24 comments on “Silly Season

  1. Ooh. I know there’s a lot of Arch Angels here who are HUGE fans of one direction so would be interesting to hear you guys’ take on this. I was a fan of Take That growing up and to be honest, I didn’t think vocally they were all that great but of course that didn’t stop me from being a fan. I was a teenager and they were cute guys that made fun music. It wasn’t rocket science. I think the same goes for this current generation in relation to One Direction which I actually find to be more palatable than a lot of other acts out there. There’s this very interesting interview with Robbie Williams and some of the members of Take That where they share their views as to why some acts are successful even if they haven’t got the best voices:

    At about 1.30 mark they are asked whether they think that the voice is the most important thing for a pop star to have.

    Robbie’s answer is this:

    “Not at all, most shows like this (i.e X-factor, etc) you gotta sing in tune, you’ve got to sing in key but I’ve managed to sell 60 million albums without doing any of those things. I sing, I’m an alright singer but its not important. Its not the most important thing. It’s not what the tv is trying to make it be. Its not even performance its everything, its image, its performance, it’s the soap opera of the person’s life, its whatever you project onto them. The voice has very little to do with it. If you want good singers, they are backing me.”

    Pretty harsh but you gotta admit that looking at the successful pop stars out there, there is some truth to it.

  2. Sheba:-)
    I know I put my neck on the chopping board when I purposely dissed teenage girls in my article and I stand by my snark.

    That’s the thing with boy bands, they’re no great shakes in the vocal department and yet many of them have legions of fans – undeservedly so in my opinion but there you go. I cringe every time some near hysterical teenage girl begs on the radio for some song from Bieber and boy bands. I quickly switch station! Take That was one of the better boy bands to come along I think. At least they wrote their own songs courtesy of Gary Barlow.

    I guess it’s down to the imaging and that ‘X’ factor. Either you have it or you don’t and when they package one of these confectioneries that’s what they look out for – whether the girls will go gaga over them or not. That’s 90% of the packaging and the rest can be handled by the posse of production personnel.

  3. I didn’t know who One Direction was until someone told me recently about their huge success (I do not follow pop music – only David 🙂 thus the
    When I heard them on the radio a couple of weeks ago, I thought to myself:

    Hey what’s the big deal?!

    I agree with Robbie Williams – popularity and success have, in the most part, to do with image and the soap opera of the artists’ lives, and very little to do with the voice.
    However, I think the voice comes off as of some importance during a talent show. But once that show is over, the artist has to create a larger-than-life image, preferably what the public consider to be cool/blood curdling/ over the top vulgar….you know the rest.
    So where does that take David?

    As for what I would like to call the “uneducated taste” of the young (and adults too), I can only say, these people should have been trained while very young, or at least, exposed, to good, quality music.
    And by that, I mean, good classical music, or music from an era when the quality of the voice is of utmost importance.

    Simon Cowell, most of the time, pretends to know about music. But I have to take my hat off to him that he knows how the “uneducated” listening public ticks, I think he is more concerned about how he can squeeze the moneybag out of them. 🙂 And he is very successful at that.
    I used to enjoy listening to his critical comments on AI, but after the pants-dropping incident, which surely was an act to entertain (entertain?!) the audience, I knew for sure he was just pandering up to the $$ sign.

    At the end of the day, I blame it on the people themselves.
    The producers, the labels, the music-makers etc give the people what they want because of the $$.
    And we ourselves now live in a world that is moving very close to an age of ugliness 🙂

  4. I ❤ David James Archuleta 🙂
    I ❤ One Direction 🙂
    And I ❤ Harry Edward Styles 🙂

  5. Sorry irda, punch my eyes and squeeze my nose, but who is Harry Edward Styles? 🙂

  6. Stop stereotyping teenage girls! I’m a teenage girl and the only guy who I’d go crazy fangirling over is David. And the first thing I fell in love with was his voice! not his looks. In fact I thought he didn’t look that great when I first saw him. (I take that back now though teehee) 🙂

    I’m allergic to biebz and all those other teeny boppers they always play on the radio. I don’t mean to offend any Directioners. I think they’re ok. I have a friend who’s in love with Zayn so *peace*

    If you want to know I listen to all sorts of GOOD QUALITY music. Adele, Florence, Daughtry, Kurt Schneider and a bunch of other people. I like rock music but I’m currently listening to Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars. Besides that I listen to my parents classical music. My mum likes vocals like Pavarotti while my dad likes instrumentals. I listen to stuff like Air Supply and Carpenters too because those are classic. Most of the time I listen to Lite fm because I find the club music played on other radio stations extremely loud and annoying. Plus I tend to retch and squirm every time I hear the Biebz. So there! 😀 lol

  7. liying

    I like your kind of teenage girl! 🙂
    But of course you are unique and also unusual for your age. There is hope yet for the world. 🙂

  8. I LOVE boy bands and girl bands when I was a teenager. Their cute upbeat pop songs really helps me to de-stress over my studies and especially my housework. 🙂 I don’t care about their vocal as they all sounded the same be it boys or girls and most important they all sing in tune!! LOL… Their shelf lives were so short that I don’t even have the chance to be their fan least of all own their merchandise.

    Hats off to Simon Cowell, those music producers and smart songwriters who know what makes the teenagers tick – especially image. There are a real shrewd businessman who knows where the pot of gold is!!

  9. Oops… *They are real shrewd businessmen…*

    Out of curiosity, I check out One Direction. hey! a group of not bad-looking youngsters. Their current songs are no difference from those yesteryear boy
    bands’ songs. 🙂

    This song is really good while doing housework! LOL..

  10. Akang

    Your last sentence: “….a real shrewd businessman who knows where the pot of gold is” – are you saying that making music for the teens is about chasing that pot of gold?
    I’m not referring to One Direction in this case because they look “clean” enough to me. And their music too.
    What about the social responsibility of these “shrewd businessmen” who may be taking the innocent young with racing hormones, up some unsuitable paths?

  11. Hi Everyone!

    John, I feel the same way when you said this “That’s the thing with boy
    bands, they’re no great shakes in the vocal department and yet many of
    them have legions of fans – undeservedly so in my opinion…” I will never ever understand the hype with Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and now One Direction. Nonetheless, my daughters and nieces are so caught up with 1D now. I know its a phase as I’ve seen them going gaga over JBro and JB and now they are practically nonexistence in their lives. In all honesty I wont loose sleep over their ‘shallowness’ or being ‘silly creatures with no discerning bones in their bodies’ cos to me its just part of growing up…no biggie 🙂

    LOL Trace, I reckoned Harry Edward Styles is one of the members of One Direction. Guess I will have to ask Genie which one is he 😀

    BTW, I’ve just read this interesting article adn thought I’d share it here.


  12. Amy
    Be careful there….the teenager in you seems to be bubbling just under the surface! 😀

    Boy bands and their like may be harmless enough and part of growing up but what about artistic integrity and the pursuit of excellence? Does it seem alright that we are fed such drivel and that teenagers are encouraged to accept that these are examples of good music?

    Why not expose them to truly good music and top notch musicianship? Isn’t that a better way to teach them to settle for only the best?

  13. Lol!
    Amy is indeed the ever-green teenager! Woohoo……..! 😀

    Yes you are right and well said……..”it’s all part of growing up”.
    On the other hand, don’t you think guidance and a bigger exposure to good quality music will lead them to appreciation of true beauty not only in music, but also in all the arts that satisfy our sense of aesticism and refining our minds?
    That is part of growing up too. 🙂

  14. Oops one more thing. Thank you Shirley, for letting me know who Mr Styles is. I’m truly enlightened now hehehe….! 🙂

  15. HAHAH.. 🙂
    He’s the one in the middle in the picture above, Auntie Trace 😀
    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m just happily embracing every part of my youth and being the teenager that I am..
    Since I’m turning 18 this year, I don’t have that much time of being a teenager left. And David’s forever sitting on his throne in my heart. 🙂 Wearing the crown. I won’t lie….. I’m a DIRECTIONER 😀 And I’m really happy about that.

    Harry is my age too.. So I guess that’s why I love him the most out of the five. I think it’s the age that connects us. But, like I said, it’s always been David. And always GONNA BE DAVID….. 😉

    P.S: One of the AAM mods is a Directioner too 😉 She loves Louis William Tomlinson… 😀 (which is the one on Harry’s right side in the above pic)
    They’re Best Friends!
    Just wanted to put that out there…… 😉

  16. Irda

    Lol I can see why you like Mr Styles best – he looks to me the cutest! 🙂
    I’m glad David is still your No.1 guy though haha!

    And who is the Aam mod who likes 1D? I think I can guess! 😀

    Of course we are all entitled to our own opinion – that’s why we are here.
    Please feel free to express your own views.

    In a nutshell, if we can all appreciate better quality music, we will have a better quality sense in the things in our lives. 🙂

  17. I think it’s good that they’re bringing back boy bands…just cause there’s been a big decline of them within the past 10 years or so. I miss the BSB Westlife, Spice Girls, S Club 7 and N’sync days. Hah.

    Personally, I’m no fan of One Direction (that’s because I haven’t heard any their stuff before, so I can’t judge), but I’m guessing that they’re rather quality singers, having gaining their own fan base by proving themselves on an actual competition i.e. X-factor.

    I’m not too worried I guess. They look like fine, decent young men with fine, decent not too overly annoyingly teeny-boppy (for my taste) songs. In the meanwhile, I’ll finish up my two more years in university till David comes back. 🙂

  18. Hey Debz!

    So both you and David will be coming back at about the same time! Woohoo! 🙂
    All the best for your uni studies!

  19. Hey! Long time no see! 😛

    Haha yeah! IT’s a teeny disappointing though, because just as I got my US visa, poof! he’s gone. Haha. But I guess at least I can concentrate on my studies.

  20. hey John, Trace, LOL… young at heart-mah!! 🙂

    “Why not expose them to truly good music and top notch musicianship?
    As a teenager, I just want to listen to “current”, “upbeat”, “cute” and “fun” songs that I can sing along together with my classmates. I just want to have FUN as I have things to worry about i.e. getting good grades in school. As I was growing up, I did learn to appreciate good voice and good music of certain artists that I admired.

    Isn’t that a better way to teach them to settle for only the best?”
    I remembered my aunt introduced Frank Sinatra to me and told me how good his voice was. Haha… as a teenager, how do I react? Eeww.. so out-dated songs and that slow music! LOL… “no offense, Trace!” 😉

  21. HEY!! When’s the next get-together everybody?? 😀
    Can’t wait to see you guys again! I missed the last two meet-ups… 😦
    Plus, can’t wait to get my hands on my Forevermore 🙂

  22. Irda
    Hahahahah, you just HAD to mention me, didn’t you? 😛 Btw, I’ve revert to Niall James Horan already. x) I can be so fickle-minded sometimes. But Harry is still all yours. 😀

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