21 comments on “Goodbye yellow brick road.

  1. This article has left me with more doubts than ever over David’s decision to go forward with the mission. I suppose I’d be lying if I said I support D 100%. Perhaps David was aware of the consequences of his leaving too? Maybe he knew he was taking a wrong turn? So many questions asked and yet I have the slightest unsettling feeling that I do not want to know the answer. πŸ˜›

  2. John

    We. as adoring fans, and who have examined and scrutinised with our microscopes, all the minute details of his career and deciphered every decision he has made, and held high anticipations of his career, are bound for disappointment.
    No one and no artist can do everything “right” at all times.

    Our anticipations of his career have been much too high right from the beginning.
    “To err is human” – David, being human afterall, (and inexperienced with no management worth mentioning), is bound to make so-called “mistakes”.

    He may not have achieved the huge success we fans desired so much for him, but he definitely has developed a really great and loyal fanbase.
    Whether this fanbase will stick by him for the next 2 years is anybody’s guess. The click on the ruby-red shoes may still happen some time in the future.

    Have you ever considered whether David himself really really wants this huge success we so desire for him?
    IMO I think the ultimate success David aims for in his life, is his success as a human being – the success of living his life as dictated by God.
    Success in his career is of secondary importance. The decision to go on that mission is inevitable.

    Also, the ever-grateful David has the irresistable need to please his fans, whether they be from the Philippines, the US – he will sing at a beach resort or act in a mini-series – to just make his adoring fans happy.
    That is David – he does not put himself up on a pedestal of a star.
    And he will sing anything that will make people happy and feel inspired, as long as there are no vulgarities and such.
    Perhaps he just wants a smaller measure of success so that he can live his life in his own perspective?

    I hold my breath with you to hopefully see him reach the Emerald City – but then, that is the Emerald City we want for him.
    What about his own Emerald City?

  3. Trace

    If what you say is true – and I guess it could be – then it is indeed a bridge too far not because of lack of talent but lack of will and ambition. This is something I cannot fathom for I come from a place where the drive for excellence and achievement has been drummed into me since I was knee high. Not doing your darn best and going the extra mile to climb that mountain is truly an alien concept in my world.

    But like you said maybe it’s my mountain I want him to climb and if that’s what it is then it’s really sad and disappointing.

  4. John

    What I’ve said is probaby just my own conjecture. He could very well be burning with a desire to attain the heights you mentioned and one has to give him credit for having daringly ventured into fields which he previously thought was alien to him.
    Unfortunately, some of these decisions he made were not exactly the kind that will take him closer to the Emerald City we envisaged for him.

    And he could well be influenced by, in your words, his own prejudices and principles which have manifested as his career’s obstacles.
    That is what I meant when I said that being a good human being is of primary importance to him – completely over any amount of success one could present to him on a silver platter.

    For example, when he decided to audition for AI, he went with a fervent desire to sing. I don’t think he was thinking of embracing a huge international success for himself – he wanted to sing to people who would and wanted to listen to him and be inspired – not succumb to the current vulgarities and become a huge star at the expense of renouncing his values which he holds so close to his heart. Isn’t that one of the reasons why we love and admire him?

    I understand why you are disappointed John, but I think one has to give David a David-treatment when analysing him and his decisions. He is a unique person to start with.
    He may have a lack of ambition but definitely not a lack of will.
    No amount of “worldly success” offered to him will make him sway in his beliefs and principles. He has the mental strength of an ox. (are oxen strong mentally? – I don’t know but I think that’s how the saying goes! lol!)

    However, after having said all that, I would and do advise him to focus on his amazing musical sense and make good use of that magical voice his Heavenly Father has bestowed on him.
    Do “quality” stuff.
    The diehard fans will rave about everything and anything he does. But he needs to realise that he should focus on really good quality music. Then I’m quite sure the world will become his oyster.

    I can’t get over the way he sang Crazy and every time I listen to it, I get Kaapppoooooommmed ( guess what that means haha!) into another dimension!
    I await to be Kaapppooooommed again when he comes back. πŸ™‚

  5. He has planned to join the mission before his AI audition. This may be the right timing for him but not for us fans. It is difficult to let him go now. But we must, like the mother eagle, she has to push her young eaglets out of the nest, inorder that they learn how to fly.

    Though we care deeply for his future singing career, but it is his own choice and let’s hope he has counted the cost before embarking on this mission. As he explains very clearly, that he wants to serve God and spends more time with God. I think he has great faith that his God will lead him to his Emerald city. He has a pair of “pink shoes” afterall. πŸ™‚

    Well, wherever he is for the next two years, the fans in that part of the world should feel blessed to have him there.

  6. Somewhere along his journey, David has come across a diversion, a fork, a detour – call it what you will – but the bottom line is that he has to make a choice. He made it, and chose the road less traveled; typical of him, he chose to stick with what is expected of him to do: halt the momentum of his career and go off on a spiritual journey that is so important for him to be recognised as a grown up, according to the culture of his religion. He made that choice, and all we can do is to hope he will come back to the road we’ve been lining up at the side of, all this while. If he doesn’t, we just wish him well and move on – only time will tell what is to become of his trip down that path he is now on.
    The most we can do now is to make sure that he feels appreciated that he does so if he chooses to make a comeback in his singing career.

  7. hey John,

    Thanks for your article. LOL… It is your mountain that you want David to climb but it is not wrong that the “kiasu” us just want the best for him to make it in the competitive music industry.

    David has already made his decision to detour from his music career and I don’t know what would he find along that path but I do know that he might find a wife! Just kidding!! πŸ˜‰

    When I saw his picture at the Mormon’s conference in Utah yesterday, my heart told me that he has already found his Emerald City without clicking the “ruby red shoe”. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t come back to do mainstream music but retreat back to his Emerald City to do God’s music and raise half-a-dozen children. LOL.. That what Donny Osmond did at his prime – married and raise a family.

    Time will tell which path he would take and I do hope he would finish his education one day! To me, Forevermore single is a “goodbye” song.

  8. hey Trace,

    Agreed that he needs to do quality music, if he comes back to do mainstream music. I love David’s version of “Crazy” and his voice was so so awesome. LOL… I got that Kaapppoooooommmed, too, when I first heard it live at our Stadium Negara.

    Hope his two original songs on his US album will have an element of Kaapppoooooommmed!! πŸ™‚

  9. Akang, I agree with you. If he chooses not to return to the music industry, I hope he finishes his education, and become a doctor (that’s what he said in the past)

    Time will tell! We’ll wait and see.

  10. Thank you John for giving us something to mull over. Some of the decisions we make in life are not earth shattering, history will see very little differences whether we chose to eat roti canai or curry mee for breakfast, but there are choices in life that are important, even life altering. In David’s case, is definitely life altering. I just want to wish him well and may God’s grace and mercy be with him.

    I noticed from the Mormon’s conference photos that the ladies from the top tiers are looking at David’s direction hahaha! Oh ‘Forevermore’ will be a good song for couples to play on their wedding day:-)

  11. Hey John,

    Nice to ‘see’ you again. Thanks for this article.

    At this point, its safe to say we all care despite the vast differences in opinions regarding David’s career. The mission has got to be his focus ever since he’s a young boy and the fan base has been wondering for a long time whether he will or will not go. He has said in interviews that this is something he has to do for now and thanked the fans many times over for respecting his decisions. He also assured us that he will be back to doing music after his mission. Its admirable and courageous of him to put his career on hiatus for two years to serve God and His people.

    I dont discount the fact the people do change their minds along the way. I am sure David is no different. He might decides to go to college perhaps a music school, settle down and have lots of archubabies after his mission, that’s his life after all.

    As a fan I shall be here supporting him in the many ways that I can. Just like Trace has stated ‘the diehard fans will rave about everything and anything he does’ <- guess that's me after all LOL

    So Trace, did you say the OPM CD will be coming soon? No worries, I am very patient πŸ™‚

  12. A big Hello to everyone!! πŸ™‚

    Off topic
    I’v been listening to Forevermore and watching its vid at his official site – really clear. I wasn’t exactly kaaabboooooommed but his voice did carry me to a sort of heavenly place which only Archies would understand πŸ™‚
    Yes Shu, that song would be really good for couples at weddings!
    I think David’s voice is made for sensual love songs…sigh

    Amy! Forevermore is a “goodbye” song?! Like a really really real goodbye?! No no no……………!! πŸ˜€

    Yes Amy and Shu – my eyes too have scanned the vid of the Mormon conference, looking out for a potential girl for him!
    Such loser mama’s we are! πŸ˜€

    Shirl, the last I heard is OPM cds are being mailed out to us in batches and we should be getting them not long after. πŸ™‚

  13. I somehow don’t want to think if it were the right decision or not, if he has done the right thing or not, and if he made the right choice or not.. I’m just in for the ride.. Wherever he goes, I go….. πŸ™‚
    And for all I know, he hasn’t gone anywhere.. And will never be..

  14. Irda

    Dont’t worry my sweet….kita mulut chakap sahaja….. tetapi hati still very much with David πŸ™‚

  15. What sort of “Emerald City” have we envisioned for him exactly? Does it include topping billboard charts and winning tonnes of Grammys? These seem to be indicators of success in the music industry these days. Compared to the musicians who seem to have reached this pinnacle of success, David is an artist of much higher calibre and is more deserving of recognition than the whole bunch of them.
    Does it matter if he doesn’t sell that many albums or earns a gabbbazillion $$$ every year? As humans, shouldn’t our aim in life be to find our own true happiness wherever it may lie? No matter how much we want it to, David’s life does not revolve just around making music. He can’t always hope to please his fans. I believe that if he hadn’t chosen to go on his mission he would have been miserable. In his mind he probably thinks going away to serve god would make him a happier, better person even if this happiness is just perceived, planted there by many years of being raised mormon.
    If he doesn’t come back to music and ends up becoming a doctor at least he’d still be able to do some good in this world. He’d still be able to alleviate some people’s suffering. At least he’d be doing something worthwhile by helping others albeit in a different way than before and in a way reach a larger demographic. Not everyone listens to his music and not everyone can be or is willing to be converted.
    In the end, it’s his life. Who are we to decide anything for him? But anyway he said he’s coming back. If anything we’ll be here for him. He won’t have to start from scratch.

  16. liying!

    Hear Hear!!
    I love your reasoning. πŸ™‚
    That’s why I said earlier perhaps he has his own “emerald city”.

    The trouble is, success of all commercial enterprises is measured by $$$.

    We are all his loyal fans but these criticisms are pointed to some of his what we may suspect to be poor decisions because we are sick with anxiety and worry, justified or otherwise.
    All public figures get criticisms one way or the other. These criticisms are not necessarily harmful to the receipient – they are probably even useful to David in the long run – and they definitely stem from the love we have for him.

    I can see John’s (and many others’) worries about David not having attained the pinnacle of commercial success simply because he so deserves it.
    How can he go wrong? we think to ourselves – with a magical voice like his?

    And worries over his success of artistry too by him participating in lesser activities which might harm his progress towards this pinnacle.

    However, I know for sure we all love him to the point of no return.
    There is just no one, I repeat, no one, who comes even close to the magic he exudes, whatever “success” others might have achieved in this weird world with weird tastes.

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