines and four blank walls.

    BEGIN appeal to David “older” fans? Haha…You mean Trace right? 😉 I must confess that I have not heard most of the cover songs on the album too. At this moment, I’m liking David’s style of True Colours. 🙂

  16. LOL Akang, you naughty gal! If you dont get a present from Trace, you’d know why 😀

    Rockstar David – not too shabby, right? Ok, now to wait for the full song!

    You could be right about the basement comment. As long as David makes great music for us to enjoy I am thankful. BEGIN. is his BEAUTIFUL gift to his fans 🙂

  17. Akang if you also are not too familiar with the songs then you are in the ‘teens and young adult’ age group ;-). Congrats!

    I am quite eager for a snippet of ‘Beautiful’. At the same time I’m telling myself to resist the urge to listen lol.

  18. LOL!! I just went to the official site and lo and behold there it was: the ‘Beautiful’ snippet!

    “should I or should I not?” : The 64 million dollar question 😀

  19. Akang
    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll enjoy BEGIN because it’s David. I’m just commenting that these are the sort of songs my parents like listening to. 🙂 ( but I do wish there was some screaming and electric guitar for Pride)

  20. I was just listening to Pride again. I might take back what I said just now. D’s version suits him.But I’ll just wait to listen to the whole album before I form any more opinions. 🙂

  21. LOL John, its just a measly 19 secs preview after all and you know David is good in handling positive empowering message songs like Beautiful, just saying of cos 😀

    Anyway if you do cave in, you might want to hear a longer version so I am posting this fine video from JR of TDC. Do mute it if you’re not listening to the snippet. You can enjoy the nice pictures. David is indeed beautiful in every single way 😀

  22. Wowww… Shirley, thanks for the BEAUTIFUL awesome promo video done by JR. Gosh! this is yet another David’s style of Beautiful and nothing like Christina’s at all. 1 more original song to go!! 🙂

    John, HAHA!! Come On! just click on the video above. You have been waiting for this snippet ever since the song list was revealed. Like Shirley said, it just a mere 20 sec to get off your curiosity. Let us know once you have caved in and we’ll celebrate together!! 🙂

    liying, hahaha… Yes, I knew you would like his album! Do get one for your parents since they have the credit card!! 😉 You can talk Pride with Shirley as she is one cool “rock” gal! 🙂

  23. So the 10 songs of BEGIN. have been previewed. Now to sit tight and wait for Aug 7 🙂

    Meanwhile, here’s a very nice fan video of the 10 snippets.

  24. Hi Liying,

    Thanks for posting that video by Kurt Schnieder. Interesting duet and I love the piano accompaniment too. Very nice cover. Maybe David will do an acoustic version of this
    song at his future live performances 😀

    Hey Izzati,

    Just like you, I wonder if BEGIN. will be selling in Malaysia too. Lets hope there will be
    positive news soon 🙂

  25. Finally the last song has been previewed!! It was so unexpected how Broken turned out as I was expecting acoustic. Haha…I was disillusion by the photo posted by Kari where David was at the piano!!

    What a ride for these 2 weeks of snippets excitements!! I went to David’s OS, by the way is impressive and well managed, to listen to the 10 snippets and I have my favourites. Just can’t wait to hear the full versions of it. 🙂

  26. hello liying,

    Ah! Kurt Schnider is the music producer of song covers. I have watched his collaborations with certain artists like Sam Tsui and always wondered whether does Kurt produce original music besides song covers. Hope one day, Kurt would try doing David’s songs. 🙂

  27. Hi Akang
    Kurt’s a proper music producer now since he graduated. (He’s got a math degree) He’s produced some originals too. 🙂

  28. Wow! Kurt Schnieder is not only musical talented and smart too with numbers. I’m impressed. Can we be his pen-pal and nudge him to do some David’s covers since his medium of promotion is mainly on youtube. 🙂 Thanks liying for the info.

    I find this video interesting as this current track is now my favourite and it really stuck in my head especially the beginning with the xylophone. Thanks Shirley for the heads up.

    Here is another person that David could collaborate with as Ingrid is a songwriter for pop music which has the similar style as Jason Mraz’s.

  29. I find Gotye, the original singer of “Somebody that I used to know” interesting. His music arrangement on this song makes it sound futuristic – 21st century-ish. 🙂

  30. The futuristic sounds Gotye uses are interesting but sometimes can be a bit creepy. hehe. Ingrid does all her own production that’s cool. 🙂

    I was thinking that Kurt Schneider should produce D’s next album. He’s gaining more repute as a professional music producer, not to mention he’s a pretty darn good music video director. I think they would get along, Kurt is only a year older. They both love food and pokemon. lol Besides that, Kurt is super humble, like D. I mean, he’s got a math degree from Yale, he’s a chess master, can play practically any instrument he wants and all he says is “I like ice-cream :1”. And he claims he can’t sing when I think he can sing better than some of the singers he works with. I was thinking of asking D to look Kurt up next time he’s in LA. 😀 Here’s a music vid directed by Kurt

    Sorry for the Schneider spazz 🙂

  31. Hi Liying,

    Nice video direction by Kurt Schneider! Maybe in the next two years Kurt will gain better recognition as a music producer. Wont it be interesting to see if these two young and talented men were to collaborate some day beyond 2014?

    Hey Akang,

    Glad you like Ingrid Michaelson’s cover of your latest favourite song 🙂 I like that video too and the slightly different sounds with the various instruments. Am just starting to check Ingrid out after I saw David’s ustream chat that he did while he was still with Melinda. He was asked whether he like Ingrid? He answered yes and proceeded to sing one of her song and he sounded so good! Watched a few of her videos and then I found out that she covered Gotye’s song I just had to share that with you. Ingrid has collaborated with Sara Barielles and toured with Jason Mraz in 2008.

    Here is Ingrid’s song that David sang a bit during the ustream chat. A nice catchy number.

  32. hello liying,

    I like the story concept of the video directed by Kurt. Haha…It was way better than David’s Wait video. 😉 Yes! Kurt should produce D’s next album since both of them are of the same age and they can afford to take risk by exploring and creating new sound and new music. You can give David a tinkle by sending him a post card. His address is P.0. Box 4297, Apopka, FL, 32704, USA. 🙂

    hey Shirley,

    Thanks for the info of Ingrid Michaelson. I have heard a couple of Ingrid’s songs and watched her performances with Jason Mraz. She has a similar music style of Jason Mraz. Hope David could work with her, too in future. 🙂

    I am pleased that Jason Mraz and David has put Malaysia on the world map. Our strict rules for performing artists were hilarious!!


    My first experience listening to 5-point rules of “Don’t” given by our official at the start of Michael Jackson’s concert in KL two decade ago was so unbelievable funny. One of the Don’t rules was “cannot stand up and dance” so imagine all of us were seated like statue while Michael was dancing and belting out “Beat It”. LOL… We must have looked weird in the eye of Mr Jackson!! 🙂

  33. Good grief the rules for performing artists is beyond stupid! I don’t know whether to laugh or get angry with that rubbish list. Thanks to the doofus who came up with the list, Malaysia is yet again seen in a negative light. I’m sure this will be the last time JM will perform in Malaysia.

  34. hey John,

    LOL…Lighten up!! I’m so used to too many ridiculous rules made by some authorities that it doesn’t affect me anymore but have a good laugh at it. I’m sure as a professional artist, he/she must abide to the rules and regulations of every country they perform so long he/she has achieved their goal in making their fans happy. Over the years, our authorities has relaxed some of the rules, the obvious was allowing the audience to stand up and dance. Haha…that’s where I lost alot of calories during David’s concert.

    I’m sure JM enjoyed himself in Malaysia as those rules does not affect him at all. He is a simple man with no elaborate concert attires, just a t-shirt, a pair of jeans and no shoes, so were his band members!

    BTW, have heard the snippet of Beautiful yet?? 🙂

  35. Hi guys, Anyone knows why BEGIN. is available for orders at Itunes Mexico??? The longer preview of each songs is indeed beautiful. WOW! That amazing voice!!!! Cant help but check Itunes US everyday and each time I am disappointed 😦 Hopefully it will be available there soon.

    JR of TDC did an amazing job with the videos of the longer song previews. TQ, JR you’re a gem 🙂


  36. Thanks Shirley for the link. Wowow… I really LOVE David’s vocal on BEGIN. album!! The music arrangement is really to the bare minimum showcasing his tender, yet strong and appealing vocal.

    John, you MUST listen to Beautiful as it was beautiful sung. LOL… Enjoy. 😉

  37. Ok I caved and I listened to the snippet :-).

    “Beautiful” (by David Archuleta) is beautiful! :-). I’m glad that Kurt Bestor kept the production to a minimum and let David’s voice be the main item – the way it should be.

  38. Hey Akang!

    Dang!!! I lost the bet. So you were right, John will definitely listen to Beautiful. How do you know him so well? 😀

    LOL John, now that you’ve listened to Beautiful, have you by any chance previewed Broken as well? It has intriguing lyrics, spectacular arrangement and hauntingly beautiful vocals. You know that voice touches your soul and David did that wonderfully in Broken, again just saying of course. BTW, there’s no bet taken on this one 🙂

    Just 21 more days before Aug 7 is here…cant wait!

  39. Hello John 🙂

    LOL… Don’t listen to Shirley. She was just kidding! 😉 Yeah! You did it, buddy!! No regret, eh?

    David really did an awesome job on all these covers and so did Kurt Bestor. David uses new vocal ranges on some of the covers which makes this album so exciting!! I’m with Shirley, can’t wait.

    Give a LISTEN to Broken. Highly recommended by David’s fans worldwide and Shirley gave a perfect description of this song.

    I don’t know what this song is about, but it sounded like he talking about war. hehehe… I’m just guessing.

  40. Ladies I will not give in to temptations anymore 🙂
    I’ll listen to the cd when I get it so that I can enjoy the songs entirely at one go.

    I rediscovered one song by Jewel called ‘Hands’ that I hope David will cover one day:

  41. LOL Akang – you think Broken is about war? Guess it could be the type of song that is open to all sorts of interpretatations. As shared by Kari, David didnt write the song but work on the melodies and he really did a fantastic job on it!

    Hi John – have heard that Jewel’s song before but have not seen the video. Yes its a very nice song and I am sure if David covers it one day, he’ll probably own it after that 😀

    Anyway since we’re sort of on the topic about ‘Hands’ here’s a video down memory lane of David singing My Hand in Indonesia last year. One of my favourite songs from his 1st album.

  42. =) OneDavid informed me that day that they’ll help fans to buy BEGIN. they’ll post the details soon….

  43. Wow… Shirley, thanks for the video. I practically forgotten that July was David’s Asia Tour! That was a stylish attire that David had on in Jakarta! Gosh! I haven’t heard My Hand for >12 months. 🙂

    Rewind back to today last year, a few of our excited ladies attended David’s 2nd stop i.e. in Manila. I remembered waiting for Sheba to upload her first video until past midnight when Trace excitedly report that the video is coming soon.

    It’s really worth the wait:- 🙂

  44. hey Izzati, thanks for your info. Did you enjoy the 10 snippets of BEGIN. or are you on snippet-free? 🙂

  45. Would the album be released here although he’s no longer with a major record label?

  46. Eng
    We’re trying to get more info on that. Will let all know once we have the deets.

  47. Hi Akang,

    Yes that was a stylish attire that David had on during the Indonesian concert. Love the effect from the wind machine too 🙂 I remembered it was on a Sunday morning that I excitedly checked out the first few videos Sheba uploaded from Indonesia. Then it was waiting for more videos and recaps from our pals who went to Manila…haha, good times indeed!

    Wow, its so great to watch that Heaven video from Manila. Sheba did a great job!

    While I was still catching up on a few other videos from Indonesia, I came across this TV interview. I find it so funny whenever David is put on a spot especially with this flirty interviewer.

  48. HAHA… Shirley, that was one mighty hot COUGAR there!! Geez, I laughed so much when I first watched it!! LOL…at least David would know how to handle this kind of similar situation when he meet one while doing his rounds during the mission!! Wonder would he sign as David or Elder on the t-shirt if ask?!! 🙂

  49. i already listened to all the 10 snippets…. and it sounds amazing. can’t wait to listen to the whole album…! =)

  50. LOL Akang, David sure handled himself like a pro in that Indon interview! I hope no one asks him to sign on their tshirts in Chile 😀

    Hey Izzati, Yes, those snippets were fantastic. Guess all of us are counting the days till Aug 7 🙂

    It sure was a pleasant surprise when Kari posted that video of David talking about BEGIN. So great to see him being totally immersed in the moment while singing his heart out.

  51. Hey Akang

    You would like this video as it has the best combo – David and another of your favourite singer 🙂
    Great video…sure to put a smile on your face 😀

  52. Oh my!! Thanks Shirley – you are amazing! LOL… Two favourite artists in one video. I believe it’s the KL concert clips that were used in the video. I totally LOVE this Jason Mraz’s “happy” pop song and hope David would do this kind of music after 2014. 🙂

    I stumble upon this video and what this British singer, Katie Melua said the importance of how a singer interpret the famous songs reminds me of BEGIN. snippets. Judging from the snippets, David truly makes those 10 covers his own and also bring the best out of each song.

    Watch from 1:30 mark – 1:56 mark:-

  53. Hey Akang,

    Amazing duet video of Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy! Wont it be wonderful if David could do a similar ‘impossible duet’ with Eva too?

    I have no idea who Katie is until now but we know about Eva Cassidy cos David mentioned her endlessly. You’re right about what Katie said about Eva taking those famous songs, does something to it, make it her own and at the same time making the listener look at the song in a different light. Yup, that’s what David did with BEGIN. This is going to be an epic CD 😀

  54. Hi Akang,

    My pic is kinda obscure cos I’ve forgotten to put from Malaysia, guess I was just too excited LOL!

    That was a rather old pic from way back in 2009 of my nieces and daughter running in the park. Not a particularly well taken pic but I entered it in the joyous celebration of BEGIN 😀 Also not expecting much but for the fun of it. Why dont you send in your pic like you said you might?

  55. Today last year, David had his first concert in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam. Do these young guys need to pay for sound check? 🙂

  56. Thanks Akang for the reminder of David’s concert in Vietnam. Man! That voice singing
    a capella is just so perfect! Those Vietnamese were so lucky to have two shows.

    Wonder how many rehearsals did he do over there as this is yet another rehearsal video at the same venue. Love to see the boss man giving directions 😀

  57. Today last year, David had his 2nd concert in Vietnam @ the capital city, Hanoi. I came across this video and looking at the enthusiastic young faces makes me LOL. It was sure a different M&G concept!

  58. LOL Akang, those excited Vietnamese Archies were so brave to sing in front of David!
    I remembered we practised Zero Gravity and sang to David as well during the group M&G in 2009 over at Sunway. Thank goodness we were a big group 😀

    Today last year, we were so excited to be going up to KLIA to welcome David to Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Trace for that ride up to the Airport! So fun to meet the rest of the Archies and feeling the excitement with Sheba ustreaming the event. What a great day that was!

    Here’s Genie’s video that she took at the airport upon David’s arrival 🙂

  59. hey Shirley,

    Thanks for the video. Haha.. Genie was brilliant to capture the car plate number for Magnum 4-D. I remembered you texting me the whole morning while I was in the meeting looking at your messages under the table and at the same time trying very hard not to smile nor giggle. The next time I will join in the fun with Team Airport. 🙂

    This was truly the most memorable event at Fahrenheit Mall that I will always treasure. We had such fun waiting for David to appear and the screaming was deafening when he came on stage. I had a good look at David’s father, Jeff and David definitely takes after him except for the hair colour. 🙂

  60. Hi Akang,

    LOL I had the same idea re 4D when I saw the car plate number! Sorry about the distractions that day, we just were too excited.

    The Farenheit session was indeed a treasured memory. Do you remember that jog to the lift when everyone just ran after David when he leaves the session? That corner store near the lift almost got stampeded 😀

    July 26, 2011 will forever be etched in our memories..the last stop of David’s Asian Tour! To Sony Malaysia – THANK YOU for making this concert happened!

    Also thanks to @Aniszlee, this is a good video recap of David’s Kuala Lumpur stop.

  61. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! HAPPY 1 YEAR TOSOD TOUR LIVE IN MALAYSIA ANNIVERSARY EVERYBODY!!!!!! Man, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here….
    Oh my goodness… I accidentally flushed my RM 300 ticket into the Times Square public toilet exactly 1 year ago.. :/ And had amazing friends help me track how I lost it, but soon realize what had actually happened… 😛 And Uncle John, God bless you. Love you soooo much for everything you’ve done. And can’t thank you enough for helping me get a new one printed. 🙂
    Well, nothing is ever normal or boring when David’s concerned. A little (NO! A LOT) of craziness is bound to happen. 🙂

  62. Hello Irda, 🙂

    Haha…It was a sheer experience that you will never forget in your life and best of all, it has a happy ending. We all indeed enjoyed ourselves at David’s KL concert today last year!

    Since you mentioned those amazing friends that had helped you, here is the video that John made last year about friendship:-

    Hmm…I wonder where are all these Archies in the video right now?? For David, he has BEGUN his next phase of life in a new country. 🙂

  63. hey Shirley,

    Hahaha…. Oh yes! I remembered seeing you, Jennie and your girls chasing after David to the lift in Fahrenheit Mall at the end of the signing ceremony. It was a wonderful sight when everybody walked back to the main lobby with happy loud laughter that filled the almost empty mall. 🙂

    That was a wonderful recap video that summed up the whole amazing event last year that I’ll never forget.

    To end David’s KL concert today last year, the cover song that I truly love him to sing again live is:-

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