39 comments on “David Quotes

  1. LOL Trace, thanks for the laugh! That was a really Ah Pek outfit during the AI audition.
    Thank goodness he’s into tight jeans lately 🙂

    Gosh! That chubby David pic is really funny…Archies are such lovable bunch of people, makes missing David so much easier. The last picture, never mind his height, the upper body shot looks great though I am sure Akang wishes he’s a bit taller 😀

  2. Hey Akang,

    From the last thread…must be hard to restrain your fangirly self, right? I’ve watched Sheba’s videos and the crowd was good, no over the top shrieking.

    Anyway with Trace’s post above, its safe to say we miss David and wish he’s already back. Thank goodness he’s not that far away as this song title goes but still he’s thousands of miles away…sigh

  3. My gosh! This had me in stitches. Especially the ‘I am way cuter than you’ one. Hahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh, Trace. (:

  4. Shirley

    Humour is definitely important to tie us over the period to 2014. 🙂
    There is something about David that gives us an inclination to laugh good-humouredly at him and still adore the ground he walks on 😀

    Or are we laughing at ourseles for being so enamoured by him? 🙂

    If David should come back in 2014 looking like the fat figure above, would we still like him?
    Would we ignore the fact that he looks less attractive and just focus on the quality of his voice and his music? Hm…I wonder…

  5. Tracy

    Haha I’m so glad you were in stitches!
    I enjoyed doing it too. 🙂

    I wonder if David would have the same humour if he were to read it. 🙂

  6. Hey Trace,

    OMG! Brilliant captions!! Who picks those pictures??

    I love these few captions:-

    1) “Hmm…that chick looks cute. Pity she’s my Mom’s age” LOL…. that’s a nice compliment to cute chicks with fake hair colours!

    2) “Dang those tinted lenses they made me wear” – haha… that’s what I told Shirley and she didn’t believe me!! She still thinks it was David real eye colours.

    3) “Ok enough…stop calling me Ah Pek” – hehehe… you always said you love Ah Pek or Ah Piao type of guy!!

    4) Yup, his height… I wonder whether he could get legs extension in Chile?? LOL…

    Thanks for a good laugh. I’m sure David would have giggled his head off when he reads those captions.

  7. Hi Akang

    Crazy ole me did the pics and captions. And John did the beautiful format. 🙂
    IWe will do more things of a similar nature since you guys liked it.

    Lol at your Comments.
    That “chick at mum’s age” caption is a joke that is meant for laughing at ourselves – people like you and me and many of us who are “over-aged”. 😀

    Of course Shirley was right – his werewolf’s eyes are natural. Perhaps that pic was taken during a full-moon? 😀

    Did I say I like Ah Pek kind of guys? Maybe a little more conservative la – not too Ah Pek! 😀

    His height is something you, dear Akang, has always had an issue with. I was thinking of you when I wrote that bit. 😀

    But I myself like David the way he is – any taller, he wouldn’t have that goofy look anymore.
    As long as he can reach that mike, I’m happy. Lol! 😀

  8. Haha LOL. Been some time since we poked fun at some David-isms 🙂 I’m actually shorter than David so his height is kinda perfect for me 😀 If he ever becomes tubby I’m gonna spam his PO Box and nag or blackmail (whichever works best) until he gets his nice pecs and biceps back haha. Pretty ganas 😀

  9. Trace,

    One more caption that I like:

    1) Sorry Mum, promise I’ll try not to miss the ball next time” – LOL… I thought he whispered to his mom and said ” Mum, are those people looking at my hairy legs?”.

    hi liying,

    Wow… yes! pretty ganas nagging that chubby David! LOL…. I assure you that David is quite vain of his physique and his hair. If he ever becomes big, he’ll enrol in another reality show called Biggest Loser, a weight loss programme. 🙂 Did I get the name of the show correct??

  10. liying

    Lol! I am actually the same height as David – I kinda mentally measured with the sneaky corner of my eye when I stood next to him at a photo session in KL. 😀

    I think, if he ever becomes THAT tubby (I doubt it’ll happen!) I will listen to him all ears but my eyes will look in another direction Lol 😀

  11. Akang

    Biggest Loser Loll!!
    Does he have hairy legs? You and Shirley really scrutinise his physique don’t you ? 😀

    When I first saw that FAT pic, I was flabbergasted. But my humour got the better of me – I began to see the lighter side of things and admired what photoshopping (is that the word?) can do. There are so many creative Archies amongst us! 🙂

    I read that, it was after his tweet that he was eating alot and that the mission people are feeding them well, that the pic was, lo and behold, created!

    I think David himself would have a good laugh if he ever saw it. 🙂

  12. Trace,

    You’re absolutely right about having humour to sustain us till 2014. To be able to laugh at ourselves
    no matter how enamoured we are with David and especially when that affection is understood by
    like minded friends is quite a blessing. We need to have those ‘feel good’ endorphins running so keep those funnies coming 🙂

    Oh man! I love your reply to Akang about his height and the mike….I am with you on that. Yes, you
    ladies are correct, his height is just perfect for us 😀

  13. Akang,

    I think Trace’s explanation makes more sense about that pic being taken during a full moon! Next
    you will say he has the wrong amount of make up on and way too much blusher and lip colour.
    LOL at your hair legs caption 😀

    Haha Liying, you’re one spunky lady! No worries, just like what Akang said he’s vain in that area. Just bear in mind that he’ll likely to come back more muscular and with a tan to boot too! That’s from walking or cycling everyday under the sun and lots of community work 😀

  14. John

    Lol! That pic of Marlon Brando really freaked me out. From an Adonis in his early films like The Wild One and On The Waterfront, he neglected his health and became the figure in that pic.
    I hope David will not go down the same path. 😦

    I think David is beginning to “thaw” from certain inhibitions. But I doubt he will thaw all the way to enable him to secure some real acting roles. Shame. He would look so good on the big screen. And, judging from his emotive singing onstage, he could be a good actor, with some proper coaching of course. 🙂

  15. Hey guys

    Just want to share with you that I’ll be going away in a couple of days’ time, on a month’s vacation to Tuscany (Toscana in Italian), the land renowned for its Rennaisance art and architecture and beautiful landscape, and which also gave us music greats like Puccini and Bocelli.

    Keep on chatting guys, having fun and of course dissecting David to pieces! 😀

  16. Hey Trace,

    WOW! a month long holiday and to Italy no less. Have a great break and dont miss us too much!
    If that Chile trip doesnt happen, do remember to send David a postcard 🙂

    BTW, be sure to check out David’s music video of I’ll Never Go before you leave. Sigh, miss him so much 😦

    Take care and see you in a month’s time. Big hugs 😀

  17. Are you all pre-ordering BEGIN? Does that mean it’s not going to be sold in stores outside the US? Ngaww… I don’t have a credit card 😦

  18. I hope we could get BEGIN album at our local music stores or at least at Amazon site. Let’s wait for more information from David’s official site.

    I just check out David’s ING video and he looks different. ING is one of my favourite songs on the album because of his lower register. 🙂 As expected, the video is nothing great but LOL at his packing. Is that all he packed for his mission?!! Well, it’s sad to watch him walk out of the house at the end of the song, though.

    I love hearing Joss Stone’s bluesy soulful vocal and stumble upon her latest interview where she and her manager did an introduction of their newly-founded company. Love the first 4-min of their company’s music concept & model presentation i.e. giving their signed artists freedom to do their own music. Sound awesome!

    Since David does not have a label, would he consider joining Joss’ company in Britain after his mission?? Would he go to Britain to explore different sound and music?? Currently, I feel the British artists’ music and style sounds different and very much better than the Americans, eg. Adele’s and Joss’. Sad to say the American music today sounds the same until I can’t tell who the singer is on the radio.

  19. Hi Amy!

    You think we can buy BEGIN from our local stores? That will be great otherwise I am sure its available via Amazon. Ive been checking out to see if Forevermore is selling at Speedy but alas it’s nowhere to be found.

    Agreed with you re ING MV and his lower register. I love the video though because we know its David’s gift to his fans. Yes its rather sad to see him packing and walking away but at least we know he’ll be back 😀

    That’s a rather long video of Joss Stone but a very interesting concept that she’s doing with her own label. Thanks for posting the link. I am no music expert but for David’s case it would be great if he can find a similar fit when he comes back in 2014. Its exciting to hear Joss talked about building on the artiste’s strength, no imposition on their (artiste’s) creativity and they value people who are passionate about what they are doing. Looks like David fits all criteria 🙂 I enjoy British music and dont see if there’s anything wrong for David to experiment some Brit musical influence if there’s an opportunity.

    Anyway, here’s a video of Joss and Smokey Robinson on AI10. What do you think of a Joss and David collaboration?

  20. hello Shirley,

    I’m no music expert, too. As a fan, it’s a wishful thinking of David collaborating with some British songwriters/singers if opportunity arises and this will broaden his horizons. I wonder does Joss’ company do promotions for their artists other than giving them freedom/creative to find their sound. Marketing is one of the most important part of business to get their artists’ name out in the music industry.

    Yup, I think Joss and David could collaborate as her soulful voice is not overly powerful. Let’s hear this catchy music together: 🙂

  21. Hey Amy,

    That’s a nice duet video of Joss and Ricky Martin. Guess you’re right, David and Joss could collaborate well. Joss is only 4 years older than David and when he comes back in 2014, he’ll be at a nice age 🙂

    Re Marketing – Stone’d Record is relatively new and from the long video, they were quite vague about marketing. Guess they must have some set up on marketing and distribution as those are important aspects of the music business.

    Never follow Joss Stone before till your mention here. Saw this duet of Angels with Robbie Williams. She likes to perform bare-footed, right? At least David doesnt have to worry that she’ll tower over him if they do perform together in the future 😀

    Anyway, our David didnt do shabby while singing the same song during his 2009 tour with Mcfly in the UK. Love the enthusiastic crowd singing along.

  22. Shirley,

    How I discovered Joss Stone was when she did a duet with LeAnn Rimes and subsequently with many other American artists. I guess this is the only way for a British singer to break into the American music scene. Well, David could use similar music tactics like Joss Stone and get himself well-known overseas since US music industry is churning out tons of singers every year through reality tv shows.

    Yes, Joss Stone is well-known for her barefoot performances. Jason Mraz is also follow suit, barefooted when he perform at all his concerts including the recent KL concert. LOL… It had me thinking, would David trade his shoes for a barefoot performance. Nah! Even as Josh Bradley, he wore his shoes to sleep on that wooden hard bed in Anya’s home!! LOL…

    Thank for Angels. It’s really a beautiful song and the enthusiastic British audiences were awesome!!. Hey, we did quite well too at David’s concert last year! 🙂

  23. LOL Akang at your Josh Bradley and going to bed with shoes on comment. That scene in Nandito Ako never fails to make me laugh and the fanning of himself thereafter with the cardboard too 😀

    Oh yes, we certainly did our part well at the concert last year. Gosh! it’ll be one full year this July…times flies.

  24. Shirley,

    Yup! we were as awesome as the Brits!! LOL… I think I did loose many calories after that song!!

  25. Akang and Shirley 🙂
    Thanks for keeping the thread alive with your musical musings. The other chatterbox is busy enjoying herself in Tuscany and so we have to keep the home fires burning.

    As for David collaborating with British artists, I remember his first CD where he wrote ‘Works for Me’ with Daniel Beddingfield brother to Natasha Beddingfield:

    Daniel Beddingfield had a big hit with this song:

  26. John,

    Oh yes! I love the song “Works for Me”. Catchy and refreshing. Hope he could produce more of this kind of music in future and 100% with British artists collaborations!

    Are you sure that other chatterbox is going to Tuscany? I thought she is going for David-man-hunt expedition in Chile. LOL…I hope she could find him as I know all those youngsters have the same Ah Pek hairstyle and a DiGi coloured tie. LOL.. if she could recognise him! 🙂

  27. Chatterbox??! Moi??! 😀

    Pinched this laptop from one of the youngsters here while she is not looking.
    I am given exactly fifty-nine and a half seconds to say what I want to say, that brat. 😀
    Am still in London but preparing to shoot off to Bologna (as in spaghetti bolognese) tomorrow morning. Missing David..missing you guys..
    Saw the ING video before I left KL. Why does he have to look so dang cute? 😦 🙂
    David is saying I’ll Never Go’ if You Guys Will Never Go. 🙂

  28. Hey TraceTraceWillow!!!

    So wonderful to ‘see’ you. Couldnt stay away huh?
    Yup, he looks dang cute even though he’s full of angst in that music video.
    Have fun with the family in Bologna. Missing you too!

  29. Hi John

    No need to thank us….as you’ve noticed Akang and I just enjoy our own little chats here 😀

    Love the slightly new banner. Nice touch with David’s lovely pair of eyes in the middle of the word Broken! TQ

    Oh yes, Works For Me – one of my favourites from his first CD. Love the soulful R&B feel to the song. That was a great collaboration with Daniel Beddingfield. Too bad they didnt write more songs together.

  30. LOL Akang! you and your speculation of Trace being somewhere else instead of Tuscany! But then your mention of her going on a man hunt somewhere in South America is quite feasible 😀

    All those youngsters have Ah Pek hairstyles, yellow tie, travel on public transport and probably out in some fast food joint eating nuggets and fries too? Haha, you joker! I can envision Trace calling out ‘will the real David Archuleta, please stand up?’ in the middle of Chile 😀 😀

  31. Hey Akang,

    What a trip down memory lane! So much fun watching that SBL video you’ve posted above.
    Awesome crowd and yes we certainly lost a few calories there HAHA
    At one point, I was so scare that I might fall with all that jumping and waving of hands…thank goodness that didnt happen 🙂

    Here’s another SBL video of the crowd. I think I can spot John doing his jumps and hand waving 😀

  32. Hello Trace,

    What a pleasant surprise?!! It must be John’s magic word “chatterbox” that brought you out of the genie bottle, eh!! LOL… we miss you too!


    LOL …”will the real David Archuleta, please stand up” among the same hairstyle missionary guys! hehe… Hope he does and not the stand-in actor!

    You think John was jumping and hand waving during SBL? Well, you tell me as you were in the same row with him!! 🙂 Haha.. I must say the first row fans deserves to be named as the most enthusiastic jumpy beans of the night! 😉

  33. Hey Akang,

    LOL we were all jumping like crazy and I bet you were too! Watched that video a few times last night and wished we’ll have a David’s concert to go to this year 😦

    Anyway as I continued watching a few other videos, I came upon David’s live chat that he did in Oct 2010 when TOSOD was launched. He mentioned that he actually wrote a few songs with Daniel Beddingfield. Hopefully we will get to hear those songs some day. He was asked on various artistes in the video from Michael Buble, Anna Nalick, Bruno Mars, Demi Levato to Michael Jackson.

    Oh yes, he did say ‘Malaysia’ in this video too 😀 Of cos he also mentioned Jason Mraz as one of his musical inspirations. While on the topic of Jason Mraz, I am sure you know of one of his collaboration with James Morrison who is a Brit? Its a nice song 🙂

  34. I think D would do well collaborating with a Brit like Natasha Bedingfield. Her more uninhibited style of writing would do good to counter D’s more reserved one.

    This is one of my current favourite songs. I believe the tear-jerking piano-backed lamenting sort of thing would work for D. In fact, he may possibly be into that with his latest work. (Broken?????) *crosses fingers*

  35. Shirley,

    Wow. A nice duet between Jason Mraz and James Morrison. My first time listening to this nice slow song and also James M. James M sounded like David Cook but after my 2nd listen, I changed my mind. He has his own unique beautiful low vocal range when he performed “You give me something”. I think David’s high vocal would complement with this British man.


    Thanks for introducing Ron Pope. My first time. When I listen to a song for the first time, the vocal and melody comes first and lyrics would be very much later. My opinion: Ron’s vocal texture is almost the same with Jason Mraz’s, my current favourite singer and the only difference is the music style. A nice anguish song by Ron!

    Haha….David’s vocal texture is different from these pop singers that why his voice is unique. 🙂

    I hope “Broken” will represent the sound of 21st century since most of the covers were from those yesteryear. Can’t wait for Begin album but of course minus the album cover! 😉

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