18 comments on “Oh, David.

  1. He looks slightly rounder than when we last saw him. haha. Well Tracy, I don’t suppose regular missionaries would hesitate to have their photos taken. D shouldn’t be left out. Something to remind them of their two years of service. He probably didn’t realise they’d end up online 🙂

    (Is it premature to mourn the imminent loss of his glorious pectorals though? I hope he’s eating his fruits and veggies)

  2. LOL…I will caption the DiGi-tie picture:-

    “So I guess I look enough like me today but not enough to actually be me”

    🙂 This is one of David’s tweets which I like. Hope Trace can man-hunt him down!!

  3. Hi Tracy

    Just like you, I was very happy to see new pictures of David smiling and looking happy. I do think he knows that each time he smiled for the camera it will end up online.

    LOL Liying I think those glorious pecs are still intact, its just hidden under those thick over-sized jacket 😀

    Akang, did he really tweet that? I cant seem to remember 🙂 I sure do miss his funny and random tweets 😦

  4. From the last thread….

    Liying, thanks for the video of Ron Pope. Its my first time to listen to him as well. If David is going for acoustic with Broken, I wont mind at all.

    Akang, indeed David’s voice is unique 🙂 Re Maroon 5’s video covering Taylor Swift’s song, I didnt even realize its Taylor’s song and was wondering why she’s so excited for that performance. Maybe M5 changed up the song too much but then I am not a fan of Taylor too so I guess that’s why I cant tell the difference.

    For BEGIN I thought there could be an MJ’s cover especially since David loves Man In The Mirror. He sounded amazing in this video eventhough its just a snippet of the song.

    Here’s James Morrison’s cover of the same song.

  5. hello Shirley,

    Thanks for Man In the Mirror. LOL…yes.. David beat James M on this iconic song in terms of vocal. Bias? 🙂 The more I listen to James M, the more he sounds like Rod Stewart – low and raspy.

    I, too, didn’t realise that M5 covers Taylor Swift’s song at the video I posted. M5 certainly changed her pop country to a rock song until beyond recognition but sounds weird, though. hehehe…. I wonder would David change any of the cover songs in his BEGIN album??

    This morning I heard this happy light-hearted song over the radio and it certainly perks me up immediately with a smile. Why is this song doesn’t makes you feel fed-up after many listens??

    And our dear David sang this cover quite well considering it was on his first solo tour!! 🙂

  6. Hi Akang

    Of cos you’re not bias as I also have the same opinion on those two videos re Man In The Mirror 😀

    I do know what you mean about Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. Its funny how that song is being played to death on the radio but I find it refreshing each time I happen to hear it. Guess its all about brilliant song writing and singing 🙂 Love that video of David singing his favourite song of 2008 by one of his favourite singer. He did some awesome covers during that tour too and I especially love One by U2. Here’s a look at the medley video * warning – lots of crazy screamings *

    Oh my heck!!!!! I just heard 20 secs snippet of Somewhere Only We Know…woohooo!!!! I am so excited!! Oh its so wonderful to hear his voice again 😀 Cant wait for BEGIN

  7. Thanks liying for bringing that link over. 🙂

    As for the snippet I..ah…um…maybe it’s unfair to judge a 20 second snap shot so I’ll reserve my comments until I hear the whole thing.

  8. Your welcome 🙂

    Off-topic but have y’all heard Daniel sing? I think he’s not too shabby a writer too.

  9. Wowww.. I like what I heard on that 20sec snippet. Yes, it sure nice to hear his voice again!! Kudos to Kari for doing an awesome job by keeping the fan base excited! Hope she can read my mind by putting out the snippet of “True colours”! 🙂

    Thanks liying for the above video. It looks like Daniel is good guitarist. 🙂

  10. Loving the BEGIN buzz especially after the preview of the 20 secs snippet of Somewhere Only We Know. Just took a look at the Walmart site and BEGIN is No 2 on the Best Seller list. No 1 is Phillip Phillips’ AI Highlights EP

    Hey Akang, maybe Kari will preview a new snippet each week until Aug 7? Just wishful thinking on my part 🙂 She is indeed doing a great job keeping the excitement going with the fans. Cant wait to hear David’s phenomenal vocals on this cd! Hope it’ll be available at Amazon soon. Time to make my Christmas gifting list 😀

  11. HAHA!! what a surprise!! David did change up “True Colours” to HIS style. Love it. That is how I usually sing this song at the karoake! 🙂 just kidding!! I prefer this one to the first snippet.

    Shirley – Your wish for two snippets per week will be granted. I can’t wait to listen to the original “Broken”. Thanks for the link.

  12. LOL Akang, thank you, my wish has been granted and its even more amazing, 3 snippets in a week!!!

    Eventually we will hear BEGIN unless there is no snippet for this original song. Oh well, I hope Pride will be the first snippet for next week. Woohoo, its exactly a month from today till the CD drops 😀

  13. Wow! a 3rd snippet! Kari really knows how to keep us excited. hmmm… I’m not familiar with the song “Dont Give up”. haha…I’m with John – still prefer the 2nd snippet!

    Shirley – just pray hard for your Pride! 😉

  14. Those snippets are coming in fast and furious. No 4 & 5 has just been previewed. Love the 5 snippets on Soundcloud at David’s OS 🙂

    Akang, LOL I should be able to hear Pride sometime next week. Its ok I can wait 😀

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