19 comments on “David says Thank You

  1. Thank you Sheba for all the vids.

    I truly think, much as the archies the world over care so much for him, David really really cares alot for us the fans. He knows what loyal fans he has and the extent they have gone to and the work they have put in, to just show him their love and to boost his popularity – and he in turn, really wants to give back.
    I too can see how knackered he is after 3 weeks of shooting in the Philippines plus all the appearances there, but he still comes to Singapore for a busy schedule of events. Perhaps he wants to make up for the disappointments of the fans when he could not come the last time.
    How many artistes really care that much for their fans? I am really touched.

    “I am not giving up music” he says with such earnestness. From the expression on his face, you cannot NOT trust his sincerity and concern for us.

    “I’m grateful for everything you guys have done.
    All we need to do is be patient….
    I know I will always, always follow him…
    I can imagine us archies doing this :

  2. So this was a tweet from someone from Singapore who spoke to the organisers of the Fox American Idol Party:

    “I was told by a rep at Fox that @DavidArchie only asks for ONE thing whenever he goes to do a showcase: for his fans to be taken care of.”

    ❤ ❤

  3. Sheba

    That tweet from the Singaporean fan about what the Fox rep said – that the one thing he asks for is for the fans to be taken care of, has me all choked up. How can anyone not love him?…..*sob*..

  4. Shirley

    You are right – he will make a great missionary – but I do hope the call of music will pull him back at the end of 2 years, or hopefully, earlier.
    He did say “I can’t wait to get back………..”

    Oh Shirley, my dear, stop talking about him being chased by dogs and being mugged…..isn’t it bad enough for us already?! 😦

  5. After watching the “thank you” vlog above, I’m not sad anymore as David has convinced me that he had made the right decision to do his mission duty which was important to him. *Whistling – I’m going to watch Josh Bradley being courted by two cute girl friends while David is being chased by dogs, cats and cows — continue whistling.* 😉

  6. Haha, oh Trace, I am sure he’s going to be fine. Did he say he might
    have to live on junk food too? Oh the poor man 🙂

    Yes, Akang, bring on Nandito Ako! Lost counts of the amount of times
    I’ve watched the trailer 😀

    I hope Starworld did a recording of David’s acoustic performances at
    the Avalon Singapore and will show them at Channel 711 soon. Wont
    that be great?

  7. Akang

    Actually, now that you’ve mentioned it, I had the same feeling – that he should go on this mission. Though I must add that whether it is the RIGHT decision or not, we don’t know. Neither does he. But he needed to go – so he should.
    To put it bluntly, he should go and get it out of his system.

    Sometimes when we make a big decision, we are really not sure whether we are making the right one, but, deep inside, we feel we must make it, so we go ahead. I guess we all have to listen to our deepest-most gut feeling.
    This is probably the basis on which he made his.

    Then when he comes back (hopefully he does – he said he would, didn’t he?), the mission thing will no longer be lingering in his mind, and the weight will have been removed from his shoulders.
    Then he can go forth, free of mental encumbrances, and give us even better music! Hm..happy thought 🙂

  8. Shirley

    Yes I’m sure he will be fine. It’s the annoying mama-ness in me that’s talking. I remember when I sent my daughter to college in the UK, we held each other outside the college gates for at least half an hour and sobbed buckets. Now I’m doing it because of David, except that I’m holding on to my computer! 😦 😀

    I will of course eagerly watch Nandito Ako, but that’s Josh, not David! Sob again… 😦

  9. hey Trace,

    LOL…Wait! I go and get you a big sob bucket or else your computer will go kaput. 🙂

    Look at the bright side – I think David just want to feel what it is like to have an ordinary life in a third-world country for 2 years vs his current high-flying celebrity life of 4 years:-

    1) lodging: YMCA vs 5 star hotel
    2) food: cup noodles vs delicious Thai food
    3) career: A door-to-door salesman (wonder does he has a sales target?) vs an international singer
    4) fans: chase by dogs, cats and cows vs chase by adoring fans
    5) transportation: local bus vs a chauffeur-driven car/ his Ford
    6) salary: US$400/mth vs US$5-figure/mth

    Oh well! we shall see in year 2014 what kind of decision he would make then – ordinary or celebrity lifestyle?!! 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness, Amy – you’re a hoot! Hopefully Trace wont cry even
    harder after this haha

    Hey Trace, chin up 😀 We will get some new music soon, heard the OPM album will be launched on Feb 26, hopefully we can get it here too * fingers crossed *, then there’s the mini series and maybe we can organise a trip to Manila to gaze at the huge Bench billboard with David’s face on it – that should cheer you up, no?

    Have a great Sunday, everyone 🙂

  11. Akang

    You want to get me a sob bucket? – I’ve already filled up 3! 😦
    Nevermind you can still get me one for a standby when he actually leaves. 😦
    – XL size please…

    Lol! Your comparisons of a different lifestyle for him for the next 2 years got me into giggles! But then – (MamaTrace talking) –

    1. YMCA? He might just be sleeping on a straw bed with a bunch of hay as a pillow with cows bellowing next to him… 😦
    2. Cup noodles? (Horrors!)…. I hope he can find one with a Tom Yam flavour….. 😦
    3. This door-to-door thing frightens me most – I hope those people will be nice to him and feed him – a crocodile sandwich maybe (he is not fussy, I’m sure, under the circumstances) if there is no thai food lying around….something nutritious…. 😦
    4. I hope those dogs, cats and cows are fans too….they may not be as demanding as some fans and want to kiss him…..but I hope they won’t bite either…….. 😦
    5. I hope there are shades at the bus stops…….are travelling Mormons provided umbrellas? 😦
    6. He won’t be bothered about the salary thing……

    Ok Akang, I’ll stop sobbing and just brood. 😦

  12. Shirley

    New music from the OPM album would be such a welcome and great comfort! 🙂 I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it!

    I take my hat off to the Pinoy archies for doing such a fantastic job in promoting David. Love ’em!

    Going to Manila to gaze upon the David-Bench billboard is well and good – but, better still, if David continues to be in the Philippines to do more filming, giving more concerts, etc etc after his mission, I’m seriously thinking of moving my “a..e” over to Manila to live!
    You wanna join me?!

  13. Just heard Whitney Houston’s passing today. One of my favourite performances of hers (video below) since her comeback. Just listen how she puts her emotions into this song and her brilliancy in making it so heartfelt even though she has lost her most beautiful voice!

    Whitney – R.I.P. I shall miss you! 😦

  14. Akang
    What a short and sorry life of one who has such a beautiful and emotive voice. Shame. 😦

  15. Thank you for this beautiful song by Whitney! I am not a big fan but I love several of her songs. This one is very special, the lyrics are just so touching. Kind of singing about herself. Just so sad, and “Gone too soon.”

    Back to David!!! He will be fine, and will be back in no time. (24 months) He will come back strong. Just wait and see!!!

    No worries about him being chased by dogs, cats, and whatever. I guess many of his fans will be tracking his mission field and will be hunting him down.

  16. By the way, has he announced where he will be assigned to?
    Hehehe! Hope he will be assigned to somewhere nearby!!!

  17. Really sad about Whitney. Such a great talent. Just got her greatest hits album about 2 months ago and some of the songs are just timeless.

    Hey Eunice, Hope you’re right about David 🙂 Also, don’t think he has announced where he’s been assigned to nor do I think he will make that announcement. Somehow I think he wants to keep it a secret so that fans don’t make a big deal about it and he can go off on his mission in peace. Pretty understandable really.

    However, based on the 4th Part of the Razor interview in Singapore, I somehow think that it may be in a Spanish speaking country 🙂

  18. Sheba,

    Of course not! They won’t allow him to announce his place of assignment! But somehow I think some people will get to find out his whereabout! Well, there are quite a number of Spanish speaking countries around, don’t know which is the luckiest country to have David Archuleta for 2 years!!!! Sigh!

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