20 comments on “I blame David Archuleta

  1. John!

    I enjoyed reading your rantings!
    I hope you have got them all out of your system now?
    A sigh of relief at last perhaps? 😀

    But I blame YOU John, for not having and exercising the spirit of patience.

    He has done glorious things and produced glorious music in the recent past, as you said, so do you really think it’s possible that he will go all the way down to the trenches?

    The lad has had other things on his mind – godliness – the way to change the world to a better one (and boy, do we need it!) – how he can give the sick, the handicapped and the dying more happiness – how he can deepen his relationship with his God – etc etc.

    You just wait John, and be more patient – his time of glory will come again.

    If those times don’t happen in the future, then I promise we’ll post your article again. 😀

  2. John

    I haven’t finished..

    Do you blame him for not sucking up to his labels and management?

    Do you blame him for not bowing to the current vulgarities?

    Do you blame him for not wanting to be any Tom Dick and Harry kind of singer?

    Do you blame him for wanting to spend more time on reflection of his music prowess?

    Do you blame him for wanting to please the majority of his fans and not just John?

    Do you blame him for his ardent desire to serve his God and to keep up with his religious vows?

    Do you blame him for having such a diversified gathering of fans, each wanting him to sing different genres of songs?

    I can spend all night doing this ….
    I will continue tomorrow after a good night’s sleep….
    Until then, I hope you don’t remain breathless tonight after that rant. 😀 😀

  3. Trace

    Being close to God is really through your heart and mind. I truly believe this. If God were such an omnipresent being he/she would surely know the communion I have with him/her through my heart and mind. Surely I don’t need to do anything overt for him/her to notice?

    And what better way to feel the touch of God than to create music? Music that is honest, real and full of soul. David has always said that he is on the grandest mission when he is doing music so why the need to ‘disappear’ for 2 years? There are many more meaningful and equally effective ways to reach God. I’m sure being benevolent and wise he/she would not be so dictatorial as to insist that we disengage from everything so as to ‘serve’ him/her. I don’t believe for one moment that God would want to make us -his/her children- servile and mute. All these doctrines are but the invention of a small group of human kind meant to instill servitude and even fear in all of us. I’m sure God is nowhere near that unkind and unfeeling.

    Yes David has had glorious moments in the past with his music but they have been in bits and pieces. He hasn’t been able to bring it all together in one solid whole to make enough of an impact. I really don’t care what genre of music he deals in as long as it’s real and honest; as long as it comes from his heart and soul and speaks of who he is and what he feels at a particular point in his life. Honesty is the true face of art I feel. He doesn’t have to be another Bieber, Gaga or Perry (lord knows he could never be) to create meaningful music. Look at Adele, does she fit into any of the current mode of performers? She does what she does best and that is to create music from the heart. And that is all I ask from David. Not be a clone, be yourself but be true and honest. When fans feel that connection they will respond.

    However we must not forget nor negate the realities of life. Music is also a business like any other and when you don’t have the clout (yet) to stamp your own mark you had better listen to the counsel of those who have been in the business longer than you have been alive. This is all I’m saying. Suffer for your art for all I care but there comes a time when you really have to wake up and stop being stupid about it.

    It’s a big question mark as to when and if David Archuleta really comes into his own in a big way or will he go by the way of countless others with the same potential but never quite make it. Of course it’s basically my ambition I want him to fulfill but don’t you think he has the talent to make it all the way to the top? Don’t you have the gnawing feeling that it’s is destiny to win a grammy or two? And don’t you think it’ll be a monumental waste if he doesn’t? What’s so wrong about winning a ton of Grammies or selling a gazillion records? Last I heard that’s how one’s success is measured in the music industry or have I been living on a different planet?

  4. No John, you have not been living on a different planet.
    You have just not made a true tour of the archu-planet. 🙂

    I understand what you’ve been saying all these months, I truly do. And sometimes I feel the same too about his career.
    – the realities of life – music being a business like any other – his not having held the bull by the horns and made a monumental impact etc.

    In my mind – maybe a distortedly stubborn one as far as David is concerned – I see him as an artist of the most organic kind – he is moody, he goes where his heart tells him, he bows to nobody with regard to his artistry – there is almost nothing that will sway him from what he truly feels inside.
    In that sense, he is as raw and as organic as any artist can achieve.

    I also understand what you are saying with your mention of Adele. But she has had years of experience and heartaches. She has had a “life” and “toughness” which she can tap on for her music.
    I’ve always maintained that David needs to grow up more and experienced more of the true realities of life before he can impact the world with a more “meaningful” “adult” kind of music.

    I have a weird opinion which you may or may not agree.
    I believe all true artists are rebels. The only calling in them is a calling that comes from within. No one in the mortal world can change the calling from their hearts.
    I believe David to be a rebel deep inside him. I don’t think he knows it. But his decisions and whatever he has said and done have revealed to me that he is a rebel. Only age and lack of life’s experiences have made this rebelliousness vague and not quite defined.
    So, going back to your reference of Adele, I think she is a rebel of sorts too.

    That’s why I still think David’s time will come. Just give him and yourself time. You will live in his glory again. He may not become a huge mainstream success – it really depends on the kind of music he will be producing – but he will begin to climb again to the top of your mountain – and I hope you will be waiting there to welcome him: “the return of the prodigal son”? 🙂

    Yes, I agree with you there re the mission – that he didn’t have to go away for 2 years to serve God. But one’s faith is personal. We really don’t know the inner workings of his mind.

    Let me tell you this little joke:

    Someone on the internet actually gave me a piece of “breaking news” – that “David has been expelled from his mormon training centre because he was making too much noise at night and disturbing everyone’s sleep, because he was practising on his vocals!”

    Being rather vulnerable at the time and generally stupid I guess, I believed it! Until I found out that the joke was on me! Lol
    But I wasn’t surprised.
    Because I have always sensed a certain amount of rebelliousness in him.
    Maybe I should also see him as a somewhat “naughty little boy” who needs a little spanking at times. 😀 😀

  5. “In that sense, he is as raw and as organic as any artist can achieve.”

    You hit the nail on the head there Trace-“raw and organic”. That’s the kind of artist that he should strive to be and he has produced such music in the past with his singing and songwriting but too few and far in between.

    People always think that Adele is this ‘old’ woman but we all forget that she is only 24 – not that much older than David. But the difference is that she chooses to live with her heart on her sleeve and this comes out through her music. Very organic, heartfelt and raw. Because of this intimacy, her music resonates with fans the world over to the tune of nearly 20 million units sold and a ton of Grammys. David on the other hand has a tight rein on the private moments and chooses instead to write generically – skimming the surface which leaves us fans with no insight really of the artist. I get the feeling that he isn’t comfortable in revealing too much and that’s his choice I guess but then what do you talk about in your music? I always thought that music is a medium like any other through which you express your innermost thoughts and motivations in the hope that someone out there will connect and say “Hey I know how that feels. It’s happened to me too”.

    David may have a rebellious streak deep down but he hasn’t got the inclination to express it. Not wholeheartedly and with abandon the way Adele and other singers do. I think he conforms too much to what the people in his life dictates. I hope that someday he will find the inspiration to flip the bird to those around him and say “What the heck!”

  6. John

    “What the heck!” indeed!
    He either does not have the inclination to express his more rebellious streak, as you said, or
    his mind is overly controlled by his own interpretations of his faith.

    Perhaps he thinks that “wearing his heart on the sleeve” may subject himself to the criticism of his church elders.
    I can talk about the religion part of it endlessly but I am refraining from doing so.

    I think he can easily make beautiful raw and organic music with a voice like that, and he has sufficient abundance of expressive emotions to support that voice to be a really master-class soulful singer.

    He knows very well the fans absolutely love his rendition of say, Crazy, and has been persuaded to sing that song umpteen times during VIP’s Live.
    But when he records music, he stays away from such songs.
    I used to wonder why. And still wondering….

    Again, I believe it boils down to what he believes to be the dictates of his faith/church. But as I said, I’m not venturing into that territory.

    Hey guys!

    Does no one else have an opinion?
    The cat got your tongues? 😀

  7. Hey guys. Just got online.
    I don’t think we should be too critical about David’s music. Admittedly I wasn’t too impressed with TOSOD. In fact I was pretty snarky about it when it was first released. But having outgrown that snarky self last year I was completely spazzy about everything and anything David did. Now that he’s left on his mission, I can somewhat organise my thoughts a little better.
    I wasn’t a fan during the AI days so I have no idea how glorious he was on the AI stage. I first heard of David when people were discussing him at school. Back then I thought what a weird name Archuleta was.
    If David were to stay at home in Utah I think it’s unlikely he’ll be able to gain any experience which would be useful in writing songs. There are hardly any documentable hardships that he can experience at home. And we all know how reluctant he is to write about what happens in his family. He’s very protective of them after all.
    Maybe it will do him good to spend some time away. Maybe getting chased by a pack of rabid dogs or getting lost in some strange jungle or catching some life-threatening exotic disease will give him something to write about. Or how about the loneliness he’ll feel while he’s away from his family. Who knows…
    David knows his voice is good. He has great taste in music. I think the songs he writes are the way they are because the people he writes with probably underestimate his maturity. And David being David was probably too polite to disagree with their opinions and give strong opinions of his own. To date how many songs has he written entirely on his own? Only “Falling” am I right? But then again who am I to say anything.
    I hope David brings a notebook to write about his experiences in Chile. Something great might come out of it.
    I somehow feel that David’s connections to AI has hampered his rise to stardom. Everyone knows him as the guy from AI and I believe the people giving out the awards are somewhat prejudiced about this fact. People like Kelly Clarkson took years to shake off the AI label. And another thing which I believe causes people to overlook David is the fact that so many people see him as a tween popstar, like a certain someone whose name rhymes with beaver whom I am totally allergic to, which he unequivocably is NOT. I suppose this has to do with a large portion of his fans being teeny boppers. Sorry to say.

  8. John,

    Enjoy your “ranting”! I am sure he will gain more inspiration, knowledge/wisdom when he is out there. Meanwhile, let’s wait for him and not give up. He said he will return.

  9. Wow.. interesting ranting article and thought-provoking comments! 🙂

    I blame largely on David’s father for encouraging a young 16-year old David to join AI before he could finish his education. I also blame David for agreeing with his father to “just want to sing” and test water when he is not ready for the music world.

    After 4 years of working in the music industry, I thought David would have found his kind of music where he gave us a glimpse of what he is capable of, for example, Crazy and Gotta Get Through This. He was showing us the adult David and not the teenager David. Do I need to be patient? Yes for now. No choice.

    I was hugely disappointed with the “instant” 3-days in the making of the OPM album with slow and effortless ballads showcasing his angelic voice which was the replica of his AI season. No offense to those who love the OPM album. Is he going back to square one to his AI brand? Absolutely.

    Adele is different. She went to the same music school as the late Amy Winehouse. Both of them were fortunate to have found their unique sound and their unique musical technique. That is why both of them are famous in the music world.

    I just watched a video of David singing a sacred music at one of his MKOC’s VIP sessions (my first time) and I strongly believe he has found his sound and music. I can see his pure enjoyment in that video. I’m anticipating his next US album would carry those kind of music. No surprise!

    LOL… I blame David Archuleta for climbing mid-way of our Cameron Highlands and resume in 2014!

  10. hey Trace,

    LOL… who has punked you in believing David was expelled from MTC for doing something naughty? hahaha… You are so unbelievable!

    You said David has the rebellious streak in him. LOL… To me, David is such an obedient freaking young lad that I’m sure he will follow all the rules to the tee in his life. 🙂

  11. Trace

    Talking about patience; there’s a saying “Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can. You seldom find it in a woman and never in a man”
    That describes me to a tee when it comes to David Archuleta and his somewhat non-happening career 🙂

    Hey all
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments. Yes I do sound like an impatient, grouchy old geezer when I rave and rant against the boy (and I do mean boy) simply because he gave us so much promise and hope. Not by signing a contract with us or anything like that but through his many wonderful vocal examples. The boy can sing no doubt about that but I feel that he allows himself to be side tracked unnecessarily by family, friends….whatever the case may be. There doesn’t seem to be a focus or direction. It’s just a series of hits and misses. I also feel that he’s too restrained in his musical expressions and this ultimately limits his range and relevance. This reluctance on his part surprises me seeing that he listens to so many genres of music and the way other artists expresses themselves. Even with the breadth of exposure, musically, that he has experienced he chooses to limit himself in the style, themes and compositions of his more recent work.

    BUT through it all I still harbour a smidgeon of hope that he will come through and that magical vocal ability will find it’s way to be expressed in all it’s glory to a far wider audience.

    Hope springs eternal as they say 🙂

  12. Sigh……….

    I blame myself for having been sucked into this idiotic ODD…

    I blame myself for spending hours staring at his beautiful face…

    I blame myself for watching AI Season 7…I should have stayed in the kitchen and cooked supper for my family…

    I blame myself for having floated into the air towards heaven when he sings Crazy…
    (For crying out loud David! can you pleeeaase sing more songs like that and send me to the 7th or 8th or 9th heaven when you come back!!)

    I blame myself fror having befriended people like John who is in reality a grouchy, impatient old geezer who is making my heart boil!! (your own words hehe 😀 )

  13. Akang

    Yes I blame his father too for not having let go. 🙂

    Yeah I also blame his own shoddiness of mind, making that “3-day-to-the-oven” effort. But his voice sounded dang good no? 🙂

    You joker! You got me into believing he was really expelled!
    I blame it on my groggy gullibility! 😀

    Yes Akang, it seems like he wants to follow all the rules and be obedient, but have you checked his insides? Lol!
    I still stick to what I said about his hidden rebelliousness. 🙂

  14. liying

    When David returns and sings about his loneliness, that would be a great introduction to his music.
    I can almost see the beauty and soulfulness he will put into those songs.

    But a suggestion that he might catch some exotic disease – and to sing about it?!
    aiyo liying! – I don’t think I can even deal with the very thought of it!
    😦 😦

  15. John

    “Patience is a virtue man learn, so too women, when knowest an end is all the world worthwhile” – maybe Confucious – maybe my Father – maybe Me. 😀

  16. Wait.. didn’t David finish high school? I thought he did. Isn’t it against the law for a sixteen-year old to be pulled out of school like that. And if it is for a tv show aren’t they supposed to provide tutoring? Gosh!

    I don’t blame David for recording the album in 3 days. He wanted to get more done and anyways it was just a side project. But regardless of how long it took to record, David’s voice should sound as heavenly as usual. (I’m assuming this because I’m resisting the urge to listen to the Forevermore tracks before I get the album. Besides NA) teehee.


    I was reading this book by Isabel Allende. It was an adventure story. The expedition was sailing up the Amazon and she happened to mention two mormon missionaries from Utah tagging along.Immediately thought of David. lol. Anyways the missionaries caught some tropical disease that made them slightly delusional and they had to be sent back. They were dipensable extras after all.

  17. liying

    Haha! Let’s hope they don’t send David to the Amazon jungle then. 🙂
    As a mama-fan, I can’t help but worry about his welfare.

    I think he did get tutoring hours during AI but I don’t know what level of education he actually got from them.
    Can someone enlighten us?

    Not that it really matters – his being “out there” for 4 years must have given him a true indication of life which most people would never have got by going through a formal education.

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