35 comments on “NEW DAVID ARCHULETA ALBUM!!!

  1. Sheba! Thank you!!! for all the lovely, juicy news!!
    Count me in! 2 copies please of the OPM album! Woohoooo!! 😀

  2. YUP IM SO FREAKING INTERESTED IN HAVING A COPY. Please 🙂 hopefully the respond will be good.

  3. Me me me!! I definitely want one copy! 🙂 gotta have something new frm him as we won’t be seeing/hearing frm him for 2 years! 🙂 I’m in!

  4. Yay! One copy for me pls! Ahhhh im so eggcited for David’s upcoming opm album. So blessed to be a fan of David. He gives sooo much to us & makes me wanna cry lol! Haha im loving David’s version of “Wherever You Are” the wind that blows the dove, is the wind that blows my love, hope it’ll find its way to you wherever you are omgg *chills Thanks to David, im learning this song on the piano. Lovely song and beautiful melody.

  5. Mmmh…two for me, perhaps. But I’ll need to see how much each unit costs first, haha. I’ll settle for one if it’s too expensive. :<

  6. no wonder i found that OPM song “Forevermore” is so familiar… it’s the sountrack of movie Forevermore !

    both Jericho Rosales & Kristine Hermosa acting on it.. (obviously I’m one of the people who adore both jericho & kristine once upon a time.. LOL)
    really sweet love story though.. hahha

    p/s: random thought.. just get a chance to catch up with all of this.. Seriously miss you guys archu-cousins~!!! ❤ =)

  7. Hey have you guys all been hibernating?!
    I’m glad though that the possibility of getting a David cd brought you guys out of it! 😀

  8. Trace – YES, we all know this is a just a survey. Thanks for reminding us!! Hope our WISH would come true through this survey. 🙂

  9. Hey everybody!! Oh man, it’s been a while since I’ve commented on anything.. 🙂 Really miss AAM! I just wanted to say that I would LOVE to order a copy of the album 😀 It would be sort of sinful for any ArchAngel to not have one of it as their own.. 😛 Cant deny that!! 😀 LOL Huhh… I gotta drop by a lot more often now!! Bye! *SupportDavidArchie*

  10. One album please. How will I tender my payment and where? I’m in the USA.

    B. Laugan
    1200 17th Street, Suite 3000
    Denver, Colorado 80202

    Let me know and ill get back to you. Fax 303-623-9222

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