28 comments on “Welcome home, David!

  1. Woohoo! New post!! Thank you! Lovin it!

    And yes “Welcome Home David Archuleta” was indeed a trending topic along with a whole bunch of other WWTT’s for the past (continuous) 8 days or so that is related to David.

    I mean seriously. That’s pretty amazing. It’s like the whole fanbase has been reenergized or something cause I think the number of trends for D in the last 8 days has exceeded the number of trends for him in the past four years!!

    Plus his twitter followers have increased by more than 100k since the beginning of the year and I think about 3-4k per day lately. Whatever peoples thoughts are about his mini series and other projects in Asia, it has certainly gained him more attention and interest and not just from Asia but from all over I think. It’s just too bad that all these new or renewed interest is coming at a time where he’s about the leave for 2 years 😦 I just really hope he can pick up where he left off..

    Re the picture, Imma have to go with the “its a little bit creepy” view lol! Just because I feel like I’m intruding on his private time by merely looking at it. And why is he eating alone? (at least I think he’s alone) After seeing him in the hustle and bustle of all the activities in the Philippines and surrounded by so many people, it just seems so I don’t know, for lack of a better word, lonely? But then again maybe that’s something he needs to transition to his mission mindset. And with that I shall stop speculating about what goes on in D’s head lol. sorry.

  2. Sheba

    I agree and disagree. 😀

    I love that photo of David basked in silence and what seems to be solitude. He was probably reflecting on his moments with God in the Temple which he just visited. Most artists would have put up an invisible barrier to keep their anonymity and private moments, intact.
    But not David – he knows how much he is loved and feels he owes alot of his success to his loyal fans.

    What I disagree is, I don’t get the feeling of “creepiness” in that pic. Silence, solitude and reflection in a picture create an aura of beauty that is deep and profound and touches the heart like no other.
    This is probably the real David when he is alone – with his deep thoughts and self-searching. (Or maybe he was just texting? haha)

    What I agree also is, it IS a form of intrusion into his private moments, but what can we do? – we are so enamoured by him that we have no choice but to succumb to our weakness. 😀

  3. facebook fan page

    Everybody is fine, I think.
    I agree with you that we have a good article here.
    If you are a regular visitor, please do come more often 🙂

  4. Great job Zach!

    I think David is gradually getting used to wearing his mission attire. 🙂
    We’ll probably be seeing him dressed like this from now on.

    Me too – I would be most interested to know who the photographer is.
    David has such an amazingly photogenic face (AND a real-life face) that he is a dream model for any photographer. But this pic has predominantly captured the mood of that moment and is beautifully surreal.

  5. I really enjoy reading your post Zach! Without it, I would never know David has a reflective time by himself (well, from the photo). From what I read before, he enjoys climbing the mountains to be with nature, running alone in the park etc. Looks like this young man has a pretty balance life. He is happy to be in a crowd i.e. performing, promotion or fans autograph sessions; happy to spend time with family and close friends and happy to be alone toooo! That’s why he is such a lovable person:-)

  6. Zach? Huh? What? Is there another Zach on this site? Because I certainly didn’t post/write this – I’d leave my name at the bottom of the article otherwise (so people don’t have to guess who the author is). I hope the author identifies himself/herself soon, haha. It seems that we have an anonymous writer lurking around the site, lol.

    Regarding the picture, I’ll have to say that I’m actually a little incensed by it. David’s been so busy and is always surrounded by people; I believe he needs his quiet moments, and even that is spoiled by trigger happy photographers. Of course I don’t mean to offend anyone; this is merely my opinion. 🙂 Throw me in the same situation and I won’t be so quick to whip out a camera. Honestly, even if I were to bump into David at a shopping mall, trying hard not to be noticed, I’d leave him alone. I’d rather miss that chance to get an autograph than to be known to David as “the dude who broke my cover”, haha.

    I sort of separate David’s (or any other celebrity’s, really) time into two: his ‘working hours’ and ‘non-working hours’: during concerts, autograph sessions, meet-and-greet sessions, etc., we’re free to ask for photos or autographs or whatever. Besides those times, though, I’d rather that we leave him alone since it can be really exhausting to be entertaining people 24/7 like he is doing now. I know it’s his job as a celebrity to be doing all of this; it’s expected of him, but he’ll most probably be grateful for a day without anyone clamoring for something from him.

  7. Lol!! So whoever did write the post. Thank you!!

    Also Trace, when I say its a little bit creepy, I wasn’t saying that the picture itself was creepy but more the fact that it was taken when D was oblivious to it.

    He shares so much with us and these quiet moments for him should be his i think, but thats just my IMO 🙂

    And also yay!! Week 2 of Nandito Ako starts tonight woohoo!

  8. Hi Everyone,

    So who is the photographer who has managed to capture that hazy picture of David at Betty’s Cafe? And who has posted this new article? Looks like we have a mystery to solve here LOL

    I am so amazed with David’s fans lately (not that I wasnt before) with the various trending parties that managed to get his name out there. Its so exciting to see David related topics trending worldwide. At the moment of writing this, ‘Nandito Ako Week 2’ is trending worldwide, so proud of the fans!

    I’m with you, Trace – he has to be texting or reading his tweets on his phone at that table 😀

    I think David is aware that with his celebrity status, no matter where he is there’s always a chance that someone will recognise him. He might be surprised that this silhouette pic of him was captured even though he was in some rural farming town but I am sure he understands that it comes with the
    territory of being a well known person. Perhaps the person who took the pic is a non fan and didnt even think its an intrusion into his private time…there’s all sorts of people out there as we know it.

    With the last few pics of David’s in his white shirt and tie, we’re beginning to see that he’s gearing up for his mission and that he’ll be leaving very soon 😦

    Meanwhile, am going to catch David in his bunny suit soon. Nandito Ako week 2 is going to be pretty interesting 🙂

  9. Dear Anonymous writer,

    Wow…It’s a great post! With “that title”, I thought it’s already 2014!! 🙂

    When I first saw that picture, the first thing that came to my mind was that I had intruded into David’s privacy and quickly clicked off. I think it could be because of his white shirt mission uniform and his slight bow of his head that throw me off for a moment. Texting?!! LOL…you guys are funny!

    I agreed with some of you that his quiet moment is his. Well, I don’t think we have such luck bumming into him anytime unless his mission is right here in PJ. 😉 What would you do if he is here? SMS AAM or keep it to yourself?

  10. Lol! The “mystery writer” is no longer a mystery! It was our Tracy Tan who had just joined us in the admin.
    Well done Tracy, for having created a semi-crisis (haha)! A job well done, I must say, and we look forward to more contributions from you. 🙂

  11. Zach

    Lol! No, I believe you are the only Zach we know from Aam – unique and special haha!

    Zach and Akang

    I agree with you guys – David needs his down-time to relax and unwind.
    If I were to bump into him at a public place where he is obviously savouring his own quiet moments, I would smile at him (if he does look in my direction…hope hope….), then go back to my own little corner, and probably give him a few “sneak looks” hehe!

  12. Akang

    Lol Lol!! Yes the title “Welcome Home David” gave me a jerk as well!
    Did I miss something? He is home already? Did I go into coma for 2 years and just woke up? 😀 (Though I do wish that it did happen that way! haha!)

  13. Shirley

    I believe we still don’t know who that photograqpher is. Well, the intense and effective internet-searcher that you are, I hope you manage to discover his/her identity, then let us know ok? 🙂
    Meanwhile, enjoy the Livestream of Nandito Ako 2nd week!

    What a great difference of mood it is – to see David swarmed by hordes of fans, then see him quietly alone in a remote farm.
    This is one of the reasons I love him – he is loved by so many, endeared by so many, but he does not take his fame and popularity too seriously – he is still David – grounded and real.

  14. Oops! I guess maybe I should put my name at the bottom of the articles I write in the future as well to avoid any confusion. Though it was quite funny to see everyone addressing the ‘mystery writer’. Hahaha 😛

  15. Hey Tracy,

    Great post! Thanks and looking forward to many more from you 🙂

    Ideally, I wish its 2014 now haha…* sigh * been wishing too many years of my life away already.

    So who’s going to watch Bunny Bradley tonight? Enjoy guys 😀

  16. hello Tracy,

    Now I can address you properly!! Good job! Keep on writing about Josh Bradley! 😉 and even David. LOL…


    Just came off from NA tonight. Tonight episode was a real treat. LOL.. Wow… I was giggling so hard at Holly’s nervousness of meeting Josh tonight and kind of remind me of our dear Eve meeting David for her first time 3 years ago!. Haha… That Bunny suit was no surprise anymore but the cheesy lines from his so-called Love Adviser was hilarious!! What? True love = feature in the stomach…oh my goodness! LOL…

    hey “snow white” Trace,

    You better wake up from your coma and watch NA. This mini-series is getting pretty interesting!! 🙂

  17. I really love watching this video seeing how these two professional singers took a back stage as a host and hostess in allowing David, their guest, to take the end of the song to his height (3.33 – 4.00). David’s signature voice is so lovely!! I’m fascinated to watch how Mr Ogie twist this lovely song into his own style. Lovely!

    Thanks JR for the video!

  18. Hey Akang,

    Last night episode was indeed very pleasant to watch. Enjoyed it so much without the cat fights, slaps, hair pulling, screaming and crying 😀

    Josh in the bunny suit trying to fix his hair was really funny. Holly’s nervousness was understandable, I am sure lots of Archies were living vicariously through her at that moment and throughout the whole date. Yes, Eve’s the lucky girl who had that once in a life time opportunity 3 years ago. Do you have rose petals strewn on your table too, Eve? 🙂

    LOL when you are in love = feathers in your stomach…tickle tickle…birds chirping in the air…bells ringing. Cheesy lines and all but I want more and cant wait for tonight’s episode!

    Thanks also for that video, Akang. Like you I really enjoyed watching how Ogie and Regine were so respectful of David and allowed him to shine at the right moment. The part where he just let loose and belted it out was
    so beautiful to watch and hear 🙂

  19. Hey Shirley,

    LOL! you, too, were tickled by that “Love Adviser” eh?! Now I know why David tweeted many weeks ago asking what true love is? He must have felt it’s not right answers….birds chirping..bell ringing… oh boy!! LOL!

    OK… getting my laughing gas ready for tonight’s NA!. 🙂

  20. Akang and Shirley

    STILL going on about NA eh?
    I have watched all the episodes so far and still don’t know what the story is about, except that Josh loves 2 girls! – if you can call it watching – I close my eyes and ears or do something else when David’s scene is not on, then quickly run back to the screen and increase the volume when David is on! 😀
    So I’m not actually watching NA the mini-series, but watching David the Beloved. 😀

    Eve!! Where are you?!
    Are you still watching NA? You wanna give us some comparisons between your “date” with David and Eula’s “date” with Josh? 🙂

  21. Akang

    What do you mean by calling me “snow white”? Do you mean “Sleeping Beauty”? 😀
    Yes I have recently woken up from my coma – it was a good rest lol!! 😀

  22. Hey Trace,

    How can we miss not watching NA? Last night was terrible with the crappy livestream and it seems the commercials never came on when we need them to! Maybe you wont know what I mean but Akang and I were so exasperated by the poor condition of the livestream 🙂 Thank goodness we have those links to re-watch the previous episodes.

    LOL I know what you mean about watching only Josh’s parts. When the screen froze last night, I was so happy when it has Josh’s face there but half of the time it was a black screen..dang!

    Cant imagine myself watching a show that 3/4 of the time I dont know what the characters were talking about. Hoping that we will get a DVD soon with subtitles. I really am enjoying this little show 😀

  23. Hey! Did you guys hear about David’s cover album that he’s releasing in the US? YIPPEE! Two new albums! Thank goodness for the emergency Archufund.

    I watch the NA replay. No commercials you see. Archuleta Philippines does a live translation so I sort of get what goes on. 😀

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