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  1. John

    This is probably, by far, by a long shot, my favourite article from you for a long time. Simply because you have revealed to us what is deep inside your innerself about David, how ever much you have expressed your disappointments in the past.

    I do not believe that, once you have grasped David, and made a connection with him, you could give up on him.

    It is like, we are most critical of people who are closest to our hearts- because we expect the most from them to the point of being very hard on them. And you have definitely taken David to your heart right from the beginning.

    You have once written, some time ago, about your “fatherly” expectations and hopes for him (I can’t remember your exact words); in this case, the anticipations of a rather strict “father”. 🙂

    I like your tracklist and your Side A of your “album”. It consists of songs which I would have chosen too. If you do “produce” it, may I place an order now? 😀

  2. I would like to dig deeper into some of the beautiful music David has given us. Off the cuff, I can think of this song he sang at a skating show. It was a shame that most of the attention was on the skaters and not on his voice and the way he sang it.

    His interpretation was haunting, soothing and calming and evoked an emotion in me that I know will last forever – I do like traditional sort of music that has a haunting and mysterious sound and element.

    If you have space on your Side A, could you squeeze it in? – then I would place more orders for your album! 😀

  3. Dear Trace
    I had forgotten about ‘Climb every Mountain’. David seldom belts out a song with such intensity but with this song I guess he felt it was the right way to deliver it seeing as it’s dedicated to the Invisible Childrens’ Fund campaign of which he supports.

    Good choice 🙂

  4. Uncle John
    I actually prefer David’s performance of No Me Queda Mas at the Tejano awards to Contigo. His voice was a little more mature and I felt he had more connection to the song because he grew up listening to Selena. Contigo on the other hand had less for him to connect with. To me lah. But I agree his performance at the ALMA awards was absolutely EPIC.

    By the way, the Chilean Archies posted some guidelines on what to do if you happen to meet David on their site. I know they’re really serious about it but I thought it was rather cute. 🙂 haha helps relieve exam stress

  5. hey John,
    Interesting article! Thanks.

    I’m no music expert and I just like what I like to hear. My list is completely different from yours. LOL …

    1. Imagine – He showed the world his lovely rendition.
    2. Smoky Mountain Memories – his voice was pure and beautiful.
    3. Crazy – Just LOVE it. No explanation. 🙂
    4. Gotta Get Through This – David put a different spin to the music. Maturity.
    5. Zero Gravity – a good upbeat music to start my day.
    6. Something about love – continue to perk my morning in that awful traffic jam.
    7. Parachute and Airplane – to wind down my frustration on the road.
    8. Works for Me – to end my day with a smile.

    I can’t wait to see what’s on your Side B. 🙂

  6. Off-topic a little –
    I just read that the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers gives credit to David as song-wroter for “Northern Lights” (vid above).

    I am impressed! My admiration of him has gone up another notch! 🙂

  7. liying

    Lol! It’s the 1st time I hear someone say that David “did not connect so well” with Contigo. 😀 Perhaps I misunderstood you.

    Yes I read about the guidelines the Chilean fans gave to respect his privacy.
    Which of course we must. 🙂

  8. Akang

    I am no great expert either in music. But we do have our own individual taste.

    I like most of the songs on your list, except for Parachute and Airplane.
    David certainly has a tough time trying to please all of us haha!

  9. Heck….I seem to be talking to myself the whole time. 😦
    That cat has been on a tongue-biting spree again? Lol 😀

    I know we are waiting for OPM with our tongues hanging out, but David has given us so many really good songs with his glorious voice – I feel we should also revel in them.
    So how about it? Let us know if you agree with John’s choices or share with us your own. 🙂

  10. Dear Trace
    I am afraid it’s not just one cat but a multitude of felines that has swallowed all our tongues lol.

  11. Woohoo folks!!

    I love it! Many thanks John!! You can always be depended upon! 😀

    You know, John, my neighbour has a multitude of felines but I didn’t know all the aam’ers live in that house. 😀

  12. Wow! I log in and saw a new banner! Yeah!
    Thanks John! A big hug to you.

    Trace – LOL… you are funny!! Meow..meow…milk..rats…food.. 🙂

  13. hey John,

    Would you mind sharing with us what song covers that you want David to do assuming he is doing his US album now in your next article. Just a little fun of it. Thanks.

    I did pass a list of covers (mine, Trace and Shirley) to David when he was down in KL last year, not knowing he would be doing covers for his US album. “Bridge Over Trouble Water” was not in my list, though. LOL.. I can’t remember Trace’s and Shirley’s. 😉

  14. In the span of a year which elapsed between the ALMA and the Tejano awards, David’s voice has matured in the sense that he lost the slight scratchy sound in his voice which I believe allows him to deliver more powerful performances. His voice now has the consistency of warm melted caramel. Which is probably why I preferred his No Me Queda Mas. I retract what I said earlier about him not connecting so much with Contigo. If we were to watch that performance again it’s clear that David really felt the music. He probably related the song to his mum. As usual. haha

  15. Akang

    Lol! With a meow meow here and a meow meow there…..rats .. milk…you forgot human tongues!! 😀

    I want David to sing a soulful song with the accompaniment of a CELLO! 🙂

  16. Anonymous? (liying?)

    Lol! You don’t have to retract what you said. 😀
    But you are right on target to say that his more mature voice now can give more powerful performances.

    “Warm, melted caramel”! Woohoo! I like that!! 🙂

  17. Amazing banner! Was this from our concert? Hoo man, pasting together an ideal album of all the songs that David has sang is a challenge. I don’t know, but this is my current playlist for my long transit and walks to school.

    – Other Side of Down (for a happy start, going to school can be a happy thing too)
    – Who I am (I like this song, because it helps me reflect on myself)
    – To be with you [and] – Somebody Out there
    (these two are usually songs I listen to remember past experiences that makes me feel thankful and grateful of what I have right now and think of the possibilities that lies ahead)
    – Works for me (to take my mind of difficulties)
    – In this moment (which, I believe with a few lyrical tweaks, it would make a great song) (again, another in the moment/reflection song)
    – My kind of perfect (for obvious reasons)
    – Zero Gravity (finish the whole playlist with a partay!)

  18. Oh yes Debz!

    And all the rest you mentioned!
    Uncle John is going to have to produce10 albums!! 😀

  19. Absolutely loving the new banner!

    This post and all the comments, videos have evoked my memories of why I love David.

    Working on my playlist …

  20. Happy Sunday, everyone!

    Wow! I love the new banner. Nice one, John..thanks!

    Love all the songs you’ve suggested, John. That is going to make one heck of an album! Bring on Side B 🙂

    You guys all did a great job with your own compilations. I always thought David should put out an acoustic album so my humble suggestions as below:

    He did a cool soulful cover of Waiting For The World To Change with Jeff LeBlanc at his last MKOC tour.

    Also love him singing this one. Dont ask me why but when this video came out I was watching it on repeats 😀

    And this one too.

    Beautiful acoustic version of Wait

    So with all our suggestions, you’d better start to work on a dozen album,
    John 😀

  21. Hey Amy,

    LOL I cant even remember my own list now but Bridge Over Troubled Water is certainly not on it!

    I didnt know you were going to pass that list to David not until you called me early in the morning of the concert day asking for the list! I hope he did read our suggestions and should he sings with a cello in the future that has to be a special dedication to Trace * wink wink * Jangan pengsan, Trace if that happens 😀

  22. Wheeeee……! Nadal won! Nadal won! For the 8th consecutive time in Monte Carlo!
    Oops! Sorry, I thought this is a Nadal site! 😀 hahaha….

    Ok back to dear David….

    Shu! So lovely to see you here! As I always say, once you have grasped the essence of David, you can never let go. 🙂
    Come back soon to share your track list!

  23. Shirley

    Blame it on my too-many-birthdays – how can I forget The Riddle and Fields Of Gold – my forever favourites! Thank you for posting the vids! And the acoustic Wait is absolutely gorgeous!!

    If David ever sings an original song (or even a cover – I’m not fussy) with the accompaniment of the cello, as I suggested to him, I don’t think I will pengsan Shirley. I’ll just mati!! 😀

  24. Speaking of cellos, I’d really love David to do covers of songs made acoustic by thepianoguys. They make the most amazing cello-violin-piano ensembles. 😀

  25. Debz do you have any links of thepianoguys? If so perhaps you can bring them here.

    Wow so many suggestions of songs that I have forgotten about, especially ‘Fields of Gold’. Looks like a second album of David essentials are will have to be in the works 😉

    BTW Nadal who?

  26. I was going to post The Piano Guys at some point, but wasn’t sure if you guys will like them. So here they are. They are truly amazing – I wish David would make music with them in the future.

    And this!

  27. Sorry, I’m always a little carried away by the sound of the cello so I’ll say a little more.

    I think David’s voice, with his “ached” and “pained” tone, like a “cry in the wilderness”, will go with the strains of the cello very well. I was planning to do an article about this new sound I would like David to discover with the cello when he comes back – now we are happily talking about it. 🙂

    We seem to have gone “off-topic” a bit. This is more like in reply to what Akang said earlier. 🙂

    Oh well…..let’s just ramble on………… 😀

  28. OIC thepianoguys- John Schmidt is the pianist. I forget the name of the cellist

    I have heard one piece of their music before where they did a mashup of Coldplay’s ‘Viva la vida’ with Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ (the only time I have ever listened to Ms Swfit’s music lol.) It’s pretty good:

    I think David is made for acoustic and unplugged music where he just needs a guitar and/or a piano and he’s good to go. Adele is also one of those singers who sounds best with minimum arrangements. Just let the voice take centre stage.

  29. John

    I do agree with you re David’s voice being more suitable for unplugged and acoustic music. I just wanted to show everyone what kind of interesting sounds the cello can make. So what you need to do is to exercise some “selective hearing” from those vids. 🙂

  30. If I’m not mistaken, David did collaborate with them as a songwriter for some other singer at one point. I forgot. Memory too hazy. 😛

  31. I’m a bit of a blur case. I haven’t heard the piano guys before. Thanks for introducing. haha 😀 Everyone seems to be into cellos at the moment.
    Forgot to add my track suggestions earlier:

    -You Can (because its a song I’d like him to serenade me with from outside my bedroom window someday) 🙂
    -No Me Queda Mas (I love them Spanish songs)
    -Wait (That’s the direction I want him to head in musically)
    -Longer (melted butter…. need I say more)

    Auntie Trace
    Federer’s strokes are a lot more graceful than Nadal’s. Nadal just likes to muscle it. Nobody does one-handed back hands like Federer any more. 🙂

    btw nice new banner Uncle John 😀

  32. liying

    I agree with you that Fed is a more graceful player.
    But Nadal reminds me of David…….hahaha…..the Latino good looks?
    (stop sniggering, John!) 😀

    Pleeeeaaaase try to remember the name of that song….??

  33. Whoa!!! What’s going on here???!!! 😀
    I LOVE the new AAM banner Uncle John! You know just the right thing to be written on it too 🙂
    Wow, I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the comments posted, especially the tracklists everybody has been sending! 🙂 I’m gonna have to go with what Auntie Shu Yee said.. I’ll be back with my own list ASAP 😉 Wooooohoooo
    Let’s get cracking 😀 Hmmmmm.. Now, where do I begin….

  34. Wow.. what a party!

    Thanks for introducing me to The Piano Guys. Never heard them before. So, that how the electric cello sounds like! Love them with Rolling In The Deep. I still prefer piano and I hope David could perfect his piano playing like Elton John.

    Yes! Riddles and Fields of Gold are my favourites and hope it will be on his US album. I, too, listened to the Riddles on repeats. I love it so much that I even sent it to one of my younger friends to get her comments. She loves his beautiful voice and inquired his age. Later on, I sent her “Everything & More” but alas, she did not like it and commented why his music producer did not find him a better song. LOL…well, I guess everyone has different music taste.

  35. Debz

    Thank you so much for finding and posting that vid. 🙂

    Now we’ll have to wait for David to write and sing something that is more acoustic with the cello. That was my request to him in our Aam book. 🙂

  36. Akang

    The difficult thing is David can sing ALL genres of music(except rap I guess haha) and the fanbase is made up of ALL ages who want ALL kinds of different music from him. Thus lies the problem for him…..

    But, for the sake of best using those vocals of his, he should sing soulful songs with just a single or two instruments, with lyrics that denote yearning…that sort of thing. 🙂

    Hey we are getting more and more out of topic –
    Irda and Shu! Quick! Track list s’il vous plait!! 😀

  37. John

    Just to remind you – the name of the cellist with John Schmidt is Steven Sharp Nelson. He also writes music.
    Together, they produce music mainly using the piano, cello, mouth percussions and the kick drum.

    Oops..I’ve gone off topic again….

  38. Trace
    The cello arrangement of Beethoven by Steven Sharp Nelson has a distinct electro feel to it. How does a classical buff like you feel about that?

    I wouldn’t mind listening to David coming out with an album of classical standards but with a pop overtone to make it more….er palatable lol 🙂

  39. I wonder if David can sing jazz-like songs. Like Michael Buble’s. 😛 Just a thought. I enjoy those songs.

  40. Oh Debz I remember that one! The one with Preston Powis. 😀 Forgot it was the piano guys. haha.

    I believe David can sing anything he wants to. Jazz would be a piece of cake. 🙂 My favourite producer is Kurt Schneider. Hope he’ll collab with David one day.

    Auntie Trace
    Nadal and David? WHAAAT?! lol My coach was just talking about mormons from Utah the other day.

  41. John

    A very interesting question.
    How does a “classical buff” like me ( you mean, “egghead” like me haha!) feel about classical music having been given an electro feel.

    Frankly I used to hate it! 😀
    I hated it so much that I wished all the classics masters like Beethoven and Bach would rise from their graves and screw those techno people. Lol!

    But, sadly, or happily, whichever way you’d like to look at it, I’ve changed my mind. I’m more forgiving now.
    The world is always changing and I don’t want to be stuck in my own intolerant cocoon, so to speak.
    I want to revel in just “good” music, music that can, when I open my mind, make me feel good about myself.
    And the Piano Guys are 2 of those musicians who have done that for me, to cut the story short.

    I didn’t want to listen to pop either for a long time (excluding those teenage years) because I thought all that pop they were producing (boy bands? pleeeaaase!) were rather puke-ish (sorry guys, don’t take it personally haha).

    But of course David changed my mind.

    So the electric cello can stay where it is.
    And the Old Masters can stay where they are as well! 😀

  42. liying

    Lol Lol!! You must be thinking I’m nuts comparing Nadal with David (which I am of course – the nutty bit, I mean).

    There are so many similarities between them, the details of which will need an article to explain. hehehe….

    One can’t just look at the outward traits of people – you must look deep..you must observe and scrutinise…you must gauge and stare and spend a long time at it….Lol!

    But, seriously, jokes aside, I see similarities.
    It’s too long to explain here…my dinner is waiting for me….another time…

  43. Debz

    I think, if jazz is in the phonebook, David will be able to sing it lol!

  44. Trace,

    The difference between Nadal and David is one has longer legs and the other has shorter legs. 😉 LOL…

  45. Well.. Here’s my track list 🙂
    1. Waiting on the world to change (because this is the very first song I heard him sing. And I was pulled into the fan base by his charm)
    2. Heaven
    3. Crazy
    4. Shop around
    5. Imagine
    6. Smokey mountain memories
    7. The long and winding road ( because this was his comeback song after screwing up a little on Stevie’s We can work it out)
    8. When you believe
    9. With you ( this is a hate it or love it kind of a cover song for David because it’s a bit of a side of his personality that doesn’t come out often 🙂 But I LOVED IT! I still do..)
    10. Don’t let the sun go down on me ( his performance of this song was… MAGIC 🙂
    11. Contigo en la distancia ( I cried when I saw his rendition of the song on ALMA :’)
    12. I know this is gonna sound weird, but I have always wanted to hear David’s version of this song. And he was the most expected one to sing it.. However, we all know how it turned out in the end.. So my 12th track is none other than… The time of my life 🙂 It’s a dream of mine to hear him sing this someday… It could happen… Or did he release his version of it already??? I somehow didn’t get the message if he had… 😦
    There’s my list.. Pretty simple, but these songs spoke the loudest to me.

  46. Thank you for the new lovely banner!!! Ha! we are back to the old days………..

    Btw, please don’t forget to add in “Apologizzze” and “SOT”!!!

    Love the buzzzzing !!!!!

  47. Irda – that was going to be my track list too. Except my Track 12 will be ‘when you say you love me’ … that was MAGIC:-)

    The current trend seems to be writing a soundtrack for a big block buster movie. Christina Perri ‘a thousand years’ for Breaking Dawn and Taylor Swift ‘eyes open’ for Hunger Games were too very huge popular songs now. Lets hope David will get a chance to do that one day.

  48. What a coincidence Auntie Shu!!! 😀
    Oh and yeah… That’s song always gives me chills 🙂 Perfect track to end it with!!

  49. Eek! Late to the party but am loving the article big time!! John, those choices are spot on. I’m a HUGE fan of Shop Around. It was the performance that made me sit up and pay attention. I was at work and was just listening to the audio but I had to do a double take to check that I had clicked on the right link because the voice wasn’t that of a 16/17 year old!! I was soo surprised that it was actually David!

    Anyways, my playlist would probably also include:

    his cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World:

    I’ve always loved this song but have never heard it covered quite like this. I think it really showed his musicality with a little R&B flavour thrown in. I love it!

    I also love his cover of Gotta Get Through This:

    I had never heard this song before and was really surprised to hear the original song because it was sooo different from his cover. Again, I thought his musicality came through in this and the mash up with Message In a Bottle was pretty genius.

    Also, LOVE the banner!!!

  50. Also Trace, I want that Nadal/David article!!!

    You know what’s funny. When David was runner up on idol, I kept thinking it’s okay to be number 2 because all he needs is a little more time to learn his craft before he takes his rightful place at the very top. And because I’m such a huge tennis fan, I couldn’t help but compare it to Nadal’s progression because he was at no. 2 for soo long but he was also very young. It took him awhile but eventually he reached the pinnacle of the tennis world which I thought was inevitable because he was so talented. I think the same for David and hopefully he gets his chance to reach the very top because that talent should be recognised and shared with the world tbh.

    So yeah. I know it may seem far fetched as they are from two totally different worlds but would love to read your take on the Nadal/David comparison :p

  51. Sheba!

    NOW we are talking! It feels so good that someone else has the same take as I, about the similarities between David and Nadal! 🙂
    My, my Sheba! You have practically written that article for me haha!

    Also, have you noticed how ferocious and powerful Nadal is when on court…almost like wanting to eat his opponent alive (and he almost always does! much to my jubilation haha!)
    But when off-court, he is so utterly sweet and gentle and amiable.
    – “one of the nicest gentlemen you’d ever meet” say all the media people and everyone who has met him.

    Doesn’t that sound familiar?
    Much like our David.
    David kills us all off onstage with his power voice and flirtatious gesticulations but off stage, he is the very angel incarnated, sweet, gentle and everyone’s darling.

    Need I say more? Ok, article completed, Sheba! Thank you for your contribution! 😀

  52. Irda and Shu 🙂

    Great tracklist Irda! Love all the songs you loved!
    And Shu, we all seem to love the same songs!

    I’m enjoying all this buzz too!
    You must come in more often to join in the buzz! 🙂

  53. John

    You mentioned about David making an album of classical music but having a pop overtone – I’m all for it! Hm..I’ve never thought of it before….I’ll definitely buy several copies, one for each room in my house – and I do live in a big house with many rooms!

    I’m trying to imagine David singing this – with a pop overtone of course….for your palate…haha 🙂

  54. Holy smokes this is turning out to be a drool fest for Nadal -“ferocious, powerful but utterly sweet, gentle and amiable”. A bit OTT and cougar-ish don’t cha think 🙂

    Trace you prolly wouldn’t put Yanni strictly under the classical category but there’s this aria of his that I really like:

    Hm..that ‘Gotta get through this’, prolly I’m not familiar at all with this song but sounds a wee, tiny bit pitchy? (god I sound like Randy lol ) Like during the high notes. Sampling ‘Message in a bottle’ is sweet though.

  55. John

    Ah…Yanni, how can we forget him? Such a master of sounds – of contemporary classical (excuse the conflict of terms hehe) music.
    Yanni’s Aria is actually taken from an old French opera, I believe.

    There are many “cougars” here John, so watch what you say hehe!

    Why “cougar”? – I’ve never understood why that word is used …..
    Like wanting to eat those idols alive? 😀

  56. Trace
    Cougars are older, attractive women i.e. you & the other ‘cougars’ around here dating or lusting after younger men in their 20s & 30s and Pumas are women who dates even younger guys in their teens (yuks!). So I guess you’re a cougar lol!!

    Ok is everyone ready for side B of this epic, multimillion selling, Grammy winning, critically acclaimed masterpiece from David Archuleta? 🙂

  57. Oh my gosh, john! I looooove Yanni! 😀 And haha a Nadal comparison. I never thought of the second place thing. I thought it was a comparison of personality/ or a metaphorical example. Ahh, I do love myself a bit of tennis. I haven’t played in a long time. 🙂

  58. I’d have thought Federer was a better comparison to David. Can’t imagine David running and grunting around the court. lol. Wouldn’t it be better to compare Federer’s graceful strokes to David’s luscious voice? btw Federer uses Wilson. Haha. Go team Federer!!

    Hey remember the time David sang at the US Open? 🙂

    Bring on Side B Uncle John! 😀

  59. Auntie Trace

    Thanks 🙂 We all have the same taste in David’s music!! 😀
    Totally love your additions in the up and coming Grammy winning album of his!!

    Uncle John


    P.S : Can’t wait to get the OPM album and hang out with all of you soon!!

  60. OH AND UNCLE JOHN!!! I was wondering…. Could you please bring my TOSOD album on the day of the gathering? 🙂 I really miss it…. 🙂 Hope you remember.. THANK YOU!

    Auntie Trace

    Can I have one of those David wristbands you guys gave AAMers during his birthday gathering last year? I’d love to have one! If you still have a spare band… 😦 Thanks so much!

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