19 comments on “Mad Dogs, Mad Humans

  1. …and so the doggies’ convo continue….

    Poof: Eh, Goofy…what happened last night?

    Goof: Whaaat? (grumpily)….I didnt notice anything strange…why???

    Poof: Its Marmie, I think she’s gone cuckoo again, not that she already isnt

    Goof: Woof…go on…..

    Poof: She was laughing and clapping her hands at the same time infront of her computer. Then she got up and doing the happy dance….weird, I tried my darnest to see what’s on the screen and noticed she’s on some page that has the word ‘tweet’ on it!

    Goof: Well, birds tweet and she’s some cuckoo bird, no???

    Poof: Yes but….oh well, then like I said she got up from her chair and started dancing and at the same time saying something like ‘Ahhh, one million Archies, one million Archies…Yippee yay yay!’

    Goof: Hmmmm, told you she’s strange, that Marmie…dont bother finding out. I bet she’s in a good mood today. This means we will be fed with Phat Thai today….eeeewwww!

  2. That was good Shirley! Lol! 🙂

    And so Goof and Poof sailed into the sunset, holding David’s and Shirley’s hands, with a million tweeters following behind them, eating their packed lunches of Pad Thai, and belting out Forevermore 😀

    So did you run out of elephant glue? 😀
    And bought your air-ticket? 😀

    Join us at the Cuckoo Club! 😀

  3. Lol Auntie Trace! You should post more of your dogs’ conversations on the site.

    btw Happy Wesak everyone! May all be well and happy. 😀
    including ‘ol David over there in “Curry”

    Call me a bad fan but I’ve only listened to Forevermore two and a half times. I feel kinda bad about my previous comment on the OPM songs. Sweet love songs are certainly an acquired taste and I think I may have acquired it. Makes good bedtime listening. The quality of D’s voice has audibly improved since TOSOD. On the whole I think Forevermore was no worse than his previous albums. (The exception being CFTH because it was so epic it was almost biblical. Probably spazzy fangirl Li Ying talking).

    However, I agree that thus far, David has yet to come up with anything Grammy-worthy, seeing as the Grammys don’t have a category for most mind-blowingly beautiful voice on the planet. And rigged as the Grammys are, once in a blue moon a singer comes along who they can’t help but shower with awards because he/she is too awesome not too. Take for instance Adele. I believe D has the potential to revolutionise the music industry and prevent the further deterioration of proper musical appreciation among people if he so chooses to use it.

    Let’s face it, David Archuleta is known for his relatively slow paced, candy coated songs. Not just Forevermore, this includes his previous work too. For the past 4 years, D has been living in this bubble of his fans’ adulations, not going too far out of his comfort zone. He’s only 21 and yet he croons like the people my grandma listens to. (Sorry David :S) He really ought to be more outspoken through his music. Incorporating louder beats, faster rhythms, it has to be unabashed and unapologetic. So far, D’s music hasn’t shown the wide range of emotions that I know he has. Which he has shown in his covers.

    So in 2014, instead of going on a comeback tour I’d rather he sit down and write a proper album full of songs which we can truly be proud of and will be listened to as classics for generations to come. And I’d also rather he write it himself without relying too much on co-writers. The Civil Wars recently won a Grammy for Barton Hollow, a song which starts off like this “I’m a dead man walking”. It’s angry and raw. Joy Williams, one half of the Civil Wars wrote Waiting For Yesterday with D. There is a stark difference.

    btw I think D should stop making so many covers. I also believe he shouldn’t cover Adele. No matter what the fans say. The special thing about Adele’s voice is that it is raspy and rough and so able to carry a certain kind of emotion. D’s voice on the other hand is gentle yet powerful. Anyways Adele smokes which is probably why her voice is so raspy and I don’t want D damaging his lungs.

    I agree with Goof, D needs to sort himself out.

  4. Liying

    Happy Wesak Day to you too and everyone and David! 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoy what Goof and Poof have to say. 🙂
    But, whether they will come back to give us a piece of their “intelligence” again, depends on how the others here feel. 🙂

    I want to give you a pat on your shoulder for having very smartly picked up on, with Goof’s many remarks : that David needs to sort himself out.
    There are other opinions of Goof’s too that we should pick up on, like:

    -Are dogs/animals more lovable than humans?
    -Do you think David will come back.?
    -Are the fans’ wishes and hunger affecting/controlling David’s career?
    -Should his fans stalk him and not give him some peace by writing to him endlessly, and thus distracting him while he is focusing on what he wants to do the next 2 years?
    -Are Aam’ers just big spazzers? Lol!

    Feel free to discuss any topic Goof has brought up – it would be fun! 🙂

    You are not a bad fan. I really don’t think there is such a thing.
    When you are a fan, you are a fan – it means you like him – for whatever reason. It does not mean that you have to like EVERYTHING he does or agree with ALL his decisions.
    When he does something we fans don’t agree with, we can always discuss it.
    No harm done. 🙂

    CFTH is definitely epic – I love it too. 🙂

    I agree that David should not do too many covers – he needs to create his own musical identity, even though he sings covers so well – and specially mediocre original songs.
    As you said he shouldn’t even touch Adele’s songs either. Adele has sung her songs the best, emotional way anyone can sing. Besides, Adele has different kinds of emotions to express from David.
    And they have such different voices.
    We can’t compare one with the other.

  5. liying

    I also liked what you said:

    “I believe David has the potential to revolutionise the music industry and prevent the further deterioration of proper musical appreciation among people if he so chooses to use it.”

    What was that you said about Adele smoking and having a raspy voice….? Lol!
    Sorry, I happen to be a smoker and I couldn’t resist teasing you. 😀

  6. Poof sounds like Aunty Trace and Goof sounds like Uncle John hahaha! Their arguments/conversation is more interesting then listening to … ahammmm Forevermore ..:-P

    After listening to clips of the album, I think I will wait until 2014 to see if he has the potential to revolutionize the music industry. Meantime, I will get my updates from Poof and Goof.

    Oh, also anxiously waiting for John’s review on the album.

  7. Shu!

    Lol! Lol! ……..you joker!! 😀

    Goof and Poof like you! And they send their warmest regards and love! And they want to see you here more often! 😀
    (I’m just passing their message)

  8. Poof: Who’s that, Goof?
    Goof: Dunno. Never seen her before.
    Poof: I think it’s aunty shuyee. She used to come here. Then she sort of disappeared.
    Goof: Oh yeah, she looks familiar now that you mention it…..she looks kinda different.
    Poof: Different how?
    Goof: She looks sort of….busy…y’know, that busy look….
    Poof: ????
    Marmie: Shut up you guys…go play with your bone….!!

  9. I don’t have talking dogs but my spazzy side is pretty weird.

    The day of the Forevermore launch this is what spazzy self said:
    “We wantsss it…we needss it…yess preciouss….*gollum*… we wantss our forevermore”

    While watching Nandito Ako:

    At D’s concert:
    *Grabs friend’s arm* Oh my goodness gracious me!! I’m in the same building as David Archuleta!!! O.o *squeeeaaalllll*

    Sometimes spazzy side talks to D’s poster on the wall too. hehe one-sided conversations

  10. liying

    Talking to yourself and the wall……talking the worst English…. talking to your computer…..can’t leave your friend’s arm alone……you are a genius at madness afterall!
    You do all of us proud! Lol 😀

    I know of many Aam’ers who are equally mad like you haha!
    Especially the aunties and Uncle and mothers and grandmothers! 😀

  11. Snoopy: “What a doggone riot it is in here!”

    Rin Tin Tin: “Yah whut’s goin on here?”

    Lassie: “Och! The silly humans are at it again”

    Uggie: “Raving about that human boy again?” *rolling it’s eyes*

    Snoopy: “Sigh…even my human Charlie isn’t so nutty and we all know how he is”

    Rin Tin Tin: “Who is this ‘human boy’ y’all talkin about?”

    Uggie: “Well it seems he can sing a bit if you can call it ‘singing’ and is kinda good looking- for a human so they say”

    Lassie: “What?! Good looking? Hah! I’ve never seen a human that can be considered ‘good looking’. Now that brown and white mutt I saw the other day…hmm he was a looker!”

    Uggie: “Down girl, down. You’re always goin on about some mangy mutt or another. Have you no class?”

    Lassie: “Hey my mutts are way better than this ‘boy’ the silly humans are yappin about!”

    Teddy: “Hey that’s MY human y’all bashing here! Have you no courtesy talkin about my human that way?”

    Lassie: “Oh shush Teddy. Your human seriously needs some dog sense knocked into his skull!”

    Teddy: *whimper* *whimper*. (Slinks away with his tail between his legs)

    Snoopy: “Yah and I could never understand the fascination with him. Even if he could sing a note or two, how can he compare with our howlin?”

    Uggie: “Or our cute adorableness!”

    Lassie: “And don’t forget we perform tricks for our humans. What can this boy do except giggle and put out silly albums!”

    Rin Tin Tin: “Humans…go figure. They’re kinda weird huh?”

    Lassie: “Yes they’re very odd but at least my humans gives me shampoo baths and all sorts of delicious treats which is more than I can say for you Rinny. Pheeww! When was the last time your humans gave you a bath?”

    Rin Tin Tin: “Bath? Whut’s a ‘bath?'”

    And so it’s time for a song:

  12. Poof: Who is that man?!

    Goof: Ohhh…that man…..(yaawwnnn,,!) I think he is Unkie Johnnie.

    Poof: What a strange name! What does “Unkie” mean?

    Goof: Search me….that’s what Marmie calls him. He always sounds so angry and he doesn’t like our human David anymore because he has fallen head over heels in love with a female human called Adil or something…..

    Poof: Maybe we should chew his ankles and teach him a lesson for his betrayal.

    Goof: Naah…..we are too good for that. We’ll ask Kitty to do that.

    Poof: Kitty our neighbour?

    Goof: Yeah, why not? She has her seductive ways to bring Unkie Johnny back to his better behaviour again.

  13. Mishka: “Poof your human is called ‘Marmie?’

    Poof: “Yeah that’s what she calls herself. Why?”

    Mishka: “Well it kinda rhymes with ‘barmy’ don’t cha think?”

    Poof: “Lol! Yeah kinda. Well she’s been that way since this ‘boy’ came along and poor Goof and I have been subjected to the most awful ODD ever!”

    Mishka: “ODD? what in dog’s heaven is that?”

    Poof: “It’s a condition that my human and her friends have contracted on account of this boy they’re swooning over. Kinda like a rash.”

    Mishka: “Oh the kind that itches like a bitch you can’t get rid off no matter how you try? I know what you mean. My human scratches for me and it feels sooo good afterwards”

    Poof: “Hah! You’re lucky. My Marmie just looks at me confused and continues listening to that boy sing”

    Mishka: “Oh poooooor yoooooouuu!”

  14. Poof: you calling my marmie “barmy”?

    Goof: Hey Unkie Johnny! Listen…! “Marmie” is short for Marmite!
    Ma – because she is our Mama.
    And Mite stands for Mighty….mighty powerful…mightly wonderful…so don’t play -play! Or I’ll growl you one!

    Mishka: But why this ODD? What does it mean?

    Poof: Go on, tell them, Goof! Strike that Unkie down!

    Goof: Em…(whispers to Poof)..I can’t remember Poof…..
    Is it Oonkie-Doonkie-Doi?……….

    Goof: ……..ANYWAY…it means something good….it’s so good that it gives you a fever and you itch all over like you said, Mr. Unkie……and it leaves you in a heavenly place…. ANYWAY you wouldn’t understand….you’re too….

    Marmie: Shut up you guys! And leave poor Unkie Johnny alone! He is lost enough already!

  15. Dezbs, if you are hovering around here, could you doodle Mamie, Unkie Johnny, Poof, Goof, Snoopy, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Teddy, Uggie, Mishka .. and oh .. Kitty hehehehe!

    They are definitely very entertaining.

  16. Goof: Yes yes aunty shuyee! (wet, dribbling tongue hanging out…) … Er…..What does “doodle” mean?

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