20 comments on “To act or to just stick with music?

  1. Ok so I got in without having to log into WordPress again. Hooray! 🙂

    Hey Tracy, just my very thoughts.
    The only reason I chased NA everyday (not Live, but the next day) was because David was in it.
    Soap operas are ok if you want a laugh with nothing to do, resting and convelescing from some illness, just given birth and going through confinement etc etc.
    And this soap must be the queen of all soaps – it’s all overly dramatic and a sort of nightmare to me with all the yelling and hair-pulling and slapping and buckets and buckets of tears and punching and child-abusing….
    I found myself often looking away because I could not bear looking at it all and being the witness of such violence – albeit just acting. The only time I focused on the screen was during David’s scenes.

    David is, I think, more of an instinctive actor – he knew what he was supposed to do and feel and show, but, that beloved of mine still has a long way to go to being an actor of depth. Sure, he portrayed expressions of anger, irritation, joy, surprise etc but a true actor needs to portray these emotions from the pits of his heart.

    But, having said that, it is just his 1st time at acting and we cannot have too high an expectation. But I do congratulate him for not having over-acted – he must have been the only one. 🙂

    The plus point of David having done this, is the amazing publicity he got world-wide, not just the Philippines, and my heart lightened to it. The exposure he got was totally wonderful.

    However, my personal feeling is David should stick to doing what he does best – music. And please please David, really good soulful music. If an opportunity arises for him to act in a really good, quality film with a high-reputed director, then I think he should go ahead.

    This negative opinion does not lessen the amazingness of the effort of the Pinoys to promote him. I take my hat off to them because they are selfless and generous and have done so much to share David’s activities with the whole world of Archies.

    I am saying all the above only in consideration of David’s long-term serious career. The buzz created by NA on an international basis is wonderful, but what about the industry people? – I certainly don’t want them to think that David has under-sold himself as a great great artist – and acting in a soap opera of this genre is not exactly giving him the creditability he needs in the long run.

  2. Honestly speaking, I didn’t care too much for the plot. This was my first soap opera so I’m not sure if all of them are this soppy. I like to watch action movies with my dad or something like Lord of the Rings. To me, David played his part as best he could but if he were to venture into acting again I hope he’ll choose roles with more depth (is that the word to use?). I ended up watching NA just so I could stare at him. 😀
    I prefer David focussing primarily on his music. Acting could be for side projects? But I like to imagine someday he’ll voice prince charming in a disney movie. You know like when he’s serenading the damsel or something. lol. Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty somehow reminds me of him. *sigh*

  3. and seriously folks, who picks their true love based on a broken watch? If that’s the case I’ll just leave half my watch somewhere David will find it. A bit frustrated there.
    I’m not sure David received enough publicity for his efforts. People kept trending Josh Bradley instead of David most of the time. I appreciate the efforts by the Pinoys to promote him though. What with the album and the endorsements. Those might prove better publicity than the soap.
    Sorry if I seem rather grumpy. lol

  4. Actually, it wasn’t that bad for a first timer like David. Gotta give him some credits for having the courage to go against his beliefs. But, I think it’s better if he focus more on music and at the same time attend acting classes to level up his professionalism! He’s actually great at comedic parts as we all can see in the show. Maybe he should try voice over for animated shows before doing a TV series or movie. Thats my honest opinion!

  5. liying
    You can be as grumpy as you want 😀

    I totally agree with you – “who picks their true love based on a broken watch?” I questioned that as well, and got a headache thinking about it. 😀

    I was thinking of exactly the same thing – David would be really good in a comedy – I mean, he doesn’t even have to try to be funny – he just IS! 😀

  6. I still want David to focus on his music 100% and wish he is able to put out different kinds of music like r&b, soul jazz, pop rock, etc in the future.

    I truly admired those Filipino fans’ enthusiasm, support and loyalty to David these past months. Hat’s off to them!!

    LOL… his acting.. well, LOL.. nervousness on those intimate scenes making it looks weird and the best scene was still Josh Bradley’s concert. Haha..yes, he could try comedy next! 🙂

  7. hey Trace,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! LOL.. NA was a really “double cheese” mini-series which the script and story plots were all borrowed from other mini-series from other countries 😉

    The most funny comment that my NA viewing partner said was “Josh’s smile looks like David-hor!”…LOL….. 😉

  8. hello Tracy, I also would like to say “thank you” for sharing your thoughts in your article above. Keep writing! 🙂

  9. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for the new post!

    I have never watch any soaps before and never ever thought I’ll be hooked on a little mini series from the Philippines too. Plain to see here that I watch because of David. I am not too thrill at all when this project was announced but then I am a sucker for anything David does LOL.

    I think its great David took up this challenge and TV5 Manila for believing in him. Overall I’ve enjoyed the show and I must say his Philippines trip was superb. From TV5 to Bench to recording the OPM CD – phew! If he had been holed up in Utah all these while, we will only be seeing him and hearing news that he visited endless temples in and around Utah. Not that this is bad but wont we rather see David doing stuff out of his comfort zone?

    Nevermind that the NA story lines gets cheesy and predictable at times but honestly its fine with me. Thankful for Josh especially otherwise we will never ever get to see romantic David 🙂

    All these being said, I still want to see David comes back to music first after his mission. That is his forte and I’ll be very excited to hear of his new sound cos he did say that his mission experience will inspire him emotionally and subsequently his music

  10. Hey Trace,

    Dont worry too much about David. Let’s not over analyze this too otherwise it will make us dizzy LOL

    The Philippines’ soap is his first try being an actor and he’s loving it so much. Though I must remind you that he did say on several interviews in Singapore that he still wants to go back to Manila to work with them after his mission 😀

    I am sure music will be the first thing David will come back to after his mission. For now I am grateful we have the OPM CD and whatever he’s doing in Utah for us to enjoy in the next 2 years.

  11. Akang! My NA viewing partner!

    What a fun 5 weeks of nightly watching through a fuzzy screen, poor livestream at times and having to endure the game show before that haha! It was certainly more enjoyable watching it with you. Maraming Selamat!

  12. I agree with you Tracy 🙂 About the redictable part..
    But, I think it’s great to see it in his eyes, what he feels deep inside when the lovey dovey scenes were played. It signals confirmation to the viewers and the fans especially, that he’s still himself! 🙂 VERY MUCH DAVID 😀 And I don’t think he ever wants to reach that level of professionalism in acting. He sings, and that is what he has always wanted to do. Acting is not his home. He takes the opportunities that are given to him for the sole reason to gain experience. Bonuses come every now and then, but everyone runs back home in the end.. 🙂 HEY! That just RHYMED!! HAHAH!! Wasn’t my intention actually, but there you go! A spontaneous quotation from myself… 😛

    Well, goodbye Nandito Ako. It’s been a wonderful time watching it and anticipating the episodes after another. Nothing can change him. I’m sure all of us are glad that he decided to do the things he has done. And I’m positively sure that all of us are a whole lot more excited to see what he has in store for us while he’s gone, AND when he comes back! 🙂 He will.

  13. How come I have to log into Gravatar to post comments now!! 😥
    My username for that comes up… Not the original AAM one……

  14. Tracy thanks for your article and the chance for me to present my rather contrarian views on the acting/OPM album.

    I think David’s recent junket in the Philippines was totally unnecessary. It in no way enhanced his career nor the credibility of the David Archuleta brand. He should have spend the last month or so in a more productive way like working on his song writing – which is something he readily admits needs more work. If I were his manager I would have politely but firmly declined the offer from the Philippines and arranged for him to work with song writers and musicians while he waits for his mission to start. As it is he wasted a whole month getting involved in some meaningless ‘acting’ project and recording an album of covers.

    To me David still has a lot to prove in terms of his music. His last album wasn’t such a great effort if we are brutally honest about it. If he is contented to ride on the coattails of his American Idol success then he is sadly mistaken. All that sweet glow has long since dissipated and most of the fans who voted for him has moved on to other acts. David has to cultivate a whole legion of new fans and this trip to the Philippines ain’t gonna cut it. Don’t mean to offend any Philippine fans here but success in the US is where it counts and our boy has not achieved it yet.

    The music industry is no longer the same beast it was in 2008-2009 and it will be even more different in 2 years time when he finishes his mission. Will he come back to an almost empty fan base?

    All I’m saying is that he must channel his creative energies in a more focused manner. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none. If he wants to try his acting chops then do it in the US where it’ll get more attention and create more impact.

    In 2 years time when he returns he had better come up with some quality music or he’ll find himself in the dust pile of other has-beens which will be a shame.

    I think he has the talent and music pedigree to go far in the industry but he must make up his mind about it.

  15. Akang and Shirley

    I know you guys had a great time laughing and joking while watching NA.
    I wish I could have laughed and be happy with it. But I couldn’t.

    Because that’s not the way for David to attain great success in his career in the long run.
    He needs to EARN creditability of being a serious singer/composer or even a serious actor.
    Dressing up in a bunny suit may look “cute” in a fancy-dress party but I don’t think it warrants the right path for him to look “good” in the eyes of the music industry people in the US.
    The US market is the most important. When he is successful there, he will be successful in the rest of the world. That’s how the ball rolls.

    Since I have my doubts he will become a serious actor, he really needs to focus on seriously great music. Music is his forte and I don’t want to see his career go down the drain by participating in some less-than-great and utterly cheesy mini-series.
    Yes Shirley, I worry.

    He had such a great potential and still has. I don’t want that potential to be dissipated by bad decisions.
    I was hoping that I would like the series but frankly, I didn’t.

  16. Irdasuhaimi

    Glad you enjoyed NA. Many people do.

    Yes, WordPress now seems to have a new system. If you don’t log in there first, your comments fly away to somewhere in outerspace! 😀

  17. John

    How lovely to see you here!

    I’m afraid I agree with you – “afraid” because both you and I may be right.
    For the 1st time in my life, I want to be wrong.

    Come back more often!! 🙂

  18. Tracy – thank you so much for writing this article. That’s the only interesting thing I read about David for a while.

    I am not a fan of Asian soap operas .. and when i heard that David is going to act in one .. I went into the ‘negatives’. The over the top drama scenes by his co stars and some glimpses of his acting confirmed my feelings.

    Hope David will come out with some great songs after he return from his mission. Meantime, we will continue to enjoy his music and the great friends we met here:-)

  19. Oh OK.. Thanks Auntie Trace! 🙂
    HAHA!! I’m Irdasuhaimi nowwwwwww???? 😛
    David’s leaving tomorow……….. According to our time….
    The wait has finally begun… 😥

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