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  1. Yes, the abbreviation OPM struck me as strange at the beginning, but I later found out that it stood for Original Philipino Music (if I’m not mistaken).

    When I first found out it was full of David’s takes on classic songs, the first thing that crossed my mind was that it was going to be filled with cheesy love songs. Then the single Forevermore was released, and everyone was raving about it. That quelled my doubts slightly – maybe David will come up with refreshing new renditions of these songs – but I was still rather skeptical about the whole business. One night, I managed to catch Forevermore on the radio and it struck me – yes, I was wrong. Wrong to have doubted myself, that is, haha. No matter how David sounded, Forevermore is still a cheesy love song and the slow, draggy arrangement did nothing to improve it. It’s not David’s fault – it’s the song itself.

    Oh well, I shall wait until I get the entire album to pass my judgement on it. I have refrained from listening to any songs until I get it – a sort of self-imposed “David diet”, if you will. I refuse to listen to the songs via non-authentic means (coughYouTubecough). I’m sure many others have opposing views, though. Am I wrong in brushing off Forevermore as another “cheesy love song” or has David managed to make it outstanding? I’ve only listened to it once, with less-than-stellar audio conditions, so perhaps my opinion is rather askew (but I might just be justified after all). :p

  2. Everything that David does, it seems, gets all his fans raving about it.
    Is that a good thing or is it a bad thing?

    Good – because they are his loyal fans afterall. How can they be disloyal and feel anything else?

    Bad – because, will it be a form of encouragement for David to continue doing something that’s not helping him towards creating music which is of a better quality?

    I am not putting down Filipini music – there are some really good ones.
    But for a “phenom” like David, which is how Kurt Bestor described him recently while working with David on the future US album, my initial reaction was, he has gone down one notch in the selection of his music for an album.
    I too was flabbergasted with his decision at the time of announcement.

    I have not received my physical cd yet. But I will get it in 2 days’ time.
    I, like Zach, went on a hunger strike and refused to listen to it on YT.
    I want my CD! I want to listen to it properly with “sound surround” in my air-tight car and sound-proof room.

    But of course, I cheated. How can I not?
    I peeked at Forevermore the title song, and Tell Me.
    I have to admit I liked them. Quite a lot.

    It’s not the soulful and raw kind of music I had wanted him to sing for the past thousand years – but, I was naive, these are supposed to be Filipino love songs afterall – melodious and tender – of people in love.

    But, from what I’ve heard from those 2 songs, David’s voice touched me.
    It was as melodious as birds from Paradise and tender as the loving voice of a lover.

    So I look forward very much to listening to the rest of the songs.
    No, not so much the songs – but HOW David sings them – how David will touch me with his voice.

  3. Just a side-track.
    I wish they would stop applying so much make-up on him (as in the video). He doesn’t need it, like most other artists.
    His natural glow is so much more attractive. 🙂

  4. It’s a soppy, mushy, light weight love song.
    The only positive thing I can say about the song is David’s voice. He tries to do justice to the song but comes up woefully short. Like Zach says not the fault of the artist but the material is simply not good enough – which seems to be the problem lately with David’s music. He chooses to associate himself with less than stellar songs and it’s a sheer waste of vocal talent.

    You can all shoot me now 🙂

  5. I have only ever listened to one other song on this OPM album and I forget the name of the song – it was that good – but it was enough to turn me off the album immediately. Talk about a cheese fest!

    I am still confused as to why he ever agreed to record this album. Can someone please enlighten me with a plausible reason?

    David Archuleta deserves far, far better material than this.

  6. So far I’ve only heard Wherever You Are, Nandito Ako and Forevermore. WYA and NA were played (repeatedly) during the soap and Forevermore has been getting some air time on evening (late evening, mind you when people are usually in bed) radio. Among the three, I’d say that I liked NA the best which I suppose is because I couldn’t understand a thing. Which allowed me to fully appreciate The Voice. The other two sounded sickly sweet and as soppy as the soap. (No offense meant to the Filipino musicians) But having said that I still can’t wait to get my copy. I’m a spazzy fangirl after all.

    Cheesy, cliche love songs aside, I still believe that recording this album was the most fruitful thing that came out of David’s phillipine venture, along with making his Pinoy fans deliriously happy. Giving his take on these OPM songs gained him a lot more respect among the filipinos besides being a lot more worthwhile than filming the soap in my opinion. I don’t understand how people ‘like’ to watch soaps.

    The album photography was good though. Didn’t like the cover photo much but there’s this one in the lyrics booklet in which David looks smoking hot! The cover photo looks like David’s amused at something. lol

  7. liying

    I’ll take your word for it – “David lookin smoking hot” – 😀
    I’m not a fan of soap operas either but they seem to make alot people happy – especially this one with david in it! 🙂

  8. John

    I haven’t listened to the whole album yet – but as far as love songs go, I can sort of guess how those songs would sound.

    Especially Filipini love songs – or even Chinese, or Malay, Indonesian etc.
    Whether it is the right decision or not for him to make an album like that – let’s give that a rest for awhile and focus on the album itself.

    You are describing those songs as mushy and soppy, but don’t declarations of romantic love normally sound sort of “soppy and mushy”?
    Am I being presumptous to say that, when you yourself were, or are, in love, your words to your loved one would take on a similar path or sound? 🙂

  9. Hey Tracy, thanks for this post. At the onset of the announcement of the OPM album, I was a bit taken aback to think that David will be recording more songs in tagalog. I was happy to hear later that those songs will be in
    English 🙂

    Needless to say, I’ve been listening to this CD for a while now. I’ve also been listening to his Forevermore Press Conference where he clearly dedicated this cd to his fans despite mentioning his Filipinos fans first. At one point he specifically said this is a gift to his Asian fans too and he hopes his fans back home will get a chance to listen to the album as well. When he was asked about how he felt with having such a short time to really ‘sink his teeth’ into recording the cd, he answered ‘you’ll could either choose to do it or not at all’. Bad career move or not, no hullabaloo from me – I take it plainly as a gift and I am enjoying all the cheesy, saccharin-laden, trivial love songs beautifully sung by David 😀

    Someone called me a cheesy mama and she’s not wrong at all LOL. I love the CD cover and yes, lots of nice pictures inside too. The photographer did a great job. Which one is the smoking hot pic, Liying? 🙂

    Have a great gathering tomorrow, everyone!

  10. Shirley
    It’s the one with the unbelievably sparkly-eyed David not looking directly at the camera. Wearing a one-button-unbuttoned shirt. O.O Perfect hair too. And his skin is luminous 😀 *swoon* You can’t miss it. (I hope that didn’t sound like Edward Cullen… errrmm)
    “His voice is the soundtrack of my summer, his eyes are the brightest of all the colours” Ack! he’s got me randomly singing. lol

  11. I don’t know about it being a ‘bad career move’ since if he didn’t do anything, it would leave in in the same spot with no progress done. Given the circumstances, I suppose it was his best bet to keep Archies away from ‘David-withdrawal’ by giving us something to hang onto while he completes his mission.

    Having said that, it has nothing to do with the fact that it was ‘Philipino material’; it’s merely the cheesiness of the genre which is rather cliched – what with the slow, sappy melodies and moodiness oozing from the songs’ corners. I hope the entire album isn’t like Nandito Ako and Forevermore, because it would be a sleepy sort of album otherwise. Personally, I want David to tackle something of his age range, not songs that have been made for voices ‘riper’ than his; artists who are twice his age and are more at home with this genre than David is; artists whose voices and style complement these songs better than David can. I’m not bashing David – he certainly is a good vocalist but every artist has his/her niche – it’s just not his place to sing these stuff.

    Nevertheless, I bought the album anyway for several reasons: it can still prove me wrong, and it fends off that David-withdrawal I mentioned earlier.

  12. Trace
    Love songs can be well written, classy and inspiring. Take for example Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ which was written as an ode to forgiveness, to reminisce perhaps but overall to celebrate a past relationship. It’s emotional without being tragic, tender minus the cloying sweetness and loving without being sappy. It’s mature and sophisticated . I doubt if any songs on the ‘opium’ album comes anywhere near to such standards.

    I would love to hear a David cover version of this song. The song doesn’t have to be solely about romantic loss. It applies to anyone who has experienced loss in their personal life.

    Call me a non romantic but I cringe every time I see a couple staring deeply into each others eyes, feeding each other (yuks!) and seemingly glued at the hips where ever they go. The romance is taken to the extreme and as a result looks clownish and uncomfortable.

  13. Dear “unromantic” John,

    I can’t agree with you more about seeing a man and woman feeding each other and glued to the hips.
    I myself won’t “cringe” like you do, when I see such scenarios, because to me, that’s their business and not mine.
    I do my own thing and let others do theirs.
    To me personally , the emotions of love is tenderness felt from the heart…a “knowing” look of understanding from a glint of the eye …

    But then, John, one must not live in a cocoon and think one’s ways and beliefs are the best and the only ones, and the others in the rest of the world don’t count.

    I would not put it as unlikely that there are much more men and women out there, who like “feeding each other” and “being glued to each others’ hips” when they are in love and are courting each other.

    And my presumption is, they would love listening to this kind of songs while they are feeding each other under the loveglow of candlelights and stuck (rather uncomfortably) to each other’s hips.

    From “not-as-unromantic-as-you” Trace 🙂

  14. I love David.
    I love his voice.
    I love his good heart and ways.
    You all know that, or else, why would I be here?!

    But I’m afraid I don’t love Forevermore the album.
    I’ve heard all the songs in the sound-surroundedness (!!!) of my car today, and I nearly fell asleep while driving. 😦
    Yeah, dangerous driving….and music that has a dangerously boring tempo……….dragged me all the way into dreamland. 😦

    But the VOICE! Sigh…. Yes! it’s still there.

    I need David to wake me up from my slumber by hitting me on the head and on my heart, with an album that has really good music, which I absolutely know, he is capable of.

    But of course, I will still listen to this album….and drive more carefully next time! 😀

  15. Dear Cheesy Mama Shirley 😀

    I am happy for you that you are loving and embracing all the cheesiness that has been going on for the past 2-3 months! 😀

    Are you one of those women who enjoys “being fed” and “being glued to the hips” of your loved one when you were going through your romantic courtship? 😀

  16. liying!

    Stop swooning this very minute and go back to your studies!! Lol!! 😀

  17. Tracy

    Thank you for the post! 🙂

    I actually like the Forevermore video – just being alone with David – and no distractions! 😀

    I’m not sure about Maybe becoming a hit, although I wish it would!
    I rather like that song actually. But only because of THAT VOICE! 🙂

  18. First and foremost, I would like to THANK Sheba for single-handled this Forevermore album project with Manila. Thereafter, distribute the album to all AAMers who has ordered it. A tough part-time job indeed! Sheba, you are the BEST! A big hug to you again!!

    Thank you for your wonderful post. I would say this Forevermore album is neither a success nor a flop as it is intended for his die-hard fans. Fans loves David because of his ballads throughout his AI season. He has the beautiful voice and he has shown us his capability of changing up music like he did for “Think of Me”. I presume he would do it, too, for this album; but he said he is sticking to the original as best as he could and I knew what this album would be like.

    My pick for the songs after my first listen yesterday was:-

    1) I’ll never go;
    2) Reaching out;
    3) Nandito Ako; – because of the mini-series; and
    4) Forevermore – I always feel sad after hearing this song. It’s the way David uses his aching and gentle voice and I feel this is a goodbye song.

  19. I am all for romance but definitely the understated kind. I think it’s far more attractive to see couples who are loving, affectionate and attentive without ‘climbing’ all over each other.
    A knowing look, an affectionate squeeze of the arm, a tender smile is all it takes and speaks volumes of the bond between the two. Kinda like shaken and not stirred and that’s the way romantic songs should be – in my opinion of course.Songs that are touching need not be coma inducing.

    Yes it’s their business if people want to be sickly sweet about it,go over the top with their physical demonstrations and lose themselves in lovey dovey romance. I just think they make a spectacle of themselves and therefore it’s equally fine for others to make fair comment about them. Don’t play with matches if you’re not prepared to get burned.

    ‘All-for-romance-but-not-the-sickly-sweet-kind’ John

  20. Akang

    Yes! I second your cheers of gratitude to SHEBA!!

    A multitude of thanks to our beloved Sheba for having selflessly devoted much of her time and burning the midnight lamp, to make Forevermore available to us!

  21. I listened to the album on repeat last night and came to this conclusion:

    David could not have sung those songs any better.
    The emotione he had put into those songs sound very real and exuded from that part of his heart that was filled with tenderness.
    No other singer could have sung them better.

    However, the material he had had to work with is another story.
    As Shirley and Akang had commented earlier, these covers of Filipino origin, were a gift to his fans in the Philippines – songs which are connected to their hearts – the album is something for them to feel proud and honoured for David to sing them. We cannot deny them that privilage after the way they had loved and promoted him.
    And they have spread this music to whoever in the world who wants to listen to them, out of love for his world-wide fans and out of their admirable generosity. 🙂

  22. I wonder where Katheryn is – our dear US friend and archiekin.
    We have missed her.
    I would really like to have her take on the album. 🙂

  23. Would you lot agree if David were to sing Bieber songs in the most tender, aching and sweet voice just so that he could ‘please’ his fans who also happen to be Bieber fans (and lets face it there are quite a few of those around)? Or how about he worked with 1Direction on a single as a parting gift to soothe our yearning?

  24. Dear stubborn John

    You seem to want to s t r e t c h your obstinacy till kingdom come. 😀

    If ever David does a JB cover (god forbid!), that particular song would inevitably become a David-song. That’s how he ALWAYS kills off the original singer.
    So your conjecture to us does not become an issue. 🙂

  25. First I was a cocoon now I’m obstinate? Moi?
    I think your blind faith is equally as perplexing.

  26. John

    Love and faith are often perplexing to the others who are not feeling it.
    And I guess you are not feeling it…… 🙂
    What can I say…..
    Poor John……:(

    The only solution for you to come alive again in your David-love and David-faith is for you to come to more Aam gatherings! 😀
    And to be a little more patient.
    In the meantime, you may listen to Adele with our generous blessings. 😀

  27. Debz

    Are you there?
    I forgot to mention to you in the last thread that I’ve kept a bracelet for you since you don’t have one.
    Please check with me when we next meet. 🙂

  28. I don’t have a problem with David’s voice, just the material with which he chooses to express it.

    My contention is that there are songs even David cannot rescue. One can never fashion a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, you can never change lead into silver and apples will never grow on the moon. Trying to pretend otherwise is just being delusional and…*drum roll*…obstinate! It doesn’t take gatherings of any kind to see that. But then maybe gatherings of wool in the head has affected judgment around here…I don’t know.

    Adele may not be everyone’s cup of tea – no artist ever is – and I accept that but the last I heard over 20 million fans felt her music was good enough and this fact is validated by her multi Grammy win recently. Unfortunately I don’t see David achieving the same singing songs that are humdrum.

  29. Thanks AAM! I just got my album 5 minutes ago. 😀 Thanks for the wristband too. 😀 Now I shall go have a listen. haha

  30. Personally, looking at OPM – made in Philippines, made with Philippines and made for Philippines, I would say….David did a good job catering for their market. The one strong point about the Arch Angels is that we will go all the way out to get our hands on practically anything that is produced-by/related-to David. So, this time round, we grabbed something that is more soppy…ha! ha!…but I like it. It shows another side to his talent.

    David didn’t lose his mojo; his distinct style is still in each of the song. And, maybe I have a wider spectrum for genre – as long as it is good music, I will appreciate them. So, finally a new love ballad album worth going ‘jiwang’ over. Woots!

  31. John

    One can’t “fashion a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”?
    Let me tell you a story –

    I heard an Indian man singing Ba Ba Black Sheep once in Tamil – his vocals were not bad. And he made that song into something really special. Everyone who was there was impressed and gave him a standing O.
    I know this is a crazy example but it does prove your point wrong.

    Having millions of fans and winning grammies is of course desirable, but it does not always validate the true quality of singers and songs in Hollywood.
    Wouldn’t you say JB is a good example of what I’m saying?

    John…..John…..John….. siiigh…..! I think you need cooling down….
    I have summoned your favourite crooner to help you 🙂

  32. liying

    Happy listening and join us talk about it. 🙂


    “You have a wider spectrum for genre…..” – yeah, not like our Mr…em… 😀

  33. Hi Liying, LOL, perfect description. Agreed with you, that’s a great picture.
    The photographer did a great job too. That Cullen guy doesnt even come near to David in the looks department 🙂

    Hey Trace, Bet cha’ didnt know this, I even do handstands 🙂 🙂

    Akang, I really like Reaching Out and I’ll Never Go too. Never occur to me that Forevemore could be a goodbye song. If it is, then it was meant to be a temporary good bye and see you in 2014, perhaps?

    Once again, like Akang and Trace I would like record a big THANK YOU
    to Sheba for handling the cd orders and distribution. It was greatly appreciated!

  34. hey Shirley,

    You did handstand during your romantic courtship!! Unbelievable! LOL…hey, Josh Bradley did that pose too while declaring his love. I really didn’t expect David to do that stunt. LOL… That scene was way too funny!!

    hey Jonathan,

    Well-said. I agreed that this time round, the Asian fans grabbed the sweetest album. LOL… let see what the US fans will get – more oomphs, perhaps?!!

  35. Maybe David has decided to do the same thing in the US too – “David Archuleta’s personal spin on the classics, featuring My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You!” 🙂 It’ll be a novel album that will generate a lot of hype, lol. And if he does it correctly, he may even gain additional hordes of fans! 😉

  36. ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ in Tamil?! Good grief can you come up with a more ridiculous example? How about ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ in Swahili while you’re at it? Or “Row, Row your boat’ in Iban?

    If having sold 20 million CDs and winning a boatload of Grammys (which is voted on and awarded by your peers) is not proof of one’s excellence then what does? In any pursuit you have marks of distinction and in the music industry the pinnacle is the Grammys just like in the movies it’s the Oscars. If you can’t get more excellent than the Grammys then what are you talking about? Having 15 million followers on Twitter like JB which seems to be your favourite point of reference? Talk about low standards.

  37. Shirley

    Forevermore a “goodbye” song?! Noooo……………..! 😦

    You did handstands during your courtship? Like….together with him? How does it work? Hmm.. I’m trying to stretch my imagination….and still don’t get it!
    😀 You must show me some day!

  38. John

    I mentioned that “ridiculous” example to just prove the point that one can make a wee little song into something that is worthy of praise and roaring applause, in contradiction to what you said about “silk purses and sow’s ears”.

    If JB too can win all those grammies (and we all know how “well” he can sing!), where is your point that the awarding of grammies proves excellence?
    – especially the PINNACLE of excellence?

  39. A big TQ to our dearest Sheba for handling & distributing the CDs….Ok guys on my first listen to the songs i experience something i never experienced before when it comes to D, disappointment…i find the songs to be a bit bland (oooh ducking the tomatoes ) the only saving grace to the whole cd for me is David’s voice

  40. farida

    No tomatoes from me, dear farida. 🙂
    Can’t agree with you more.

    Hey hope to see you more often. 🙂

  41. Trace,

    Thanks for posting Adele’s song, “Someone like you.” I enjoy her songs and her voice.

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