13 comments on “Love to Love you baby

  1. Donna Summer was definitely an iconic artist during the 70’s.
    I did not actually listen to her music at that time – but she was a “must-have” at parties and discos during that time.
    And MacArthur’s Park was considered to be a song that was symbolic of a great musician/entertainer that was called Donna Summer.

    RIP Donna – you have left an indelible mark in the history of music, especially dancing music.

    I have my own personal favourite to be played at discos and parties – you can’t help but tap your feet to it or run to the dance floor to swing your dancing body to it. 😀

  2. I don’t know if she was lip-synching to the song in that video but Donna Summer did posses an amazing set of pipes and she was the rare singer who sounded just as good live as she did on record.
    I saw her in concert once when I was studying in Canada and boy can she sing! It was an amazing show 🙂

  3. I envy you for the opportunity to have seen her Live.

    Why did you think she was lip-synching in that vid? I watched it again just to see what you were talking about but saw no signs of it.

  4. Yes, I always heard her disco songs at most of the disco clubs. LOL.. My school mates and I will be dancing like mad cows during her songs. I’m more towards Bee Gees, Michael Jackson and Madonna at that time. LOL…

    R.I.P. Donna Summer!!

  5. Sad to hear of the passing of another iconic singer. I too remember most of her songs and will always associate her with disco 🙂 That must have been one memorable concert, John.

    Here’s Donna Summer on AI during the finale of 2008. Best season ever! 😀

    Hey Trace & Akang – rooting for Philip Philips are we? Since he’s the last two standing I hope he wins as well. Agreed that he has the charisma and seems genuine like David.

    Cuckoo woman? Dont look at me, I am not into chants like you,Trace 🙂

  6. Akang/Shirley

    I’m not exactly rooting for Philip2, but I would rather he wins than the other one, who I think is not exuding any heart connection with her singing.

    He definitely reminds me of David – unassuming and genuine. Nice cute face too.
    When he sings without holding his guitar, he can actually carry a melody 😀

    There is no other season but Season 7 as far as I am concerned. All the top contestants were likeable and it gave us David! 🙂
    (But I do wish Cook never participated lol!)

    That mysterious cuckoo woman should own up soon before I lose my patience hmmph! 😀

  7. Morning all
    Another sad day in the music industry with the passing of Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. This leaves only one brother to carry on the name.

  8. OMG! I didn’t know it till now.
    The Bee Gees are so talented and I like most of their songs.

    Akang, you too like them. It must be a sad day for you too.

    Robin had a voice that was unique.
    This Dragon Year has brought many demises already – I can’t help thinking. 😦

    I am posting a vid of one of my favourite songs from them:
    From it you can tell that he looked rather ill. Did he die from an illness?

    Rest in Peace Robin – we will always remember you as one of the most unforgettable pop artists of all time.

  9. Oh dear it didn’t work. Go to YT watch Bee Gees Live HQ LochRaven 62.
    It was very touching and he sounded very sad.

  10. Robin Gibb died of cancer. He was in a coma for quite a while because of the disease. I think it must be very upsetting for Barry to see his brothers go one by one 😦

    The Bee Gees wrote music for a lot of people other then themselves, chief among them is Barbra Streisand who had a huge hit with the song ‘Woman in Love’:

  11. RIP Robin Gibb. I was kind of expected his passing when he went into coma last month. So sad. ;-( Barry Gibb, please stay healthy.

    Trace, you are right. I like the Bee Gees very much.

    One more great song by Robin as the lead singer. Enjoy:

  12. John

    Thank you for Woman In love. Really like the song. Beautifully written by the Bee Gees and beautifully sung by Streisand.

    It is indeed very sad for Barry, being the eldest, to see all his younger siblings go. I wonder if he will still have the heart to produce music on his own.

  13. Akang

    They had so many good songs it’s difficult to pick some favourites.
    I really must go shopping for their cd’s before they all run out.

    Thanks for posting Massachusetts – love that song.

    If I post even just a trickle of my favourites from them, you guys will be here all night. 🙂

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