7 comments on “We’ll Be Here #DA2014

  1. I did!!! OMJ!!! Seeing myself there feels kinda weird!! Merienda!! Haha, all the rice food!! Bet, David will love it!!XD

  2. Nothing beats the expression on David’s face created by the sight of food. 🙂

  3. What a great video done with so much thought and love! Hope David gets to see it and know that we will be here come 2014 and beyond! He has the best fans in the world.

    The ending of Nandito Ako was bittersweet – dont want it to end but so eagerly waiting to find out the outcome. Last night’s episode was so sad especially the hospital goodbye scene with Holly 😦 Love the kite flying part when the camera panned towards the happy faces of Josh and Anya. What a treasure this little mini-series turn out to be. Enjoyed it so much for the past 5 weeks. David did a great job for a novice actor!

    LOL David and food – what can go wrong? That Vangie video came at the right time when the fanbase was getting all emotional with the ending of Nandito Ako and his imminent departure. It certainly left us something to smile about 🙂

    Have been listening to the Forevermore Listening Party and man! cant wait to get my hands on the cd. Another treasure from David that I will hold near and dear to my heart 🙂

  4. Love the DA2014 fan vid. It touched me to see how wonderfully dedicated David’s fanbase, though comparatively small at the moment, is.

    I see there are quite a few contributions from Malaysians, including Aam’ers.
    Oh yes I see my mug there too, and also Shirley, Jennie, Akang, the twins and Sheba. (what nice Malaysian house you have Sheba!)
    But Tracy did not include a photo of herself 🙂

    If only David can see that vid – he would be shedding happy tears. 🙂

  5. hey… who put my picture in DA2014 fan vid?? Trace or Shirley?? LOL… thanks. I do hope David could view this fan video during his so-called farewell party this weekend. 🙂

    Time really flies and 5 weeks of Nandito Ako is over. Thanks to Shirley, my NA viewing partner. Without you, I would have abandoned watching the “cheesy” NA after 2nd week. It was kind of fun at the beginning but towards the end of the series, the story line kind of went off-course. On the finale, I enjoyed the scene where Josh serenade NA to Holly which was much more meaningful than him serenade to Anya on the courtship scene. And that handstand… geez!! That gave me shivers and goosebumps!! LOL… Thanks goodness that there wouldn’t be any sequel. David is David. Certain scenes, he was good, otherwise, so-so. Kudos to him for taking up acting! 🙂

    Forevermore CD… let’s see what kind of sound he would be putting out for us besides the title track – sweet sad ballad song!

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