22 comments on “Forevermore Collection/AAM Gathering

  1. And you guys thought only Goof and Poof are mad! Huh!
    Just look at those Aam’ers laughing like hyenas! 😀

    It was a good time! 🙂
    Wish Unkie Johnny and the others were there!
    Wish the album wasn’t so “draggy” though.
    But all is good.
    Bow wow! 😀

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

    A new album in August!!!!
    Called BEGIN!
    I looove that title!!!! 😀

  3. Mishka: “Good god Poof are those your human’s friends?”

    Poof: “Yah they’re always in some sort of…what they call ‘gathering’

    Mishka: “What do they do there?”

    Poof: “As usual they giggle, they talk non-stop, they stare at his pictures and generally go gaga over that boy. It’s sad really”

    Mishka: “From the looks of it every one seems to be having a good time”

    Poof: “Not for me and Goof. We’re left at home alone all day long chasing our own tails! And when my human comes back she looks at us with a strange look on her face – kinda sad and confused at the same time, then she goes and listen to that boy sing again.”

    Mishka: “Poor you and Goof. It must be giving you guys such a complex. Are all her friends that way too?”

    Poof: “As far as I can tell, yeah. Except for this ‘Uncle’ dude that my human sometimes talks about. Boy let me tell ya! She grits her teeth and this maniacal look comes on her face whenever she mentions his name. Looks like she’s about to commit murder lol!”

    Mishka: “What! Murder? What’s wrong with the guy?”

    Poof: “Well it seems he’s turned into a grouch lately and is being very snarky about the poor boy and this makes my human and her friends very upset and confused. Apparently this uncle dude used to be the boy’s biggest fan.”

    Mishka: “And he’s not any more?”

    Poof: “Doesn’t seem so from the way my human bitches about him. And he doesn’t go for their gatherings anymore”

    Mishka: “Hm strange how situations and people change ya? At least my human puts videos of me on youtube. I’m quite the star you know.”

    Poof: “Yah I saw those videos! How I wish my Marmie would do the same for Goof and me but she would rather stare at videos of that boy. Grrrr!”

    Mishka: “Calm down Poof I’m sure she and her friends will come to their senses soon. As for this Uncle dude he sounds like a real cool guy! Grounded and stable much like my human.”

    Poof: “Well I don’t know about my Marmie coming to her senses. Looks like a lost cause if you ask me. This uncle seems to have a lot of criticism about my human’s darling boy lately and she doesn’t like it. I tell ya she ain’t been a ray of sunshine that’s for sure!”

    Mishka: “Well at least you have Goof to play with and your own tails lol”

    Poof: “Yah a small measure of comfort but still sad really”

    Goof: “Woof!”

  4. WOOHOO!!! Great news to BEGIN my morning!!!! August 7th – I am SOOO ready for you! Wait, let me go check my Itunes balance first 🙂

    Seemed you guys had a blast at the gathering!
    LOL, Trace and Akang – the last pic, nice one of the laughing hyenas 😀

  5. Goof: Grrrooowwl!! You doggone bitchy lot, spending your time gossipping like human housewives!

    Poof: Sorry Goof! It’s that funnyman human again, always creating trouble.

    Mishka: Hi cousin Goof.! It’s not our fault really. This dude is always getting out of the wrong side of bed.

    Poof: One day he will tumble out of it and hurt his brain…if he has any.

    Goof: You’re supposed to guard Marmie’s house and protect her from unsavoury characters like him – he who calls himself a “cool dude”!

    Mishka: He is cool alright really…deep inside….but there have been cobwebs lately……masses, the last time I checked. And your Marmie is mighty cool too, so cool that she is termed as a Cool-Garl.

    Goof: Marmie having her gatherings with her Cool-Garl pals is good I think.
    Give them an opportunity to enjoy themselves and to laugh like our distant cousins, the hyenas.
    That “cool dude” is just afraid to turn up and join them, that’s all.

    Poof: But why? I thought Marmie and her cool-garl friends love him!

    Goof: Nah!…he is afraid they might eat him up alive….so to speak….cool-garls do things like that, y’know…..they rise to the occasion.

    Mishka: And they might also murder him when he is on his way to work.

    Goof: You are so right…..I would be really careful if I were him….wear an armour and a double-helmet or something.

    Poof: Oh dear….that would be World War 3!!

    Marmie: Shut up the 3 of you! Go back to your kennels or I won’t play any David-songs for you today!!

  6. Shirley

    I am super-excited too! 😀
    Hopefully. BEGIN will erase my disappointment with the present album.

    Scarry, aren’t they? – these aam’ers! 😀

  7. Mishka: “The BEGINning of another round of mediocrity?”

    Poof: “Yah what kind of title is that? Sounds real amateurish”

    Mishka: “Sigh…looks like your human and her gang will go round the bend again lol!”

    Poof: “Yah poor Goof and me will have to bear with it I suppose. Why can’t dogs hibernate like bears? That way we can wake up when the situation is saner and safer you know?”

    Mishka: “Hey maybe I can get my human to put you guys on youtube? You can tell the world about your human and her strange fascination with this boy whoever he is”

    Poof: “That sounds good! Maybe then my human and her friends can look at videos of me and Goof. It’s gotta be waay better than this boy”

    Goof: “Woof!”

  8. BEGIN… 🙂 How ironic considering it’s sort of the “END” of his music career for a little while.. 🙂 Love the title anyway!

  9. Irda!

    Sweetie! How can you say that!
    He is just taking a hiatus for a little while to do something else other than music.
    Lol! I’m just teasing you…. 😀
    I love the title too…..it is simple, elegant and says alot.

    Plato says: Truth is the BEGINning of every good to the Gods, and of every good to man. 🙂

    David has a unique way of naming his albums. Like The Other Side of Down – who would have thought of that? Simple words strung together but cleverly creating an impact.

  10. Goof: Ggrrrrrr……! Mishka go home! You are contaminating my chicken-brained wife!!

    Mishka: (scampers away, tail between legs, overcome by due respect to the He-man)

    Poof: I am so sorry Goof! She tricked me into saying things like that…I didn’t mean to villify that adorable human boy….she made me do it….I swear….it’s that horrid dude, you know, he bribed both Mishka and me with the most delicious and juicy bone…….I swear….I’ll never ever say things like that again……

    Goof: Youtube eh? You feather-headed dizzy female dog – you were attracted by the instant limelight of fame and glamour, weren’t you!
    And you think you can do better than he by just a drop of a pin….or rather, by the drop of a STALE so-called juicy bone?

    Poof: Do you think Mishka is jealous that she does not have so many vids on Youtube as The Adorable One?

    Goof: But of course dumbhead! And she doesn’t have a new album coming up later in the year.

    Poof: Do you think the title Begin is amateurish, like she said?

    Goof: Of course not, you goose! It’s elegant and simple and under-stated. He doesn’t believe in trashy, staring-in-your-face kind of titles.

    Poof: I already told you I’m not a goose!!! Stop calling me goose!!

    Goof: Then stop talking like one!!!

    Marmie: Children…! Who wants to listen to Forevermore?

    Goof and Poof (in unison): ME ME ME ME ME ! ! !

  11. Mishka: “Psst Poof do you and Goof really want to listen to that ‘Forever-something-or-other thingy?”

    Poof: “Not really but my human has threatened to stop giving us doggie treats if we don’t listen”

    Mishka: “What?! Animal cruelty in addition to funny taste in music? Your human has really lost the plot hasn’t she?”

    Poof: “Yah me and poor Goof has to bear the brunt of that excruciating CD allll daaaay looong! It’s such a pain! It’s a wonder Goof and me hasn’t gone bonkers yet! You’re right about animal cruelty”

    Mishka: “Thank god my human doesn’t force me to listen to that kind of racket! Instead he loves to listen to and record my howlin lol”

    Poof: “And now we have to bear with more ear aches with this Begin whatever it is that’s coming out. I don’t know how Goof and I are gonna last”

    Goof: *whine* *whine* *whimper*

  12. Goof: *whine* *whine* *whimper*….cough cough cough…..

    Poof: are you alright Goof? You look pale.

    Goof: Cough cough..whine whine..it’s that bloomin’ bone you shared with me…….that bloomin’ juicy bone that the evil dude bribed you with…cough cough….!

    Poof: Oh my doggone gosh! … aaaarrrgh….I got it too….ouch ouch ouch…my tummy….it’s got the most excruciating pain….. cough cough….I got it too…..

    Goof: Blast your gullibility! cough cough ….WE’VE BEEN POISONED!!
    That human evil dude put arsenic on that stale bone!!

    Poof: cough cough….you mean….cough….that evil dude gave us that juicy bone under pretence of being generous but just wanted to drug us into saying things ? .. Oh my tummy!!

    Goof: NOW you know…you nincompoop…! cough…. he gave us a drug that induces us to say things he wanted us to say
    He is a fox in sheep’s clothing!!

    Mishka: Hey! …Are you guys alright? OMG you look terrible!
    Hey guess what! I just peeped into that cool dude’s room through the window….and guess what!….He was listening to Forevermore with earphones! – yes! in secret!! – so no one knows!

    Marmie: Hey you 3! Wanna join dear Uncle John and me to listen to Forevermore at his house? He is waiting……….

    Goof, Poof and Mishka: YESyesyesyesyes.!!! COMINGcomingcoming!!

  13. Laika: “Mishka come quick!”

    Mishka: “What is it?”

    Laika : “Look at poor Poof and Goof. They seem to be in a terrible state!”

    Mishka: “Oh no look at them cowering in the corner, shivering and trying to cover their ears”

    Laika: “And what is that god awful sound coming from their house?”

    Mishka: “Oh it’s their human playing some CD called For-something-or-other by some human boy. Poor Goof and Poof has to bear with that everyday”

    Laika: “Poor things. Couldn’t we do something to help?”

    Mishka: “Well I suggested that our human help them get their own videos on youtube”

    Laika: “Hey that’s a great idea! Heck anything is bound to be better than that awful sound”

    Mishka: “Unfortunately their human has threatened to suspend their doggie treats if they don’t at least pretend to listen”

    Laika: “oh no how can any human be so cruel?”

    Mishka: “That’s why they’re called ‘humans’

    Laika: “But our humans aren’t like that. They’re fantastic!”

    Mishka: “yes but not all humans are so kind. Poor Goof and Poof gets it even worse when their human joins her friends in something called a ‘gathering'”

    Laika: “gathering? Ugh sounds horrendous! Aren’t we lucky that our human isn’t so wacky?”

    Mishka: “Yes but not all is lost though cos Poof tells me that one of her human’s friend is this dude called uncle something or other and he sounds so cool. He seems not to care for this sound at all”

    Laika: “Well thank heaven for that!”

    Moki: “woof!”

  14. Poof: Who are those unkempt-looking characters with Mishka, Goof?

    Goof: Oh…ignore them…they’re just vagrants. They wander around, without a home, and without a licence. They are trying to ampu Mishka since she has been on Youtube.

    Poof: But they say the most awful things about our beautiful daily music.

    Goof: They have never been enrolled in a canine school, that’s the trouble, and of course never attended any classes for the appreciation of music. Poor things, they will never know about the finer things of life.

    Poof: And they smell too…ugh!…what a stench!

    Goof: Mishka should not be mixing with disreputable characters like them.

    Poof: They are so sorry-looking….

    Goof: They remind me of that dude, Uncle something, who tried to poison us, especially with false thoughts against The Adorable One and his music. And now he is discrediting the human gatherings! How evil is that!

    Poof: But Mishka says he is a cool dude.

    Goof: Do you have to believe everything Mishka says? All that Youtube fame of hers has turned her brain into fluff and cat-poo, if you ask me.

    Marmie: Childreeeennn!…..Music tiiime! (with a musical tone) Who in the whole wide world do you want to listen to today? You pick…..

    Goof and Poof (in unison): DavidDavidDavid!!

    Mishka, Laika and Moki (muttering to themselves)…some peeps have all the luck………!

  15. liying

    Happy David Archuleta Day to you too! May 9th! 😀

    From all the archu-freaks! 😀 (including Goof and Poof) 😀

  16. Poof: Listening to David’s voice is so soothing…… nite nite Goof…
    z z z z z z z z z z z z ….

    Goof: Yeah…life is good when David is round…..waiting for BEGIN……
    Nite Poof….. z z z z z z z snore z z z z z snort z z z z z z z z z Z Z Z ….

  17. Goof: Dang…”when David is AROUND”! Ok really going to sleep now…..z z z z z z z z z…

  18. Happy David Archuleta Day, everyone 🙂

    Just took a peek at TheDavidChronicles.com and JR has a whole post on David’s AI Homecoming with all the videos in one place. Going over there to watch now 😀 Goodnight!

  19. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    I would appreciate if you could turn all these “doggies” into human again. They have been talking in riddles and making funny noises for days that most human being does not understand. I want my happy-go-lucky friends back!! Thank you.

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