8 comments on “Forevermore Tracklist!

  1. Oh My~~~~ I really love the song before~!!! and David voice with the song is soooooooooooo~~ *can’t describe!!!!*

    can’t wait for the album!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome!!! This is sooooo worth the wait!!! 😀 But waiting is such a hard thing to do when it has anything to do with David! 😀 LOL

    Very excited 🙂

  3. Sheba,

    Thanks for the first single – Forevermore link. When I first heard this song, I felt so sad and it really hit me in the face that David is leaving sooon and may or may not be coming back to music. On the bright side, David’s voice is very gentle in this sad love song. Ballad is really his strength and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks. Hope David could change it up!. 🙂

    Oh yes!! I’ve have been watching Nandito Ako (NA) every night and Josh Bradley is a really cutie. LOL… I love the way he flirts with Anya on numerous occasions (shade on and shade off thingy!!) and David’s acting is pretty good at some scenes. Thanks to JR and her team of AP for doing “live” translation; otherwise, I would be lost in this series.

    The funniest cheesy part was the bell ringing sound which symbolize true love according to Josh’s Love Advisor. LOL…Holly was the food in the restaurant and Anya was the ice-cream in the bus!! 🙂 What was your funniest part in NA?

  4. Hi Sheba,

    New post, thank you! Absolutely love the single Forevermore and cant wait to listen to the whole OPM cd. So happy to see that Nandito Ako and Wherever You Are are included as well. David said the OPM album is a
    gift and labor of love to his devoted fans. He’s really so good to us 🙂 BTW, that’s one great looking cover art too 😀

    Ahhhh, Nandito Ako – what can I say? It has been so enjoyable watching David taking on the role as a leading man. This past week’s episodes were so good particularly episode 14 and 15….the bus ride and the beach scene…that David Archuleta sure can act. I can understand why he had so much fun doing this mini-series. It gave him an opportunity to do things out of his comfort zone and to be honest maybe gave him ‘practice’ for when he meets his MKOP 😉 Its so fun to see him flirting with Anya, the side of David we will never get to see if not for Josh. It must be extremely hard for the poor girl to keep it all in even though its only acting 😀

    Hey Akang,

    LOL yes I love the shades off shades on thing that Josh has been doing. Anya must have been so annoyed that she finally gave him that one tight slap at the beach haha. I love Volta in the show, he’s just hilarious especially the part where he shrieked like a fangirl and then fainted upon seeing Josh in Anya’s house. Funny that Josh never help him get up but look on suspiciously 😀 Am really enjoying this show and wish it will not be ending that soon 😦

  5. Hi!! Just wanna ask. Are we getting anything free along with the album? Cause another fan site is giving free posters and wristbands.
    Thanks in advance!!

  6. This week is going to be end of Nandito Ako! 😦 Time really flies!!

    The last scene of episode 20 was heart-breaking. I want to watch how Josh Bradley is going to mend Holly’s broken heart?!! 🙂

  7. Hi Everyone!

    Cant believe that this is the last week of Nandito Ako 😦 It has been such a fun ride with Josh Bradley this past few weeks. Dont want the series to end but at the same time am so excited to find out if Josh and Anya will live happily ever after LOL

    BTW, I’ve received the mail from AAM regarding my payment on the OPM CD order. No worries, understand the logistics and thanks very much for
    helping us get the cd this way.

    Gotta get ready for Episode 22! Goodnight all…

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