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  1. A long time ago, I dreamt David got into a fight with some peeps. Like a physical fight. Don’t remember the deets of it though, BUT, just a few minutes ago I just saw him in a freaking fight scene punching someone in the preview of Nandito Ako!! Did anybody else see that?? O.M.G is all I can say and not just the fight scene but EVERYTHING else as well. It’s David like we’ve NEVER seen before! Hope somebody puts it up on youtube stat!

  2. I’ve seen it!! Never seen David so angry before!! And the bunny suit scene!! It’s so funny and cute!! Then, the crying scene!! AWWWW!!! David is so full of randomness!! I can’t wait for his next random thing!!XD

  3. Trace,

    Thanks for sharing your dream. Wow.. your sub-conscious ferocious determination to get the best seat (eh..using handkerchief?! 🙂 ) is understandable when comes to David or your the other idol, Rafael Nadal. LOL.. may I know how many David’s dreams did you have so far?? I had it once, very short, and it scares the hell out of me LOL.. I thought I was going crazy!

    Hey, you got to see this guy. His name is Josh Bradley @ Manila TV5. He is handsome (has a huge resemble of our David); brave (can do karate chops); flirtatious (ai se man! got 2 girl friends), passionate (can give tight hugs instead of one hand hug) and a good singer (as good as our David). Check him out and tell me what you think. LOL…

  4. hello inouedarkrai,

    I, too, saw the sneak preview of Nandito Ako yesterday @ TV5 ustream – afternoon and night time. This TV5 station sure know how to pump up our excitement and those filipino fans got to meet David for the past 3 weekends. They are so lucky! Envy..envy..

    Now we shall wait what Spore has in-store for us! LOL..

  5. Inouedarkrai, Sheba and Akang!

    Hahahaha! I giggled right through the trailer of Nandito Ako….all that drama..all the fighting…conflicts…tears…yelling and shouting….bunny costume(?)….really Fuuuunnn!
    The best thing for me in the trailer is David looking so intense!
    Before, his intensity was from the passion of expressing the feeling of his music, but this intensity from NA expresses anger, shocks, human drama and conflict………such a different David.
    Hey I really look forward to watching the series!
    Thank you TV 5!

  6. Sheba
    Lol! all of a sudden, we are talking about physical fights and David in the same breath! Who would have thought?! 😀

    My psycho-analysis 😀 of your dream of David being involved in a fight is this: You must have had a premonition that he will be acting in a mini-series called Nandito Ako, where he will be involved in a fight! 😀

    Everyone is fighting for David!!! 😀

  7. Akang

    Lol! Dealing with 1 David is already taking up all the free hours of our daily lives, now we have 2 David’s to contend with! 😀
    Delicious thought – but where to find the extra time la! 😀

    Aha! So you’ve had a David-dream before! Do tell! – be it short or brief.
    I’m sure everyone wants to hear about it! 🙂
    Hey Akang, we already know you are crazy so having a dream of him shouldn’t worry you too much hehehe!

  8. Is that Josh Bradley doing the dougie or David? haha.. now I’m confused as I know David won’t do that! Go Josh!

  9. Oh boy! That Nandito Ako sneak peek – normally I wont care two hoots about soaps especially those filled with lots of tears and more tears but I
    sat through this premier biting my nails it seems haha. Way too much fun,
    I am glad I stayed long enough for the livestream and get to watch the best part of it! All I can say its not bad for a first time lead actor. Go Josh!

    Thanks for that ‘Dougie’ video, Amy. He certainly has loosen up in Manila and I think that’s David dancing or was it Josh? Haha, tell me about being confused.

    Hey Trace, have never told you this but long ago I dreamt that someday David would be on the silver screen. My dream might not be spot on but at least we can see him on the small screen soon…yippee, cant wait for Nandito Ako!!!

  10. hey Shirley,

    haha…Yes! David does sound beautiful when you sit afar from the stage. Thanks for showing me this video. I guess by now all archie fans know how to sing this song. 🙂

  11. Akang

    So THAT’S the Dougie!! Never heard of it until now. Is it a Filipino dance or a worldwide one? Am so behind the times!
    Thanks for the vid – it was definitely fun watching him dance!

    You musn’t put it beyond David to do anything – he’s been coming up with all kinds of surprises which we’ve never expected him to do. A couple of years ago, who would have thought that he would be romancing away in a film! Not just 1 girl but 2!!
    In one of my other dreams, he was doing a wild and frantic dance but all out of rhythm to the beat! 😀
    And the fight scene – who would have ever expected to see David in a fight?

    David, the shy and introverted guy we love, is at last opening up!
    Will the world now see him as COOL enough for their acceptance of him?

    Yes I can’t get the Nandito Ako song out of my head!

  12. Shirley

    David being on the silver screen will bring all the archies keeling over with happiness! 😀
    I can imagine the cinema turning into a cheering and screaming event every time he appears on screen! Woohoo!
    But I will always want him to focus, first and foremost, on his music, something he does best. But I’m not fussy…I will embrace him as a singer or an actor…..I just want him to be revered for his talent which he duly deserves! 🙂

    Yesterday, while driving through PJ, I saw a huge billboard with huge wordings that said something like “……that’s good for the Ministries”.
    I read it as “…….that’s good for the Mini-Series”!
    David is taking over my mind!! Help!! 😀

  13. Lol you guys. I had another David dream last night. Probably a result of all the archu-stimuli I’ve been bombarding myself with especially that sneak preview. Haha.
    Well I dreamt somehow that David came to Malaysia after Singapore and I picked him up from the airport and then he gave me one of those two-handed hugs. 🙂 *sigh* My dreams are awesome.
    btw my dad was whistling EAM yesterday. I think he likes David too but hasn’t admitted it. Few years back he took my CFTH to work for a few days and kept playing it in the car. 🙂 lol

  14. Hi Akang,

    That video has the best audio so far of Nandito Ako and that is enough to last me till we get a clean recording hopefully at Itunes. Its such a beautiful rendition by David, no wonder the Pinoys were so impressed.

    Hey Trace,

    I came across this article about the writer-composer of Nandito Ako by Yahoo Philippines.


    So is Josh the hopeless romantic? Or is he a confused guy who cant make up his mind about the 2 beautiful girls? Yes, I am not fussy too, I’ll take David the singer, songwriter, author and actor anytime. In due time he will be recognized for his amazing talents especially back in the US. If not, he’s always welcome back here where his legions of fans and the 21 trees will be waiting for him haha. Meanwhile lets enjoy what he has to offer and as far as I can see it ain’t half bad.

    LOL, I dont think David is to blame, you just need to change your specs 😀

  15. hey Trace,

    Dougie is a hip-hop dance created in the States. Dougie has certain styles of footwork and hand movements, but, it seems you could create your own dougie like the video below with the song called “Teach Me How to Dougie”. LOL

    Have you tried David’s dougie? Haha…it was fun!!

  16. Akang

    As I’m totally not a fan of hip-hop music, the Dougie does nothing for me. But when David does it, I’ll go along with it 🙂

    I think this baby does it better than “Oboma” (Oboma?) 😀

  17. Shirley

    Thanks for the link to Aaron Paul del Rosario, writer-composer of Nandito Ako.

    I think the character of Josh Bradley, as far as the little I have read, if described by a chinese proverb – he is too Fa Sum – meaning, he is attracted to too many girls. In Malay, would it be Bunga Hati? 😀 Lol sorry I made it up!

    Oh yeah, he is most welcome to move to the East if it does not work out in the US. My neighbourhood is amazingly tranquil and condusive to composing music! 😀 And KL is not far from the Philippines heheh!
    But I still fervently hope he will be a great success in the US first – the rest of the world will follow.

  18. LOL, Trace – yes I should think that’s the right description about Josh Bradley.

    Did you guys happen to catch that Live Chat video today? Tickled me pink to hear him answer the question about having a stunt double. He said he has a stand-in for the action scenes but the romantic ones is him <- dont know why I find this so funny 😀

    So going to miss him when he's gone 😦 These past few weeks have been so fun and always good to know that he's in the same time zone as us 🙂

  19. Sigh, I have dreamt a few times of David too. The latest one was just few days ago.. I bumped into David somewhere & wanted to get a pic & next thing I know Im falling into his arms lol! CRAZYYY @#%$#^%$&

  20. Shirley

    Lol! I found it funny too that he had a double for the fight scene but WISELY opted for the romantic love scenes – just goes to show that David is about love, doesn’t it? He has not become “Cool” afterall! 😀
    Well, one step at a time. 🙂
    Phew! It takes some getting used to though, seeing him romancing girls! 😀

  21. Marianne

    You bumped into David?! Tell us where! We wanna go there too after we fall asleep tonight! 😀
    And you fell into his arms? Not crazy Marianne, I believe that’s the general order of dreams psycho-analysed as “repressed thoughts” and “wishful thinking”! 😀

  22. Trace – Hahahah I think it was at a parking lot LOL. He just arrived and was on his way to do some interviews, something like that. Then I tried my luck to ask for a quick photo & then there I was.. falling into his sweet loving arms. Hahah i have really weird dreams 😛

  23. Thanx for sharing your dreams peeps, me am one of those unfortunate ones who have yet to dream of david.Man, david is such an enigma just when u thot u had him figured out he will throw in a surprise or two and u will be scratching your head all over again. Gosh i reeeaaallly hope there will be a dvd for nandito ako! Should we start lobbying to tv3 on nandito as currently there are showing a few filipino soaps on their channel.

    (oh, and when that woman went “Be kind to your date” to David, I started banging my head against the table for real, wondering if that’s what Sony Malaysia told David, too, when a particular crazy fangirl got invited to lunch w/ him… ai yai yai…)

    dreams? yeah, i have them, too. they’re always freakishly vivid – always feel SO REAL – that when i wake up, i’m like, ‘hey, wait, what just happened? what am i doing in my bed? i thought i was just… oh, wait, no… that was a dream. whoops. gah. dang it!’

  25. Anonymous

    TV3 showing Filipino soaps??!! I never watch that channel – but I must from now onnnnn!!!

    You are right – David is always springing surprises on us. I wonder what kind of surprises he will come up with – even while he is on his mission 😀
    Stay tuned for surprises, peeps!! Perhaps we won’t have a silent 2years afterall!!!
    Hope…hope…never give up hope…..

  26. Eve!!

    What a wonderful day it is for us to see you! It’s been soooo dang long! 😀

    Haha I love to see you “banging your head” – you haven’t changed a bit – your poor head! Lol!
    I don’t blame you for having David-dreams too especially after that fateful day when that crazy girl had lunch with u-no-hoo! But just stop banging your poor head ok? 😀 Keep it safe and intelligent to watch Nandito Ako when it comes out! 🙂 We are all squealing together with you!

    Come back soon!

  27. Trace – you. are. awesome.

    that is all.


    Speaking of dreams, I’m gonna go back to replaying x1000 000 David deep-talking about dreams in the Wait Behind-The-Scenes video now… 8DDDDD

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