21 comments on “American Idol Season 11

  1. Tracy

    It’s a hot topic at the moment, isn’t it? – about the brand new american idol.
    Not so hot for me though. I had glimpses of the shows when I happened to walk past the tv set when my filipino maids were eagerly watching (rooting for Jessica no doubt haha).

    None of the contestants impressed me.
    Jessica – she has a pretty good voice I guess, but she lacks personality and forms no heart connections with the listeners.

    Joshua – I’m not sure I can listen to him for longer than 5 minutes. His yelling drove me clawing up the wall many times.

    Philip – I knew he would win simply because the voters were mostly young teens and he was cute and likeable. No brainer.
    Ok, so I rather like him since he looks quite cute. Maybe I’ll like him more when I can relate to his rather strange voice in time.

    The winners I think, were actually the judges, especially the one sitting in the middle. Whoever heard of a judge grabbing all the attention by going onstage to wave her back portion about and promoting her own album!

    AI has lost her appeal as far as I am concerned.
    Every year from the past 3 years (or is it 2, I can’t remember) the winners will be the same people – the judges.
    In fact, they shouldn’t even be called “judges”. Did they actually judge? Everything seems to be described as “beautiful”.

    Season 7, please come back!
    David Archuleta, please come back!

  2. Tracy

    Your poor, devastated Dad!
    Was he devastated too when our David came in 2nd? 🙂

  3. Trace
    I agree with you. Sadly, my dad thought David Cook was the right winner back then. He thought a kid should not win such a contest. Guess he’s not much of a David fan. 😛

  4. “Goossh they were both deserving of the title…giggle, giggle…their singing was so beautiful…giggle,giggle…they were fantastic..giggle,giggle,giggle”

  5. I had a peek at the idol finale. Heard a bit of Phillip2 singing…. actually couldn’t hear him at all, the noise was too loud. I wonder how the judges can hear anything. I thought he was going to sing Home by Daughtry. They’re my favourite band. lol He sang a different Home. 🙂

    Do any of you guys watch The Voice? I think it’s more entertaining. This year’s crop of AI contestants might not even have made it past the blind auditions on The Voice.

    Ahh.. I wish I watched season 7. Must have been so exciting. Maybe it’s best I didn’t. It’s no good to be too emotionally invested in a tv show. 😀

  6. Cuckoo woman: Hey Caveboy! You should have won but you giggle too much hehe! 🙂

  7. liying

    Hey welcome back! How did the exams go? 🙂

    Yes I’ve watched the blind auditions of The Voice several times and it’s definitely more entertaining than the present AI. I agree with you, this year’s (and for a few years now) top contestants of AI would not have gone past the auditions of The Voice.

    If AI’s “celebrity judges” had done a better job and had the producers not placed so much attention on them, the performances might have gone up a few notches. I miss Simon’s cutting remarks when he thinks a performance is not up to mark.

  8. Hi Tracy,

    I watched the AI11 finale, mainly out of curiosity. Not particularly interested in following the show after Season 7. I started watching when it was at Top 4 because I was trying to find out what the fuss was with Jessica Sanchez. Since I am not in any big way invested in the show, it makes no difference to me who won though I do enjoy Phillip Phillips more than Jessica 🙂

    During the result show, I was at work and was receiving numerous texts from my sister who was watching it live. She had to report that they showed a 2 sec clip of David which momentarily freaked me out. LOL, the phone book singing skit was quite funny. Next she had to tell me how much she missed David because someone sang Sweet Caroline. Talk about major distractions!

    Hey Trace,

    Thank goodness for Youtube videos of Season 7, just skip the ones when Ryan announced the winner. I remembered you said each time you watch that it’ll give you a tummy ache 😀

    This is random but thought I share it. In 2008 when my youngest niece, Amanda was two and learning to talk, my sister called me excitedly one day. She said you just gotta hear what Amanda can say and put her on the phone. In the background my sister asked her ‘who is your favourite singer?’ David Archuleta! Amanda promptly answered much to our delight LOL! I must say Amanda said it quite well and didnt miss a beat too cos that name is quite a mouthful! You can imagine how often Amanda was asked that question after that 😀

  9. Hi Shirleee!

    Lol to your 2 year-old niece! I think I like her already. 😀
    She must be 8 years old now? I hope she is still saying the same thing when asked the same question. 🙂

    I like your random talk, Shirley. Do more! 🙂

    You have a good memory – my tummy juices go haywire when I accidentally hear the part when Ryan announces the winner at the end of Season 7. I am normally quite alert and cautious just before the announcement and I quickly stop the video haha. Why listen to crap, right? 😀

    I like Neil Diamond but….
    Every time David sings a cover, he has ownership of it.

    Yeah…good to have a major spaazzz early in the morning…starts the day well… 😀

  10. TracY – thanks for sharing your opinion of AI11. My first time watching AI when I heard someone is going to sing Imagine and surprisingly, I was intrigued with Phillip Phillips. Tell your Dad why Phillip2 has won, my opinion:-

    1. He has a huge humility personality that shine through the TV screen;
    2. He turns most of the song covers to be his own style, just like how David turns “Think of Me” into a pop song. Check-out his audition when he sang “Thrillers”.
    4. His current style would sells albums. Most of his songs are on iTunes; and
    5. His coronation song “Home” sealed the deal.

    I agreed with everyone that Jessica has vocal prowess and she is just like any other female ballad classic diva contestants of those past seasons which we had heard before. Nothing special and her albums would not sell – to-date, 3 of her songs are on iTunes.

    David’s Imagine and Stand By Me are still the best. However, when I listened to Stand by Me by Phillp2 again – it’s actually not bad as it is his style. LOL..

    TracE – My family and I were laughing so hard when we saw Jennifer Holliday’s facial expression when she was singing with Jessica. The camera caught JLo’s and Randy’s stunned expressions when both of them were yelling their voice off. LOL…. The worst was Joshua and Fantasia… oh boy!! LOL…

  11. hello Shirley,
    I bet Amanda would recognise David right away since your house and her house are filled with David’s merchandise products. LOL…. 😉 My niece commented that David looks like her swimming instructor when she first saw his photo last year. Her mom and I were surprised and would love to meet her instructor to compare but alas, they were closed for Xmas holiday. LOL..

    hey liying,
    I watched The Voice on and off this season and agreed that the contestants were much older and professional than AI. I normally record The Voice and AI simply because I fast forward all the judges’ comments. LOL.. because I’ll be the judge of each contestant. 😉

  12. Akang

    P2 reminds me of David – not the voice of course – but the humble persona and quiet demeanour.

    I caught the part where Jennifer Holliday and Jessica had a duet.
    Was it meant to be funny? I thought it was hilarious.
    I’m afraid Jennifer outsang Jessica with her booming voice.
    Both their expressions made me LOL.

    How dare anyone sing Imagine and Stand By Me after David!
    They’re just asking for trouble haha!
    I didn’t see it Akang – I was more interested in catching the half-second of David when they sang the phonebook! Such a loser, moi. 🙂

    I think the judges need judging 😀

  13. Hey Aunties Trace and Akang

    The contestants on the voice were not really much older than the ones on AI, but they were a lot more professional. I liked Juliet Simms. Hard to come by good female rockers these days. I thought her version of Crazy was really good. 🙂 Hers was a more rock-and-roll kind of Crazy whereas D sings a more turns-brains-to-mush heavenly kind of Crazy.

    The other day Sunny said D used to vote for the other contestants while on AI. ugh… *facepalm* . Might have cost himself the title.

    My exams aren’t over yet btw. Have 2 weeks in between 5th and 6th paper. It’s been good so far. 😀

    Hey Tracy

    Your dad sounds pretty fun, being so emotional watching AI lol. Mine doesn’t like singing shows but at least he approves of D. haha “Good, clean-shaven mormon boy” he says. Potential son-in-law material maybe? hehehehe *gleefully rubs hands together* *cackle*

  14. liying

    What I heard was the contestants of The Voice were actually professional or semi-professional singers already and they went for the auditions by invitation from The Voice. Maybe that explains the fact that they are better singers and perform better onstage.

    Yes I read what Sunny said too. Joining you in “facepalming”! 😦
    Guess David never realised he was in a competition. 😦

    Lol about your dad. Cackling gleefully with you…! 😀

  15. liying & TracE,

    Really?! The Voice’s contestants are professionals and their age group are almost the same with AI!! No wonder they performed so much better than the AI contestants. Man, all of them look so much more mature, too!

    I was kind of smitten over Chris Mann’s “You Raise Me Up” at the beginning of the song which I could felt his emotion and then he lost it by showing off his operatic vocal chops. LOL.. However, I did like Crazy by Juliet Simms but I still prefer David’s version though! Thereafter, I just lost my interest in watching for the rest of the finale but tune in to Blue Bloods tv series instead. 🙂

  16. I didn’t watch the show. Never watched AI after season 7.

    But are they seriously out of their cotton freaking minds?! Pairing Jennifer Holiday with an Idol wannabe? Do they even know who Jennifer Holiday is? She is a very well known Broadway,Tony and Grammy award winning singer and she has a powerhouse voice! And they paired her with Jessica whatever her name is? If I were Ms Holiday I would be mightily insulted!

    Jennifer Holiday is the one who originally sang the song ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ which won Jennifer Hudson her oscar in the movie ‘Dreamgirls’. Now if they were to pair both the Jennifers then yeah you’d get a singing performance.

    Have a listen:

  17. John

    Everyone had been going on and on about Jessica having such a fantastic voice bla bla bla….
    But when they paired her with Jennifer Holliday, her voice was heard as thin and feeble.
    I think they attempted to make Jessica into something she was not capable of reaching. But she will probably make it big in the Philippines.

  18. Akang

    During the blind auditions of The Voice, they actually showed the potential contestants being approached by The Voice people. Did you not watch the blind auditions? That was the fun part. After that, I got busy and didn’t watch anymore.

    So I don’t know who Chris Mann and Juliet Simms are.

  19. I do watch a little bit of The Voice especially the blind auditions and Chris Mann was the one with the operatic voice and was picked by Christina Aguilera.

    On the whole the singers on The Voice are very talented. They’ve been round the mill for a bit and some do have professional experience which comes through very clearly when they perform on the stage. Sadly though, the winner of the 1st season of The Voice went nowhere with his debut album and is probably forgotten by the industry by now. Let’s hope the second season’s winner will have better support.

  20. So that’s Chris Mann – I remember having watched him during the blind auditions.
    He is ok but I’m not too impressed. He doesn’t link the lines too well.
    I’m sure David could have done it better, and he will, with BOTW.

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