45 comments on “My mum and David Archuleta

  1. Aw that’s so sweet! If you’re ever coming to the States (or Canada 😉 😉 ) tell me! I’ve not much of a story, (family-wise) but I remember watching AI was a family thing back when I was growing up. Season 7 was my favourite of course, and I had my heart set on David A till the very end. I remember my mum making remarks about my interest with this singer, but I didn’t just like him for his face or anything. There was something special and emotionally connecting. I respected him.

    I remember the first time I travelled to KL all by myself to see David in concert. I had just finished high school and taking my driving lessons. I remember hearing about David’s showcase on the radio while I was driving and almost ran into the tree (my driving instructor, fortunately turned the radio off for me lol)

    So, I started tuning in to the radio station, and soon enough I won the tickets to the showcase. Except one problem, I live aaaalllll the way across the ocean. My parents weren’t pleased at the time because I was still, I call it “of high school age” (which I technically wasn’t because I had just got out of school) But after much begging..I mean, convincing that this may be a once in a lifetime chance, my dad gave in and bought me a ticket. But my mum, still was not comfortable having me travel on my own.

    After meeting friends that soon became a sort of my sub-family, I returned home satisfied, having met the person who inspired me to leave my juvenile and depression days behind.

    Years later when he came back again, I was on summer holiday in Malaysia. I approached my mother again, asking her permission, like a little school girl would, to go to KL once again to attend the concert. To my surprise, my mum replied “sure, why not?”. I guess I had forgotten I was no longer a high school student but an adult; a person of my own who has gained my mother’s trust in making good decisions in life.

    After coming back from the concert, I showed my mum Chords of Strength, and I could tell that my mum was proud that I’ve found a role model worthy to be loyal to.


  2. I just wanna share that I once spoke to my older cousin, Abraham about David Archuleta & he quite liked him too & spoke a few words about him & said he has quite a number of albums and he’s really talented 🙂 He went back home to be with the Lord last Friday morning at 1.30am. He was diagnosed with nose cancer & have been fighting for 4 years. During the duration, his life was transformed & God has been gracious & really good to him. He fought a good race of faith & finished it well. Eventhough he was suffering so much, he didnt let his sickness bring him down. He was always very cheerful & always encouraging others. Just wanted to share also that one time his wife asked him “Are you angry with God?” and Abraham replied: “No, because what im suffering is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered.” I was really touched & inspired by this & it made me teared. Im glad that he is now free from pain & sufferings. And i visited him 2 nights before he passed away (Wednesday) & my mom told him that i was going away on Monday to further my studies & wont be home for sometime & he passed away 2 days after.. Im glad i got to pay my last respect to my dear cousin 🙂

  3. Dear Auntie Trace and Marianne, I’m truly sorry for the loss of your loved ones.

    Here’s my Archu-story which I’d like to share.

    Back in 2008, just after my PMR, I was reading in my room while listening to the radio. I just happened to be standing next to the speaker when all of a sudden a little song called Crush played on the radio. I’m not sure how you all felt when you first heard David’s voice but it felt as if my insides liquified, blood rushed to my ears, scrambling my brain and had me gasping for breath. Omigosh! How can such a voice even exist? I wonder whose it is…
    ” And that was Crush by David Archuleta” announced the DJ. And so it began.

    In the beginning I was a reluctant Archie, having never been a fan of any singer before and never having expressed a preference for anything in particular. In fact I didn’t want to be in love with Davids voice. Why couldn’t he leave me to my peaceful existence instead of almost giving me a heart attack every time they play his songs on the radio or in the mall, which was often. For a large part of 2009, I never admitted that I liked David to anyone. Not even to myself. After a while my friends kind of found out. I still tried to convince myself that I only liked him a little.

    The day of his showcase was a school day. I had a choir performance that day. One of my friends told me she was going to ponteng after the performance to go to the showcase. I felt a pang of jealousy back then but I had already convinced myself that I didn’t want to go. ( A decision that would cause me much regret for the next two years. until July 2011 that is) That year was also the year CFTH was released. I got mine in December. That was my first album of David’s. My dad bought it for me because he didn’t use to give me allowance back then. After that though he decided I could use some allowance so next time I’d be able to buy my own CDs. So thank you David. 😀

    I spent 2010 being a rather snarky archie, complaining about David a lot. Don’t know what I was thinking. It was just a phase however. The year after that I started college. I introduced myself to people by saying I was a fan of David’s and spent the rest of the time annoying them by playing his songs constantly. In June, I decided to explore the fan sites. That’s when I found AAM. 😀 It was also then that I learnt that David was coming back to KL. Completely flipped out. The details of the concert weren’t out yet but I asked my parents if they were alright with me going. They initially were but when they found out it was in Stadium Negara they wouldn’t let me. My mum doesn’t like downtown KL. We live in PJ. After a week of pleading my parents finally relented.

    My mother is an archu-sceptic. Outside the concert venue she was saying ” I don’t understand why you all like him. He’s not even that handsome”. If you saw a girl trying to “shush” her mother outside Stadium Negara, that was probably me. You don’t go saying stuff like that when you’re completely surrounded by archu-freaks. My mum’s just having fun not to worry. 🙂

    David’s music has helped me get through rough times as well. The christmas I bought CFTH was my grandpa’s last christmas. My grandpa was as awesome as grandpas can get. I remember my whole family listening to David’s christmas songs in the car on the way to see the christmas lights. I’m not sure my grandpa knew it was David we were listening to though but it didn’t matter. My grandpa was mentally alert all the way up to the day he passed because of cancer. He was still driving his car around up till three months before his passing. In a way I’m glad he didn’t suffer much. His favourite singer was Nat King Cole by the way. My grandpa passed two weeks before my SPM. So I listened to David’s songs to help me focus. I was my school’s top scorer that year. I hope my grandpa’s proud of me.

    Hope you guys liked my archu-story. I enjoy reading yours too 😀

  4. Debz

    What you said is indeed true – that we have a special emotional connection with him. There are other singers out there who may be good but they don’t give us that same connection.

    Yes I do remember when you were in KL for the Stadium Negara concert, you were frantically making a grand tour of the KL bookshops, looking for Chords of Strength. And the relief you felt when you finally found it! 🙂

    I’m glad you have earned your Mum’s trust to travel alone to see David. Just be careful not to go anywhere near trees when you drive! 😀

  5. Marianne

    That was a touching story about Abraham, that you managed to spend your last few hours with him.
    I’m glad too that you shared some David-time with him.

    All the best when you go away for your further studies! 🙂
    Will you still keep in touch with us? 🙂

  6. liying

    From being a non-fan to having “your insides liquified, your blood rushing to your ears, brain scrambled and gasping for breath”!
    Haha! he really Crushed you with that song didn’t he? 😀

    Yes I’m sure your grandpa is really proud of you for being your school’s top-scorer! We are proud of you too! 🙂

  7. hey Trace,

    You indeed have a great mom! I wished I have met her and also invite myself to her home for a good yummy hakka food! LOL… 😉

    I don’t have great story to share but all I know is that when I’m Trace’s mom age, I want to remember my fangirling happy moments of David and other artists that I admired. 🙂

  8. Haha Auntie Trace. 😛 those were good memories. It’s okay, I’m more calm now, so I won’t drive into trees anymore. 🙂

  9. Akang

    Yes I wish you had met my Mum too – she cooked the bestest ever Hakka Yam Dumplings (Suen Poon Jee – Cantonese) ever! 🙂

    If she had been younger and able to move about, I would have taken her to David’s concerts! And she would have sat there in the first row and retorted: You guys are just crazy!
    Which we are of course! 😀

  10. Trace,

    What a sweet tribute to your dear mum. I have no doubt that she’s equally proud of you too. May her soul rests in peace!

    Debz, Marianne and Liying,

    Enjoyed reading your respective stories. Guess being Archies means we share lots of similar experiences during the past 4 years 🙂

    I was behind the car wheel when I first heard Crush on the radio. My sister, nieces and mum were in the car and the minute David came on it was my sister who recognised him. She shouted like a mad woman asking me to increase the volume. Needless to say upon hearing David for the first time on the radio ‘liquified my insides with blood rushing to my ears’ plus I was gasping for breath out of excitement, I reached out for the radio knob without even thinking. Thank goodness I didnt knock into a tree or the car in front of me! Even since that day each time I hear David on the radio I get excited all over again. It just never gets old 🙂

  11. Shirley

    Lol! You are very creative having incorporated all our stories into your spazz for David! 😀

    Do you remember that time when we were enjoying our non-stop chatterings about David at KLCC when that Jason Mraz song came on and I stopped in my tracks and thought it was David and nearly died of joy? I stupidly thought it was David but you corrected me. David in our minds all the time. 😀

    Yes my Mum must be very proud of me at the moment – we are making her into an internet star! 😀

  12. I have never introduced my mom to David. She is the Frank Sinatra, Perry Como generation and would never understand my interest in David. To her the present generation of singers can never hold a candle to the stars of yesteryears and in many ways I agree with her opinion. Nowadays it’s about the beat and the presentation not so much the singing.

    I don’t have any real archustories to tell except that I used to engage in cyber ‘fights’ with detractors and haters who routinely had snarky comments to make about David, his voice, demeanor, his dad etc, etc, etc. 🙂 I used to get so annoyed with people who never had anything good to say about David simply because they were not his fans. Some of the comments were downright mean and nasty and I remember spending hours at the forums defending David lol!

    Aah…those were the good old days! 🙂

  13. John

    I have never consciously introduced David to my Mum either, but she had heard his singing voice before when I was listening to his songs. For her to have remarked that “he is a good singer”, she must have judged it by her Perry Como standards. 🙂

    I applaud you for having engaged in cyber fights with the haters previously. I know you have suffered a certain amount of David-disappointments during recent years, but, seriously, you cannot deny him his voice.

    The music world is a very difficult one, the details of which every David-fan in the world has discussed to death, so I will not discuss it here.
    I can see the difficulties he has had to face. But I want very much to hold on positively because, with a voice like his, and an Eureka-moment of realisation by some labels etc in the future, and also by himself, something right for him will happen in the future.
    When that time comes, I hope you will resume your defence of David. 🙂

  14. Symptoms: Molten internal organs, blood rushing in ears, scrambled brains, shortness of breath, etc.

    Cause of symptoms: Exposure to David’s hypnotising and oh so mesmerising voice.

    Diagnosis: Obsessive David Disorder (ODD)

    Treatment: No known cure. Progress of disease controlled by turning down volume of radio when D’s songs come on. (however this method is not really effective)

    Description of disease: Possibly life-threatening as momentary lapses of sanity can cause car accidents if patient is not monitored during the onset of ODD symptoms while driving. Research into discovering a cure is not currently being carried out as the extreme pleasure of listening to David’s music clearly outweighs the adverse effects of ODD. Just take care not to cause bodily harm to self and others unintentionally especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle. 😀

  15. Lol liying!

    I hope Debz gets to read that! 😀

    And all the symptoms etc listed above sound familiar! 😀

  16. You know Trace your experience with your mum reminds me of the song ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by the group Train. The lead singer’s mum was going thru an illness while he was on tour with his band mates and sadly he couldn’t make it home in time before his mum passed away.

    He was of course down for a long while and he wrote the song ‘Drops of Jupiter’ during this sad time thinking about his mom. The song is at first glance a love song written about a failed relationship with lyrics that are unusual, quirky and very beautiful. But if you listen to the lyrics from the point of view of a son thinking about his mom that just passed away, you’ll see the song in a different light.

  17. John

    I was not familiar with at song, but I managed to listen to it on YT, and am posting it here:

    “Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?”

    “Can you imagine no deep-fried chicken
    The best soy latte that you ever had – and me?”

    Thank you for the lyrics of the song 🙂
    And thank you for the waterworks. 😦

  18. error: “that song” obviously, not “at song”.
    You see what your song made me do?!

  19. Hey Debz,
    At least you had your driving instructor next to you. I had my dad and it was on the highway. Though not too serious. Dang it David! :s

    Hey Uncle John,
    Thanks for inrtoducing me to “Drops on Jupiter”. It’s the sort of song I like to listen to. 🙂 I agree the lyrics are pretty deep Auntie Trace.

    Off-topic. I don’t usually listen to Chinese songs but this one kind of reminded me of David. :’) lol

  20. Trace the lyrics that get me are these:

    “But tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?
    Did you finally get the chance
    To dance along the light of day
    And head back to the Milky Way?
    But tell me, did you sail across the sun?
    Did you make it to the Milky Way
    To see the lights all faded
    And that heaven is overrated?”

    It won a Grammy for best rock song for Train when it was released. These are the kinds of songs that I wish David would write.

  21. liying

    That chinese song was very nice – I liked it. Maybe it was about the guy sitting and singing at the piano that reminds you of David? 🙂

  22. John

    The lyrics you quoted are, and will be, eternally beautiful – they would have been the ones that grabbed me as well if it had not been my Mum I was
    thinking about when I was listening to the song.

    The nostalgia of my Mum would not allow me to think of her as a lone soul “heading back to the milky way”, “sailing across the sun” and “in lights all faded”.
    Not yet. It’s too soon.
    At the moment, I still see her as the physical form of my Mum still missing me and missing her chicken (her favourite meat) and soya.

    I would love very much for David to write lyrics like that.

  23. I remember the first time I heard David was on the radio when Crush was played. I didn’t pay attention to AI at that time due to UPSR so I had no idea who was he. I laughed when my cousin told me his name because it was such a mouthful. Granted, I was only 12 then. 😛

    When he came for the showcase in 2009, all the girls in my school went crazy over him. I liked his songs but they were all about love and heartbreak. The fangirls were a huge deterrent as well because honestly, they were very intimidating.

    It was only when TOSOD finally came out when I really started to feel drawn to him. The songs were life-inspiring and had a unique sound that was undeniably David. The messages within the song resonated so clearly and intertwined with the melody so well that it was nearly impossible to believe David was real. That very album sparked a revelation in me that to this day, I still find difficulty in finding words to comprehend. (And so I’m stuck at this point)

    Then, came his Asian Tour in 2011 and blah blah blah…..(you know the rest!) I was really glad to have found AAM. It was a relief to find people who appreciated genuine music like David’s as well, especially with all my peers giving me weird looks in school everytime I mention David. Hahaha

  24. Tracy

    It certainly took you a long time to get to David! 😀
    But am I glad you did!

    Am glad too you found Aam.
    I didn’t dare join Aam at the beginning, thinking that it would be made up of only screaming teenagers…nothing wrong with that….I too scream nowadays at the sight of David haha…..but I thought “age” would be a criterion.
    Little did I know that I would now have a cyber family here, and feel like I’m coming home every time I log in here. 🙂

  25. Trace another song for you: Everything I Own by Bread.

    liying you’re welcome 🙂

  26. John

    I think you are determined to turn on my waterworks again. 🙂

    Nice old song that, by Bread.
    John, I didn’t think you would listen to saccharine songs like that. 🙂

  27. Trace it’s not saccharine sweet but a very fitting song for your story. The writer wrote it as a tribute to his father:

    “Is there someone you know? You’re loving them so But taking them all for granted
    You may lose them one day Someone takes them away And they don’t hear the words you long to say”

  28. Anonymous?

    Those lyrics you quoted stood out most for me as well – those were the exact lyrics I meant to post, but forgot.

    It’s so true – however much you love someone, you tend to take him or her for granted. When he or she is taken away, they no longer hear the words you want very much to say.
    That’s the saddest part of relationships.

    The reason why I said it was saccharine was meant for John only because I’ve never heard him say he listened to songs like that.
    I’m glad he does. 🙂

  29. anonymous was me la 🙂

    This song stood out for me because the writer was thinking about his father when he wrote the song just like you’re thinking about your mum. Many people would have thought that it was a song about a lost love, which in a way it is just not the romantic kind. I like songs that are open to different interpretations unlike music nowadays which is all about bumping and grinding in the sack, violence and drugs! You think this is saccaharine? Have you listened to any Taylor Swift song? Makes you diabetic!

    Anyway Bread has written some very good songs and they make for easy singing in the karaoke joints 🙂

  30. Haha John! Did you think me so naive that I didn’t know it was you! 😀
    (Notice the question mark)

    Saccharine of tone (as in sweet and nice and tender and easy-to-listen-to). It is not a “derogative” term. 🙂 so don’t get flustered hehehe…!

    Love absolutely comes in different forms and the deepest and potent kind, I think, is the love between parents and children. The romantic kind can always be replaced right? 🙂

    I do like Bread – they belong to an era when I still listened to pop on a more regular basis. Don’t even mention TS’s name. Makes me want to jump down the cliff! 😀

  31. Also I think it was with more than a twinge of regret that David Gates wrote those words as he didn’t get to express his feelings for his father when he was alive.The words taken on their own are simple enough but read in the context of personal loss and remorse they hit you with a lot more power and impact

    I think it is a few short lines of sheer brilliance as it conveyed the emotional heartache of the writer so clearly. An ability with words and an art form that I truly admire 🙂

  32. Trace, of course i will keep in touch with you guys 🙂 Had my first day of college 2 days ago and they had a round of introduction during tutorial class & the teacher asked to share anything special about ourselves. I told them im a Christian & I love David Archuleta hahahahah! 😀

  33. John

    David Gates as in Goodbye Girl? I didn’t know he was Bread.
    It only goes to show my ignorance. 😦

    Thank you John, for re-introducing to me these songs which probably is the type of music my heart needs to listen to at the moment. Besides the simple, heartfelt lyrics, he has a voice that comes with a tender sadness.

    The emotions of losing a father or mother, or even a child, is not easily described. To be able to put those deeply scarred and easily injured emotions into beautiful music, heartfelt lyrics, calls for an artist who has been scarred deeply and been inflicted by pain and remorse himself/herself.

    And the listeners are able to “tap” on the artist’s raw emotions and feel the pain too – either in sympathy or feeling their own pain, past or present, through that music.

  34. Marianne

    Did you really really tell your teacher and your class about David?
    Woah, that really makes you a special person – with specially good taste! 🙂

    Study hard and come back soon! 🙂

  35. I have too many stories in my life that revolved around David. 🙂 Since the first time I saw him on TV. But what I want to share briefly with everybody now is what I wrote for my English essay in SPM 🙂 I admit, throughout my senior year last year, I have been thinking over and over about what I should prepare myself to write about. I’ve always dreamt of writing an epic essay for my English in SPM. After hours of planning different possible topics to write about, I was completely prepared. Notes running through my head. When I turned the page of the booklet to reveal the 5 essay questions to choose from, the very first question stood out already. “A famous person you admire” 🙂 And every little detail that I memorized and practiced on various topics seemed to have disappeared. I literally stomped my feet and shook in my seat for a good whole minute before I started writing! 😀 But as you all might guess, it was not that hard to write it 🙂 I think I wrote 8 to 10 full pages all about my Idol. No pain in the phalanges could stop me. No scraping of my palms with excessive blue ink squirting from my pens could hold me. I was as if floating in the clouds of my own sky. It was all surreal 🙂 I knew from that point that I will get what I deserved for that essay. I poured my heart into every page. And of course, David IS in my heart. So that means, he was poured all over the answer sheets. In every single word I wrote on those papers. 🙂 And guess what I got for my English? 🙂 An “A+” 😀 So that’s my story. Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg, considering the many events in my life that David has unintentionally played massive parts in… 🙂 He’s always been the lead
    role. And I really miss him….. ❤ Thank you David. For always being the inspiration.

  36. Thank you for posting the song, “Everything I own.” That’s my very favorite song way back…….and now I am reminded not to take my loved ones for granted.

  37. Irda

    I loved your David story! 🙂
    And my heartiest congratulations for getting an A+ for the paper you wrote! He has really inspired you to write so well, I can see he is imprinted in your heart. 🙂

    Btw, you asked about the next Aam gathering in the last thread.
    Some good news for you and the Aam’ers!
    We are awaiting the arrival of the last batch of OPM. Once we get it, we will plan for a meeting for the distribution of the cd’s.
    Just hang on for a little while more. 🙂

  38. Auntie Trace

    YAY!!! I’m so excited!! 😀 This is gonna be soooo much fun!! Oh, thank you very much!! Haha, yeah he is.. 🙂 He REALLY REALLY IS…

  39. Auntie Trace
    Xin Wei and I probably won’t be able to make it for the next gathering. We’re finishing our Alevels this June. I’ve asked for the albums to be mailed. Maybe we’ll join you guys next time.

  40. liying

    That’s a shame but studies come first.
    There will be many more gatherings I’m sure.

    We’ll be here when you want to chat and when you want a little breather while studying.
    Good luck in your A levels! 🙂

  41. A gathering! How exiting. Aw, wish I could join you, but I’m oh so very far away. We should have a big one when David returns. 😉

  42. Trace- Yes i did haha… infront of my really good looking Bio teacher that many of my batch mates are going crazy for him omg. I feel so….. haha. And also today in the lecture theatre they had a launch for some drug awareness day thingy & before it started they played a few random songs & one of it was “A little too not over you” haha! When i heard it, i literally screamed in a high pitch & my friends asked me to calm down haha. And my friend and i started singing along 😛

    Irda – Hey irda! OMG! I also wrote about David in spm for the essay question “The person you admire” & i got an A+ for it woohoooo! Im guessing the examiner really enjoyed my stories about him 😛 I think it was my first essay i could actually write non stop without thinking too much haha! Thank you David! 🙂

  43. Marianne
    Wow! All you A+ students!!
    I’m so happy that David is such a great inspiration for you guys! 🙂

    Most certainly! Just keep in touch! 🙂

  44. Marianne

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! We soooooo rocked our paper!!! 😀 Hahaha! I didn’t even think twice about it! And literally like all of my friends who were sitting near my seat turned to look at my reaction when they read that question! 😀 Hesitation was not reasonable in that situation 🙂 I’m so happy for you! Love you loads bud ❤
    ArchAngels got brains!!

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